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Chinese scientific research team found a new way to improve the performance of all-perovskite laminated solar cells

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, November 12 (Reporter Hou Wenkun) After long-term research, Professor Ke Weijun and Professor Fang Guo from the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University have made new progress in exploring the performance improvement of all-perovskite laminated solar cells, and creatively put forward the integrated doping strategy of aspartic acid hydrochloride, which effectively improved the efficiency and stability of narrow-band gap perovskite subcells and found new ways to further improve the battery performance. Related research results were recently published in the journal Nature.

  According to reports, the new metal halide perovskite has the advantages of simple preparation process, high defect tolerance, high absorption coefficient and long carrier diffusion length, which has attracted much attention in the field of optoelectronic devices and is considered as one of the next generation photovoltaic materials with great prospects in the industry.

  Ke Weijun, one of the authors of the paper and a professor at the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University, said that in practical application, the all-perovskite laminated solar cell is composed of a broad-band gap perovskite subcell at the top and a narrow-band gap perovskite subcell at the bottom, and the narrow-band gap perovskite subcell that is not excellent enough is one of the stumbling blocks for its commercial application in the future.

  To this end, the research team introduced aspartic acid hydrochloride into the hole transport layer, perovskite light absorption layer and upper interface layer at the bottom of all perovskite laminated solar cells, and developed an integrated doping strategy with the same molecular treatment, which greatly improved the quality of perovskite thin films. In addition to coordinating with perovskite precursors, aspartic acid hydrochloride molecules also have strong intermolecular hydrogen bonds, so aspartic acid hydrochloride enriched at the upper and lower interfaces of perovskite acts as a molecular lock between the interface of perovskite layer and transport layer, further improving the performance and stability of perovskite materials.

  In addition, how to inhibit the spontaneous oxidation of unstable divalent tin metal ions in narrow-gap perovskite subcells is also one of the pain points in the industry. The results show that aspartic acid hydrochloride can effectively inhibit the oxidation of divalent tin ions and reduce harmful tetravalent tin impurities. Moreover, the introduction of aspartic acid hydrochloride can also passivate the defects of perovskite materials, adjust Fermi level and inhibit harmful ion migration, thus enhancing the performance and stability of devices.

  Ke Weijun said that the research shows that this simple integrated doping strategy can achieve multiple functions at one stroke and improve the steady-state efficiency of narrow-band perovskite subcells to 27.62%, which provides a new way to improve the performance of all-perovskite stacked solar cells.

Kung Fu Panda 4 is a love letter to China’s Kung Fu movies.

"Kung Fu Panda 4" was released on March 22nd, and the panda A Bao returned to the big screen after 8 years’ violation.

The animated film Kung Fu Panda 4, co-directed by mike mitchell and Stephanie Ma stine, was released on March 22nd. This film is the fourth in a series of Kung Fu Panda movies, and the panda A Bao has returned to the big screen after eight years. In the English version, the comedian Jack Black once again returned to be the naive kung fu master Po. Bo Huang, Yang Mi and Rulu were the Chinese voices of Po, Xiaozhen and "The Phantom of the Demon" in Kung Fu Panda 4 respectively.

Kung Fu Panda 4 is a rare animated film that can capture the fourth episode. The Kung Fu Panda series, which has spanned nearly 16 years, has captured an amazing box office of about $2 billion in the world. The lovely panda Po is the protagonist of this legendary series. He shows the profound truth and universal concepts about self-discovery, overcoming fear and teamwork with stories full of oriental thoughts, which makes the series accumulate a very deep audience around the world. From the first movie, Kung Fu Panda series began to perfectly blend comedy, action and true feelings.

"I am a big fan of this series, and Kung Fu Panda is also one of the best series of movies ever. What excites me most is to explore its unique combination of comedy and action. Especially as a kung fu movie fan, there are extremely wonderful action fights in the story of this movie, and at the same time, comedy and animation are mixed together. It is a perfect opportunity for me. " Michelle, co-director of Kung Fu Panda 4, told the Beijing News that there will be more action scenes in Kung Fu Panda 4, because it is a love letter for China Kung Fu movies. "I like all kung fu movies, such as movies starring Bruce Lee, Kung Fu directed by Stephen Chow, Yuan Heping’s" Young Huang Feihong’s Iron Horse "and so on. We found inspiration in these movies, absorbed the essence and put them into this movie. For example, at the beginning of the film, Po raised his finger, which is a classic action of Bruce Lee. Of course, we must pay tribute to Bruce Lee. Another example is a landlady who is a powerful and skilled warrior. She has curly hair on her head, which seems to pay tribute to Stephen Chow’s movie Kung Fu (the chartered woman played by Yuan Qiu). "

Kung Fu Panda 4 has scenes to pay tribute to Bruce Lee’s classic movements and the rented woman in the film Kung Fu.

Simple Po wants to be a spiritual leader.

With Kung Fu Panda 4 leading the series into a new chapter, Po’s story has also taken a gripping turn, guiding him to embark on an inner journey about growth and change. With extraordinary courage and kung fu tricks of "punching the old master to death", the Dragon Warrior Po defeated some of the best kung fu villains in the world in the first three thrilling adventures. This time, fate summoned him to cultivate his body and mind. To put it bluntly, he was appointed as the spiritual leader of Heping Valley because of his simple nature, but this incident immediately triggered several obvious problems: First, Po knew nothing about how to be a spiritual leader, which was equivalent to letting him, who loved food, "eat birds and eat blood"; Secondly, Po should find a new Dragon Warrior as soon as possible, and train him to take up his post smoothly before he can retire and become a lofty leader, which is a process that needs thorough understanding and acceptance for him. To make matters worse, the powerful evil mage, the Phantom Queen (voiced by Viola Davis), has recently reappeared in the Jianghu. She is a petite lizard that can be transformed into the appearance of any animal, regardless of its size. After the Phantom of the Opera, those greedy little eyes are fixed on the staff of wisdom in Po’s hands. With it, she will be able to reconvene all the villains who have been hit by Po in the spirit world.

