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Decoding sustainable development: computing resources should be "alive"

[Global Network Technology Reporter Lin Di] At present, computing power has become one of the important supports for China’s high-quality development. With the advancement of the "East-to-West Computing" project and the explosive development of the artificial intelligence industry, the computing infrastructure construction represented by data centers has entered a new stage of high-quality and high-speed development.

Recently, the 17th annual ceremony of IDC industry in China focused on computing power layout, carbon neutrality, artificial intelligence, digital economy and other fields, and discussed the hot topics of data center industry such as high-quality development, new targets of carbon neutrality, hub node construction, and future computing scenarios.

He Baohong, director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of China ICT Institute, analyzed the development trend of computing power. He pointed out that computing power is the core energy consumed in the digital world, and computing power is today’s "tertiary energy". In the past decade or so, the cloud, big data, blockchain and even the resources under the blockchain, as well as the big model of artificial intelligence, are pushing computing power towards concentration, and new ideas and solutions are needed to explore the sustainable development of computing power.

It is understood that with the accelerated integration of a new generation of information technology into thousands of industries, ubiquitous computing power is becoming a new engine to activate the potential of data elements and drive the digital transformation of the economy and society. Computing power has been widely used in digital government, industrial internet, smart medical care, distance education, financial technology, aerospace, cultural media and other fields. Among them, the computing power industry has continuously extended the industrial chain of Wulanchabu, such as server and cabinet manufacturing, data and network security, software research and development, data application services and other projects have been put into operation, boosting the construction of digital Wulanchabu.

Chai Yue, deputy mayor of Wulanchabu City, said in an interview that in 2022, the city’s computing-related industries completed an investment of 1.1 billion yuan, realized an output value of 2.6 billion yuan, and absorbed 2,700 jobs.

"The development of IDC industry can become a new kinetic energy for Wulanchabu to straighten corners and catch up later." Tong Xiaolin, the Big Data Administration of Wulanchabu City, pointed out that Wulanchabu has unique advantages in developing IDC industry. Wulanchabu is rich in energy, and the proportion of clean energy such as wind power and photovoltaic is high, and the natural cold source refrigeration time is nearly 10 months every year; Two point-to-point 144-core double-loop special optical cables with network delay less than 5 milliseconds have been built with Beijing. The geological structure is stable, the climate is cool, and the business environment is good.

Tong Xiaolin told reporters that the effective overall scheduling of computing resources, the matching of supply and demand, accurate configuration and the development of data center low-carbon life have become the primary issues facing IDC industry. "We have made several efforts-first, we have laid out energy-saving and energy-storage projects, and the" source, network and storage "integrated comprehensive application demonstration base project has been launched. The second is to encourage data center enterprises to adopt advanced green technologies such as high-efficiency refrigeration systems such as liquid cooling, distributed power supply, and modular computer rooms to reduce energy consumption. "

From the perspective of industrial demand, information technologies and applications such as 5G, industrial Internet, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are accelerating their development and layout, and the demand for data centers is increasing due to the explosion of data volume. It is expected that in the next few years, the data center industry in Inner Mongolia will continue to maintain its growth trend by providing high-quality computing services for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Chai Yue said, "On the one hand, we attract data centers not only from the consideration of computing services, but also from the enterprise’s own innovative technology and comprehensive strength; On the other hand, we plan to build an integrated "cloudy" computing power dispatching center, which will guide the construction and access of computing power resources according to unified standards, realize the matching of computing power supply and demand, and improve the comprehensive shelf rate. "

In Zixing City, Hunan Province, the big data industry has promoted the development of industry and agriculture, and carried out scene applications such as smart city, industrial Internet, smart mine and smart agriculture.

Zhang Yong, deputy mayor of Zixing City, Hunan Province, told reporters that the "Dongjiang Lake Big Data Industrial Park" located in the scenic Dongjiang Bay is one of the most important explorations to develop the computing industry. In his view, the biggest demand for the development of IDC industry is the urgent need to introduce leading enterprises in IDC industry to form an industrial agglomeration effect. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce and cultivate data development and application enterprises and improve the upstream and downstream industrial chains of big data.

