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More than 15 classic movies reminisce about the golden songs of the year from 7.25 on the movie channel.

Special feature of 1905 film network The voice of the classics will remain forever!Starting from July 25th, the movie channel’s midsummer nostalgia series "The Golden Songs of the Years in the Movie".We have carefully prepared more than 15 classic films for you, including the voice of the times from the 1950s to the present, and each song is a classic among the classics.What kind of memories will you recall when you hum these melodies again?

The pride of defending the country in the 1950 s

Diary of a nurse

"Little Swallow"

"The little swallow wears flowered clothes and comes here every spring. I asked the swallow why he came, and the swallow said that the spring here is really beautiful."

This well-known old song "Little Swallow" is the theme song sung by actor Wang Danfeng in the first nurse-themed film in New China.

At that time, this song was as well known as the movie. Once the film was released, it was deeply loved by the masses, and almost everyone could sing the interlude in the film.

Nowadays, the song "Little Swallow" has already become a classic children’s song widely sung, accompanying generation after generation to grow up.


"My Motherland"

"A big river has wide waves, and the wind blows rice and flowers on both sides."In 1956, the song "My Motherland" led by the heroine Wang Lan (ornaments) became a movie-watching memory of a generation.

Liu Chi, the composer who wrote My Motherland, said: "I hope this song will spread all over the country with the performance of the film, and it will be well-known to all women and children and will last forever. After several years, this film is no longer performed. As long as you sing this song, you will think of the moving scenes in the film and miss those heroic volunteers! "

Qiao Yu’s lyrics, with the most unpretentious language and sincere and deep feelings, let us remember the infinite love and heroism of volunteer soldiers for their motherland and hometown. 

Five golden flowers

"butterfly spring side"

"Flowers wait for butterflies to collect honey, and A-mei waits for lovers."As the pioneering work of the new China musical, it was sold out for several months after its release, and was shown in more than 40 countries, which was very popular.

At that time, he was only 17 years old. With the corner of the golden flower in the movie Five Golden Flowers, he became the idol of countless fans.

Among them, the song "The Edge of butterfly spring" written by Jinhua and A Peng as love songs spread all over the streets in that year, and still reverberates in the hearts of the older generation.

Flying tigers.

"Play my beloved pipa."

"Play my beloved pipa and sing that touching song."Using the typical tones of Shandong folk songs, this song "Play My Beloved Pipa" has made many people deeply empathize with the feelings and revolutionary enthusiasm of Chinese sons and daughters.

A song "Play My Beloved Pipa" made flying tigers’s heroic deeds of anti-Japanese war famous all over the world, which has been passed down to this day. Even in the movie, he was re-interpreted by the starring role.

The Story of Liubao

"sunny day in 1999"

Movies depicting love stories of active servicemen were rare at that time.

The film does not focus on describing large-scale battles, but focuses on the personal emotional life of soldiers, showing the romance and warmth that are rare in the war.

The beautiful pictures of windmills, willows, Banqiao and canoes in the water town of northern Jiangsu, coupled with the theme song "Sunny Days in 1999", let us remember the lofty and beautiful love of revolutionary soldiers and the beautiful scenery of the water town in the south of the Yangtze River.

The sound of burning passion in the 1960 s

Heroes and children

"ode to the hero"

"Why is the battle flag picturesque, and the hero’s blood dyed it red? Why is the spring always there, and the hero’s life blooms?"

The theme song "Ode to a Hero" is stirring, very sonorous.Whenever "Ode to Heroes" is sung, we can see the glorious images of Wang Cheng clutching the explosive barrel and Wang Fang singing in the war, reminding us not to forget history and heroes. 

Red women soldiers

"women soldiers Liange"

"Forward, forward, soldiers have heavy responsibilities and women have deep grievances."

In order to compose the music in Red women soldiers, the composer Huang Zhun spent three or four months before and after, went to Hainan three times, went deep into the alpine jungle, visited the surviving "women soldiers" soldiers and the places where they fought and lived in the past, and collected a large number of Hainan local music, including Hainan operas and folk songs, from which he gained inspiration of musical style.The spirit of Red women soldiers is the banner of women’s liberation movement.

The crisp, majestic and powerful theme song "women soldiers Liege" has been selected as one of the 100 golden songs in China movies for more than half a century, and it is still popular today.

Eternal life in fire

"Embroidering Red Flag"

"Thousands of feelings, great love, turned into a Venus embroidered red flag."

Jiang Jie, as the representative of the female group, sang songs of integrity, which left a deep imprint on the hearts of audiences and readers from generation to generation.According to classic legend, the heroic spirit lasts for a long time; Light and shadow flow, and the red gene is passed down from generation to generation.

The "Red Rock Spirit" lives forever in the fire with the sound of classics.

Third Sister Liu

"Folk songs are like spring water."

The film that combines music and scenery is the first music and scenery film in China.

The film "Sanjie Liu" is based on the story of a generation of song fairy Sanjie Liu.Qiao Yu, who is known as a master of ci, and Lei Zhenbang, a famous composer in New China, wrote more than 30 songs for the film and won the Best Music Award in the 2nd Hundred Flowers Award.

The first song is like a spring water that sings the wishes and ideals of the working people and moistens people’s hearts.

Honghu Red Guard

"Hong Hushui waves"

If the songs in the movie "Sister Liu" represent Guangxi ethnic customs, the songs in the movie are symbols of Hubei folk songs.

Honghu Lake is also a hot spot for revolution. This was once one of the centers of the national agrarian revolution.A song of Hong Hushui, which has lasted for generations.

Classic aria in films such as Hong Hushui, Beating Waves, What a Beautiful Battle, Seeing that all the toiling people in the world are liberated, No Tears, No Sadness, Song of the Red Guards, etc., have been well-known so far and evoked many revolutionary feelings and memories.

The visitor on the iceberg

"Why are flowers so red?"

At that time, an old movie evoked many people’s yearning for the Pamirs.

A song "Why Flowers Are So Red" tells the story of the hardships and hardships experienced by border guards, and how many people yearn for a better life and sincere love.

This song "Why Flowers Are So Red", which is played by Dutar and other musical instruments, is original and rough, melodious and simple in tone, which appropriately creates a sad and romantic atmosphere for the film and makes the film more legendary because of the music.

This song is the password for the older generation to transmit love when they are in love, which shows its rich charm and unique charm.

Melody of praising the motherland in the 1970s.

Sparkling red star

"Red Star Song"

"The red star shines brightly, the red star is bright and warm-hearted, the red star is the heart of the workers and peasants, and the glory of the party shines for generations."

In that era when model operas were popular, The Sparkling Red Star brought people a brand-new experience and quickly became popular all over China.

The song called "three reds" in the film — — Red Star Song, Red Star Follow Me to Fight, and Yingshanhong are all widely sung.After years of repeated elutriation, it still lasts forever and becomes one of the symbols for people to recall the past.

Little flower

"velvet flower"

"There is a beautiful flower in the world, and that is youth spitting youth. Clashing hard bones and blooming flowers, blood from Li Li dyed it red … …”

Two songs in the film that won the 3rd Hundred Flowers Award Best Music Award added a lot of color to the film.A "Sister Looking for Brother’s Tears" and a "Eddy Flowers" made many audiences cry.