In "Kung Fu Panda 4", Po’s new partner is the cunning and witty thief Shahu Xiaozhen.

Therefore, Po is in urgent need of help, and then he meets the cunning and witty thief Xiaozhen (voiced by Awkwafina). This sand fox annoys Po all over, but her ability will help a lot. In order to protect the Valley of Peace from being trampled by the clutches of the Phantom of the Opera, tell it to the judge, who had frequent jokes, had to fight side by side. In this process, Po will find that unexpected places also meet heroes. Michelle said that in addition to being black and white, Po’s thoughts are black and white, and there are only good people and bad people in his mind. But this time, the newly added character Xiao is really a good and evil character. As a thief, she is still kind-hearted, which makes Po in a dilemma for a while. I don’t know if I can trust her. In the initial discussion, the production team found that Po rarely left the Valley of Peace, so they decided to take him out of the comfort zone and come to the new environment of Juniper City to get to know Xiaozhen. "We want to design such a movie, in which Xiaozhen and Po represent the city and the countryside respectively. Po from the countryside came to the big city for the first time, so we basically created a new york Times Square in an imaginary ancient China world, where all kinds of animals are in groups, and the number is more than you have ever seen before, including rhinoceros, sheep, wild boar, domestic pigs, goats, crocodiles and bears." In Kung Fu Panda 4, the scenes visited by Po and Xiaozhen are broader than those in the previous work. Michelle said, "This magnificent world has caused Po to change, making him realize that he may be ignorant. As he explores this vast new world, he also comes into contact with all kinds of people.Accepted the concept that the world is not only black and white. This journey made Po wise and saw that there were more than just good and evil sides in the world. "

A team of more than 500 people creates a multicultural perspective

The production team took the time to polish the story and characters of this film carefully, and also paid attention to the standards set by previous films. "This movie has been separated from the last one for eight years, and we have to live up to our high expectations. The first three movies have been a great success, and the fans of Kung Fu Panda have been growing from the first one, constantly crossing the age group. Our goal is to create a movie that can resonate with men, women and children. It not only pays tribute to the memories and legends of the previous work, but also introduces new, interesting and exciting elements. We want to strive to achieve a balance between the two. " Michelle introduced that in the process of cooperation in finalizing the story, the team of Kung Fu Panda 4 created a vibrant and creative environment: "About 500 people contributed to this film, bringing diversified perspectives to the story, sharing the same opinions and goals with everyone, making the finalization process exciting, and allowing us to introduce new ideas on the basis of retaining the styles and feelings of the first three films."

There are about 500 people behind Kung Fu Panda 4, who come from all over the world.

Stephanie Ma stine, the co-director of this film, is a Chinese-American female directors. In the final stage of the production of Kung Fu Panda 4, the complex culture in which she grew up also brought a lot of fun and knowledge to the whole team. "My family comes from China, so I will teach the crew to play mahjong, a game that my father once joked would lead me astray," she said. "But now I’m here, taking my colleagues to enjoy the fun of this China game. From the peaceful valley with rural customs to the bustling city of juniper, we have been trying to capture this extensive culture in the movies. Our attention to small details, such as whether a food is authentic or not, has created a sense of richness for the world of Kung Fu Panda, which is constantly resonating with audiences around the world. " Michelle and the production team pay great attention to realism, and the final product is a love letter they wrote to China culture, martial arts and the whole series of Kung Fu Panda. He said, "Since the release of Kung Fu Panda 3, the world has improved a lot, and we have also noticed these changes, and tried to add more diversity to our actors, crews and later stages, and even Kung Fu has evolved. Many of our animators and artists still clearly remember how they watched Kung Fu Panda when they were young, and they were all very excited that they could contribute to the series of movies they liked since childhood in this new work. "

Behind the scenes

1. In order to capture the real kungfu movements, Sean sexton, director of animation roles with background in Taekwondo and Aikido, integrated the realistic mechanism into Po’s movements. sexton’s team cooperated with a stunt director and several performers to shoot many accurate reference shots for animation.

2. For the inspiration of camera following, animated characters and action scenes, the production team invited stunt coordinator and martial artist Don Ty Theerathada as the kung fu consultant for this film. Theerathada and his stunt team used to be responsible for the fight scene design and arrangement of many action movies. In addition, the stunt team also photographed the scene reference for the animators, who used props designed to imitate the characters’ costumes, costumes, horns, tails and other characteristics to study the natural movements of animals.

3. In the process of making Kung Fu Panda series, animation technology has also made great progress. These technological advances have achieved dynamic camera following, enhanced lighting and unlimited facial feature control for Kung Fu Panda 4. However, despite the technological progress, the animators still combine the old-school and new-school technologies to create traditional hand-drawn pencil drafts for action scenes.

The big villain in Kung Fu Panda 4, the Phantom of the Demon Queen.

4. The film adopts the opinions of Dr Stuart Sumaida, a biologist and vertebrate paleontologist, to help shape the Phantom of the Phantom and the Queen and her army of Komodo dragons. The physiology, movement and independent rotation of eyes of these characters have been carefully designed.

