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Swimming tips can be learned in five minutes.

Many people want to lose weight by swimming. According to research, the energy consumed by exercising in water can be 20 times higher than that consumed by exercising on land, so more and more fat people have joined this sport. But there are many beginners who can’t swim. In fact, there are many swimming skills. After learning these skills, it is no longer difficult to learn how to swim.

Swimming skills

1. Breathe

Breathing in water is mainly divided into holding your breath and exhaling. If you master how to hold your breath and exhale properly, you will not be afraid of flooding. Inhale, lower your head, swing your arm when exhaling, then stroke your hand forward. When kicking, jump out of the water, inhale, and then lower your head. Cycle back and forth.

The pressure of water is obviously higher than that in air. It is definitely much more difficult to hold your breath and exhale in water than on land, so beginners should practice the basic essentials of holding your breath and exhale on land first, and then practice in water. Don’t inhale and spit it out immediately. You can try to get familiar with holding your breath.

2, rhythmic breathing

What is rhythmic breathing? In fact, it is the so-called regular and rhythmic breathing, without frequent or slow breathing.

Exhale through the mouth (nose) in the water, in addition to paying attention to the rhythm, you can cooperate with the action of pressing water with your hands. In the teaching of children, because there is often a problem of not standing at the bottom of the pool, the guidance of rhythmic breathing is more important, and coaches can regard breathing as the initial stage of ventilation. (Coordination action: 1. Keep your hands straight and merge, sink and exhale. 2. Press your hands to both sides to let your head rise and inhale.)

3. Balance

To make the center of gravity of the human body coincide with the floating center, we must first make people in a straight line, which is called the longitudinal axis of the human body. The head, shoulders, chest, waist, hips, legs and feet should be on the longitudinal axis of the human body, and when the arms are stretched forward, they should also be on the longitudinal axis of the human body; Secondly, press the chest to make the floating heart move backwards.

Pressing the chest is like an invisible hand pressing down on the back of the chest. In fact, it keeps the chest down to keep a certain pressure on the water. At the same time, the human body is a straight line, just like a seesaw, one end of the straight line-the chest is down, and the fulcrum is between the chest and abdomen, so the hips and legs at the other end will float up. Also, stretching your arms forward can move the center of gravity forward moderately. In this way, the body can be balanced and streamlined.

4. Relax

Relaxation in swimming is to minimize exertion under the premise of moderate tension or moderate exertion. So how to determine this degree? To find out this degree, you must first know how to exert yourself.

There are two kinds of human exertion, one is static. This kind of force will not change the shape; The other is motivation. This kind of force will cause the body to change. For example, weightlifters use power in the process of lifting barbells, while static force is used to keep the posture of lifting barbells; And the weight of the barbell is the degree of exertion. So this degree is the minimum force to maintain a certain body posture.

Long live happiness no matter how old you are! These wonderful childhood games are worth cherishing.

Mom and dad talk about childhood: childhood with games is simple and full of fun.

DIY games, memorable games, collected games …

With the arrival of Children’s Day on June 1st, let’s recall those wonderful childhood games. At that time, we didn’t have dazzling video games, but we created our own happy world. From cartoons to playing football, from hide-and-seek to counting stars, these simple and fun games accompany us to grow up. Perhaps, the way of playing games will always change, but no matter in which era, childhood is the happiest time of our life.

"The game is not a scourge, and children who play well in the game are also very smart."

● Xiaoqi

40 years old

Coordinates: Beijing

Brand public relations planning

Xiaoqi takes the children to play bumper cars.

For the generation of boys born in 1980s in China, they have completely witnessed video games from scratch, from rough to fine. In Xiaoqi’s words: "The charm of the virtual world is unparalleled, and every boy’s love for video games is innate."

"Playing video games as a plaything is a very stereotyped impression."

From FC red and white machine to Saturn, from PC to PS, Xiaoqi has experienced various generations of games and consoles. "In the 1990s, my parents basically regarded video games as a’ scourge’, but my parents were fine. After understanding the historical background of games and game consoles, they thought they could give it a try." Xiaoqi said.

Of course, Xiao Qi does not deny that one of the important reasons why his parents allow him to contact video games is that his homework has been very good. Xiao Qi said: "Basically, I can go to play for a while every weekend, and my parents have never specifically forbidden me to play this." Almost all of Xiaoqi’s pocket money is spent on this. In Xiaoqi’s view, it’s really a stereotype that playing video games is a plaything, because it is also a very exhausting thing to understand the game. He said, "To some extent, it can be said that children who play well in the game are also very smart."

Later, Xiao Qi came into contact with CS (Counter-Terrorism Elite), a competitive gunfight game. Xiaoqi devoted great enthusiasm to CS, and even joined a professional team in college, so she could take part in provincial competitions. Xiaoqi said: "When we were in college, we had a very rigorous and intensive training cycle, and the time and energy we spent far exceeded the imagination of normal people."

"Mom accepts me playing video games because I’m concentrating on one thing."

Xiaoqi revealed that when he was a sophomore, he took a fancy to a game equipment-a four-piece set of mouse, keyboard, mouse pad and earphone. "At that time, the market price was more than 1,300 yuan, which was equivalent to my living expenses for nearly three months," Xiao Qi said. He wanted this very much at that time, so he got up the courage to speak to his mother. "I told my mother,’ Can you take this as an investment and I will pay you back when I win the bonus?’ My mother gave me the money without saying anything."