Xiaohua turned grief into a revolutionary force, unswervingly embarked on the spirit of the revolutionary road, exuded the dazzling light of lofty ideals and firm beliefs, and gave people strength. 

The expression of trivial matters in life after the 1980s.

"It’s a long way to go, and it’s difficult and dangerous to sprinkle camel bells all the way."

When he directed and starred in the film in the 1980s, he was determined to pour out his war friendship with a moving song from the beginning. Camel Bell came into being.

"The lover will never come again after parting, sitting alone and looking out of the world."

The song "The Love of My Life" in the movie that came out in 1995 is the love of my life.

"Love is just a word. I will only say it once. You know I will only express it with actions."

On July 30, 1999, the song "Love is One Word" in the movie is the deep affection between mother and son of Aquilaria sinensis.

"When a ship sinks to the bottom of the sea, when a person becomes a mystery. You don’t know why they left, but that goodbye was his last sentence. "

The debut film, which was released on July 24th, 2014 for eight years, seems to be more famous than the film in its episode of the same name, which describes the mood of contemporary young people wandering around the world very appropriately.

An era, with the brand of an era, condenses into eternal memory.These classic songs of different ages represent our youth and blood in different ages.

Let’s turn over the chapter of memory, review the classic songs of the times, and recall those once moved.In August, "The Golden Melody of the Year in the Movie" will also welcome the classic translation unit, so stay tuned!

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On July 29, "See you later"

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August 1 "Lotus Lantern"

On August 2nd, The Great Sage of a Chinese Odyssey Marries.

On August 3rd, Red women soldiers

On August 4th, Third Sister Liu

August 5 "Five Golden Flowers"

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On August 9th, Little Flower

On August 10th, The Visitor on the Iceberg

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On August 12, The Story of Liubao

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China has become the world’s largest "lighthouse factory", covering industries and expanding regions.

Our reporter Tan Zhijuan reports from Beijing.

Recently, the World Economic Forum (WEF) announced the latest list of "lighthouse factories", adding 21 manufacturing "lighthouse factories". These new factories come from China, German, Indian, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and the United States, and 12 of them are located in China, accounting for more than half.

In the industry’s view, "Lighthouse Factory" is called "the most advanced factory in the world" and represents the top intelligent manufacturing capability in the industrial field. "Lighthouse Factory" is to realize the full automation and accuracy of the production process by means of digitalization, networking and intelligence, and using advanced artificial intelligence large model technology.

According to the data, since 2018, WEF has published 11 batches of global "lighthouse factories" with a total of 153, including 62 "lighthouse factories" in China, which is the country with the largest number of "lighthouse factories" in the world.

In this regard, Liu Chen, a researcher at China Bank Research Institute, told the reporter of China Business News: "The digitalization of domestic manufacturing industry is accelerating, and the’ lighthouse factory’ covers industries and regions and continues to expand."

In Liu Chen’s view, "In the era of Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry is accelerating towards high-end, intelligent and green, and new quality productivity is constantly cultivated and developed. The’ Lighthouse Factory’ comprehensively adopts new technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, such as industrial Internet, cloud computing, big data, 5G and digital twinning, and promotes all-round changes in product research and development, production process, quality control management, business model and after-sales service, which has become an important example of high-quality development of manufacturing industry. "

WEF also said that with the rapid development of technology, the escalation of geopolitical tensions and the acceleration of climate change, the weak links in the global supply chain have been exposed, and these enterprises hope to use advanced technologies and innovative methods to improve production efficiency and sustainable management.

Jiangsu has the largest number of "lighthouse factories"

Liu Chen introduced that, first of all, from the perspective of industry distribution, at present, domestic "lighthouse factories" are widely distributed in electronic manufacturing, household appliances, consumer goods, automobiles and other fields, involving traditional manufacturing and emerging industries. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of industry segmentation, the new direction of future development of manufacturing industry is constantly emerging.

In this regard, Liu Chen cited, for example, Longji Green Energy Jiaxing Factory became the first "lighthouse factory" in the global photovoltaic industry, and developed and implemented more than 30 digital use cases, which solved the problem of efficiency improvement in the photovoltaic industry under super-large scale.

Secondly, in terms of regional distribution, domestic "lighthouse factories" are distributed in 18 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), among which Jiangsu is the province with the largest number of "lighthouse factories", totaling 12, and Guangdong ranks second with 7.

Liu Chen pointed out that on the whole, "lighthouse factories" are still mainly concentrated in areas with high economic level and strong manufacturing base, and the pattern of "strong in the east and weak in the west" is more obvious. However, in this new list, China Resources Building Materials Technology in Guangxi and Johnson & Johnson Xi ‘an Factory in Shaanxi have become the first local "lighthouse factories", which indicates that the digital transformation of the industry is actively promoted and the high-end technology of foreign-funded enterprises is driven, which is expected to promote the accelerated development of relatively backward areas.

Finally, from the perspective of factory scale, Lighthouse Factory covers most large-scale manufacturing factories and value chains, and large, medium and small-scale enterprises can accelerate their breakthroughs through Industry 4.0 technology and realize high-end intelligence.

Leading the new trend of digital transformation of manufacturing industry to form continuously.

"As the representative of the highest level of intelligence and digitalization in the global manufacturing field,’ Lighthouse Factory’ leads the new trend of digital transformation of manufacturing industry." Liu Chen told reporters.

In Liu Chen’s view, the first is to accelerate the sustained release of new manufacturing capacity. "Lighthouse Factory" combines advanced digital tools with flexible production system, and realizes product quality improvement, production efficiency improvement, innovation mode change, and the toughness of industrial chain supply chain through the application of new technologies such as digital shift performance management system, automatic feeding system, machine vision-driven production cycle and line change optimization system, and digital twins combined with intelligent analysis.

According to McKinsey data, the productivity of "Lighthouse Factory" has increased by more than 2.5 times on average, the profit rate has increased by 8%-13%, and the operating indicators have increased by 50%-60%.

The second is to speed up the construction of an end-to-end user-oriented model. Of the five new "end-to-end lighthouses", three were selected in China.

According to reports, the "end-to-end lighthouse factory" refers to the realization of end-to-end digitalization and intelligence in the supply chain, products and services, connecting user needs with the entire intelligent manufacturing system, allowing users to participate in product design, research and development, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, iterative upgrading and other links, with "user-driven" as the core driving force for enterprises to provide product solutions.