5. It is a complicated process to shape the transformation after the Phantom of the Opera, which is inspired by movies such as The Ring of the Rings at Midnight, X-Men, Nightcrawler and Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes. In order to pursue the details of the transformation, this character is bound with more than 8,000 control points. In order to solve the clothing problem during the transformation of the Phantom of the Opera, the design is adjusted to seamlessly inhale the clothing into the skin.

Welcome the audience to watch Kung Fu Panda 4 at Dolby Cinema in Belle Palace and enjoy the ultimate audio-visual experience.

Beijing News reporter Zhou Huixiao

Editor Huang Jialing

Proofread Li Lijun

The North Sea Fleet leads mass training activities with competition.

China’s navy is holding a military parade at sea. (information photo)

  On February 25th, the largest professional and technical competition in the history of the North Sea Fleet came to an end after three days of fierce competition. The officers and men of the fleet stationed on the long coastline of the northern part of the motherland shared the grand occasion of the awards and commendation meeting through various video calls. The "top trainers" and "technical experts" who won 210 individual medals and 52 team medals in 16 majors and 85 events went to their respective positions with great pride.

  The Jingwu arena is fiercely competitive, and the drums are inspiring. There are many "highlights" and frequent "highlights" on the competition field.

  "Ending" becomes "Opening"

  In previous years, military competitions were generally arranged in the second half of the year. As the "ending" project of annual training, it is more to play the functions of "acceptance" and "evaluation".

  However, as soon as the training of the North Sea Fleet started this year, it began to compete with unprecedented professional skills. What is the intention of "ending" to "opening"? During the interview, the reporter learned that the preparation for this competition has actually been fully rolled out in the fleet forces since March last year.

  It is the original intention of the fleet leaders to set this grand contest at the beginning of the year to lead the fine martial arts and create an atmosphere of on-the-job training. Liu Shusen, deputy captain of a landing ship who won the title of captain’s professional competition, told the reporter that from the professional and technical competitions held at different levels of ships, brigades and detachments, he was "killed" by the fleet all the way.

  "Soldiers are the most glorious warrior. The contest shows strength and heroic spirit, and no one in each unit will admit defeat. " A destroyer detachment organized troops to hold full-staff, full-post, full-specialty and full-system professional and technical competitions, and conducted intensive training for the contestants by means of centralized teaching, classified guidance and on-site observation, and eliminated them in turn and selected them at different levels.

  With the competition as the traction, this fleet has set off a vigorous training upsurge from the grass-roots ship company to the divisions and regiments, from ordinary soldiers to leading cadres, from front-line personnel to security forces. Tong Haiqing, political commissar of a speedboat detachment, said: The competition has promoted the enthusiasm of officers and men for training. The officers and men on the small landing craft know that it is difficult to jump into the ring of the fleet, and they are also gearing up for their posts; Some "unique" majors are too few to compete, and they also strongly demand to set up competition projects for them.

  It’s better than not knowing, and it’s better than knowing. Chen Guiqiu, deputy director of the Military Training Department of the Fleet, vividly compared: This is a "general survey" of the combat effectiveness of the troops. Although it is impossible for all officers and men to become top trainers, they can find out which fields and majors have talents by conducting competitions at different levels. Which ship, which battle position lacks backbone, and which projects are still weak. This is undoubtedly conducive to enhancing the pertinence of training guidance, reinforcing the strong and reinforcing the weak, and promoting the whole.

  This competition adapts to the development of equipment and technical progress, tests the latest level of professional technology, sets a new benchmark for military training, and lifts the professional technical training of the fleet to a higher starting point.

  "Watching the war" becomes "participating in the war"

  "Veterans fight and recruits watch." This seems to have become a fixed trend in the previous military competitions, and the "technical skills" that dominate the ring are mostly "old faces". However, this time, senior non-commissioned officers only accounted for a small number of contestants, and more new forces such as conscripts and junior non-commissioned officers bravely appeared.

  Chen Lixing, a new generation pilot of Hainan Airlines who just graduated last year, competed on the same stage with Zuo Wenmeng, a pilot of the deputy division for 30 years. Each of them performed their unique skills and competed fiercely for two hours, making it difficult to win or lose.

  On the one hand, the old horse is full of courage, and on the other hand, the newborn calf dares to fight. The reporter saw in the competition field that in the professional competition of guns, Du Haitao, a superior soldier who had just joined the army for one year, fought fiercely with He Maobin, a four-level sergeant with rich experience; Wang Mian, a first-class petty officer, competed with Zhang Guochao, a third-class petty officer, and Zhang Chunying, a major female officer, which became the most eye-catching attraction on the field.

  In recent years, the composition of soldiers has changed significantly, and many college students have joined the army. Some recruits have undergraduate and junior college degrees, and they are highly savvy, receptive and quick to master new technologies. Coupled with the changes in the military training environment in recent years, weapons are frequently used in practical activities such as long-distance training and major exercises, and the training intensity is high. Officers and men are also greatly trained in their posts, and the growth cycle of professional and technical experts is obviously shortened.

  It’s no better than not knowing, and it’s a "shock"! This new force in military training has activated the training ground. Song Wei, a 315 submarine rudder technician and a fifth-class noncommissioned officer who won the first prize of outstanding noncommissioned officers in the whole army, said frankly when participating in the professional competition of submarine signals: "The strength of new players can not be underestimated, forcing us old backbones not to slack off!"