In professional teams, participating in competitions can really win bonuses. Small competitions earn one or two hundred, medium-sized competitions earn one thousand eight hundred, and large competitions earn two or three thousand. Later, Xiaoqi really won the competition prize with this equipment, but when she went to ask her mother to pay back the money, her mother refused and said, "Just pay for your hobby."

Why mom can accept playing video games. Xiaoqi said: "When she really found out that I was concentrating on one thing, she could understand and let go."

Set goals in the game, and don’t give up when you encounter difficulties.

Today, Xiaoqi is also the father of two children, and his son Kyubi no Youko is 8 years old. Xiaoqi will take her children to play games, such as My World and Two in a Row. Although playing games, Xiaoqi will warn children that games are not used to escape from reality, but to set goals in the game and not to give up when encountering difficulties.

Xiaoqi takes the children through the game.

Because we can only play for one or two hours a week, it took Xiaoqi and her son half a year to get through the "Double Walk". "When we first went through customs clearance, Kyubi no Youko almost cried, both moved by herself and infected by the family atmosphere expressed by the game."

Last year, Kyubi no Youko hoped to get a PlayStation 5 game machine. He took out all his pocket money and begged his parents to help him. "I bought him a PS5, but I want to take him to play games at home when he is a little older and can realize how to play at home." Xiaoqi said.

Although the pressure of study is constantly squeezing the children’s entertainment space, Xiaoqi still hopes that the children can really find a hobby that he will accompany for life. "Games or skateboarding are fine," Xiaoqi said. "When he grows up and encounters setbacks, he can have a way to relieve the pressure, and we are more at ease."

On June 1st, Xiaoqi’s idea is to make children’s Children’s Day happy. He said, "It’s ok to climb mountains, go to a stage play or visit a laboratory. The essence of Children’s Day should be happy, and my idea is to make Children’s Day more ceremonial."

★ The child said

"Dad’s game is too powerful and cool, and I want to have such a childhood!" -Son Kyubi no Youko

"In the past, games were DIY, but now you can buy all kinds of toys online."

● Brother Xin

46 years old

Coordinates: Guangzhou

Game research and development

Brother Xin lived on the hill in the countryside of Foshan in his childhood. He said, "The hill is big enough to run around, and that is my childhood playground."

There are not many toys, and most of them are "developed" by themselves.

Brother Xin has been playing on this hill for as long as I can remember. However, due to family conditions, Brother Xin doesn’t have many toys, and most of them are "developed" by himself. "We will play with a hoop-find an elder to weld a hoop, and then a group of children will chase the hoop all over the mountain; Or take a wooden cart, with wheels on the bottom and a handle on it, and hold the’ steering wheel’ to drive down from the mountain. Now think about it, this is probably a relatively primitive scooter. " Brother Xin said.

When I was a child, Brother Xin would also make "bamboo barrel guns" with his brothers and sisters. "Find a bamboo as thick as a finger, then roll it into balls with soaked paper towels to block both ends, then make the plant fruit into a bullet and put it on one end, and poke it with a stick at the other end, and the bullet flies out." Brother Xin said that in fact, the "bamboo barrel gun" uses the principle of air pressure, which is very meaningful for physical experiments. It is just that when I was a child, I only knew how to play, but I didn’t think so much.

Bamboo barrel gun

Because there are relatives in the family who make ceramics, Brother Xin was also exposed to clay when he was a child. "When I was a child, I also used clay to pinch all kinds of little people, animals and things." By playing with clay, Brother Xin learned to use all kinds of simple tools, and this skill still comes in handy today. "My daughter has a class called’ Creative Art’, which is also about kneading various shapes, but now she doesn’t need such primitive things as clay. Now they all use colored clay, but I can still take her to play with my experience in kneading clay." Brother Xin said.

Nowadays, children rely too much on props to play games, so it is better to use their own hands and brains.

Regarding the difference in childhood between the two generations, Brother Xin’s biggest feeling is that the living resources are getting richer and richer, which leads to the children’s dependence on props for playing games. "When I was a child, I used to play DIY games, such as paper crowns, paper weapons and paper airplanes. When I played games, I used my hands and brains to stimulate my creativity," said Brother Xin. "Now, they can buy all kinds of toys online, such as playing a fairy, and they can first’ Taobao’ fairy wand and fairy clothes."

Brother Xin’s childhood was not without toys, but it was really not much. Brother Xin revealed that he had a "table basketball machine" when he was a child. He and his brother could play against each other through buttons and shoot the ball into the opposite hoop. Brother Xin said, "I played with this toy for a long time, and then I gave it to my mother’s friend’s child, but I regretted it after sending it out …" In order to make up for the regret of sending out the "table basketball machine", Brother Xin found a genuine "table basketball machine" through a friend who made a "medieval toy" many years later, which probably cost 800 yuan. "This table basketball machine is a collection, and I am not willing to take it out to play." Brother Xin said.

Teach your daughter what you have played, what you can play and what you are good at.

Brother Xin often buys toys for children, but refuses to buy toys of "sound and light" type. "Let children play with toys, or play with those that need more hands and brains, so as to stimulate their creativity."

Brother Xin took his daughter to play "table basketball machine".

Brother Xin always thinks that he is a big child and likes playing very much, so communication with his daughter has always been good. "When I was a child, I celebrated Children’s Day, and the school gave each student a popsicle. We can eat popsicles and go home from school, so my memory of Children’s Day stays on popsicles. Now, I spend Children’s Day with my children. My idea is to accompany her to have all kinds of crazy fun and teach her what I have played, what I can play and what I am good at. I don’t think about anything this day." Brother Xin said.