The third is to accelerate the formation of a sustainable enterprise production model. In 2021, WEF added the selection of "Lighthouse for Sustainable Development", and screened out outstanding exemplary enterprises that can achieve efficient energy utilization and ecological sustainability. Through the intelligent energy management and control system to provide accurate real-time energy consumption optimization scheme, the energy consumption of "lighthouse factories" in various fields in China has generally decreased significantly. This time, two factories in China have been selected as "sustainable lighthouses" to achieve a good balance between business development and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Kiva Allgood, head of WEF Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chain Center, also said, "The global lighthouse network has proved the powerful power of digital transformation with practical actions. As pioneers, lighthouse enterprises are bringing unprecedented influence to global development. They use their huge community network to strategically explore and innovate, and create a new era of transformational change and lasting change while building a sustainable future. "

The Central Economic Work Conference held from December 11th to 12th pointed out that scientific and technological innovation should lead the construction of modern industrial system. We must vigorously promote new industrialization, develop the digital economy, and accelerate the development of artificial intelligence. Create a number of strategic emerging industries such as bio-manufacturing, commercial aerospace and low-altitude economy, open up new tracks for future industries such as quantum and life sciences, widely apply digital intelligence technology and green technology, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

In this regard, Liu Chen believes that "more lighthouse-type leading enterprises should be cultivated in the future to accelerate the formation of new quality productivity in manufacturing."

"On the one hand, strengthen the demonstration and leading role of enterprises selected as’ Lighthouse Factory’, encourage’ Lighthouse Factory’ to export technology and help factories with foundation and willingness to carry out targeted transformation and upgrading; Introduce and cultivate the industry Internet platform, provide remote maintenance, fault prediction, performance optimization and other services for user enterprises in the industrial chain, and help the digital transformation of SMEs; On the other hand, based on the region’s own industrial advantages, strengthen the supporting capacity of digital infrastructure, carry out factory scene innovations such as digital design, intelligent production, green manufacturing and lean management, encourage deep integration of production and education, and promote enterprises and universities to jointly establish intelligent manufacturing application-oriented talent training bases to create a good ecology for cultivating’ lighthouse factories’ in various regions. " Liu Chen said.

(Editor: Meng Qingwei Proofreading: Zhai Jun)


Xuancheng Intermediate People’s Court held an exchange meeting on research results.

On December 19th, Sun Kang, Party Secretary and Dean of Xuancheng Intermediate People’s Court, presided over an exchange meeting on the research results of the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court. Members of the leading group, leading cadres at or above the county level and relevant personnel of the theme education office of the Institute attended the meeting, and Rong Fengchao, a member of the second group contacted by the theme education office of the Municipal Party Committee, gave guidance.



审 核丨缪 翔 洪 骏

文 图丨张旭文

编 辑丨陈 梦



The decisive battle, the "third big battle" of military reform started.

Looking back on the glorious course of the people’s army, we can see that the three major battles of Liaoshen, Huaihai and Pingjin in the War of Liberation swept away thousands of troops, which determined the future and destiny of China. Decades later, our army launched the "three major battles" to deepen national defense and military reform. At present, the reform of the leadership and command system, the scale structure and the strength formation have been basically completed, and the "third big battle" of the military policy system reform has been launched. This great change that determines the future of our army is taking decisive steps towards the goal of comprehensive victory.
How to understand the military policy system must be adjusted according to the conditions of the times.
The military policy system regulates military relations, regulates military practice and guarantees military development, which is of fundamental, overall and fundamental significance to national defense and army building. Any military policy system is the product of the times and must be constantly adjusted and improved with the changes of the conditions of the times.
Nowadays, the new military revolution in the world is developing rapidly and the international military competition is fierce. One of the most important aspects is the military policy system. The United States, Russia and other countries have taken many measures in this regard. Various services in the United States have successively issued strategic guidance documents based on wars and conflicts in big countries, and the newly announced fiscal year 2020 budget proposes to raise the salary of military personnel by 3.1%. Russia has continuously promoted and optimized the military housing security system, established a special fund for military housing, improved the quality and service level of military medical security, expanded the scope of recuperation and reformed the military service system. A hundred battles struggle, and those who struggle first. We must grasp the trend of world military development, consolidate and develop the advantages of China’s military policy system, and grasp the initiative of military competition and war.
Our party has always attached importance to the military policy system. In each historical period of revolution, construction and reform, our party has constantly adjusted and improved the military policy system according to the development and changes of the situation, the historical mission of the party, the responsibilities and tasks undertaken by the people’s army, and the characteristics, laws and practical requirements of building and managing the army, providing an important guarantee for the people’s army to maintain its nature and purpose forever, improve its ability to win, and constantly move from victory to victory. However, it should also be noted that most of China’s current military policy systems were formed more than a decade or even decades ago. Although they have been constantly adjusted in recent years, the deep-seated contradictions and problems such as underdeveloped concepts, unclear guidance, incomplete systems, and lack of military and civilian connection have not been fundamentally solved, and they have not adapted to the requirements of the development of the situation and tasks.
Why must the reform of military policy system fit in with the new system?
Any successful military reform must rebuild the "soft mechanism" such as policy system while building a "hard system". System reform and policy system reform are integrated and inseparable with each other. This national defense and military reform has taken the lead in carrying out the reform of the leadership and command system, breaking the long-standing headquarters system, the military region system and the continental army system, forming a new pattern of the military commission in charge of the general, the main battle in the theater and the main construction of the military service, and realizing the historic change of our military organizational structure. We will push forward the reform of scale structure and strength formation, change the long-term land-based and homeland-defense strength structure and strength distribution, and realize the revolutionary reshaping of our military strength system. Through these reforms, the shaping of the "hard system" has been basically completed, and the people’s army has a new system, a new structure, a new pattern and a new look.
If the reform of the leadership and command system focuses on "strengthening the brain and strengthening the center", the reform of the scale structure and strength composition focuses on "strengthening the bones and muscles", and the reform of the military policy system focuses on "connecting the meridians and activating the qi and blood", it must be organically linked with the first two major battles. Although the institutional obstacles and structural contradictions that restrict the construction of our army have been effectively solved, the operational mechanism that is compatible with the new system has not been completely straightened out, and the new power structure also needs to be improved. To consolidate and expand the achievements of the previous reforms and further release the reform effectiveness, we must promote the reform of the military policy system. This is a more internal, deeper and more lasting remolding for our army, and it is also more crucial to drive, adjust and support the whole reform.
What are the considerations for the design of this military policy system reform?
Generally speaking, there are two typical ways to formulate policies and systems. One is "description", that is, the practice in actual work is expressed in standardized language and upgraded to a policy system; The other is "design", that is, focusing on career development, focusing on achieving better leadership, command, management and security, and actively designing and shaping a more scientific, advanced and effective policy system. This military policy system reform aims at ensuring the party’s absolute leadership over the army, taking combat effectiveness as the only fundamental standard, focusing on mobilizing the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of military personnel, insisting on systematic planning, forward-looking design, innovative development and overall remodeling, and comprehensively reconstructing our military policy system.
The reform of the military policy system must first adhere to the correct political direction, maintain political determination on what to change and what not to change, and persist in what cannot be changed and lost. If it is changed and lost, it will be self-destructive. In October 1990, the Soviet Union issued the Regulations on the Work of the Soviet communist party Organization in the Soviet Armed Forces, which stipulated that "the Soviet communist party Organization and its institutions shall not interfere in the work of administrative personnel and military command organs", which made the army break away from the leadership of the CPSU, and the reform finally put the Soviet Union on a road of no return. History is the best textbook. The Party’s absolute leadership over the army is the foundation of our army and the soul of strengthening the army. No matter how the national defense and army reform are changed, this article cannot be shaken at all. We must constantly strengthen this "lifeblood" through the reform of military policy system and make a series of fundamental principles and systems for the Party to lead the army more mature and stereotyped.
The army exists for war, and the starting point and destination of military reform are the liberation and development of combat effectiveness, and the adjustment and optimization of military policy system should also focus on this. This military policy system reform is to take combat effectiveness as the only fundamental standard, establish the policy orientation of preparing for war, form an institutional system that can serve wars and win battles, and promote the full release of combat effectiveness in generate. Man is the decisive factor of combat effectiveness and the main body of army building. When the human problem is solved, it will directly bring about a great improvement in the operation of the entire military system and the efficiency of army building. Judging from the actual situation, the difficulties in resettling demobilized soldiers, handing over wounded and disabled soldiers and resettling retired cadres still exist, and the difficulties in recruiting and attracting and retaining talents are also outstanding, which have become the pain points and difficulties that affect the cohesion, attractiveness and combat effectiveness of the troops. The officers and men have expectations, and the reform should respond. The purpose of this military policy system reform is to persist in promoting the all-round development of officers and men, firmly establish the dominant position of officers and men in strengthening the army, strive to create a fair and just institutional environment, safeguard the basic needs of officers and men, safeguard their rights and interests, enhance their pride, sense of acquisition and sense of accomplishment, and inspire officers and men to strive to be revolutionary soldiers in the new era of "four haves".
This reform of military policy system has broken the boundaries of departments and fields, changed the mode of treating a headache only, treating an ailment only, and tinkering with it. It has carried out top-level design from four links: command, construction, management and supervision, and reshaped all fields, aspects and links of military practice activities as a whole. It has clearly put forward deepening the reform of military party building system, innovating the reform of military force application policy system, reshaping the reform of military force building policy system, promoting the reform of military management policy system, and establishing and improving it. This "one big system, four big plates" has clear orientation, comprehensive coverage, tight structure and internal coordination. It is in line with China’s national conditions and military situation, adapts to the requirements of the new era, new mission and new system, and will certainly provide a strong policy and institutional guarantee for realizing the party’s goal of strengthening the army in the new era and building the people’s army into a world-class army in an all-round way.
How to understand the transformation and convergence of the old and new policies and systems needs a process.
The reform of the military policy system is directly related to the vital interests of officers and men and the morale of the army. It involves a wide range and is very sensitive and complicated. It must be scientifically studied and demonstrated, and it must be implemented steadily. It must not be rushed, otherwise it will be haste makes waste. During Yeltsin’s period, Russia promoted radical military reform and made a large number of disarmament under the condition that the social security mechanism was not perfect, resulting in more than 70% of the more than 500,000 retired officers being unemployed, and 48% of the active servicemen’s family income was below the minimum living standard. At that time, the Russian army was described as "half an army". Soldiers could only get half a salary, and only half of them could live in houses, which seriously weakened the morale of officers and men and the combat effectiveness of the troops.
According to the deployment of the military policy system reform, our army will complete the reform of the main policy system in all fields and systems by 2020, and build the basic framework of Socialism with Chinese characteristics’s military policy system. By 2022, we will improve the supporting policy system in all fields and build a relatively complete military policy system in Socialism with Chinese characteristics. This goal is arduous and arduous, with a high degree of specialization, a long legislative cycle, great difficulty in cross-departmental, cross-disciplinary and cross-military coordination, complex system, intensive rhythm and huge use of power, which can be said to be unprecedented. It takes a long time to complete the design, supporting and implementation of so many policy systems.
The transformation between the old and the new military policy system is not a "surgical operation", but a gradual process of "thoroughly remoulding". Too fast, beyond the realistic conditions, beyond the capacity of the country, the army and officers and men, a little carelessness may lose the existing achievements; If it is too slow, it will miss the window of reform, widen the gap with foreign troops, and may also affect the morale of officers and men. Therefore, during the transition from the old to the new military policy system, it is necessary to implement it step by step, mature one and promote the other, so as to achieve a smooth transition of the policy system and avoid repeated "patching" and "turning over the sesame seeds"; It is also important to introduce a policy system that is urgently needed for reform, urgently needed for preparation for war, and eagerly awaited by officers and men, and formulate a small but practical and quick-acting transitional policy to ensure that the reform is fast and steady.
Source: People’s Liberation Army Daily: Liu Jiang, Ni Wangwang, Bruce Lee