  In the past, post training focused on training "soldiers", and this time the professional competition cadres no longer watched the excitement. The reporter opened the competition order book and saw that the contestants included ship captains, pilots, staff officers and technical cadres. The most interesting thing is the number of ship captains and flight group leaders. They have heavy burdens and busy work, but they also attach importance to laying a solid foundation like soldiers and players, and put pressure on themselves through competitions.

  Liu Shusen, the deputy captain of a landing ship, took the time to learn the knowledge of command and safety theory, exercised command skills in practical tasks, and achieved the combination of learning and application. In this competition, he won the first place in the professional competition of the captain of the ship, showing a solid commander’s foundation.

  "Supporting role" becomes "protagonist"

  At the scene of the equipment professional competition, the reporter saw that the "grinding technology" that had been "forgotten" for many years reappeared in the competition ring. Twenty-two contestants "copied" the same model of spare parts on the mechanical operating platform, and raced against time to process the grinding parts. Zhang Dingxi, a five-level sergeant of a destroyer detachment, told the reporter: "I have participated in professional competitions organized by higher authorities many times, and this project has not been compared for many years."

  The highlight of this North Sea Fleet competition is "professional technology", which covers all fields and covers all majors. From the combat use of missiles, torpedoes and artillery to the practical operation of electromechanical, communication and chemical defense; From the supply guarantee of diet, medical care and oil, to the troubleshooting and emergency repair of equipment, equipment and facilities, not only the "main" major has made a strong appearance, but also the "marginal" category has made a new appearance.

  The purpose of such a comprehensive and extensive competition project is to fully cover the usual basic training. Professional technology is the basis of combat effectiveness, and no link in the combat effectiveness chain can be missing. Some "marginalized" professional technologies also have the opportunity to exert their fists. Yu Yongfeng, a second-class noncommissioned officer in the equipment warehouse of a security base, and five comrades-in-arms are setting up a new class tent at the professional competition site of the infrastructure barracks. They cooperated with each other quickly and achieved the second place in the group.

  According to statistics, there are 26 new events in this competition, whether they are "resurrected" or "newborn", and the project settings will follow the needs of future wars. According to the requirements of the new syllabus, the content of dealing with various security threats and improving the ability to complete diversified military tasks has been added to the competition. The reporter saw at the scene of the competition between the captain of the ship and the pilots that the knowledge points such as "maintaining the safety of important strategic passages at sea" and "maritime international law" all entered the test paper of the theoretical competition.

  Tournament not only highlights the important position of basic training, but also makes officers and men fighting in different positions firmly believe that professional skills are only "high and low" and have no status "high and low". They broke the traditional concept of "leading role" and "supporting role" and re-defined their roles: all professional and technical posts related to combat effectiveness should be pursued by you, actively trained, laid a solid foundation and used well, so as to promote the overall combat capability of the fleet to jump! (Liberation Army Daily reporter Si Yanwen special correspondent Li De)

Editor: Bo Du

11.3 Today’s football SMG recommendation: Come on, 30,000 Paris! Sweep prediction real single 5 string 1+2 string 1

Thanks to the brothers’ long-term support and trust, this number insists on sending a public recommendation every day, and hopes to lead the brothers to make 2023 prosperous! Your forwarding and sharing are the driving force for my continuous innovation and research!

003Rasmus VS Atletico Madrid

In the past, las palmas played against Atletico Madrid for nearly 10 times, and achieved 1 win and 9 losses, and his past performance was obviously at a disadvantage. In terms of recent situation, las palmas’s recent performance is acceptable, and the team has won 2 consecutive victories; However, Atletico Madrid’s recent state is relatively stable. Although it has fought on two fronts, it has achieved good results. Las palmas beat Manakol 3-0 in the last round and won two consecutive victories, in good shape. The team has a strong offensive ability, scoring only 9 goals in the past 5 rounds, but the defensive quality has improved, losing 4 goals in the past 5 rounds. This season, it has achieved 4 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, ranking 10th in the league. Sandro ramirez, Fabio Gonzá lez and others were plagued by injuries or missed the game. It must be difficult for this field to face the former bitter Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid beat Aravis 2-1 in the last round, and the team’s morale is like a rainbow. So far this season, it has achieved 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and its performance is excellent, ranking third in the league. Comprehensive analysis: Atletico Madrid has recently won six consecutive victories, averaging two goals per game, and the offensive end is full of firepower. They have won 9 of the last 10 games against las palmas, and they have an overwhelming advantage. In this game, Atletico Madrid is highly likely to continue the momentum of victory.

Direction: main and negative

Score: 0-2/1-3

Number of goals: 23 goals

002Lecce city VS Leeds United

Optimistic: Shengping

Age: 20 11 21

Total goal: 2.3 goals

004Paris Saint-Germain VS Montpellier

Optimistic: win/let win the game and make it even.

Age: 20 30 31

Total goal: 3.4 goals

005Porto VS Lille, esto

Be optimistic: win/let win

Age: 30 31 41

Total goal: 4.5 goals

Flexible fusion of "electricity" and "gas"

Peng chaocaiI highly agree with the management concept of Fo-burning technology and attach importance to product quality. I am highly consistent with Sunshine Hydrogen Energy in terms of professionalism and enthusiasm for hydrogen energy. I am very pleased to grow with Fo-burning in the future development. There are two difficulties in the development of new energy. One is that it is not easy for everyone to start a business, and the other is that the cooperation between the two sides is not easy. Looking around the world, most enterprises engaged in hydrogen energy are fuel-related enterprises, which not only have high professional matching, but also are easier to achieve development. In the future, Sunshine Hydrogen Energy will join hands with Fo-burning Technology to jointly develop products in many fields and go overseas together, pushing everyone’s hydrogen energy cause to a new height and exploring more."flexibility"Maybe.

