Long live happiness no matter how old you are! These wonderful childhood games are worth cherishing.

Long live happiness no matter how old you are! These wonderful childhood games are worth cherishing.

Mom and dad talk about childhood: childhood with games is simple and full of fun.

DIY games, memorable games, collected games …

With the arrival of Children’s Day on June 1st, let’s recall those wonderful childhood games. At that time, we didn’t have dazzling video games, but we created our own happy world. From cartoons to playing football, from hide-and-seek to counting stars, these simple and fun games accompany us to grow up. Perhaps, the way of playing games will always change, but no matter in which era, childhood is the happiest time of our life.

"The game is not a scourge, and children who play well in the game are also very smart."

● Xiaoqi

40 years old

Coordinates: Beijing

Brand public relations planning

Xiaoqi takes the children to play bumper cars.

For the generation of boys born in 1980s in China, they have completely witnessed video games from scratch, from rough to fine. In Xiaoqi’s words: "The charm of the virtual world is unparalleled, and every boy’s love for video games is innate."

"Playing video games as a plaything is a very stereotyped impression."

From FC red and white machine to Saturn, from PC to PS, Xiaoqi has experienced various generations of games and consoles. "In the 1990s, my parents basically regarded video games as a’ scourge’, but my parents were fine. After understanding the historical background of games and game consoles, they thought they could give it a try." Xiaoqi said.

Of course, Xiao Qi does not deny that one of the important reasons why his parents allow him to contact video games is that his homework has been very good. Xiao Qi said: "Basically, I can go to play for a while every weekend, and my parents have never specifically forbidden me to play this." Almost all of Xiaoqi’s pocket money is spent on this. In Xiaoqi’s view, it’s really a stereotype that playing video games is a plaything, because it is also a very exhausting thing to understand the game. He said, "To some extent, it can be said that children who play well in the game are also very smart."

Later, Xiao Qi came into contact with CS (Counter-Terrorism Elite), a competitive gunfight game. Xiaoqi devoted great enthusiasm to CS, and even joined a professional team in college, so she could take part in provincial competitions. Xiaoqi said: "When we were in college, we had a very rigorous and intensive training cycle, and the time and energy we spent far exceeded the imagination of normal people."

"Mom accepts me playing video games because I’m concentrating on one thing."

Xiaoqi revealed that when he was a sophomore, he took a fancy to a game equipment-a four-piece set of mouse, keyboard, mouse pad and earphone. "At that time, the market price was more than 1,300 yuan, which was equivalent to my living expenses for nearly three months," Xiao Qi said. He wanted this very much at that time, so he got up the courage to speak to his mother. "I told my mother,’ Can you take this as an investment and I will pay you back when I win the bonus?’ My mother gave me the money without saying anything."

In professional teams, participating in competitions can really win bonuses. Small competitions earn one or two hundred, medium-sized competitions earn one thousand eight hundred, and large competitions earn two or three thousand. Later, Xiaoqi really won the competition prize with this equipment, but when she went to ask her mother to pay back the money, her mother refused and said, "Just pay for your hobby."

Why mom can accept playing video games. Xiaoqi said: "When she really found out that I was concentrating on one thing, she could understand and let go."

Set goals in the game, and don’t give up when you encounter difficulties.

Today, Xiaoqi is also the father of two children, and his son Kyubi no Youko is 8 years old. Xiaoqi will take her children to play games, such as My World and Two in a Row. Although playing games, Xiaoqi will warn children that games are not used to escape from reality, but to set goals in the game and not to give up when encountering difficulties.

Xiaoqi takes the children through the game.

Because we can only play for one or two hours a week, it took Xiaoqi and her son half a year to get through the "Double Walk". "When we first went through customs clearance, Kyubi no Youko almost cried, both moved by herself and infected by the family atmosphere expressed by the game."

Last year, Kyubi no Youko hoped to get a PlayStation 5 game machine. He took out all his pocket money and begged his parents to help him. "I bought him a PS5, but I want to take him to play games at home when he is a little older and can realize how to play at home." Xiaoqi said.

Although the pressure of study is constantly squeezing the children’s entertainment space, Xiaoqi still hopes that the children can really find a hobby that he will accompany for life. "Games or skateboarding are fine," Xiaoqi said. "When he grows up and encounters setbacks, he can have a way to relieve the pressure, and we are more at ease."

On June 1st, Xiaoqi’s idea is to make children’s Children’s Day happy. He said, "It’s ok to climb mountains, go to a stage play or visit a laboratory. The essence of Children’s Day should be happy, and my idea is to make Children’s Day more ceremonial."

★ The child said

"Dad’s game is too powerful and cool, and I want to have such a childhood!" -Son Kyubi no Youko

"In the past, games were DIY, but now you can buy all kinds of toys online."

● Brother Xin

46 years old

Coordinates: Guangzhou

Game research and development

Brother Xin lived on the hill in the countryside of Foshan in his childhood. He said, "The hill is big enough to run around, and that is my childhood playground."

There are not many toys, and most of them are "developed" by themselves.

