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What does steam promote during the summer vacation? These five time killer games are cost-effective.

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Steam’s summer promotion is coming to an end soon, so I quickly wrote an issue. The games selected in this issue are well-received games that can easily break through 2000 hours casually. The time killer is merciless and can’t stop playing. See if there are any of them in your game library?

"This game is likely to be the best hunting game ever."

The immersive hunting experience, the wonderful re-enactment of the vast world, the hunting scenes from snow-capped mountains to plains to savannahs to virgin forests, the locations from Rocky Mountains to African savannahs to national parks all over the world, the birds and animals all over the mountains, the lions and buffaloes, the antelopes and bears, the pheasants and birds, and the call of the wilderness have really re-enacted the world into the game. These beautiful scenery alone are enough for players to linger. What if I give you another gun?

Yes, this is a hunting game. There are a large number of rifles, pistols and shotguns for you to choose from. The bullets are also divided into many categories, such as real shooting experience, smoke from the muzzle after shooting, the click of bullets and the excitement of perfect hunting. These things together constitute this wonderful hunting game experience.

Ontology is enough for you to experience all the game content. A long list of DLC is nothing more than unlocking more maps and equipment. It is also a pain point for beginners to get started. It takes at least 2-3 hours to get started in the early stage. Once you get started, you can’t stop. Finally, quote a player’s comment to end, "A pack of cigarettes and a glass of wine make a moose chase for a day."

"The most fun ranch leisure game ever"

No one, shine on you is better than Blue. The Tale of Star Dew Valley originally started from imitating the Tale of Ranch, but after years of unremitting updating, it has far surpassed its predecessors and become the real god of Ranch leisure games. Now, no such games can surpass it, and it is also one of the masterpieces of time killers.

Farming and fishing, raising animals, getting rid of strange equipment, taking care of farms and decorating houses, and building good relations with villagers, in this small town, you have temporarily put aside all your troubles and lived a leisurely life of planting melons and fruits. If you are not in a hurry to promote the game, you can get up and water the farmland slowly, feed animals and go out to catch a fish, and be an unrestrained lazy person in the melodious and cheerful pasture music.

No matter when you come to the last file, you can play for a long time. The pixel painting style makes this game stand the test of time. It is right to take advantage of the discount to come to the last one.

"Meat pigeon card game deserves the first place"

A well-known game blogger once listed the ranking of meat pigeon card games. There are a lot of candidates at each level from D to A, but there is only one S-level, that is, the killing steeple. "All meat pigeon cards are poor imitations of it." So far, no card game has the potential to surpass it.

At the starting point of the tower, players choose one of the four occupations to break into the tower, pick up cards to form a deck, and find powerful relics for players to use. The whole game has more than 350 available cards, more than 200 items and props that can be found, and more than 50 mysterious events. Every time you break through the barrier, your choice is completely different, not to mention that the deck has a lot of highly playable combinations, which makes you at any time.

"There are many pigeon adventure games, but Hades is far ahead of his competitors."

High-degree-of-freedom dungeon game, which combines the Greek myths and stories to hide the wonderful and rich plots, not to mention the cool figures drawn by the major Olympians, a wide variety of evolvable weapon systems, refreshing combat experience and colorful environmental depiction. All these elements are combined to make Hades a "time killer" name!

No matter when you come to the last game, there is no burden. It will take you ten minutes to experience a refreshing game, and the new system and new story will be unlocked repeatedly through customs clearance. The latest news sequel is also under intense production, but believe me, you will never regret adding this one to the game library!

"A masterpiece of indie games in 2023 may have been born."

After 25,688 players’ evaluation, players who surpassed ninety-seven percent gave favorable comments, and the online peak value approached 100,000, ranking among the hottest games played by Steam, surpassing popular games such as Never Robbed, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and so on. This is diver Dave, who has won the favor of players with his hardcore game quality, and the favorable rate has been rising. What kind of game is this?