★ The child said

"Many students know my father. It turns out that my father has always been a big child. I am so proud to have such a father." -the daughter knows.

"Cartoon is a kind of art that is entertaining and entertaining, and I still remember every cartoon I watched as a child."

● Dengke

39 years old

Coordinates: Guangzhou

Cadres of state-owned enterprises

Although he is nearly old, when it comes to childhood, Denko always says that he has not fully grown up. Even though he is almost 40 years old, he still remembers every cartoon he watched as a child. Speaking of the characters, plots and soundtracks in cartoons, Denko is very happy: "When I drive now, I will also broadcast the theme songs of my favorite cartoons. Every time I listen, it seems that I have turned into an animated hero, and then I feel handsome! "

The favorite animation type is "computer warfare class"

Denko thinks he is a "mech-control", so his favorite animation type is "computer warfare". Denko told the New Express reporter, "I was only six or seven years old when I watched the cartoon robotech, but I was really shocked by the grand world outlook described in this cartoon. I will never forget it by telling the conflict between alien civilization and earth civilization, showing affection, friendship, love and the spirit of self-sacrifice."

Denko said that he was talking about cartoons with his classmates at school. "There is a three-stage deformation fighter in the cartoon. After the deformation, the state is simply cool."

At the age of seven, Denko got a toy of a three-stage deformation fighter. Because there were few toys in childhood, Denko said that this "three-stage deformation fighter" greatly enriched his childhood. He said: "I remember this toy 14 yuan Qian. Although it is a high imitation, I really regarded it as a treasure and played it for many years." Until now, this toy is still in the old home in western Guangdong, Dengke.

Besides robotech, Denko also likes Transformers, which is the same type of mecha. "I am easily attracted by the role of’ prodigal son turning back and turning over a new leaf’, and I am very moved whenever I see a villain turning his back on the dark!" Denko said.

Cartoons are works of art that entertain and educate.

Denko believes that for children, animation is actually a kind of artistic work that is entertaining and entertaining. "The educational significance conveyed by cartoons to children is not necessarily thinner than that of books. The direct preaching in schools may not have the profound touch brought by cartoons." Denko said.

On Children’s Day when I was 8 years old, when my mother took me to the shopping mall to pick out toys, I chose Sixshot. In the early 1990s, Sixshot could be sold to 40 yuan. Denko said: "I know that it is a knockoff, and my hometown is a small city and I can’t buy the original copy, but I am already very satisfied."

"When I was a child, many cartoons were watched in the Hong Kong version, that is, Cantonese dialogue, and the translated names were somewhat different from Mandarin, but this is not the point. The point is that I think those cartoons have deeply influenced my life." Denko said. To this day, Denko still thinks that the cartoons he watched as a child are classics, which are much better than those his son watches now. Denko searched for resources everywhere on the Internet, downloaded all these childhood cartoons to the hard disk, and occasionally looked through the classic plots.

"My child just went to school last year. I thought I would try to show these cartoons to him when he was older." However, Deng Ke also has doubts. For one thing, he is worried that his wife won’t agree, and for another, he is afraid that his children won’t like it. "The tastes of children are changing in different times, and if only he has seen these old cartoons, he may lose the topic with his classmates at school."

The preference for the mecha was "inherited" to the son.

Perhaps the hobby of mecha is engraved in the gene, and Xiaoyu, the son of Deng Ke, also likes these and loves them more truly. Denko revealed that Xiaoyu liked tanks since he was a child. At home, he "studied" what tanks were like in World War I, what tanks were like in World War II, and how tanks are now. Denko said that Xiaoyu’s painting at home on weekdays is also a "design" of various tanks, but the painting style is more abstract. He said: "On Children’s Day this year, my wife bought a tank painting book and a picture book for her children. Give him a real case as a reference. His painting style can be realistic."

Dengke takes children to play with toys.

"Children often ask me if I can be a tank soldier in a military school in the future, and I will tell him that it is very good, but before that, you must lay a good foundation, learn the culture well, and practice your body well before you can defend your country and protect peace." Denko believes that when children show some interests, they should take advantage of the situation. As long as they have a clear goal direction, the children themselves will work hard in this direction.

★ The child said

"Dad had so many cartoons to watch when he was a child, so happy!" -Son Xiaoyu

"Children like Altman, and the classic thing is not afraid of years."

● Yujie

30 years old

Coordinates: Guangzhou

media worker

Yu Jie has lived in Guangzhou for more than 10 years since she went to college. Now, my son, Broad Bean, is approaching school age.

Yujie takes the children to play outdoors.

Yu Jie’s hobby is the same as that of most children in that era. On the occasion of generate in the video game industry, Yu Jie completed the game enlightenment through a CD sent by her grandfather. "I have continued this hobby until now." Yu Jie said.

Yu Jie told the reporter of the New Express that most of the CDs were pirated at that time, so when she made money later, she bought the original ones of the game CDs she played as a child for collection. Yu Jie said: "I have economic conditions, so I just want to make up all the missed tickets. I am a principled gamer."

"The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man" by Daewoo Information is a representative of local RPG in 1990s, and Yu Jie is an iron fan of this work, which is also watched in games and adapted TV series. After becoming a mother, Yu Jie also introduced the Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man to the children. Yu Jie said: "Looking at" Fairy Sword I "from the present perspective, I really feel that the picture quality is rough, but this does not hinder the child’s liking. His love for" Fairy Sword I "now is no less than that of me."