Sunshine Power Supply Company LimitedFounded in 1997, it is a national key high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of new energy power supply equipment such as solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, hydrogen energy and electric vehicles. The main products are photovoltaic inverter, wind power converter, energy storage system, surface photovoltaic system, new energy vehicle drive system, charging equipment, renewable energy hydrogen production system, smart energy operation and maintenance services, etc., and are committed to providing world-class clean energy life cycle solutions. Since its establishment, it has always focused on the field of new energy power generation, adhered to market demand-oriented and technological innovation as the power source of enterprise development, and cultivated a professional R&D team with rich R&D experience and strong independent innovation ability; It has undertaken more than 20 major national science and technology projects, presided over the drafting of a number of national standards, and is one of the few enterprises in the industry to master a number of independent core technologies.

As of June 2023,Sunshine Power Supply Co., Ltd.The installed capacity of inverter equipment in the global market has exceeded 405GW, covering 170 countries and regions.Sunshine Power Supply Company LimitedcompanyThe core product photovoltaic inverter has passed the certification and testing of many international authoritative certification bodies such as TV, CSA and SGS, and has been sold in batches to 170 countries and regions around the world. As of June 2023, the installed capacity of inverter equipment has exceeded 405GW in the global market.

Sunshine Power Supply Company LimitedcompanyIt has successively won the honors of China Industry Award, National Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise of Manufacturing Industry, Top 50 Innovative Enterprises of Forbes China, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises and Best Enterprise Employer in Asia. It has a national Post-Doctoral Research Center, a national high-tech industrialization demonstration base, a national enterprise technology center, a national industrial design center and a national green factory, and its comprehensive strength ranks first in the global new energy power generation industry. In the future, Sunshine Power will adhere to the mission of "making everyone enjoy clean power", based on the new energy equipment business, accelerate the development of clean energy system integration and investment and construction business, innovate and expand new business in the field of clean power conversion technology, keep close to customer needs, actively participate in global competition, and strive toSunshine Power Supply Company LimitedcompanyBuild a world-class enterprise that can be trusted.

Sunshine Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Sunshine Power Supply, focusing on the research of renewable energy flexible hydrogen production technology. Its main products include alkaline water electrolyzer, PEM electrolyzer, PWM hydrogen production power supply, gas-liquid separation and purification equipment and intelligent hydrogen energy management system, and it is committed to providing "efficient, intelligent and safe" renewable energy flexible hydrogen production system solutions.

Sunlight Hydrogen adheres to the market demand orientation and technological innovation as the power source of enterprise development, and has cultivated a professional R&D team with rich R&D experience and strong independent innovation ability, applied for more than 350 patents and copyright certificates, presided over and participated in drafting a number of standards, and mastered core technologies such as flexible hydrogen production system and offshore wind power hydrogen production.Sunshine hydrogen energy technology co., ltdThe company has built a leading domestic demonstration base of 20MW electrolyzed water for hydrogen production, a product research center, a research center for key materials, a German hydrogen energy research institute, and a world-leading hydrogen production equipment manufacturing factory, with an annual production capacity of 3GW in 2024.

The core products of sunshine hydrogen energy have passed the tests and certifications of international authoritative certification bodies such as Bureau Veritas and TV, and have been widely used in many large-scale hydrogen production projects at home and abroad, helping to accelerate the decarbonization process in many fields such as power, industry and transportation.

Sunshine hydrogen energy will adhere to the mission of "making the conversion of electric hydrogen more efficient", lead the flexible hydrogen production and electric hydrogen coupling technology, promote the high-quality development of hydrogen energy industry, and help achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality".

Foran Energy Group Co., Ltd.Founded in 1993, it is a powerful city gas enterprise in Guangdong Province and even South China, and was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on November 22, 2017. Fo-burning Energy won the 2017 Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award, the 2020 Guangdong Provincial Advanced Collective Award, the 18th China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award, and the top 500 service enterprises in China. It is the executive director unit of China City Gas Association, the member of British Gas Professional Society, the executive vice president unit of Guangdong Gas Association and the chairman unit of China City Gas Hydrogen Energy Development and Innovation Alliance.

Foran Energy Group Co., Ltd.Committed to becoming an excellent energy service provider in China, with the development direction of "energy+technology+supply chain", under the background that the current national energy structure is changing to diversification, we will actively promote the development of energy business, technological innovation and other extended businesses, and provide diversified energy use options for our users. While deepening the natural gas supply business, we will actively expand energy services such as petrochemical products, hydrogen energy, heat energy, photovoltaic and energy storage, and continue to carry out scientific and technological research on SOFC solid oxide fuel cells, hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing research and development, pipeline inspection, kiln thermal equipment manufacturing and energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, we also explore other business layouts, actively explore gas services, gas storage and peak regulation projects, extension projects and other businesses, and strive to promote the high-quality development of green and low-carbon energy.