Zhang Yong pointed out that the next step will be to make computing resources come alive from four aspects. First, combine the action of "Giving Wisdom to All Enterprises" in Hunan Province, tap the value of industrial data, promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, promote intelligent manufacturing, and realize the digital transformation of industry; The second is to carry out the construction of smart agriculture, promote the application of Internet of Things technologies such as RFID, sensors and video surveillance in agriculture, and improve the level of agricultural digitalization; The third is to carry out construction actions such as smart transportation, smart medical care, smart education, and smart travel, promote the application of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain, and improve the digital level of social services; The fourth is to introduce and cultivate digital service enterprises, expand the ranks of enterprises, and improve the empowerment ability of local enterprises to apply the new generation of information technology.

0-1, the Premier League is very cold! Liverpool lost to the bottom team, and Salah missed the penalty, which was tragic.

On the evening of March 11th, Beijing time, in the 27th round of Premier League, Liverpool challenged Bournemouth away. In the end, Liverpool lost 1-0 to the bottom team, resulting in a big upset. Salah also missed a penalty, which was tragic.

A month ago, the Liverpool team was in a relatively low state, ranking only 10th in the standings, behind brentford, Fulham and other teams, but now they have caught up! If you can beat Bournemouth in this campaign, you can enter the top four in the standings; Bournemouth is at the bottom of the standings, and Liverpool have no reason not to score 3 points.

In the 5th minute, Arnold kicked off the corner and Fan Dike headed the ball. In the 7th minute, Ouattara pushed the middle net with a single knife and a small angle. In the 12th minute, Fan Dike made a long pass, Robertson’s low shot was resolved, and then Gakpo hit the net, but the goal was invalid. In the 23rd minute, Bournemouth took the lead. After Ouattara succeeded in offside, he made a cross. Billing followed up and pushed the goal, leading 1-0. In the 41st minute, Fan Dike almost scored a goal with a header. A minute later, Solanke’s blast shot was over the beam. In the first half, Liverpool was temporarily behind 0-1.

In the second half, in the 46th minute, Fabinho kept up with the blast. In the 48th minute, jota’s angry shot was tackled. In the 64th minute, Billing’s volley was empty. In the 66th minute, Liverpool got a penalty, and Salah missed the penalty. Salah, who missed the penalty, also looked very depressed. In the 77th minute, Salah’s pass was cleared, and then his pick was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

In the 82nd minute, Cook’s shot flew away. After that, the score did not change, and Liverpool lost.

Emiliano Martinez said he didn’t like penalty shootouts.

Emiliano Martinez said he didn’t like penalty shootouts.

Aston Villa and Argentine goalkeeper emiliano Martinez said he didn’t like to take part in penalty shootouts.

"Do I like penalty kicks? I don’t like to take the game to penalty because the odds are 50-50. I can’t say, "There will be a penalty shootout now, and I will win. Because it’s very difficult. I know I can lose at any time, and I must accept it. The penalty shootout is a coin toss, and the rest is just prayer. So no, I’m not attracted by penalty shootouts, "Martinez was quoted by Goal.

Argentina beat France 4-2 (regular time-3-3) in the 2022 World Cup final.

Martinez has made 24 appearances for Aston Villa in various competitions this season, conceded 32 goals and saved 7 games.

According to the International Football Federation (FIFA), Aston Villa and Argentine goalkeeper emiliano Martí nez commented on winning the best goalkeeper award in 2022.

"I touched the sky, just as my father said. Half of the children want to be like Messi, and the other half want to be a goalkeeper. Obviously, this is an important moment in my career. I always say that I hate individual awards. You know, the best awards of FIFA can’t satisfy me now. I am satisfied that young children are trying to be goalkeepers now, because they like what they saw in the World Cup, you know? Therefore, no matter what happens in my career, from now on, I will always be grateful for my opportunity in the World Cup, "Martinez was quoted by Goal.

As a member of the Argentine national team, 30-year-old Martinez became the champion of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022.

Internal strife escalates! Kong Di sprayed Brazil No.9: kicking like shit, Benzema euphemistically called Deschamps: clown.

Tottenham’s performance in various events was sluggish. In March, it suffered an avalanche and suffered three consecutive defeats in the FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League. The FA Cup 1/8 final lost to Sheffield United 0-1 and was eliminated. The Premier League lost 0-1 to Wolves in the 26th round, and the fourth place in the Premier League is hard to protect. 0-0AC Milan in the second round of the Champions League quarter-final, with a total score of 0-1, was eliminated. After the poor performance, Brazil’s No.9 striker Rishalizon was dissatisfied with his experience in Tottenham, openly questioned Kong Di’s employment, and said that he did not understand why he was suddenly asked to play as a substitute.