Fishing in the beautiful sea during the day, making money by running a sushi restaurant at night, the official version has also opened up the game of fish farming, and many small games can be played in the game. Excellent task design is combined with excellent art, and the game play closely linked with each other firmly grasps the players’ hearts. There are not many independent games that are well done and have excellent reputation these years, so join the game library quickly!

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Tucker on T- Harris: He played a great role in both offensive and defensive ends of the court.

Live on April 23rd, the first round of the NBA playoffs G4, 76ers beat the Nets 96-88 away, with a total score of 4-0. After the game, 76ers striker PJ Tucker was interviewed.

In the interview, Tucker praised the performance of teammate Tobias Harris: "No one can say enough about Harris. He has played a huge role in both ends of the court."

In this campaign, Harris scored 25 points, 12 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 blocked shot; Tucker scored 3 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals.

Internal strife escalates! Kong Di sprayed Brazil No.9: kicking like shit, Benzema euphemistically called Deschamps: clown.

Tottenham’s performance in various events was sluggish. In March, it suffered an avalanche and suffered three consecutive defeats in the FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League. The FA Cup 1/8 final lost to Sheffield United 0-1 and was eliminated. The Premier League lost 0-1 to Wolves in the 26th round, and the fourth place in the Premier League is hard to protect. 0-0AC Milan in the second round of the Champions League quarter-final, with a total score of 0-1, was eliminated. After the poor performance, Brazil’s No.9 striker Rishalizon was dissatisfied with his experience in Tottenham, openly questioned Kong Di’s employment, and said that he did not understand why he was suddenly asked to play as a substitute.

As a tough-talking coach, Kong Di obviously won’t be silent. On March 11th, the internal strife of Tottenham Hotspur escalated, and Kong Di also publicly sprayed Risperidone. Kong Di attended the pre-match press conference of the 27th round of the Premier League, saying: Risperidone didn’t criticize me, he said that he played like a piece of shit, and he was right. This wave of speeches proves that the contradiction between Kong Di and Risalizon has become public, and Kong Di will probably not let Risalizon start in the next game.

It is reported that Rishalison’s career at Tottenham Hotspur may be over, and it is impossible to work with Kong Di all the time. Xia Chuang may switch to Real Madrid and take over Benzema in the new season. Compared with the infighting upgrade of Tottenham Hotspur, the infighting upgrade of the French team is even more exciting. France, which lost to Argentina in the World Cup final, has once again become the focus. The main theme of this infighting is still the coach and players. French coach Deschamps accepted an interview with Parisian newspaper. He talked about Benzema’s absence from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, saying that Benzema was in a semi-idle state at the club for a while and entered the French team when the World Cup was about to start.

Deschamps revealed Benzema’s thoughts during the World Cup, pointing out that Benzema said at that time that he was not ready to play the World Cup, and then expressed his disappointment in giving up the World Cup on social platforms. When talking about the details of Benzema’s departure, Deschamps said that he once said to Benzema: "Benzema, don’t worry, you can arrange your return with the manager of the club." Benzema then decided to leave on his own and said nothing to the team.

Deschamps also gave a view that Benzema can catch up with the semi-finals of the World Cup, which is impossible, because Benzema only played for 30 minutes in training and could not meet the requirements of the semi-finals. Although his talent and status are beyond doubt, he could not imagine coming back suddenly at the last moment. Deschamps also concealed the contradiction between Benzema and other French players, thinking that no one in the French team was happy or even dissatisfied with Benzema’s departure.

After the news of Deschamps’ interview was sent out, Benzema couldn’t sit still, publicly responded, directly reprinted the news, and commented: "You really dare to say it!" Behind the text, Benzema euphemistically scolded Deschamps and directly matched the expression of a clown. It can be seen that Benzema was very dissatisfied with Deschamps’ remarks and settled the problem of the infighting of the French team during the World Cup.

Who is the first comprehensive person from the old horse to Messi’s "blank period of the king of the ball"? It’s him!

