After playing badminton for so many years, there is always something you don’t know.

After playing badminton for so many years, there is always something you don’t know.


After playing badminton for so many years, there is always something you don’t know. I sorted some today, which I believe is very useful for golfers.

1. Badminton beginners can use a racket of less than 500, and it is absolutely enough to pull a 24-pound string. Most people who excessively pursue equipment can’t play well.

2. Whether the backhand can exert its power well is a major criterion to verify whether the badminton exertion mode is in place, but the forehand can’t.

3. Most amateur singles players are most afraid of not killing the ball, but the flat ball in place.

4. The better the technique, the faster you can adapt to a handy racket.

5. It is very effective to warm up the wrist by turning the wrist more than eight times to improve the flexibility of the wrist and practice the correct way of badminton.

6. The most valuable model for amateurs to learn men’s singles is Taufik, not Lin Dan, and the pace refers to Li Xuanyi.

7, buy a better ball, in fact, the cost is not much different from the poor ball, but what you get is another level of enjoyment.

8. If you have time to jog for half an hour, you will find that your physical strength is super good the next day; You will find that the speed of the ball is super fast by practicing strength such as dumbbells.

9. If you often make mistakes in judgment, either you play too little or you often change venues.

10. You may win some opponents, but you can’t win all your opponents. As the saying goes, there are mountains outside the sky.

11. Please stay away from the white line when passing other people’s venues. You don’t know how upset others are.

12. After the training, take 5 minutes to relax. You are a hero again the next day. Don’t underestimate these 5 minutes.

13. After a good sleep at noon, you will have a feeling of being thoroughly remoulded.

14. Playing ball with the leader, the art of releasing water is the same as the improvement of ball skills.

15. If the soles of your feet often peel off, try sticking a piece of medical tape at that point when playing ball. It works wonders.

16. I have to admit the fact that for 99.99% amateur singles players, the professional women’s singles competition is the most realistic teaching material.

17. When watching videos to learn something, you should make full use of the functions of the player. Repeated playback of clips and adjustment of playback speed will make you get twice the result with half the effort.

18. If you feel the wind direction, congratulations, you are already one in a hundred.

19. How do you know that you are making progress? It’s very simple. When you keep improving, you will feel that the venue is getting smaller and smaller.

20. The racket in a man’s ball bag, like the clothes in a woman’s wardrobe, is always missing one; In fact, there is no difference between men and women in their enthusiasm for their favorite things.


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