@ Everyone: The new rules are coming in March! These changes affect life, you know!

@ Everyone: The new rules are coming in March! These changes affect life, you know!

  Xinhuanet Beijing, February 27th (Reporter Lu Junyu) From March, a number of new laws and regulations will be formally implemented, which will affect our lives.

  New national regulations

  A 0.1% service charge will be charged if Alipay credit card repays more than 2,000 yuan.

  The feast of free credit card repayment is gradually shrinking. After the full payment of credit card repayment by WeChat, Alipay will also cancel the policy of free credit card repayment. On February 21st, Weibo, the official Alipay, issued an announcement on "Adjustment of Alipay Credit Card Repayment Service Rules". According to the announcement, starting from March 26, 2019, when individual users use the "credit card repayment" function of Alipay client, Alipay will charge 0.1% service fee for the part exceeding the free quota of 2,000 yuan.

  Perfecting the Patent Agency System, Optimizing the Business Environment and Implementing the New Patent Agency Regulations

  The revised Patent Agency Regulations will come into force on March 1, 2019. According to the spirit of "minimizing the government’s direct domination of market resources, minimizing the government’s direct intervention in market activities, and freeing micro-subjects", this revision canceled two administrative approvals, optimized two administrative approvals, and relaxed the access conditions for patent agents and agencies.

  — — Cancel the provincial preliminary examination of the establishment and approval of the agency; Relax the organizational form requirements of the agency; Simplify the examination registration conditions, cancel the requirements of applying for agency qualification, such as having work experience; Cancel unnecessary proof materials.

  — — The management department shall take random checks to inspect and supervise the practice activities of agencies and agents, and announce the inspection and handling results to the public; Support innovation and encourage agencies and agents to provide agency assistance services for small and micro enterprises and vulnerable groups; Improve the practice norms and require agencies to establish and improve the conflict of interest review system; Improve the legal responsibility of illegal acts of agencies and agents.

  — — The administrative department shall strengthen the release of public information on patent agency, and provide inquiry service for the public to understand the operation of the agency and the practice of the agent; The filing and approval of agents and agencies are all realized through one network.

  Reduce the burden on 20 million patientsThe first batch of 21 drugs with rare diseases will be subject to VAT at a reduced rate of 3%.

  On February 11th, the executive meeting of the State Council deployed measures to strengthen early diagnosis and treatment of cancer and ensure drug use, and decided to give value-added tax concessions to 21 drugs with rare diseases. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to ensure that more than 20 million patients with rare diseases use drugs. From March 1st, for the first batch of 21 medicines with rare diseases and 4 APIs, VAT will be levied at a reduced rate of 3% for the import link with reference to anticancer drugs, and at home, VAT can be levied at a simple rate of 3%.

  Measures for the administration of state-level cultural and ecological protection zones were promulgated.

  Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the Measures for the Administration of National Cultural and Ecological Protected Areas, which will be officially implemented on March 1, 2019.

  At present, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has approved the establishment of 21 national-level cultural and ecological protection experimental zones, and 146 provincial-level cultural and ecological protection zones with distinctive characteristics have also been established in various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities).

  The "Measures" stipulate that to declare a national-level cultural and ecological protection zone, it is necessary to have a good foundation for regional overall protection of cultural ecology, and it should be implemented in this province (autonomous region, city) for more than two years, with obvious results; After the establishment of the national cultural and ecological protection zone, the overall plan will no longer be approved and implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, but will be reviewed by the provincial cultural authorities, submitted to the provincial people’s government for deliberation and approval, promulgated and implemented, and reported to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the record; Three years after the implementation of the master plan, the provincial cultural authorities may apply to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for organization and acceptance. Those who pass the acceptance will be officially announced as national cultural and ecological protection zones and awarded.  

  The Ministry of Civil Affairs has formulated the Measures for the Implementation of the "Tomorrow Plan for Orphans’ Medical Rehabilitation"  

  It is reported that in order to provide disabled orphans with better medical rehabilitation and other services, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has recently formulated the "Implementation Measures for the" Orphan Medical Rehabilitation Tomorrow Plan "project, which will be implemented on March 1, 2019. The "Measures" have expanded the scope of benefiting orphans and the scope of financial support.  

  Ministry of Transport: The minimum protective perimeter of the bus driving area is 1.6m.

  Recently, the Ministry of Transport issued the industry standard "Technical Requirements for Special Safety Facilities for Urban Public Steam Trams", which specifically stipulated the technical requirements for protective isolation facilities in the driving area of urban public steam trams. The standard will be officially implemented on March 1, 2019.

  This standard improves the technical level of physical defense by standardizing the technical requirements of protective isolation facilities in driving areas, and protects drivers from direct attacks by illegal passengers, who cannot directly touch the steering wheel. In addition to strengthening physical defense, it is necessary to improve passengers’ safety awareness, strengthen the protection of drivers’ laws and regulations, and improve drivers’ emergency response ability to protect urban bus and tram drivers from intrusion.

  New local regulations  

  Since March 1, female workers in Shandong have added these holiday benefits.

  The Measures for Labor Protection of Female Workers in Shandong Province shall come into force on March 1, 2019. It is reported that on the basis of the protection of pregnancy, childbirth and lactation stipulated by the state, the "Measures" creatively increased the protection measures for menstruation, pregnancy and perimenopausal period.

  From March 1st, Sichuan urban workers’ medical insurance funds can be shared with their families.

  The Sichuan Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance and the Sichuan Provincial Health and Wellness Committee jointly issued the Notice on Improving the Relevant Policies for the Use of Personal Accounts of Basic Medical Insurance for Urban Employees, and decided that the payment scope of personal accounts of basic medical insurance for urban employees will be expanded from March 1, which can be used to pay for a series of medical expenses for employees themselves, their spouses, parents and children of both husband and wife.

  It is understood that the adjustment includes two aspects. On the one hand, on the basis of the original payment scope, the personal account funds can be expanded to pay the following expenses for the employees themselves, their spouses, parents and children of both husband and wife:

  First, the medical service expenses that need to be borne by individuals, such as general outpatient service (including registration), outpatient special diseases (including designated pharmacies), hospitalization, health check-up, unplanned immunization, remote diagnosis and treatment, and family doctor contract service.

  The second is to buy drugs, medical devices, medical consumables, auxiliary devices and other expenses related to disease treatment and medical rehabilitation in designated retail pharmacies in the province.

  Third, in the overall planning area, pay the social insurance expenses related to medical security, such as basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, basic medical insurance for employees with flexible employment, supplementary medical insurance, serious and serious illness insurance, long-term care insurance and so on.

  Zhejiang issued the special sign of "running at most once", which was officially implemented on March 1.

  From March 1st, Zhejiang will use the unified "run at most once" special signs in the whole province, ranging from background walls and information desks to employee badges and envelopes. The work specifications provide the basic graphics of the use places of the "run at most once" special signs, totaling 16 situations. The implementation of work norms will be conducive to the unified standardization of signs and their use, facilitate the people and enterprises to do things across regions, and further enhance the sense of reform of the people and enterprises.


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