This candidate is nothing more than being born between Qi Bald, Fei Luo and Ronaldinho. Among them, Baldy is the UEFA’s "Best Player in Europe in 50 Years", and both Ronaldo and Ronaldinho once reached the point of "almost becoming the king of the ball". Other superstars, such as Van Basten, Baggio, romario or Kaka, also have certain strength at a certain stage, but their coffee position is still not as good as that of the three giants, Ronaldinho. If you have to choose one among Zyro Ronaldinho,

Yes, he is "alien" Ronaldo! Let’s look at all versions of the "Best Football Team in History". Ronaldo is sure to be selected, but Zidane and Ronaldinho may not be selected. You said that the competition in the front waist or left wing area is fierce, so the competition in the center area is not fierce. It also proves that Fei Luo’s historical position in football is indeed above Qi Tou Ronaldinho. Of course, you can say that these "best lineups" are selected manually, which means nothing. However, there are reasons why people are more optimistic about Ronaldo. What do people value him? It can’t be because you like pick’s belly or hairstyle, can it? I must still take a fancy to pick’s strength and dominance.

Ronaldinho’s playing method is superb. He is a "Grand Slam" player in Brazil and Barcelona. He has won all the World Cup Champions League America’s Cup Confederations Cup La Liga awards, and he has a good apprentice like Messi. Ronaldinho once had the strength to attack the throne of the ball. However, Ronaldinho’s peak period was too short, and FIFA did not deny Ronaldinho a chance. Ronaldinho himself played a mediocre state in the 2006 World Cup, and later.

Where’s Zidane? The biggest problem of baldy is not because his hairstyle is not as distinctive as that of Ronaldinho, but because of Zidane’s kicking method. He is really the core of the midfield in the French team Juventus and Real Madrid, and he has a great master style in organizing and dispatching the ball. He can also contribute metaphysical performances in the key games of the World Cup, European Cup and Champions League. However, unlike his peers such as Bailey, Diego Maradona and Messi, Qi Zu is more like a midfielder who prefers to organize and dispatch, rather than focusing on controlling the field, passing and so on.

This rule out, and only Ronaldo is left. Although he was too lazy to run in the Feiluo period, he also liked to eat cakes. At his peak, he was an absolute "alien". He could not only use his personal ability to get past the goalkeeper and hit an empty net, but also get the ball in the center and frontcourt to cooperate with his teammates. From 1996 to 1998, Ronaldo was considered an all-around player in the center and frontcourt. He had speed and skill and scored points. If the mysterious coma in the 1998 World Cup final didn’t ruin the "king of the ball" and he was forced to transform later because of injury, he could really carry out the "king of the ball" to the end-he didn’t rely on the system or the automatic system, but ignored the system!

Conclusion: It’s no wonder that there is a place for Fei Luo in the best lineup of all versions of football history. There is a reason why he can stabilize Qi Tou Ronaldinho to become the first person in football between the two dynasties of "Diego Maradona era" and "Messi era". Who do you think is the first comprehensive person from Lao Ma to Messi’s "blank period of the king of the ball"? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area. I am Abin, a senior blind and green watchman who spends a lot of money watching football. I wish you a happy chat.

Peninsula Sports Premier League: Optimistic about Moudrek’s future, we just need to help him settle down.

"A lot of things are mental, not physical … If you play in this league, you are a good player, you know what I mean? You were not chosen to join this league because you are not a good player. Many of them are psychological: how do you deal with the loss, how do you deal with it when you don’t play as often as you did in the championship game, or how do you deal with it when you are out of shape ….. how do you deal with it? Anything I can do to help players, I will talk to them and give them some advice. If they accept it, everything will be fine.

"In the final analysis, I think this may sound stupid to many people, but I think the purpose of playing football is not just to play football for myself and do well. This is for others. I think I was put into this sport maybe to help others, because I mean, I have experienced a lot of s—, to put it mildly. I think maybe I have experience in this field and can help others … "

Roma fans will wave white handkerchiefs in this round of Serie A to protest Mourinho’s ban.

Live broadcast on March 12, Rome coach Jose Mourinho failed to appeal, was suspended for 2 games and fined 10 thousand euros. The Rome fan organization announced that it would support Mourinho in this round of Serie A home games.