China successfully developed the world’s first ultraviolet super-resolution lithography equipment with the highest resolution.

China successfully developed the world's first ultraviolet super-resolution lithography equipment with the highest resolution.

  Yong Yang (left), deputy chief designer of Super-resolution Lithography Equipment Project of Institute of Optoelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduces the successfully developed equipment. Sun zifa

  Zhongxin. com, Chengdu, November 29th (Reporter Sun Zifa) — — The super-resolution lithography equipment project passed the acceptance test in Chengdu on the 29th. As one of the important achievements of the project, China scientists have successfully developed the world’s first ultra-resolution ultraviolet (i.e. 22nm @ 365nm) lithography equipment with the highest resolution, and formed a brand-new nano-optical lithography process route with completely independent intellectual property rights.

  Researcher Luo Xiangang, director of the Institute of Optoelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief scientist of the super-resolution lithography equipment project, said that in 2012, the institute undertook the development task of super-resolution lithography equipment, a major national scientific research equipment project. After nearly seven years of hard work, without foreign mature experience to learn from, the project team broke through key technologies such as high uniformity lighting, super-resolution lithography lens, nano-resolution focusing and gap measurement, and ultra-precision, multi-degree-of-freedom stage and control. The development of the first UV super-resolution lithography equipment with the highest resolution in the world is completed. It uses a light source with a wavelength of 365 nm, and the maximum line width resolution of a single exposure reaches 22 nm (about 1/17 exposure wavelength). On this basis, the project team also combined with the supporting processes such as high aspect ratio etching and multiple patterns developed by the super-resolution lithography equipment project to realize the processing of feature size patterns below 10 nanometers.

  The first ultra-violet super-resolution lithography equipment with the highest resolution in this world is developed based on surface plasmon super-diffraction, which breaks the traditional route pattern that the resolution of traditional optical lithography is limited by the wavelength of light source and the numerical aperture of lens, and forms a brand-new technical route from principle, equipment to process, with completely independent intellectual property rights, and provides manufacturing tools for the leap-forward development of revolutionary strategic fields such as metamaterials/hypersurfaces, third-generation optical devices and generalized chips.

  Acceptance experts believe that all technical indicators of the super-resolution lithography equipment successfully developed by Zhongke Optoelectronics meet or exceed the assessment indicators specified in the implementation plan, and the key technical indicators have reached the international leading level in the field of super-resolution imaging lithography. In principle, the project breaks through the diffraction limit of resolution, establishes a new research and development route of high-resolution and large-area nano-lithography equipment, bypasses the technical intellectual property barrier of foreign high-resolution lithography equipment, realizes the innovation of China’s technological source, and develops super-resolution lithography equipment with independent intellectual property rights and controllable technology, which is also the first ultra-violet super-resolution lithography equipment with the highest resolution in the world.

