What does steam promote during the summer vacation? These five time killer games are cost-effective.

What does steam promote during the summer vacation? These five time killer games are cost-effective.

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Steam’s summer promotion is coming to an end soon, so I quickly wrote an issue. The games selected in this issue are well-received games that can easily break through 2000 hours casually. The time killer is merciless and can’t stop playing. See if there are any of them in your game library?

"This game is likely to be the best hunting game ever."

The immersive hunting experience, the wonderful re-enactment of the vast world, the hunting scenes from snow-capped mountains to plains to savannahs to virgin forests, the locations from Rocky Mountains to African savannahs to national parks all over the world, the birds and animals all over the mountains, the lions and buffaloes, the antelopes and bears, the pheasants and birds, and the call of the wilderness have really re-enacted the world into the game. These beautiful scenery alone are enough for players to linger. What if I give you another gun?

Yes, this is a hunting game. There are a large number of rifles, pistols and shotguns for you to choose from. The bullets are also divided into many categories, such as real shooting experience, smoke from the muzzle after shooting, the click of bullets and the excitement of perfect hunting. These things together constitute this wonderful hunting game experience.

Ontology is enough for you to experience all the game content. A long list of DLC is nothing more than unlocking more maps and equipment. It is also a pain point for beginners to get started. It takes at least 2-3 hours to get started in the early stage. Once you get started, you can’t stop. Finally, quote a player’s comment to end, "A pack of cigarettes and a glass of wine make a moose chase for a day."

"The most fun ranch leisure game ever"

No one, shine on you is better than Blue. The Tale of Star Dew Valley originally started from imitating the Tale of Ranch, but after years of unremitting updating, it has far surpassed its predecessors and become the real god of Ranch leisure games. Now, no such games can surpass it, and it is also one of the masterpieces of time killers.

Farming and fishing, raising animals, getting rid of strange equipment, taking care of farms and decorating houses, and building good relations with villagers, in this small town, you have temporarily put aside all your troubles and lived a leisurely life of planting melons and fruits. If you are not in a hurry to promote the game, you can get up and water the farmland slowly, feed animals and go out to catch a fish, and be an unrestrained lazy person in the melodious and cheerful pasture music.

No matter when you come to the last file, you can play for a long time. The pixel painting style makes this game stand the test of time. It is right to take advantage of the discount to come to the last one.

"Meat pigeon card game deserves the first place"

A well-known game blogger once listed the ranking of meat pigeon card games. There are a lot of candidates at each level from D to A, but there is only one S-level, that is, the killing steeple. "All meat pigeon cards are poor imitations of it." So far, no card game has the potential to surpass it.

At the starting point of the tower, players choose one of the four occupations to break into the tower, pick up cards to form a deck, and find powerful relics for players to use. The whole game has more than 350 available cards, more than 200 items and props that can be found, and more than 50 mysterious events. Every time you break through the barrier, your choice is completely different, not to mention that the deck has a lot of highly playable combinations, which makes you at any time.

"There are many pigeon adventure games, but Hades is far ahead of his competitors."

High-degree-of-freedom dungeon game, which combines the Greek myths and stories to hide the wonderful and rich plots, not to mention the cool figures drawn by the major Olympians, a wide variety of evolvable weapon systems, refreshing combat experience and colorful environmental depiction. All these elements are combined to make Hades a "time killer" name!

No matter when you come to the last game, there is no burden. It will take you ten minutes to experience a refreshing game, and the new system and new story will be unlocked repeatedly through customs clearance. The latest news sequel is also under intense production, but believe me, you will never regret adding this one to the game library!

"A masterpiece of indie games in 2023 may have been born."

After 25,688 players’ evaluation, players who surpassed ninety-seven percent gave favorable comments, and the online peak value approached 100,000, ranking among the hottest games played by Steam, surpassing popular games such as Never Robbed, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and so on. This is diver Dave, who has won the favor of players with his hardcore game quality, and the favorable rate has been rising. What kind of game is this?

Fishing in the beautiful sea during the day, making money by running a sushi restaurant at night, the official version has also opened up the game of fish farming, and many small games can be played in the game. Excellent task design is combined with excellent art, and the game play closely linked with each other firmly grasps the players’ hearts. There are not many independent games that are well done and have excellent reputation these years, so join the game library quickly!

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