At 1 am Beijing time on March 13th, in the 26th round of Serie A, Rome will play Sassuolo at home. AIRC, a Roman fan organization, announced: "After the Italian football management agency unfairly punished our team and our coach again, AIRC appealed to all Roman fans to express their anger in a civilized way in tomorrow’s game. Besides our love for Rome, we should bring a white handkerchief when we enter the stadium and wave it in the stands before the game. We are with Mourinho and with Rome. "

Marco Conidi, a famous Roman fan and singer, also said on social media: "It is important that everyone bring a white handkerchief into the stadium tomorrow and wave it at the beginning of the game to protest the absurd penalty of our beloved coach being suspended."

China version of ChatGPT? Yes!

Dear friends, I heard that Baidu’s China version of ChatGPT is coming? Is there an inexplicable excitement and expectation?

The name ChatGPT is no stranger to everyone. This world-famous artificial intelligence question answering system is not only popular in western countries, but also has many users in China. However, due to language and cultural differences, ChatGPT’s performance in Chinese environment is not very good. Therefore, launching the Chinese version of ChatGPT is undoubtedly something worth looking forward to.

I have many expectations and opinions about the Chinese version of ChatGPT. First of all, I hope it can answer users’ questions more intelligently, accurately and comprehensively. After all, Chinese is a complex and diverse language, and it is difficult to do intelligent question and answer well in this environment. However, I believe this problem can be solved as long as we have the correct technical route and superb team.

I hope the Chinese version of ChatGPT can better combine Chinese context and cultural background. In this way, users will be more natural and comfortable when using it, and they can also better understand Chinese culture. After all, language and culture are inseparable.

I also hope that the Chinese version of ChatGPT can be innovative in terms of user experience and usage scenarios. For example, it can play a greater role in social media, e-commerce platform, education and training, and provide users with more intelligent and personalized services and experiences.

Speaking of the Chinese version of ChatGPT, I have to mention a famous saying: "The future belongs to those countries with artificial intelligence capabilities." It is believed that the launch of China version of ChatGPT will further promote the development of artificial intelligence in China and enhance China’s position and influence in the global scientific and technological competition.

Of course, the expectation for the Chinese version of ChatGPT is not limited to technology and application. We also hope that it can bring more social benefits and cultural influences.

For example, the Chinese version of ChatGPT can become an important way for people to acquire knowledge and information, and provide more intelligent and efficient search and query services for users. At the same time, it can also be used as an important tool for Chinese language learning and education to help people better understand Chinese language and culture.

In addition, the Chinese version of ChatGPT can also play a greater role in social services and public governance. For example, it can help the government and public institutions to better answer people’s questions and needs and improve the quality and efficiency of government services; It can also provide more convenient and efficient services in the fields of charity and health care, and help more people get help and support.

Of course, the launch of the Chinese version of ChatGPT does not mean that it is perfect. It also needs to constantly find and solve problems in practical applications, and constantly improve and optimize itself. However, I believe that with the passage of time and the continuous development of technology, the Chinese version of ChatGPT will become more and more powerful, bringing more surprises and convenience to mankind.

Finally, I want to borrow another famous saying: "We can’t predict the future, but we can create it." I believe that with the arrival of the innovative Chinese version of ChatGPT, the future will become brighter and better!

1-0 lore, crazy celebration! The national football team is locked in the qualification of the World Youth Championship, and China’s men’s football team aims to eliminate South Korea

Uzbekistan’s U20 Asian Cup has entered the quarter-finals, and the first match was between the Iranian men’s soccer team and the Iraqi men’s soccer team. In the end, relying on the goal in the 91st minute of the second half, Iraq eliminated Iran 1-0, becoming the first team to advance to the semi-finals, and at the same time locked in the qualification for the World Youth Championship. China’s men’s soccer team will play in the quarter-finals on the next match day, and the winner can also advance to the World Youth Championship against the Korean men’s soccer team.

In the history of the Asian Youth Championship, Iraq participated in a total of 17 competitions and won the championship five times in total. The last time was in 2000, and Iran also won the cup four times, but the winning experience was in the last century.