"Seeing that we all like Fairy Sword I so much, my husband bought us a set of building blocks of Fairy Sword I, and then my mother and I had a good time at home," Yu Jie said. "At that moment, I really felt the happiness of mother and son sharing the same frequency, and two generations could really enjoy one thing."

"What children like best is Altman." Yu Jie said that broad bean is a boy after all, and a classic image like Altman has no fear of time. It is hard for every generation of boys not to like Altman. Yu Jie said: "I will buy some genuine ones for him and take him to see the Altman stage play. Generally speaking, my husband and I are the kind of parents who are more supportive and respect their children’s hobbies."

The ultraman family.

Will you envy your child’s life now? Yu Jie said that there will still be a little bit, but each era has different chic and romance. "Maybe he envied me for visiting all day and running around when I was a child."

Yu Jie celebrates her birthday with her son.

How will children’s day be spent this year? Yu Jie said, I am ashamed that I have to work hard every Children’s Day and can’t stay with my children all the time. After all, Children’s Day should be a happy day, and children should grow up happily every day. Yu Jie said: "Parents should teach their children the skills of relaxation, so that they can balance the time of study and entertainment."

★ The child said

"I like Fairy Sword and Altman, but who is better, Li Xiaoyao or Dijia?" -Son Sensen

Written by: New Express reporter Wang Di

Photo: Provided by the interviewee

How to practice swimming, how long to practice and how far to swim.

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Now more and more swimmers come to the swimming pool to exercise, and you can see many people doing fitness exercises at different time periods every day. Some people exercise in the morning, some at noon and some at night. As for when is the best time to do fitness exercise in a day? This has always been a controversial topic, and today Xiaobian will talk to you about this topic.

When is the best time to swim in a day?

  • Exercise in the morningWhen people wake up in the morning, they have consumed almost all the food they ate last night. At this time, the human body is in a state of hypoglycemia and there is not much glycogen in the body. At this time, fitness exercise (aerobic exercise) will use more fat to supply energy to the body, and the weight loss effect will be better.
  • Exercise after lunch breakSome people like to exercise after lunch break at noon, because at this time the human body eats and rests (breakfast, lunch and lunch break. ) The time when the muscle speed, strength and endurance of the human body are in a relatively optimal state, if you exercise during this time, especially the fitness crowd who gain muscle and weight, you will get better fitness effect.
  • Exercise after workAnd some people like to go to the gym to exercise after work, which is about 6 o’clock in the evening. Because this will help to relieve the pressure of work in a day and relax the mood better.
  • Exercise at nightSome people like to do fitness exercises at night, because at this time, the flexibility and flexibility of the muscles and joints of the human body are the best. Then rest for 1-2 hours after exercise, and then go to sleep, you will feel that the quality of sleep is very high and it is easy to fall asleep.

All the above studies show that swimming can increase bone density and prevent bone loss and osteoporosis, which is of great practical significance for improving the health level of the elderly.

So, when is the best time to do swimming exercise in a day? In fact, there is a good way to verify whether the time of one day’s exercise is the best. If you feel full of energy, good appetite, good sleep quality and quiet pulse after a period of exercise, the number of beats per minute is almost the same as before or slows down. This shows that your current amount of exercise and the timing of exercise are very suitable. On the other hand, if you often feel sleepy and sleep badly after a period of exercise, get up early to measure your pulse, and the number of beats per minute is more than 6 times than before, which shows that you exercise too much or choose the wrong time for exercise.

In fact, when the daily fitness exercise is arranged, it still depends on the individual’s specific work and life time. However, it is best to arrange the time of fitness exercise at the same time. If there are no special circumstances, don’t change it casually. Because the fixed time of fitness exercise every day can make you have the desire to exercise and develop good exercise habits, which is more conducive to the conditioned reflex of the internal organs of the body, so that people can quickly enter the state of exercise, provide enough energy for fitness exercise and achieve better fitness results.

2/ How many meters can I swim at a time to achieve the best weight loss effect?

Swimming is a whole-body exercise, which can not only lose weight, but also keep your tall and straight posture, so that you can easily shape your S-shape. When swimming, people’s metabolism is very fast, which can consume 1100 kilojoules of heat in 30 minutes, and this metabolic rate can be maintained for a period of time after you leave the water. So how many meters can swimming last to effectively shape your body?

  • How long will it take to lose weight by swimming?Swimming lasts more than 20 minutes. If you just swim in the water, no matter how long you soak, it will have no effect.

  • The best time to lose weight by swimmingIn addition, don’t swim too long. Soaking in the water for a long time is very harmful to the skin. And if you don’t move in the water, it is easy for your joints to be stimulated by cold, and your body resistance will drop, which is not conducive to fitness.

  • The best heart rate for swimming to lose weightGo all out to keep the heart rate at about 80% of the maximum heart rate when swimming. In order to ensure this standard, count how many times the pulse jumps in 6 seconds every swimming period, followed by a 0 is the heart rate of 1 minute. Paying attention to your own data is one of the main factors to motivate yourself.

Swimming to lose weight, combining speed and speed is effective. However, for most people, it is difficult to swim fast in the whole course, so we might as well swim slowly and then quickly, and then swim slowly and then quickly, in this way to improve the sports effect.

