Tear it off! It broke the news that Chen Yuyuan’s son had an accident, and Li Tie’s wife was sued in court, which the Korean media said.

Tear it off! It broke the news that Chen Yuyuan’s son had an accident, and Li Tie’s wife was sued in court, which the Korean media said.

I was called out! The accident of Chen Xiaoyuan’s son was exposed, and Li Tie’s wife was sued. That’s what the Korean media said.

After the head of the Football Association was investigated, the anti-corruption was immediate, and the men’s and women’s soccer teams in China played a triumphant song. It can be said that it would be embarrassing to lose anyone, especially the U20 men’s soccer team reached the top 8 of the U20 Asian Cup after 9 years. The boys of the national football team U20 will face the South Korean team in the next round, and this game has also attracted the attention of fans. A South Korean media also drew attention to the performance of China football in the U20 Asian Cup. They think that corruption has brought down China football in recent years, but some young people in China football team have inspired them on the field. High morale and winning the U20 Asian Cup show that there is still hope for football in China, and the cancer of football corruption must be eradicated.

At present, the media reported the latest news that Li Tie will be suddenly sued in court, and this time it will affect his family. What’s going on here? It turned out that when Li Tie was arrested and investigated, it was the owner of Wuhan Club who lifted the table and reported Li Tie’s real name. He reported that Li Tie’s annual salary in Wu Hanyou was sky-high and so was the salary of the head coach of the national football team. In the national football team, many Wuhan team players have been promoted to the national football team in violation of regulations. The Wuhan team had to give these players a top salary. Demoted in the 2021 season.

Now the Wuhan team has announced its dissolution this season, and Li Tie is the biggest showstopper behind it. Over the past few months, the anti-corruption campaign in football has arrested many people, and Li Tie is still in the review stage. However, because Li Tie’s company had another labor dispute and was sued to the court, fans talked about it one after another, saying that the legal representative of the company was Li Tie’s wife, Longfei was also the head of the company, and Li Tie was also the executive director of the company. You know, a lot of media have been exposed, and dragonfly has already escaped, for fear of an accident. Li Tie has transferred all his illegally acquired property to foreigners. Li Tie was exposed to having wives in the United States and Britain and buying a mansion.

According to the data, Li Tie’s company was founded seven years ago as Shenyang Li Tie Football Club Co., Ltd. Dragonfly holds 90% of the shares and Li Tie holds 10%. After Li Tie was arrested, he was also "pushed down the wall and pushed by everyone". Many players and media people in the football circle have also come forward to reveal all kinds of "black materials" in football. Profiting for his own brokerage company on the Internet proves that he is already a greedy person, and he also regards football as a commercial field. Even Li Tie’s wife can be influenced by it, and the company they founded is illegal and full of guilt, which makes football players embarrassed.

You know, this is just the tip of the iceberg of Li Tie’s nine companies. Li Tie can deposit more than 100 million RMB in a bank in Shenyang, which proves that he has made a lot of money in recent years. Whether it is legal or not, I believe the relevant departments will find out. At the beginning of its establishment, Shenyang Li Tie Football Club hoped to find the fun of football for local children and give them a platform to play football. The original intention is good, but Li Tie has long been blinded by self-interest. He can suppress the playing time of naturalized players in the national team and even be exposed to selling the national team. How can such a football player cultivate excellent players? Therefore, the football club company set up in Li Tie must also be the target of attracting funds.

Of course, we will never forget Li Tie’s contribution to the national team as a player. The fans’ trust in the Football Association made him the national football coach, but I didn’t expect the result to be so disgusting. Football circles must be pure. The media also revealed that Chen Xiaoyuan had family-style corruption, and his son was doomed and faced with investigation. Football moths like Li Tie have reduced the popularity and reputation of football in China. What awaits him is severe punishment by law. If he can’t honestly explain what he knows about football shadow scenes, or even cover for others, then he will have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The anti-corruption in football has achieved results. The young players of our national teams have achieved good results in the international arena. We also saw the eager and proud eyes of China players from the field. China’s women’s soccer team is also preparing for the World Cup, and China’s men’s soccer team is about to leave for New Zealand for a warm-up match. I hope China Football Team will continue to work hard.


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