Brother Xin has been playing on this hill for as long as I can remember. However, due to family conditions, Brother Xin doesn’t have many toys, and most of them are "developed" by himself. "We will play with a hoop-find an elder to weld a hoop, and then a group of children will chase the hoop all over the mountain; Or take a wooden cart, with wheels on the bottom and a handle on it, and hold the’ steering wheel’ to drive down from the mountain. Now think about it, this is probably a relatively primitive scooter. " Brother Xin said.

When I was a child, Brother Xin would also make "bamboo barrel guns" with his brothers and sisters. "Find a bamboo as thick as a finger, then roll it into balls with soaked paper towels to block both ends, then make the plant fruit into a bullet and put it on one end, and poke it with a stick at the other end, and the bullet flies out." Brother Xin said that in fact, the "bamboo barrel gun" uses the principle of air pressure, which is very meaningful for physical experiments. It is just that when I was a child, I only knew how to play, but I didn’t think so much.

Bamboo barrel gun

Because there are relatives in the family who make ceramics, Brother Xin was also exposed to clay when he was a child. "When I was a child, I also used clay to pinch all kinds of little people, animals and things." By playing with clay, Brother Xin learned to use all kinds of simple tools, and this skill still comes in handy today. "My daughter has a class called’ Creative Art’, which is also about kneading various shapes, but now she doesn’t need such primitive things as clay. Now they all use colored clay, but I can still take her to play with my experience in kneading clay." Brother Xin said.

Nowadays, children rely too much on props to play games, so it is better to use their own hands and brains.

Regarding the difference in childhood between the two generations, Brother Xin’s biggest feeling is that the living resources are getting richer and richer, which leads to the children’s dependence on props for playing games. "When I was a child, I used to play DIY games, such as paper crowns, paper weapons and paper airplanes. When I played games, I used my hands and brains to stimulate my creativity," said Brother Xin. "Now, they can buy all kinds of toys online, such as playing a fairy, and they can first’ Taobao’ fairy wand and fairy clothes."

Brother Xin’s childhood was not without toys, but it was really not much. Brother Xin revealed that he had a "table basketball machine" when he was a child. He and his brother could play against each other through buttons and shoot the ball into the opposite hoop. Brother Xin said, "I played with this toy for a long time, and then I gave it to my mother’s friend’s child, but I regretted it after sending it out …" In order to make up for the regret of sending out the "table basketball machine", Brother Xin found a genuine "table basketball machine" through a friend who made a "medieval toy" many years later, which probably cost 800 yuan. "This table basketball machine is a collection, and I am not willing to take it out to play." Brother Xin said.

Teach your daughter what you have played, what you can play and what you are good at.

Brother Xin often buys toys for children, but refuses to buy toys of "sound and light" type. "Let children play with toys, or play with those that need more hands and brains, so as to stimulate their creativity."

Brother Xin took his daughter to play "table basketball machine".

Brother Xin always thinks that he is a big child and likes playing very much, so communication with his daughter has always been good. "When I was a child, I celebrated Children’s Day, and the school gave each student a popsicle. We can eat popsicles and go home from school, so my memory of Children’s Day stays on popsicles. Now, I spend Children’s Day with my children. My idea is to accompany her to have all kinds of crazy fun and teach her what I have played, what I can play and what I am good at. I don’t think about anything this day." Brother Xin said.

★ The child said

"Many students know my father. It turns out that my father has always been a big child. I am so proud to have such a father." -the daughter knows.

"Cartoon is a kind of art that is entertaining and entertaining, and I still remember every cartoon I watched as a child."

● Dengke

39 years old

Coordinates: Guangzhou

Cadres of state-owned enterprises

Although he is nearly old, when it comes to childhood, Denko always says that he has not fully grown up. Even though he is almost 40 years old, he still remembers every cartoon he watched as a child. Speaking of the characters, plots and soundtracks in cartoons, Denko is very happy: "When I drive now, I will also broadcast the theme songs of my favorite cartoons. Every time I listen, it seems that I have turned into an animated hero, and then I feel handsome! "

The favorite animation type is "computer warfare class"

Denko thinks he is a "mech-control", so his favorite animation type is "computer warfare". Denko told the New Express reporter, "I was only six or seven years old when I watched the cartoon robotech, but I was really shocked by the grand world outlook described in this cartoon. I will never forget it by telling the conflict between alien civilization and earth civilization, showing affection, friendship, love and the spirit of self-sacrifice."

Denko said that he was talking about cartoons with his classmates at school. "There is a three-stage deformation fighter in the cartoon. After the deformation, the state is simply cool."

At the age of seven, Denko got a toy of a three-stage deformation fighter. Because there were few toys in childhood, Denko said that this "three-stage deformation fighter" greatly enriched his childhood. He said: "I remember this toy 14 yuan Qian. Although it is a high imitation, I really regarded it as a treasure and played it for many years." Until now, this toy is still in the old home in western Guangdong, Dengke.

Besides robotech, Denko also likes Transformers, which is the same type of mecha. "I am easily attracted by the role of’ prodigal son turning back and turning over a new leaf’, and I am very moved whenever I see a villain turning his back on the dark!" Denko said.