As a tough-talking coach, Kong Di obviously won’t be silent. On March 11th, the internal strife of Tottenham Hotspur escalated, and Kong Di also publicly sprayed Risperidone. Kong Di attended the pre-match press conference of the 27th round of the Premier League, saying: Risperidone didn’t criticize me, he said that he played like a piece of shit, and he was right. This wave of speeches proves that the contradiction between Kong Di and Risalizon has become public, and Kong Di will probably not let Risalizon start in the next game.

It is reported that Rishalison’s career at Tottenham Hotspur may be over, and it is impossible to work with Kong Di all the time. Xia Chuang may switch to Real Madrid and take over Benzema in the new season. Compared with the infighting upgrade of Tottenham Hotspur, the infighting upgrade of the French team is even more exciting. France, which lost to Argentina in the World Cup final, has once again become the focus. The main theme of this infighting is still the coach and players. French coach Deschamps accepted an interview with Parisian newspaper. He talked about Benzema’s absence from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, saying that Benzema was in a semi-idle state at the club for a while and entered the French team when the World Cup was about to start.

Deschamps revealed Benzema’s thoughts during the World Cup, pointing out that Benzema said at that time that he was not ready to play the World Cup, and then expressed his disappointment in giving up the World Cup on social platforms. When talking about the details of Benzema’s departure, Deschamps said that he once said to Benzema: "Benzema, don’t worry, you can arrange your return with the manager of the club." Benzema then decided to leave on his own and said nothing to the team.

Deschamps also gave a view that Benzema can catch up with the semi-finals of the World Cup, which is impossible, because Benzema only played for 30 minutes in training and could not meet the requirements of the semi-finals. Although his talent and status are beyond doubt, he could not imagine coming back suddenly at the last moment. Deschamps also concealed the contradiction between Benzema and other French players, thinking that no one in the French team was happy or even dissatisfied with Benzema’s departure.

After the news of Deschamps’ interview was sent out, Benzema couldn’t sit still, publicly responded, directly reprinted the news, and commented: "You really dare to say it!" Behind the text, Benzema euphemistically scolded Deschamps and directly matched the expression of a clown. It can be seen that Benzema was very dissatisfied with Deschamps’ remarks and settled the problem of the infighting of the French team during the World Cup.

Scientists hope to use artificial intelligence to find life on Mars.

It turns out that artificial intelligence may give us a better chance to find life on Mars.

A group of researchers led by the team of NASA Institute of Astrobiology (NAI) of SETI Institute recently released a study detailing how to use machine learning to more effectively determine where life may be hidden on the red planet, if it exists.

Scientists decided to use an area called Salar de Pajonales to run their project-this area is located at the intersection of Atacama desert and plateau, which is famous for being uninhabitable, but not uninhabitable-because it is considered as a good substitute for the surface of Mars. The team combined still images, samples and drone lenses to draw a map of life distribution in sparsely populated areas.

Then, the researchers brought the data back to the laboratory for training artificial intelligence. The goal is to teach computers to identify which areas are most likely to have life—such as small clusters of certain geological features or scarce water sources—and to be able to extrapolate this data to other locations. Theoretically, once AI knows the life-oriented details in Salar de Pajonales, it should be able to use these patterns to find the areas that are most likely to bear life in any terrain.

And the effect is surprisingly good. Once AI learns what it needs to recognize, researchers can combine machine learning with collected statistical ecological data to find signs of life 85% of the time. Without the help of artificial intelligence, the team was able to discover biometrics in less than 10% of the time.

You can imagine how helpful it is to find life on the surface of Mars. At present, we send rovers to the land of our next-door neighbors and look for life when they drive along their own paths. Although we try to choose a landing site that has a good chance of containing life (if it exists), it is different from the best and most promising area that the rover can microscopically observe around the planet it is driving.