Foran Energy Group Co., Ltd.Attach great importance to scientific and technological research and development, constantly optimize scientific and technological innovation and service system, enrich and improve the scientific research talent team, and continuously increase investment in science and technology and R&D; By the first half of 2023, 424 authorized intellectual property rights had been obtained, including 37 invention patents and 70 software copyrights. Participated in the compilation of 19 standards, including 3 national standards. At the same time,Foran Energy Group Co., Ltd.It owns 11 high-tech enterprises and has been awarded 47 honorary qualifications such as Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Doctor Workstation and Guangdong Science and Technology Expert Workstation.

Guangdong Fo-burning Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2020 with a registered capital of 300 million yuan. It is a technology industrial company dedicated to Fo-burning Energy and a wholly-owned enterprise of Fo-burning Energy.Guangdong foran technology co., ltdGuided by "science and technology, energy conservation and environmental protection", the company focuses on developing green new energy and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction to carry out cutting-edge technology research and promote the transformation of research results. Mainly engaged in the following businesses: SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell power generation system development), equipment manufacturing (technical research and development and manufacturing of diaphragm compressors and liquid-driven compressors), hydrogen energy industry (hydrogen production, hydrogen transportation and hydrogenation), industrial combustion and energy conservation and emission reduction (research and development and manufacturing of intelligent energy-saving equipment in industrial field, research on efficient combustion technology), inspection and storage and transportation services (inspection, evaluation and treatment of inside and outside pipelines, research and manufacturing of related equipment and pipeline integrity) It has successfully applied for and passed one key core technology research project of the National Development and Reform Commission on energy green and low-carbon transformation and development, and one National Energy High-temperature Fuel Cell R&D Center (listed in the shortlist of the first batch of "horse racing first" innovative platform fuel cell track of the National Energy Administration in the 14th Five-Year Plan), won one first prize and one second prize of Foshan High-tech Progress in 2023, and won the honor of being one of the top 100 strategic emerging industrial clusters in Greater Bay Area High-value Patent Cultivation and Layout Competition in Guangdong Harbour.

Guangdong foran technology co., ltdGuided by the concept of "scientific and technological innovation and green empowerment", we will deeply serve the national "double carbon" strategy, actively carry out research and development of hydrogen energy technology, strengthen technological innovation of energy conservation and emission reduction, and strive to become a leading energy science and technology enterprise in China.

The time for the professional qualification examination for professional and technical personnel in 2024 has been set!

Vocational qualification examination is related to the professional development of every professional and technical personnel. On February 1st, the reporter learned from the people’s social department of our city that in order to assist the majority of candidates to successfully apply for the professional and technical qualification examination and provide better examination services, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently issued a notice to make arrangements for the registration time, professional and technical qualification examination process and related information inquiry methods of some professional and technical personnel in 2024 for the reference of testers.

Panda Flower Flower has a "holiday" on New Year’s Eve. Visitors can book tickets for nearly 7 days while stocks last.

On February 2nd, chengdu research base of giant panda released the Spring Festival holiday tourism announcement, introducing the opening and closing time of the park and other related information.

First, the opening and closing time of the park

Morning ticket admission time: 8: 00-12: 00; Admission time for afternoon tickets: 12:00-16:30. Closing time: 17:30

(panda valley clearing time: 18:00).

Second, the ticket purchase instructions

All tourists must make an online real-name reservation and bring the original valid ID card filled in at the time of reservation. Older people aged 60 and above can avoid making an appointment and brush their original ID card to enter the park. Real-name registration system (one person, one ticket and one certificate) is adopted for ticket purchase, and one ticket is limited for each ID number. (On New Year’s Eve, that is, February 9, 2024, the park will be closed for one day)

Third, current limiting measures

Tickets can be reserved for nearly 7 days, and the number is limited. Please book in advance while stocks last.

Panda base: the daily limit is 60,000 (including free visitors), 30,000 in the morning and 30,000 in the afternoon. When the instantaneous carrying capacity of the park is 30,000 people, the ticket checking will be suspended, and the ticket checking will be restarted after the number of tourists drops.

Panda Valley: The daily limit is 16,000 (including free visitors), with 8,000 in the morning and 8,000 in the afternoon. When the instantaneous carrying capacity of the park is 0.5 million people, the ticket checking will be suspended and restarted after the number of tourists drops; The instantaneous maximum carrying capacity of the red panda ecological stocking area is 450 people. When the instantaneous number of tourists reaches this limit, visitors will be suspended from entering the area, and they need to wait in line before entering the area.

Fourth, the ticket purchase channel

Panda Base and Panda Valley have not authorized any third party to act as ticket agents. In order to ensure your smooth visit to the park and avoid economic losses, please book tickets for Panda Base through official WeChat WeChat official account or WeChat applet "chengdu research base of giant panda" and Panda Valley through official WeChat WeChat official account. The scenic spot is not responsible for the problems of tickets purchased through unofficial channels, such as being unable to enter the park and being unable to refund tickets.

V. Admission requirements

(1) All tourists who have successfully booked must bring their original ID cards to the park; Those who carry household registration books, passports, Taiwan compatriots’ certificates and relevant certificates for Hong Kong and Macao to and from the Mainland must show their relevant certificates for verification before entering the park; Those who forget or lose the above documents must show their other identification materials or photo evidence, and can enter the park only after verification. The witness card does not match and you can’t enter the park.

(2) In order to avoid waiting for a long time, please arrange your itinerary reasonably and enter the venue on time according to the time period specified in the morning and afternoon tickets.