According to the convention, experts suggest that the length of each swimming exercise for healthy people under the age of 35 should be 2000~2500 meters; People aged 35 to 50 should swim at a distance of 1,500 to 1,800 meters at a time; Older people over 50 years old should choose 1,000 ~ 1,200 meters according to their physical condition, and they should swim 2~3 times a week. If they persist for 3 months, they will definitely have a good slimming effect. Interesting and easy-to-understand ways to lose weight in swimming Using kick boards, kick boards, paddles, flippers and other water swimming tools will not only help burn more calories, but also exercise the muscles of limbs, and at the same time increase swimmers’ interest in swimming.

In order to avoid injury during swimming, remember to do some warm-up and stretching exercises before entering the water.

After playing badminton for so many years, there is always something you don’t know.


After playing badminton for so many years, there is always something you don’t know. I sorted some today, which I believe is very useful for golfers.

1. Badminton beginners can use a racket of less than 500, and it is absolutely enough to pull a 24-pound string. Most people who excessively pursue equipment can’t play well.

2. Whether the backhand can exert its power well is a major criterion to verify whether the badminton exertion mode is in place, but the forehand can’t.

3. Most amateur singles players are most afraid of not killing the ball, but the flat ball in place.

4. The better the technique, the faster you can adapt to a handy racket.

5. It is very effective to warm up the wrist by turning the wrist more than eight times to improve the flexibility of the wrist and practice the correct way of badminton.

6. The most valuable model for amateurs to learn men’s singles is Taufik, not Lin Dan, and the pace refers to Li Xuanyi.

7, buy a better ball, in fact, the cost is not much different from the poor ball, but what you get is another level of enjoyment.

8. If you have time to jog for half an hour, you will find that your physical strength is super good the next day; You will find that the speed of the ball is super fast by practicing strength such as dumbbells.

9. If you often make mistakes in judgment, either you play too little or you often change venues.

10. You may win some opponents, but you can’t win all your opponents. As the saying goes, there are mountains outside the sky.

11. Please stay away from the white line when passing other people’s venues. You don’t know how upset others are.

12. After the training, take 5 minutes to relax. You are a hero again the next day. Don’t underestimate these 5 minutes.

13. After a good sleep at noon, you will have a feeling of being thoroughly remoulded.

14. Playing ball with the leader, the art of releasing water is the same as the improvement of ball skills.

15. If the soles of your feet often peel off, try sticking a piece of medical tape at that point when playing ball. It works wonders.

16. I have to admit the fact that for 99.99% amateur singles players, the professional women’s singles competition is the most realistic teaching material.

17. When watching videos to learn something, you should make full use of the functions of the player. Repeated playback of clips and adjustment of playback speed will make you get twice the result with half the effort.

18. If you feel the wind direction, congratulations, you are already one in a hundred.

19. How do you know that you are making progress? It’s very simple. When you keep improving, you will feel that the venue is getting smaller and smaller.

20. The racket in a man’s ball bag, like the clothes in a woman’s wardrobe, is always missing one; In fact, there is no difference between men and women in their enthusiasm for their favorite things.

Domestic beauty cosmetics go out of the "honeymoon period"

One glory may not be all glory, but one loss will certainly be all loss. Hua Xizi, who once deeply bound Li Jiaqi, probably didn’t expect this day, or that this day would come so early. On September 13th, Li Jiaqi’s public opinion events were still fermenting, and Hua Xizi was more like a victim, who was hung on the hot search list for three days. Investigate its reason, more is the fruit of Li Jiaqi’s deep binding of Hua Xizi in the past. As the head anchors roll over one by one, the traffic brought by deep bundling has become a double-edged sword, and many domestic beauty products have to face the problem of how to maintain sales and open the market after leaving the big anchor.

Bundled exchange flow

The relationship between Hua Xizi and Li Jiaqi dates back to 2019. Hua Xizi, who has just been established for two years this year, is still groping, and the arrival of the live broadcast outlet has made Hua Xizi see hope.

The founder of Hua Xizi once said that in early 2018, Hua Xizi made great determination on the live broadcast after doing a lot of research and analysis. In the early days, Hua Xizi took some detours when exploring the live broadcast, and only regarded the live broadcast as a channel to bring goods, which did not achieve the expected results. At that moment, Li Jiaqi appeared. In 2018, US ONE Company reorganized its business and promoted the live delivery business to operate around the IP of "Li Jiaqi". In the second half of 2018, Li Jiaqi’s popularity soared because he completed the Guinness World Record challenge of "the largest number of people wearing lipstick in 30 seconds" and promoted to sell lipstick with Jack Ma on the same stage at the double 11.

Li Jiaqi, who burst into red, hit it off with Huaxizi, who wanted to be red. In March, 2019, Huaxizi air honey powder entered the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi. According to the research report of Guoyuan Securities, this new product became the first in the sales volume of "double 11" stores that year after it was first launched in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and sold over 20,000 pieces. This result also strengthened Hua Xizi’s idea of holding a heavy position in Li Jiaqi.

Rumor has it that Hua Xizi’s rebate to Li Jiaqi is as high as 60%-80%, even more than 100%. Regarding the commission, Hua Xizi denied it, and said that "the cooperation rate between Hua Xizi and Li Jiaqi belongs to the industry average".

There is no way to verify the exact number, but judging from the number of times Hua Xizi appeared in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, the relationship between the two is very deep. According to the statistics of Guoyuan Securities, in 2020, Hua Xizi entered the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi for 71 times. At the same time, Hua Xizi and Li Jiaqi started a brand co-creation plan. It is understood that Li Jiaqi has participated in the co-creation of Huaxizi’s "Miao Impression" and "Dai Impression" series products.