The research team made it clear that although the speed at which artificial intelligence-assisted programs find life is incredible, it is equally exciting to find a process that can combine long-distance and short-distance data into useful maps to find microbial life. "Although the high biometric detection rate is the core result of this study, it is equally important that it successfully integrates data sets with different resolutions from orbit to ground, and finally links regional orbit data with microbial habitats," Nathalie A said. Cabrol, an astrobiologist and the lead researcher of NAI group of SETI Institute. "Our team showed a way to transition from the scale and resolution needed to characterize livability to the scale and resolution that can help us find life."

I hope we can integrate this technology into rovers, helicopters and drones going to Mars in the near future. Maybe this will be the ticket to finally find life on the red planet.

AI online intelligent matting tool is a must for cross-border e-commerce operators!

The e-commerce industry is inseparable from the map. Transparent base map, white base map …

When selling goods, you always have to deal with product pictures. Processing pictures is a relatively high-frequency operation. For the matting tool, it is also just needed by many people.

Today, I will share with you an AI online intelligent matting tool.Picture-cutting assistant

01AI matting effect
Picture editing based on AI artificial intelligence algorithm. Just upload a picture with one click, and the matting can be completed in 3 seconds.

02operating procedure

(1) OpenAssistant in painting cutting,Select the [smart matting] function.

(2) After the picture is uploaded, click OK to dig it out with one key.

Picture-cutting assistantIs a simple, intelligent and fully functional online video processing tool, with intelligent subtitles, video translation, AI picture editing, audio editing, voice elimination and other video and audio, picture editing and post-processing functions.

Tear it off! It broke the news that Chen Yuyuan’s son had an accident, and Li Tie’s wife was sued in court, which the Korean media said.

I was called out! The accident of Chen Xiaoyuan’s son was exposed, and Li Tie’s wife was sued. That’s what the Korean media said.

After the head of the Football Association was investigated, the anti-corruption was immediate, and the men’s and women’s soccer teams in China played a triumphant song. It can be said that it would be embarrassing to lose anyone, especially the U20 men’s soccer team reached the top 8 of the U20 Asian Cup after 9 years. The boys of the national football team U20 will face the South Korean team in the next round, and this game has also attracted the attention of fans. A South Korean media also drew attention to the performance of China football in the U20 Asian Cup. They think that corruption has brought down China football in recent years, but some young people in China football team have inspired them on the field. High morale and winning the U20 Asian Cup show that there is still hope for football in China, and the cancer of football corruption must be eradicated.

At present, the media reported the latest news that Li Tie will be suddenly sued in court, and this time it will affect his family. What’s going on here? It turned out that when Li Tie was arrested and investigated, it was the owner of Wuhan Club who lifted the table and reported Li Tie’s real name. He reported that Li Tie’s annual salary in Wu Hanyou was sky-high and so was the salary of the head coach of the national football team. In the national football team, many Wuhan team players have been promoted to the national football team in violation of regulations. The Wuhan team had to give these players a top salary. Demoted in the 2021 season.

Now the Wuhan team has announced its dissolution this season, and Li Tie is the biggest showstopper behind it. Over the past few months, the anti-corruption campaign in football has arrested many people, and Li Tie is still in the review stage. However, because Li Tie’s company had another labor dispute and was sued to the court, fans talked about it one after another, saying that the legal representative of the company was Li Tie’s wife, Longfei was also the head of the company, and Li Tie was also the executive director of the company. You know, a lot of media have been exposed, and dragonfly has already escaped, for fear of an accident. Li Tie has transferred all his illegally acquired property to foreigners. Li Tie was exposed to having wives in the United States and Britain and buying a mansion.

According to the data, Li Tie’s company was founded seven years ago as Shenyang Li Tie Football Club Co., Ltd. Dragonfly holds 90% of the shares and Li Tie holds 10%. After Li Tie was arrested, he was also "pushed down the wall and pushed by everyone". Many players and media people in the football circle have also come forward to reveal all kinds of "black materials" in football. Profiting for his own brokerage company on the Internet proves that he is already a greedy person, and he also regards football as a commercial field. Even Li Tie’s wife can be influenced by it, and the company they founded is illegal and full of guilt, which makes football players embarrassed.

You know, this is just the tip of the iceberg of Li Tie’s nine companies. Li Tie can deposit more than 100 million RMB in a bank in Shenyang, which proves that he has made a lot of money in recent years. Whether it is legal or not, I believe the relevant departments will find out. At the beginning of its establishment, Shenyang Li Tie Football Club hoped to find the fun of football for local children and give them a platform to play football. The original intention is good, but Li Tie has long been blinded by self-interest. He can suppress the playing time of naturalized players in the national team and even be exposed to selling the national team. How can such a football player cultivate excellent players? Therefore, the football club company set up in Li Tie must also be the target of attracting funds.