  At the same time, a series of nano-functional devices, including large-aperture thin film mirror, superconducting nanowire single photon detector, Cherenkov radiation device, biochemical sensor chip, super-surface imaging device, etc., have been prepared by using the successfully developed super-resolution lithography equipment, which verifies the processing ability of the nano-functional devices of the equipment and has reached the practical level.

  The super-resolution lithography equipment project of Zhongke Optoelectronics Institute has published 68 papers, and at present, it has been authorized 47 national invention patents and 4 international patents, and has trained a super-resolution lithography technology and equipment research and development team. Luo Xiangang said that the Institute of Optoelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will further increase the research and development, popularization and application of functional diversification of super-resolution lithography equipment to promote the development of related fields in the country.

"Ordinary" Andy Lau, unconsciously red all his life.

After a lapse of 26 years, Andy Lau once again plays Detective Mayor in Chasing the Dragon, still very chock. /stills of the movie "Chasing the Dragon"
In the era of rampant traffic, he has never been angry.
"I really can’t sing, sorry! The doctor told me not to sing any more, so I will stop the concert after singing this song. "
In December, 2018, it is planned to hold the "My Love" concert in Andy Lau for 20 consecutive sessions, and stop the third song in the 14th session.
The 57-year-old Andy Lau stood on the stage, and his sudden loss of voice forced him to cancel the concert. He cried in pain and kept bowing to the audience to apologize.
Andy Lau’s confused and guilty appearance on the stage makes people feel distressed.
I think, if he can sing, he will hold on, no matter how painful.
Andy Lau is such a hard worker.
In January 2020, the promised "My Love" concert arrived as scheduled, and all three concerts in three stations in the mainland were spiked, as usual. Unconsciously, Andy Lau is nearly sixty years old, and its market appeal is still amazing.
Since his debut at the age of 17, he has been popular for more than forty years.
When I was young, Andy Lau was also a delicate and charming little fresh meat.
Handsome depends on nature,
Handsome life depends on hard work
When participating in the "Let’s Talk" program, Sa Beining introduced Andy Lau’s appearance like this: "I am not afraid that others are more handsome than you, and I am not afraid that others are better than you. I am afraid that others are more handsome than you, better than you, and get up earlier than you."
Hard work is the strongest label on Andy Lau.
Andy Lau used to be an out-and-out "idol"-only the kind of face value.
At the age of 17, he entered the wireless actor training class. At the age of 20, he took part in the film "Colorful Clouds". Only bit part attracted many audiences with his handsome appearance. At the age of 22, he starred in the martial arts drama "The Condor Heroes", which set a 62-point viewing record in Hong Kong.
At that time, Stephen Chow, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and many other future movie stars were just walk-on in the play.
In 1982, Andy Lau, who had just entered the entertainment circle, starred in the first film "Colorful Clouds". /stills of the movie "Colorful Clouds"
How handsome is Andy Lau? For a long time, "Andy Lau" was an adjective.
When you see a handsome guy, you won’t say "He looks so handsome", but "He looks like Andy Lau".
If you ridicule others, you will say, "Look in the mirror. Do you think you are Andy Lau?"
However, when Fazai is upgraded to Fage, when Xingzai becomes Xingye, Huazai can be Huazai all his life.
"Huazai" is a title similar to "Xiao Liu". At first, it was a banter for young people with no status. Now, it has become a praise for Andy Lau’s handsome and energetic for decades.
Did Liu Tianwang lose the photo with the popular idol Lu Han?
Handsome when you are young may be born, but to be handsome all your life, you absolutely need persistent persistence and hard work.
And this kind of effort has been internalized into the daily life of his life, and even he himself is unaware of it.
A light diet and persistent exercise are the secrets for Andy Lau to keep fit. No matter how late filming is, always insist on getting up early to practice; Breakfast is the same yogurt and cereal for decades. When not working, lunch is simply hot coffee and toast, and even the staff "pity" him.
However, he was indifferent: "I think it’s delicious." This is probably the highest level of self-discipline.
Andy Lau’s weight keeps around 65kg all the year round, and she often shows off her figure in concerts.
Be a doll all your life,
Don’t be an idol all your life
However, only handsome, it is impossible to make Andy Lau popular all his life.
God gave Andy Lau a handsome face, but he didn’t have the talent to sing and act.
Andy Lau spent five years from "the voice of a drake" to the Golden Melody Award.
Andy Lau’s voice condition is not good, and some people even say it is "drake’s voice". In 1985, the record company wanted to take advantage of the popularity of Andy Lau’s movies and TV series to make some money from his records. But the fans in those days were much more rational than today, and the record sales were average.
Fans who don’t krypton gold can become the driving force for idol progress.
So, he found Dai Sicong, the godfather of Hong Kong music, to study, and kept practicing during filming. After George Lam’s guidance, he found his own unique characteristics of vibrato and singing.
After five years of hard work, Andy Lau won the first top ten Chinese golden songs with "Can". Andy Lau’s singing skills have gradually been affirmed by more people, and golden songs are frequently sung all over the streets: Practice, Ice Rain, Love You for Ten Thousand Years, Forgetting Water …
Compared with singing skills, the emotion conveyed in Andy Lau’s songs may be the reason why he became a king, as if listening to his own life instead of Andy Lau’s songs.
Before and after the return of Hong Kong in 1997, the feeling of national unity was strong, and Andy Lau launched "China People" to inspire the national spirit; Men with great social pressure need to unload their burdens, and Andy Lau sang "It is not a crime for men to cry" for them; "Stupid Child" is integrated with Andy Lau’s own experience, inspiring the public. As long as they work hard, everyone can get what they want.
In Andy Lau’s songs, there are stories of each of us.
Later, it took Andy Lau 20 years to switch to film, from idol to strength.
Play everything like yourself, which is the shackles of all idols. It was not until he met Wong Kar-wai in as tears go by that Andy Lau got his first classic role-Ahua, and was nominated for the best actor in the Hong Kong Film Awards for the first time.
However, for a long time, Andy Lau’s role in the film was very similar to that of "Hua", a handsome and affectionate punk, which led to the voice of questioning his acting skills again.
Therefore, Andy Lau threw caution to the wind in Dark War, put down the idol burden, and played the villain role for the first time-a perverted murderer. In addition to playing the old man, he also disguised as a woman, and he switched roles freely. Finally, Andy Lau won the Best Actor Award, which was nominated for three times, for "Dark War".
At that time, in addition to Andy Lau, Ceng Zhiwei, Huang Qiusheng, Wu Zhenyu, and Liu Qingyun competed for the best actor in the Academy Awards. Andy Lau won the prize by no means by luck.
One look is enough to prove Andy Lau’s acting skills.
Behind the efforts,
Is not to admit defeat
In 1984, Andy Lau was acclaimed by the wireless TV station for his role in Yang Guo in The Condor Heroes, and was honored as the "Five Tiger Generals of Wireless" with Felix Wong Yat Wa, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Michael Miu and Tang Zhenye.
However, Andy Lau was not satisfied with the brilliance of the small screen, refused to renew the contract of the wireless TV station for five years, and was buried in the snow, just to be free to choose the movie he wanted to shoot. Later, Andy Lau began to develop vigorously into the music and film circles.
When Andy Lau entered the music scene, Alan Tam, the "principal", felt that his voice had no characteristics and his singing method was single, and advised Andy Lau not to sing and quit the music scene.
But Andy Lau didn’t give up. He kept practicing, singing better from album to album, and gradually became the most popular "Four Kings" in music.
Hong Kong’s "Four Kings" in those days.
In 2004, when Zhang Yimou was promoting "House of Flying Daggers", he said: "Like Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, if they can play anything, they can’t play farmers."
I don’t know if Takeshi Kaneshiro heard this sentence, but Andy Lau listened to it. Ten years later, he became a ragged and unkempt farmer in Lonely.
Faced with all kinds of doubts and accusations, Andy Lau gave an answer with practical actions: 130 films, more than 100 albums, more than 500 songs and more than 500 awards, and he was the most award-winning artist in Hong Kong, and also won the Guinness World Record.
However, even with such brilliant achievements, Andy Lau’s strength is still in doubt.
Of course, singing is better than Jacky Cheung, dancing is better than Aaron Kwok, and acting is better than Tony Leung Chiu Wai. "Other people’s children" are so powerful, who can say without thinking that Andy Lau is good at singing and acting?
In Infernal Affairs, the acting skills of Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai are neck and neck.
Andy Lau said: "I am stupid, and I don’t know which one is good, which one is not good, which one will be hot and which one won’t, so I have to pick up more." Besides working hard, what can Andy Lau, a "stupid kid", do?
And Andy Lau efforts today, dare not say better, at least also can share?
This is the power of "stupid children". From an ordinary young man who was born in a "slum" in Hong Kong to one of the four famous kings overseas today, Andy Lau’s efforts over the past decades have made people admire and convinced others of his achievements today.
People can be popular,
True feelings last forever.
There is a saying in Hong Kong that you may not know the Chief Executive, but you must never know Andy Lau.
Andy Lau’s name is definitely a key word in the 1990s.
Why is Andy Lau so popular?
Andy Lau is a person who pursues truth very much. In many interviews, he often emphasizes: "I will be angry, too."
It seems that he doesn’t want others to think that he is a perfect idol without shortcomings, but rather hopes that his true self can be known by more people.
People can make artists become popular overnight, but they have to be popular all their lives, only the truth.
The wrinkles on Andy Lau’s face only add to his charm.
Andy Lau once said: "Even if I am not in the entertainment industry, I still have my works."
Everyone who has worked with Andy Lau pays tribute to him.
Lan Jieying said: "There are not many trustworthy people in this world. I only trust Andy Lau." When Lan Jieying suffered a great blow and suffered from mental problems, all her friends avoided her. Only Andy Lau still regarded her as a friend and helped her improve her life.
Andy Lau’s professionalism is also well-known in the circle. He rehearses carefully in person, is punctual and trustworthy, remembers his lines before filming, and tries his best to play in action scenes no matter how dangerous or hard it is.
For these praises, Andy Lau is very indifferent: "This is just what I learned in the training class before. Maybe today’s standards are different."
Being a fan of Andy Lau is a very happy thing, because he always takes care of his fans as his family.
He once gave a concert in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia for a fan. He said at the concert: "If you can make money by filming and advertising, why bother to hold a concert?"? If I hadn’t held a concert and met hundreds of thousands of people, I wouldn’t have been able to say thank you personally. "
Talking about Andy Lau now, many young people will feel "out of breath". But every New Year, I still feel very appropriate when I hear Andy Lau’s "Congratulations on Getting Rich" in the supermarket; When your mother invites you to a concert in Andy Lau, you will only actively grab tickets.
Hua Zai, who is nearly 60 years old, has proved with his diligence and lasting popularity that an artist can be an idol for generations. We should be thankful that in this era when so-called idols are rapidly becoming popular and forgotten, Andy Lau’s name is different.
Alan Tam is 25 years old forever, and Andy Lau is 17 years old forever. He is always curious, always hardworking and always energetic, just like the Hua Zai when we first met.
Andy Lau said that artists will not be popular one day. Except Andy Lau.
Author | Jia Hui
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Folk Carnival Tells Cross-Strait Love —— Review of previous Straits Forum