Cartoons are works of art that entertain and educate.

Denko believes that for children, animation is actually a kind of artistic work that is entertaining and entertaining. "The educational significance conveyed by cartoons to children is not necessarily thinner than that of books. The direct preaching in schools may not have the profound touch brought by cartoons." Denko said.

On Children’s Day when I was 8 years old, when my mother took me to the shopping mall to pick out toys, I chose Sixshot. In the early 1990s, Sixshot could be sold to 40 yuan. Denko said: "I know that it is a knockoff, and my hometown is a small city and I can’t buy the original copy, but I am already very satisfied."

"When I was a child, many cartoons were watched in the Hong Kong version, that is, Cantonese dialogue, and the translated names were somewhat different from Mandarin, but this is not the point. The point is that I think those cartoons have deeply influenced my life." Denko said. To this day, Denko still thinks that the cartoons he watched as a child are classics, which are much better than those his son watches now. Denko searched for resources everywhere on the Internet, downloaded all these childhood cartoons to the hard disk, and occasionally looked through the classic plots.

"My child just went to school last year. I thought I would try to show these cartoons to him when he was older." However, Deng Ke also has doubts. For one thing, he is worried that his wife won’t agree, and for another, he is afraid that his children won’t like it. "The tastes of children are changing in different times, and if only he has seen these old cartoons, he may lose the topic with his classmates at school."

The preference for the mecha was "inherited" to the son.

Perhaps the hobby of mecha is engraved in the gene, and Xiaoyu, the son of Deng Ke, also likes these and loves them more truly. Denko revealed that Xiaoyu liked tanks since he was a child. At home, he "studied" what tanks were like in World War I, what tanks were like in World War II, and how tanks are now. Denko said that Xiaoyu’s painting at home on weekdays is also a "design" of various tanks, but the painting style is more abstract. He said: "On Children’s Day this year, my wife bought a tank painting book and a picture book for her children. Give him a real case as a reference. His painting style can be realistic."

Dengke takes children to play with toys.

"Children often ask me if I can be a tank soldier in a military school in the future, and I will tell him that it is very good, but before that, you must lay a good foundation, learn the culture well, and practice your body well before you can defend your country and protect peace." Denko believes that when children show some interests, they should take advantage of the situation. As long as they have a clear goal direction, the children themselves will work hard in this direction.

★ The child said

"Dad had so many cartoons to watch when he was a child, so happy!" -Son Xiaoyu

"Children like Altman, and the classic thing is not afraid of years."

● Yujie

30 years old

Coordinates: Guangzhou

media worker

Yu Jie has lived in Guangzhou for more than 10 years since she went to college. Now, my son, Broad Bean, is approaching school age.

Yujie takes the children to play outdoors.

Yu Jie’s hobby is the same as that of most children in that era. On the occasion of generate in the video game industry, Yu Jie completed the game enlightenment through a CD sent by her grandfather. "I have continued this hobby until now." Yu Jie said.

Yu Jie told the reporter of the New Express that most of the CDs were pirated at that time, so when she made money later, she bought the original ones of the game CDs she played as a child for collection. Yu Jie said: "I have economic conditions, so I just want to make up all the missed tickets. I am a principled gamer."

"The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man" by Daewoo Information is a representative of local RPG in 1990s, and Yu Jie is an iron fan of this work, which is also watched in games and adapted TV series. After becoming a mother, Yu Jie also introduced the Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man to the children. Yu Jie said: "Looking at" Fairy Sword I "from the present perspective, I really feel that the picture quality is rough, but this does not hinder the child’s liking. His love for" Fairy Sword I "now is no less than that of me."

"Seeing that we all like Fairy Sword I so much, my husband bought us a set of building blocks of Fairy Sword I, and then my mother and I had a good time at home," Yu Jie said. "At that moment, I really felt the happiness of mother and son sharing the same frequency, and two generations could really enjoy one thing."

"What children like best is Altman." Yu Jie said that broad bean is a boy after all, and a classic image like Altman has no fear of time. It is hard for every generation of boys not to like Altman. Yu Jie said: "I will buy some genuine ones for him and take him to see the Altman stage play. Generally speaking, my husband and I are the kind of parents who are more supportive and respect their children’s hobbies."

The ultraman family.

Will you envy your child’s life now? Yu Jie said that there will still be a little bit, but each era has different chic and romance. "Maybe he envied me for visiting all day and running around when I was a child."

Yu Jie celebrates her birthday with her son.

How will children’s day be spent this year? Yu Jie said, I am ashamed that I have to work hard every Children’s Day and can’t stay with my children all the time. After all, Children’s Day should be a happy day, and children should grow up happily every day. Yu Jie said: "Parents should teach their children the skills of relaxation, so that they can balance the time of study and entertainment."

★ The child said

"I like Fairy Sword and Altman, but who is better, Li Xiaoyao or Dijia?" -Son Sensen

Written by: New Express reporter Wang Di

Photo: Provided by the interviewee


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