Sixth, the traffic route

Panda base (address: No.1375, Panda Avenue, chenghua district, Chengdu): During the Spring Festival, motor vehicles are scheduled to pass around the south gate of the Panda base. Vehicles without successful reservation are prohibited from entering the restricted section of the scenic spot. Please pay attention to "Rong E" WeChat official account through WeChat in advance, or click "Visit and Buy Tickets"-"Panda Base Purchase Tickets"-"My"-"Advance Pass" on the official WeChat public of the Panda base to complete the pass reservation according to the system prompts. Please pay attention to Weibo, WeChat and WeChat official account of Chengdu traffic police official, or call the 962122 traffic control service hotline to know the road traffic management measures of Panda Base scenic spot in time. In addition, there are a large number of tourists at the south gate, so it is suggested that tourists who travel by public transport go to the west gate of the panda base to enter the park, which can shorten the queuing time.

Panda Valley (Address: No.408, Huanshan Tourist Road, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu): self-driving search navigation destination "Panda Valley".

Official website of the scenic spot: http://www.panda.org.cn/.

Tourist consultation telephone number of Panda Base: 028-83510033

Panda Valley tourist consultation telephone: 028-87296600

Where can I buy textbooks for self-study exams?

The regulations of self-taught provinces are different, and the provincial policies shall prevail. Including the time, process, policy and entrance of registration are different, but the examination is unified throughout the country, and the academic qualifications are also available on the Internet. Where can I buy textbooks for self-study exams?On this issue, Xiaobian, the online self-study platform of China Education, will simply tell you about it.

Click to enter:If you have questions about the self-study exam, don’t know how to choose the examiner’s college and major, and don’t know the local policy of the self-study exam, click to learn now.

Candidates first go to the website of the examiner’s school to find out what course materials are needed. Then, according to the catalogue, candidates can buy textbooks and real questions from the local large bookstores or book cities. Candidates can also choose to buy them online. Online shopping is more convenient.

First of all, it is the most common and convenient way to buy self-taught textbooks online.

Through the Internet, students can easily search and purchase undergraduate teaching materials for self-taught examinations on major e-commerce platforms. Those well-known e-commerce platforms have sales channels for self-taught undergraduate teaching materials, and students can search for the corresponding teaching materials on the platform according to their own needs and place an order for purchase. Online shopping is not only convenient and fast, but also can enjoy some promotional discounts and preferential activities, saving the purchase cost.

Secondly, students can choose to go to the library to buy self-taught undergraduate textbooks or borrow related textbooks.

Many universities and public libraries have small-scale sales areas for students to buy self-taught textbooks. These textbooks are often screened and recommended, and the quality is guaranteed. In addition, students can choose to borrow textbooks for self-taught undergraduate courses in the library, which can effectively reduce the learning cost and improve the efficiency of self-study by using the learning environment of the library.

In addition, students can also choose to buy self-taught undergraduate textbooks from some large bookstores.

Large bookstores often have a relatively complete range of teaching materials and inventories, which can meet the needs of students with different professional contents. In addition, you can consult professional salespeople to get more study suggestions and recommended books when buying textbooks in bookstores, which is a good learning resource for self-taught students.

The above is related to the adult self-study exam, and candidates can use it as a reference, which is subject to the official announcement! Candidates want to get more information about the self-taught examination, such as the registration time, examination time, application conditions, preparation knowledge, related news, etc. Please pay attention to the online self-taught examination channel of China Education.

Popular recommendation:

If you have any questions about the self-study exam, don’t know how to choose the main examination institution and major, and don’t know the local policy of self-study exam, click to learn now > >

Recommended reading:

In April, 2024, all provinces registered for self-study exams in official website.

Summary of Registration Time and Entrance of Self-taught Exams in April 2024 by Provinces

The man died of heatstroke with a body temperature of 42℃. The doctor told you not to "carry hard" in sauna days, and be alert if you suddenly "have no sweat" after sweating.

Shencheng entered the "roasting" mode.

The hottest day of the year has come! In the past two days, most parts of the country were scorched by the scorching sun. In Shanghai, the temperature also went up all the way, from 33℃, 35℃ and all the way to 38℃, and the outdoor high-temperature barbecue mode was started. With the continuous high-temperature weather, the incidence of heatstroke also increased. Recently, a middle-aged man in Huizhou, Guangdong Province suffered from heatstroke and his body temperature approached 42℃, and he died after being rescued. In this regard, the doctor once again reminded:In high temperature environment, if you have sweating, thirst, chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, limb weakness and numbness, you must pay attention to it. You may have heatstroke, so don’t "carry it hard".

After sleeping, the topic of heatstroke has become one of the most concerned topics of the public, which is not only uncomfortable, but also may have fatal consequences. Recently, "the man died of heatstroke at a temperature of 42℃" directly boarded the hot search.

"The air humidity increases after falling into the air, coupled with continuous high temperature, which is very prone to heatstroke." Zhou Yong, chief physician of the Department of Internal Medicine of Shanghai Renai Hospital, explained that heatstroke is an acute disease with disorder of body temperature regulation, water electrolysis metabolism and dysfunction of nervous system and circulatory system in an environment with high temperature and high fever and no air circulation. Heatstroke is mainly related to high temperature, direct sunlight, high labor intensity, poor air circulation and other factors. In addition, weak personal constitution, poor nutritional status, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep and obesity are also factors that induce heatstroke.

How to judge whether it is heatstroke? Heatstroke can be divided into premonitory heatstroke, mild heatstroke and severe heatstroke. After heatstroke, there will be a series of disease symptoms from light to heavy. Among them, severe heatstroke can be divided into three types: heat spasm, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.Heat stroke is a particularly serious disease. The patient’s body temperature can be as high as 40℃, and he sweats a lot in the early stage, and then "no sweat", accompanied by different degrees of consciousness disorder, and some may even lead to shock, which can seriously cause coma, liver and kidney failure, and even multiple organ failure. The condition deteriorates rapidly and the mortality rate is extremely high.