A representative of Taiwan Province who attended the meeting held up the camera in his hand to record the scene of the Straits Workers' Forum. (data picture)

A representative of Taiwan Province who attended the meeting held up the camera in his hand to record the scene of the Straits Workers’ Forum. (data picture)

  Southeast Network June 15 (Fujian Daily reporter Quan Xingya) As the largest, widest and most influential non-governmental exchange event between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, the Straits Forum is about to debut in Fujian.

  This grand gathering of cross-strait people-to-people exchanges has entered its fifteenth spring and autumn. In the past 15 years, compatriots on both sides of the strait have used this platform, which is positioned as "folk, grassroots and extensive", to meet in Bamin, talk about their hometown, learn skills, discuss cooperation, continue to promote integrated development, and draw the largest "concentric circle" for compatriots on both sides of the strait.

  In 2009, the first Straits Forum was held in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Putian, and more than 8,000 Taiwan Province folks gathered in Fujian, playing a colorful movement of cross-strait exchanges. The 18 main events were brilliant and opened a new pattern of cross-strait relations.

  The second Straits Forum set up a bigger stage. Sixty-two units across the Taiwan Strait participated in the grand event, and 25 themes and series of activities attracted more than 10,000 Taiwan compatriots, about 80% of whom came from the grassroots. There are 30 sectors involved, which is also 10 more than the first session.

  The third Straits Forum is full of local flavor and human touch. From Mazu’s belief in customs to the origin of "people" on both sides of the strait, from the night market with the most Taiwan Province characteristics to the twinning activity of villages and towns on both sides of the strait … … This year, personal travel to Taiwan was open; Twenty-two counties (cities) in Taiwan Province and tens of thousands of villagers participated in various activities, and the ethnic customs brought by Taiwan Province minority guests made the streets of Xiamen beautiful; The liveliness of Taiwan Province nightlife has also been brought to Xiamen people’s doorstep … …

  The 4th Straits Forum won many firsts. For the first time, representatives of hundreds of temples with different folk beliefs on both sides of the strait gathered together, setting a record for cross-strait folk cultural exchanges to participate in temples; The first launch of the "Strait Film and Television Season"; For the first time, the discussion on the topic of marriage and family between the two sides of the strait was launched; The first seminar on the development of farmers’ entrepreneurship in Taiwan Province was held; The first Common Home Forum was held in Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, Fujian & HELIP; …

  The theme of the 5th Straits Forum is "Focus on Family and Dream Together". Eight activities, such as the cross-strait public welfare forum, the trip to the villages and towns with the same name in Fujian and Taiwan, and the World Minnan Cultural Festival, have become fresh blood to highlight the continuation of homesickness and ancestral culture. The 31 policies for benefiting the people released this year have brought more tangible benefits to Taiwan Province compatriots.