The flow brought by Li Jiaqi to Huaxi is visible to the naked eye. In 2019, the sales of Huaxizi was 1 billion yuan; It exceeded 3 billion yuan in 2020. The Western Securities Research Report pointed out that in 2021, Huaxizi achieved sales of 5.4 billion yuan, which was more than 100 times higher than the sales of about 40 million yuan in 2018. According to the Shanghai Securities Research Report, the share of Huaxi City increased from 0.3% to 6.8% in 2017-2021.

Fei Man, co-founder of Hua Xizi, also admitted in an interview that the sales growth of Hua Xizi is inseparable from the cooperation with Li Jiaqi. There was a certain sales base before, but it was not as high as the follow-up.

The development of Hua Xizi was once called phenomenal, and it can also be said that the development model of Hua Xizi’s exchange of traffic for sales was a microcosm of the development of domestic beauty at that time. You can see the shadow of many domestic beauty brands from Hua Xizi. For example, Shuiyang Co., Ltd. once relied on the cooperation with Li Jiaqi, Viya and other head anchors, and its performance achieved substantial growth.

According to public data, in 2019, Shuiyang Co., Ltd. cooperated with Li Jiaqi Live 47 times, with a total viewing volume of over 40 million; In 2019, it cooperated with Viya Live for more than 30 times; In 2019, we cooperated with more than 1,500 online celebrity anchors such as kiki of Jie Chen and Lieer Baby, and the total number of live broadcasts exceeded 8,000. Shuiyang Co., Ltd. said that from January to September in 2018 and 2019, the sales amount of products involved in online celebrity anchor cooperation accounted for 0.99% and 4.02% of the company’s operating income, respectively, with a large increase.

According to statistics, Li Jiaqi returned 109 days after leaving the live broadcast room, and the number of viewers of the first live broadcast reached 6,247. During the "double 11" in 2021, Li Jiaqi’s sales amounted to 21.8 billion yuan. This is the traffic that Li Jiaqi, as the super-head anchor, carries. Even though it is rumoured that the percentage of beauty cosmetics with goods in the live broadcast is basically 30%-40%, there are still many beauty brands scrambling to enter the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, which is the function of traffic.

Jiang Han, a senior researcher at Pangu think tank, believes that the gradual increase of the right to speak of the head anchor brings benefits to the brand, but also carries certain challenges and risks. The brand should realize the importance and value of the head anchor, at the same time, strengthen its own brand construction and development, and reduce its dependence on the head anchor.

Urgent need for transformation

In the past, many cutting-edge brands started online, gained consumer recognition through private domain and planting grass, and then endorsed by big anchors to expand their product sales. However, with Viya’s tax evasion overturned, Sydney was also fined for tax issues, and now Li Jiaqi is facing the crisis of public opinion, domestic beauty cosmetics may have to consider the development after leaving the big anchor.

The brand side is also aware of this and consciously unties the big anchor. Take Hua Xizi as an example. In June, 2020, Hua Xizi went out of Taobao, set up brand matrix accounts in Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker platforms respectively, and conducted self-broadcasting in stores every day, and the monthly self-broadcasting number quickly exceeded 50. According to public data, in 2020, the GMV of Hua Xizi’s live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi accounted for 15.55% of all sales; In the first quarter of 2022, Hua Xizi’s chief product, Guan Shanglu, publicly stated that this figure dropped to only 5%.

At the same time, Hua Xizi started an article in research and development and offline. In March 2022, Hua Xizi announced that Li Huiliang was the chief scientist, and publicized it to the outside world. In the next five years, Hua Xizi will invest more than 1 billion yuan to spread out the layout in many fields of product innovation, basic research and applied basic research, and create a comprehensive and technologically advanced Oriental beauty makeup research and development system.

Not only Hua Xizi, but also many domestic beauty products are trying to transform and get out of the dilemma of exchanging traffic for sales. It is understood that Polaiya is building the sustainable development ability of enterprises through strategic strength, brand strength and product strength, and realizing "long-term doctrine", including R&D investment. In 2022, the R&D expenses of Polaiya increased by 67.15%. Similarly, in order to cope with the current new situation and increase investment in product development and innovation, in 2022, Betaine’s R&D expenses increased by 124.96%, and the R&D rate reached 5.08%.

Yixian e-commerce, the parent company of Perfect Diary, has also continuously increased its investment in research and development in the past few years. It is understood that in 2022, Yixian e-commerce invested 130 million yuan in R&D throughout the year, reaching 3.4% of revenue, and its expense rate ranked first among domestic beauty groups.

Betani also said that in the future, enterprises will pay more attention to product quality, technological innovation and brand building, which is very important for improving product competitiveness and brand influence. It is not only the response of enterprises to market and consumer demand, but also the adaptation to increasingly fierce competition in the industry.

Wu Daiqi, CEO of Shenzhen Siqisheng Company, believes that online celebrity brands such as Hua Xizi really benefited from Li Jiaqi’s appeal to fans and superior ability to bring goods before. However, there is still a long way to go before online celebrity brand can be transformed into a well-known brand and become an evergreen brand, mainly because it is very difficult to build offline channels, and the complexity of channels will also bring about an increase in various operation and management costs. Therefore, the early development of Hua Xizi certainly has its advantages and characteristics, but it still needs a set of measures.

Beijing business today reporter Guo Xiujuan Zhang Junhua

What does steam promote during the summer vacation? These five time killer games are cost-effective.