Of course, we will never forget Li Tie’s contribution to the national team as a player. The fans’ trust in the Football Association made him the national football coach, but I didn’t expect the result to be so disgusting. Football circles must be pure. The media also revealed that Chen Xiaoyuan had family-style corruption, and his son was doomed and faced with investigation. Football moths like Li Tie have reduced the popularity and reputation of football in China. What awaits him is severe punishment by law. If he can’t honestly explain what he knows about football shadow scenes, or even cover for others, then he will have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The anti-corruption in football has achieved results. The young players of our national teams have achieved good results in the international arena. We also saw the eager and proud eyes of China players from the field. China’s women’s soccer team is also preparing for the World Cup, and China’s men’s soccer team is about to leave for New Zealand for a warm-up match. I hope China Football Team will continue to work hard.

Who is the first comprehensive person from the old horse to Messi’s "blank period of the king of the ball"? It’s him!

This candidate is nothing more than being born between Qi Bald, Fei Luo and Ronaldinho. Among them, Baldy is the UEFA’s "Best Player in Europe in 50 Years", and both Ronaldo and Ronaldinho once reached the point of "almost becoming the king of the ball". Other superstars, such as Van Basten, Baggio, romario or Kaka, also have certain strength at a certain stage, but their coffee position is still not as good as that of the three giants, Ronaldinho. If you have to choose one among Zyro Ronaldinho,

Yes, he is "alien" Ronaldo! Let’s look at all versions of the "Best Football Team in History". Ronaldo is sure to be selected, but Zidane and Ronaldinho may not be selected. You said that the competition in the front waist or left wing area is fierce, so the competition in the center area is not fierce. It also proves that Fei Luo’s historical position in football is indeed above Qi Tou Ronaldinho. Of course, you can say that these "best lineups" are selected manually, which means nothing. However, there are reasons why people are more optimistic about Ronaldo. What do people value him? It can’t be because you like pick’s belly or hairstyle, can it? I must still take a fancy to pick’s strength and dominance.

Ronaldinho’s playing method is superb. He is a "Grand Slam" player in Brazil and Barcelona. He has won all the World Cup Champions League America’s Cup Confederations Cup La Liga awards, and he has a good apprentice like Messi. Ronaldinho once had the strength to attack the throne of the ball. However, Ronaldinho’s peak period was too short, and FIFA did not deny Ronaldinho a chance. Ronaldinho himself played a mediocre state in the 2006 World Cup, and later.

Where’s Zidane? The biggest problem of baldy is not because his hairstyle is not as distinctive as that of Ronaldinho, but because of Zidane’s kicking method. He is really the core of the midfield in the French team Juventus and Real Madrid, and he has a great master style in organizing and dispatching the ball. He can also contribute metaphysical performances in the key games of the World Cup, European Cup and Champions League. However, unlike his peers such as Bailey, Diego Maradona and Messi, Qi Zu is more like a midfielder who prefers to organize and dispatch, rather than focusing on controlling the field, passing and so on.

This rule out, and only Ronaldo is left. Although he was too lazy to run in the Feiluo period, he also liked to eat cakes. At his peak, he was an absolute "alien". He could not only use his personal ability to get past the goalkeeper and hit an empty net, but also get the ball in the center and frontcourt to cooperate with his teammates. From 1996 to 1998, Ronaldo was considered an all-around player in the center and frontcourt. He had speed and skill and scored points. If the mysterious coma in the 1998 World Cup final didn’t ruin the "king of the ball" and he was forced to transform later because of injury, he could really carry out the "king of the ball" to the end-he didn’t rely on the system or the automatic system, but ignored the system!

Conclusion: It’s no wonder that there is a place for Fei Luo in the best lineup of all versions of football history. There is a reason why he can stabilize Qi Tou Ronaldinho to become the first person in football between the two dynasties of "Diego Maradona era" and "Messi era". Who do you think is the first comprehensive person from Lao Ma to Messi’s "blank period of the king of the ball"? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area. I am Abin, a senior blind and green watchman who spends a lot of money watching football. I wish you a happy chat.