  The Sixth Straits Forum has become an important platform for cross-strait youth to communicate face to face. This year, the Straits Forum was innovative and invited young people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to participate. Whether it is the Straits Youth Forum, the Cross-Strait Youth New Media Cultural and Creative Forum, or the Cross-Strait Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, smiling faces filled with youthful atmosphere can be seen everywhere.

  The Seventh Straits Forum continued to promote the implementation of a number of policies and measures to promote exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan, bringing more benefits to people on both sides of the strait. In 2015, the mainland announced that Taiwan compatriots would be exempted from endorsement when travelling to and from the mainland, and a card-type Taiwanese certificate would be implemented in due course, thus making Taiwan compatriots’ wish to "just leave" a reality.

  With the theme of "expanding people-to-people exchanges and promoting integrated development", the Eighth Straits Forum highlighted the exchanges between youth and grassroots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, especially adding activities such as the Youth Pioneer Exchange, the Cross-Strait Think Tank Forum, and the large-scale photo exhibition of "Fujian and Taiwan Going to the Villages and Towns".

  In 2017, it coincides with the 30th anniversary of cross-strait exchanges. At the new historical node, the 9th Straits Forum highlighted two key words, namely "30th anniversary" and "integrated development", and the biggest highlights were the larger communication field, deeper experiential communication, and gradual integration of youth. This year, more than 8,000 people from all walks of life in Taiwan Province came by waves, and the mainland continued to release the "policy spree", offering more than 2,600 jobs, more than 600 trainee positions and more than 3,100 entrepreneurial seats for young people in Taiwan Province.

  The 10th Straits Forum specially added cultural exchange sections, such as "Ten Years on the Sea, Wonderful Stories from Both Sides", "Chinese Cultural Development Forum" and "Cross-Strait Academy Forum" to highlight the inheritance and value guidance of Chinese culture. At the same time, the first cross-strait grass-roots governance forum was held, which opened up a new way for the intersection, integration and mutual learning of cross-strait grass-roots governance theory and practice.

  The 11th Straits Forum continued to focus on and serve grassroots people and youth groups. Taiwan Province talents will be added to the First Home Forum, the "Family on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, Heart to Heart" study and experience camp, and the cross-strait e-sports invitational tournament. More than 10,000 people from Taiwan Province signed up for the competition, of which 40% were "first-come people" and 50% were young people.

  Although the 12th Straits Forum was influenced by the COVID-19 epidemic, it was still brilliant. For the first time, it broke through the time and space constraints of the epidemic by combining online and offline, and added topics such as health and epidemic prevention, and incorporated the touching story of compatriots on both sides of the strait working together to fight the epidemic.

  The 13th Straits Forum not only focuses on people-to-people exchanges, but also highlights high-quality development, demonstrating the effectiveness of integrated development. This year, the Fujian-Taiwan Science and Technology Education Integration Development Activities, Cross-Strait New Media Development Exchange Forum and Fujian-Taiwan Youth Business Forum were newly held, and the "cloud communication" methods such as "Taiwan Youth Broadcasting Taiwan Goods", short video interaction, online and offline sitcoms and online games were used for the first time to continuously promote the deep integration of Fujian-Taiwan youth.

  The 14th Straits Forum continues to take the theme of "expanding non-governmental exchanges and deepening integrated development". This year marks the 35th anniversary of the opening of cross-strait exchanges. The forum has newly held activities such as "35 Years of Heart-to-Heart" cross-strait exchange chronicle, "Cycling Angel" first home riding tour, and young Hakka speech contest, which aroused the resonance of "a family on both sides of the strait".

  After 15 years, the Straits Forum has achieved fruitful results. From grassroots governance to youth entrepreneurial exchanges, from economic and trade cooperation to cultural exchanges, the Straits Forum has built one platform after another, witnessed one warm scene after another, and painted one blueprint for cooperation after another. Through the Straits Forum, compatriots on both sides of the strait have joined hands to share family ties, talk about people’s livelihood and well-being, promote Chinese culture, share the dream stage, and set up a "heart-to-heart bridge" across the two sides.

Foreign experts: China promotes development through innovation and improves people’s living standards.

  In recent years, China has vigorously promoted scientific and technological innovation, which has attracted great attention from the international community. Recently, foreign experts wrote in The China Journal that China promotes development through innovation and improves people’s living standards.

  Promoting development through innovation

  Otto Solis Fallas, a professor at IE Business School in Spain and a former special adviser to the Costa Rican President, wrote in The China Journal that unlike other developing economies, China’s economic structure is not dominated by agriculture and extractive industries. In 2022, the added value of China’s manufacturing industry accounted for 27.7% of GDP, which was even higher than that of the United States. In fact, China also has great advantages in the field of high-tech industries. For example, the export of high-tech products in China accounts for about 30% of the national foreign trade export, which is higher than that in the United States.

  The article further analyzes that the development of science and technology in China is not only reflected in the trade data and structure, but also in the widespread use of high-tech products in daily life. Nowadays, online shopping occupies a dominant position in the retail and wholesale markets in China. Like western developed economies, China consumers rarely use cash in shopping, and most transactions are completed through mobile applications such as Alipay and WeChat.

  Compared with its main economic competitors, China has a broader scientific and technological prospect. In 2022, China surpassed the United States in the number of patent applications, trademark applications and industrial design applications.

  In the final analysis, China’s becoming a big trading country is based on its high-standard education system, its emphasis on R&D and high-tech industries, and the strategic and pragmatic role played by the government in economic development.

  Improving people’s living standards through innovation

  Christine Buel, editor-in-chief of the French newspaper New Reunion, visited China for the first time in 1994. She recently wrote in the China Journal that in the next 30 years, China has made many scientific and technological breakthroughs in space exploration, and its economic development has advanced by leaps and bounds, which has amazed the world.

  In the social and economic field, the average life expectancy in China has increased from 35 years before the founding of New China to 78.2 years in 2022, and people’s living standards have been continuously improved. In addition, China’s per capita GDP has increased from $195 in 1980 to $12,720 in 2022.

  These data are enough to show that there is a direct link between innovation-driven high-quality development and the improvement of people’s living standards. Introducing high technology into production, allowing machines to complete some work, can reduce costs.

  Taking Xinjiang as an example, the article points out that the strategy of developing the western region since 2000 and the "the belt and road initiative" initiative in recent years have promoted the development of Xinjiang. Buel went to Jiashi County, Xinjiang.

  Thanks to drip irrigation technology, the fruit yield in Jiashi County has been greatly improved. The newly introduced fresh-keeping technology has improved the fruit preservation rate and the living standard of fruit farmers. With the newly introduced refrigeration system and technology, the sales time of plums has been extended, and the unsold part can be made into dried fruits and sold at a good price.

@ Everyone: The new rules are coming in March! These changes affect life, you know!

  Xinhuanet Beijing, February 27th (Reporter Lu Junyu) From March, a number of new laws and regulations will be formally implemented, which will affect our lives.

  New national regulations

  A 0.1% service charge will be charged if Alipay credit card repays more than 2,000 yuan.