This content comes from @ What is worth buying APP, and the opinions only represent the author himself | Author: Lone Star Tears

Steam’s summer promotion is coming to an end soon, so I quickly wrote an issue. The games selected in this issue are well-received games that can easily break through 2000 hours casually. The time killer is merciless and can’t stop playing. See if there are any of them in your game library?

"This game is likely to be the best hunting game ever."

The immersive hunting experience, the wonderful re-enactment of the vast world, the hunting scenes from snow-capped mountains to plains to savannahs to virgin forests, the locations from Rocky Mountains to African savannahs to national parks all over the world, the birds and animals all over the mountains, the lions and buffaloes, the antelopes and bears, the pheasants and birds, and the call of the wilderness have really re-enacted the world into the game. These beautiful scenery alone are enough for players to linger. What if I give you another gun?

Yes, this is a hunting game. There are a large number of rifles, pistols and shotguns for you to choose from. The bullets are also divided into many categories, such as real shooting experience, smoke from the muzzle after shooting, the click of bullets and the excitement of perfect hunting. These things together constitute this wonderful hunting game experience.

Ontology is enough for you to experience all the game content. A long list of DLC is nothing more than unlocking more maps and equipment. It is also a pain point for beginners to get started. It takes at least 2-3 hours to get started in the early stage. Once you get started, you can’t stop. Finally, quote a player’s comment to end, "A pack of cigarettes and a glass of wine make a moose chase for a day."

"The most fun ranch leisure game ever"

No one, shine on you is better than Blue. The Tale of Star Dew Valley originally started from imitating the Tale of Ranch, but after years of unremitting updating, it has far surpassed its predecessors and become the real god of Ranch leisure games. Now, no such games can surpass it, and it is also one of the masterpieces of time killers.

Farming and fishing, raising animals, getting rid of strange equipment, taking care of farms and decorating houses, and building good relations with villagers, in this small town, you have temporarily put aside all your troubles and lived a leisurely life of planting melons and fruits. If you are not in a hurry to promote the game, you can get up and water the farmland slowly, feed animals and go out to catch a fish, and be an unrestrained lazy person in the melodious and cheerful pasture music.

No matter when you come to the last file, you can play for a long time. The pixel painting style makes this game stand the test of time. It is right to take advantage of the discount to come to the last one.

"Meat pigeon card game deserves the first place"

A well-known game blogger once listed the ranking of meat pigeon card games. There are a lot of candidates at each level from D to A, but there is only one S-level, that is, the killing steeple. "All meat pigeon cards are poor imitations of it." So far, no card game has the potential to surpass it.

At the starting point of the tower, players choose one of the four occupations to break into the tower, pick up cards to form a deck, and find powerful relics for players to use. The whole game has more than 350 available cards, more than 200 items and props that can be found, and more than 50 mysterious events. Every time you break through the barrier, your choice is completely different, not to mention that the deck has a lot of highly playable combinations, which makes you at any time.

"There are many pigeon adventure games, but Hades is far ahead of his competitors."

High-degree-of-freedom dungeon game, which combines the Greek myths and stories to hide the wonderful and rich plots, not to mention the cool figures drawn by the major Olympians, a wide variety of evolvable weapon systems, refreshing combat experience and colorful environmental depiction. All these elements are combined to make Hades a "time killer" name!

No matter when you come to the last game, there is no burden. It will take you ten minutes to experience a refreshing game, and the new system and new story will be unlocked repeatedly through customs clearance. The latest news sequel is also under intense production, but believe me, you will never regret adding this one to the game library!

"A masterpiece of indie games in 2023 may have been born."

After 25,688 players’ evaluation, players who surpassed ninety-seven percent gave favorable comments, and the online peak value approached 100,000, ranking among the hottest games played by Steam, surpassing popular games such as Never Robbed, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and so on. This is diver Dave, who has won the favor of players with his hardcore game quality, and the favorable rate has been rising. What kind of game is this?

Fishing in the beautiful sea during the day, making money by running a sushi restaurant at night, the official version has also opened up the game of fish farming, and many small games can be played in the game. Excellent task design is combined with excellent art, and the game play closely linked with each other firmly grasps the players’ hearts. There are not many independent games that are well done and have excellent reputation these years, so join the game library quickly!

The author declares that there is no interest in this article, and welcomes rational exchange and harmonious discussion among value friends ~

Foreign media selected 10 best RPG games in 2022: Old Man Ring and so on.

GameRant, a foreign media, recently released their top 10 RPG games in 2022. They believe that this kind of games include RPG games that are easier to use (such as "Bao Ke Meng" series), games that combine obscure legends and gameplay mechanisms (such as "Soul of Darkness" series FromSoftware), and many other variants in between.

Gamelant’s Top 10 RPG GameRant2022 (in no particular order):

Link echo

Eldon’s Ring of Law

The flame coat of arms is unparalleled: romantic.

Horizon: Desperate West

The lost ark

Marvel Comics’s Son of the Night

The Legend of Pocahontas: Arzeus

The rise of steel

Triangular tactics

Excalibur 3

Sinan, Guizhou: Primary medical care improves quality and efficiency. The masses have good "medical support" at their doorstep.

"Reach up slowly, shake hands hard, and keep exercising like this, which will help you recover." Wu Yunfeng, a Chinese medicine acupuncturist, is giving rehabilitation guidance to patients in Shagou Branch of Yingwuxi Town Health Center in Sinan County. Here, there is an endless stream of patients who come to see a doctor and have an infusion check.