So, what should I do if I get heatstroke? Dr. Zhou Yong suggested that,Once you feel heatstroke, you should stop your activities immediately, move to a cool and ventilated place, turn on the electric fan or air conditioner, take off your excess clothes and let your body dissipate heat quickly.; People around you can use cold water or alcohol to help patients wipe their bodies, or use wet towels and cold patches to cool them down.

During this period, patients can take summer medicine, drink more light salt water and mung bean soup to replenish lost body fluids, and closely observe the patient’s situation. If the patient is unconscious, or the symptoms are difficult to relieve or disappear, it may be severe heatstroke. At the same time as taking treatment measures, dial "120" in time to send the patient to the hospital for treatment.

How to prevent heatstroke in hot weather? Since the high temperature can’t be avoided, you should take precautions at ordinary times. Dr. Zhou Yong suggested:When the weather is hot, whether you are thirsty or not, you should drink more water, especially when you sweat a lot, you must replenish water in time; Usually eat more vegetables and fruits with high water content and keep enough sleep;Avoid going out at high temperature. If you can’t avoid it, you should prepare sunscreen and sunscreen, and prepare some medicines for heatstroke prevention and cooling.

Talking about how special people spend the midsummer safely, Director Song He of Shanghai Yuanda Cardiothoracic Hospital found that,Many patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have a misunderstanding. They always think that the blood pressure is the lowest in summer and the symptoms are relatively stable, so they stop taking drugs or change their own medicines without authorization. Actually, it is not. High temperature weather is also a high incidence of cardiovascular diseases, especially when the weather continues to be sultry, human metabolism and blood circulation are obviously accelerated, subcutaneous blood vessels are dilated, blood flow is increased by 3-5 times than usual, and the burden on the heart is aggravated.Secondly, the high temperature in summer makes people sweat a lot, and the body’s water evaporates with sweat in large quantities, causing blood viscosity, which is easy to lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemia and even embolism.

In addition, hot weather makes people prone to emotional "heatstroke", irritability and irritability, coupled with factors such as long days and short nights and "discounted sleep quality".Patients are prone to angina pectoris, arrhythmia, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, and even sudden death.

Therefore, high temperature weather will also bring challenges to patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Director Song He reminded us to replenish more water and have a light and balanced diet in the dog days. Patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes should have regular outpatient check-ups, take medicine strictly according to the doctor’s advice, and do not stop taking medicine without authorization. Cardiovascular patients should avoid overwork and spicy diet, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. You should avoid activities at high temperature, pay attention to drinking a glass of water in the morning, reduce blood viscosity, keep proper exercise, and avoid great joy, great sorrow and great anger.

  Author: Tang Wenjia

  Editor: Wu Jinjiao

Editor in charge: Fan Liping

* The exclusive manuscript of Wenhui, please indicate the source.

Cross-country skiing: a cool sport known as "marathon" on snow.

[Historical Origin]
Cross-country skiing is a sport that glides in the mountains and snowfields with the help of skiing equipment, using basic techniques such as climbing, downhill, turning and sliding. Cross-country skiing originated in northern Europe, also known as Nordic skiing, and is one of the oldest sports in the world sports history. It was first included in the Winter Olympic Games in 1924.
The reason why cross-country skiing is called "snow marathon" is that the main competition is the endurance and physical strength of athletes. Cross-country skiing in the Winter Olympics has set a distance of 10 km, 15 km, 30 km, or even up to 50 km, which is equivalent to skiing a marathon. Because cross-country skiing is one of the events in nordic combined and Biathlon, it is also an important support for nordic combined and Biathlon.
As a routine of the Winter Olympics, the men’s 50 km and women’s 30 km cross-country skiing awards ceremony was held at the closing ceremony.
[Site facilities]
The cross-country skiing competition of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be held at the National Cross-country Skiing Center in Zhangjiakou Division, and a total of 12 gold medals will be produced.
Cross-country skiing uses two techniques, and snowboarding is the most important: freestyle board is relatively short, the tip of the board is relatively small, the bottom is smooth, and all the wax needs to be slipped.
The traditional board has obvious bow-shaped arc, the sliding part needs sliding wax, and the middle pedaling part needs anti-slip wax.
Traditional snowboard
[rules of the game]
Cross-country skiing competition involves two technical rules: traditional technology and free technology.
Traditional techniques include alternate sliding, double-stick sliding, eight-step without sliding stage, sliding down and turning. It is not allowed to push the ice with two feet or one foot. The snowboard must be placed in the pressed snow slot, and the two skis should be kept parallel to the sliding direction. The athletes can move forward by swinging their legs back and forth and using snowball fights. The athletes’ "stepping" forward is similar to walking, except that they use snowball fights to generate thrust when skiing, and they will slide for a certain distance every step. During sliding, they feel like sliding on a marble surface in smooth shoes. When overtaking the front athlete, you can jump out of the snow chute and slide in another direction, especially downhill and peaceful snow trail is the golden stage of overtaking your opponent. When the back athlete wants to overtake, he can step on the front athlete’s snowboard to remind him, and the front athlete must give way to the snow trail after being reminded, otherwise it will be considered a foul.
Free technique has no restrictions on technical movements, and athletes can adopt any technical movements.