  The feast of free credit card repayment is gradually shrinking. After the full payment of credit card repayment by WeChat, Alipay will also cancel the policy of free credit card repayment. On February 21st, Weibo, the official Alipay, issued an announcement on "Adjustment of Alipay Credit Card Repayment Service Rules". According to the announcement, starting from March 26, 2019, when individual users use the "credit card repayment" function of Alipay client, Alipay will charge 0.1% service fee for the part exceeding the free quota of 2,000 yuan.

  Perfecting the Patent Agency System, Optimizing the Business Environment and Implementing the New Patent Agency Regulations

  The revised Patent Agency Regulations will come into force on March 1, 2019. According to the spirit of "minimizing the government’s direct domination of market resources, minimizing the government’s direct intervention in market activities, and freeing micro-subjects", this revision canceled two administrative approvals, optimized two administrative approvals, and relaxed the access conditions for patent agents and agencies.

  — — Cancel the provincial preliminary examination of the establishment and approval of the agency; Relax the organizational form requirements of the agency; Simplify the examination registration conditions, cancel the requirements of applying for agency qualification, such as having work experience; Cancel unnecessary proof materials.

  — — The management department shall take random checks to inspect and supervise the practice activities of agencies and agents, and announce the inspection and handling results to the public; Support innovation and encourage agencies and agents to provide agency assistance services for small and micro enterprises and vulnerable groups; Improve the practice norms and require agencies to establish and improve the conflict of interest review system; Improve the legal responsibility of illegal acts of agencies and agents.

  — — The administrative department shall strengthen the release of public information on patent agency, and provide inquiry service for the public to understand the operation of the agency and the practice of the agent; The filing and approval of agents and agencies are all realized through one network.

  Reduce the burden on 20 million patientsThe first batch of 21 drugs with rare diseases will be subject to VAT at a reduced rate of 3%.

  On February 11th, the executive meeting of the State Council deployed measures to strengthen early diagnosis and treatment of cancer and ensure drug use, and decided to give value-added tax concessions to 21 drugs with rare diseases. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to ensure that more than 20 million patients with rare diseases use drugs. From March 1st, for the first batch of 21 medicines with rare diseases and 4 APIs, VAT will be levied at a reduced rate of 3% for the import link with reference to anticancer drugs, and at home, VAT can be levied at a simple rate of 3%.

  Measures for the administration of state-level cultural and ecological protection zones were promulgated.

  Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the Measures for the Administration of National Cultural and Ecological Protected Areas, which will be officially implemented on March 1, 2019.

  At present, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has approved the establishment of 21 national-level cultural and ecological protection experimental zones, and 146 provincial-level cultural and ecological protection zones with distinctive characteristics have also been established in various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities).

  The "Measures" stipulate that to declare a national-level cultural and ecological protection zone, it is necessary to have a good foundation for regional overall protection of cultural ecology, and it should be implemented in this province (autonomous region, city) for more than two years, with obvious results; After the establishment of the national cultural and ecological protection zone, the overall plan will no longer be approved and implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, but will be reviewed by the provincial cultural authorities, submitted to the provincial people’s government for deliberation and approval, promulgated and implemented, and reported to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the record; Three years after the implementation of the master plan, the provincial cultural authorities may apply to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for organization and acceptance. Those who pass the acceptance will be officially announced as national cultural and ecological protection zones and awarded.  

  The Ministry of Civil Affairs has formulated the Measures for the Implementation of the "Tomorrow Plan for Orphans’ Medical Rehabilitation"  

  It is reported that in order to provide disabled orphans with better medical rehabilitation and other services, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has recently formulated the "Implementation Measures for the" Orphan Medical Rehabilitation Tomorrow Plan "project, which will be implemented on March 1, 2019. The "Measures" have expanded the scope of benefiting orphans and the scope of financial support.  

  Ministry of Transport: The minimum protective perimeter of the bus driving area is 1.6m.

  Recently, the Ministry of Transport issued the industry standard "Technical Requirements for Special Safety Facilities for Urban Public Steam Trams", which specifically stipulated the technical requirements for protective isolation facilities in the driving area of urban public steam trams. The standard will be officially implemented on March 1, 2019.

  This standard improves the technical level of physical defense by standardizing the technical requirements of protective isolation facilities in driving areas, and protects drivers from direct attacks by illegal passengers, who cannot directly touch the steering wheel. In addition to strengthening physical defense, it is necessary to improve passengers’ safety awareness, strengthen the protection of drivers’ laws and regulations, and improve drivers’ emergency response ability to protect urban bus and tram drivers from intrusion.

  New local regulations  

  Since March 1, female workers in Shandong have added these holiday benefits.

  The Measures for Labor Protection of Female Workers in Shandong Province shall come into force on March 1, 2019. It is reported that on the basis of the protection of pregnancy, childbirth and lactation stipulated by the state, the "Measures" creatively increased the protection measures for menstruation, pregnancy and perimenopausal period.

  From March 1st, Sichuan urban workers’ medical insurance funds can be shared with their families.

  The Sichuan Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance and the Sichuan Provincial Health and Wellness Committee jointly issued the Notice on Improving the Relevant Policies for the Use of Personal Accounts of Basic Medical Insurance for Urban Employees, and decided that the payment scope of personal accounts of basic medical insurance for urban employees will be expanded from March 1, which can be used to pay for a series of medical expenses for employees themselves, their spouses, parents and children of both husband and wife.

  It is understood that the adjustment includes two aspects. On the one hand, on the basis of the original payment scope, the personal account funds can be expanded to pay the following expenses for the employees themselves, their spouses, parents and children of both husband and wife:

  First, the medical service expenses that need to be borne by individuals, such as general outpatient service (including registration), outpatient special diseases (including designated pharmacies), hospitalization, health check-up, unplanned immunization, remote diagnosis and treatment, and family doctor contract service.

  The second is to buy drugs, medical devices, medical consumables, auxiliary devices and other expenses related to disease treatment and medical rehabilitation in designated retail pharmacies in the province.

  Third, in the overall planning area, pay the social insurance expenses related to medical security, such as basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, basic medical insurance for employees with flexible employment, supplementary medical insurance, serious and serious illness insurance, long-term care insurance and so on.

  Zhejiang issued the special sign of "running at most once", which was officially implemented on March 1.

  From March 1st, Zhejiang will use the unified "run at most once" special signs in the whole province, ranging from background walls and information desks to employee badges and envelopes. The work specifications provide the basic graphics of the use places of the "run at most once" special signs, totaling 16 situations. The implementation of work norms will be conducive to the unified standardization of signs and their use, facilitate the people and enterprises to do things across regions, and further enhance the sense of reform of the people and enterprises.

The damaged transmission lines in Yuanqu, Shanxi Province have been rushed through, and the production and living electricity of residents has all been restored.

After every AI news, the reporter learned from the State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company that at 18: 50 on December 19, the power supply of 56 transmission lines in Yuanqu Power Grid and the power supply of emergency power vehicles were all switched, and the production and living electricity consumption of residents in Yuanqu County was all restored. The 133 emergency power vehicles mobilized by the State Grid from Hebei, Sichuan, Anhui and other places will all return on the morning of the 20th. (CCTV News)