Shagou Branch of Parrot Creek Health Center newly put into use this year. Photo by Sun Lei

In recent years, Sinan County has taken "improving ability, providing excellent service, strengthening medical treatment and ensuring health" as the starting point, and built, reformed and upgraded many primary medical and health institutions by means of improving medical level, health education, complete infrastructure and policy implementation guarantee, continuously strengthened the construction of primary medical and health services, and made efforts to solve the problems of "it is difficult to see a doctor" for the masses, so that the people can get medical treatment at "home" with more security.

As a newly put into operation this year, Shagou Branch of Yingwuxi Town Health Center has provided great convenience to the surrounding people. Tian Weigao, a villager with chronic diseases in Taxi Village, used to go to Yingwu Town Health Center for treatment every few days. Because of his old age, he was physically and mentally exhausted from the commute.

"My hand is an old problem. It used to be troublesome to go to the town. It was a long journey and delayed time. It was not convenient to take a car when I was old. Now it’s okay. It’s convenient to come to Shagou, and it saves a lot of trouble. Doctors in hospitals are also familiar with it." Tian Weigao, who has just finished rehabilitation training, is very satisfied.

Experts from Sinan County People’s Hospital went to Tingziba Health Center to carry out technical training. Photo by Yang Yongfeng

After Shagou Branch was put into use, Yingwu Town Health Center sent a number of key doctors and nurses to the branch for consultation, and opened many departments such as outpatient service, hospitalization and traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy, which could meet the diverse needs of the masses.

It is understood that the Shagou area where Shagou Branch is located has a large permanent population and is relatively concentrated, and the local people have a great demand for medical treatment. In order to solve the problem of villagers’ medical treatment, this year, the health department of Sinan County, in combination with the actual situation, allocated medical resources and made great efforts to promote the Yingwuxi Town Health Center to open a branch to the village, which can achieve more than 15,000 people in 15 surrounding villages to seek medical treatment nearby. At the same time, in addition to routine treatment, Shagou Branch has also carried out physical therapy projects such as cupping, acupuncture and moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine, equipped with inspection equipment such as B-ultrasound machine and electrocardiogram machine. Through system networking, people can have an examination in the morning and get results in the afternoon, so that people can not only "have" but also "excellent" medical treatment at their doorstep.

The doctor of Tingziba Town Health Center diagnosed the patient’s condition. Photo by Yang Yongfeng

"For more than three months, the outpatient service of the branch has averaged about 30 person-times a day, and there are more than 90 inpatients. We have remote assistance, and the county hospital and our medical community can make referrals and can pass remote consultations. " Yu Yongke, president of the Yingwu Town Health Center, said that next, with the support of all levels, the health center will strive to improve the medical technology and service level, so that patients can enjoy better diagnosis and treatment services.

Tingziba Town Health Center in Sinan County covers an area of 2,200 square meters and is a demonstration site of municipal health management center. Since the beginning of this year, the hospital has deeply integrated basic medical care with basic public health. The hospital has upgraded and upgraded its health environment, medical management and health services, added medical facilities such as Chinese medicine decocting machine and C14 detection analyzer, strengthened the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and invited experts to visit regularly, so that grassroots people can not only see the improvement of "face value", but also enjoy the service upgrade, and promote the transformation from "disease treatment as the center" to "health management as the center"

Doctors from Shagou Branch of Parrot Town Health Center are working. Photo by Sun Lei

In the hospital, there are all kinds of functional areas, such as outpatient service area, Chinese medicine hall and waiting area, and the clean, tidy, warm and comfortable medical environment is eye-catching. Speaking of today’s medical experience, the people on the scene gave thumbs up.

"It’s much better than before. Hygiene, equipment and atomization are all ok. Being hospitalized here is very comfortable and the environment is much more beautiful than before. I feel satisfied." Zhang Zhongdao, a patient who is hospitalized here, feels the most truly.

"This year, we have upgraded the environment and services of hospitals, from the overall transformation of hospitals to the re-planning of departments and wards. And actively organize business training such as free clinics and special lectures, and continuously strengthen the service ability of medical staff, so that the people’s medical environment and services have been greatly improved, and satisfaction and happiness have made a qualitative leap. " Zhang Yi, Dean of Tingziba Town Health Center, introduced.

The newly renovated Tingziba Town Health Center. Photo by Chen Min

It is the growing health demand of the masses to "see a doctor and be optimistic about the disease" at home. Sinan county keeps a close eye on the goal of high-quality development of health care, focusing on optimizing services, improving quality and increasing efficiency, with two tertiary hospitals, namely, County People’s Hospital and County Ethnic Chinese Medicine Hospital, two secondary general hospitals, namely, Tangtou Town Health Center and Xujiaba Town Health Center, as its wings, 26 township (street) hospitals (community health service centers) as its support, 16 private medical institutions as its supplement, and 499 village clinics as its bottom, to build 15 towns.

"We focus on two county-level hospitals, supplemented by two county-level regional medical sub-centers, and send high-quality medical experts to rural two-level hospitals regularly, so that rural people can enjoy high-quality medical services at their doorstep. At the same time, it also optimizes the internal and external environment of medical institutions and enhances the people’s sense of medical experience. With the goal of building’ hotel-style’ and’ garden-style’ hospitals, it constantly improves the county’s medical environment, optimizes medical services, and enhances our people’s sense of medical experience. " Li Zheng, deputy director of Sinan County Health and Wellness Bureau, introduced. (Chen Min, Sun Lei, Yang Yongfeng)