In the group stage, Iran scored 6 points with 2 wins and 1 loss, and won the first place in the group. Iraq scored 4 points with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, and locked the second place in the group. According to the regulations of AFC, the top four teams in this tournament have advanced to the 2023 World Youth Championship, so whoever wins this game will be locked in the ticket for the World Youth Championship.

This is a close confrontation. The national team and the youth team of Iran and Iraq are in fierce confrontation. Now, the Asian Youth Championship is contested. The two teams did not rewrite the score in the first 90 minutes, and the scene is almost 50-50.

In the 91st minute, Ali Jassim broke into the restricted area with the ball and scored a goal from the far corner with a low shot, helping the Iraqi team to complete the lore 1-0. After the goal was scored, the players thumped and celebrated wildly, and then they roared to the sky and were very excited. After the game, the whole team celebrated like winning the championship.

The contest between China and South Korea will start at 18 o’clock tomorrow night, and the winner can also advance to the finals of the 2023 World Youth Championship.

According to statistics, the two teams have played against each other 18 times in history. The men’s soccer team in China has scored 3 wins, 2 draws and 13 losses, which is obviously at a disadvantage. At the same time, in the last 8 games, it has not won, and it has not won the Korean men’s soccer team for 18 consecutive years.

Nevertheless, China men’s soccer players are not afraid of this opponent. It is reported that after the successful team of China Men’s Football Team qualified, they celebrated with the fans at the scene. The fans shouted loudly in the stands: "The next game is going to play South Korea", and some players responded: "Kill South Korea! We are going to the World Youth Championship! "

Di livio: Support Mancini to go abroad to find a striker and solve the Italian national team’s front line problem

Live on March 12 th, Italian national team coach Mancini is going to look for a striker abroad to solve the problem of the national team’s front line. The Italian famous Sudilivio expressed support for this.

Mancini had previously publicly stated that there was a big problem in the Italian national team’s front line, but the media revealed that he might call up Compagno, who plays in Romanian league, and Retegie, who plays in Argentine league. Di livio said: "At present, he is in a delicate period. Obviously, the national team lacks strikers and needs to find a solution. I agree with Mancini that he went abroad to find players to solve this problem. We must find players in this position in the next few years and find excellent and young strikers, and they need to adapt quickly in a short time. "

Di livio went on to say: "When I played football, there were many excellent strikers who could not be selected for the Italian national team, because there were many candidates for this position, and the coach was even criticized for not selecting a striker. The problem now is that young players sometimes can’t take the final key step. They may get lost, but this is a big problem for Mancini. "

Asked by the media how the Serie A league and clubs should help the Italian national team, Di livio replied: "I think they are already trying to help Mancini. The club is signing many young players, something is happening, but maybe there is a lack of quality in the process of finding players. "

China version of chatGPT is coming, what surprises will Baidu bring us?

ChatGPT-like chat intelligence AI launched by Baidu has better performance and applicability in Chinese context, and may gain more users and application opportunities in China market. This also reflects China’s continuous efforts and innovations in the fields of natural language processing and AI.

increase efficiency

Baidu version of ChatGPT can handle conversations faster and more accurately than before. This improvement in speed and accuracy can lead to more effective interaction between human and artificial intelligence.

The improvement of the efficiency of Baidu chatGPT can also bring more cost-effective solutions to enterprises that need to use chat bots for customer service or other tasks.

More natural interaction

Baidu version of ChatGPT can better understand the context of the conversation, which can lead to a more natural interaction between people and AI. This can make the interaction more pleasant and efficient.

The higher accuracy of Baidu version of chatGPT also means that it can better answer a wider range of questions, thus obtaining more accurate answers and better user experience.

Baidu version of ChatGPT can produce more human-like reactions to dialogue, which leads to a more natural interaction between human beings and artificial intelligence. This can make the conversation more fascinating and enjoyable.

The improvement of the accuracy of Baidu chatGPT also means that it can better understand the context of the conversation, thus bringing more accurate response and better user experience.

Smarter solutions

Baidu version of ChatGPT can generate smarter dialogue solutions, thus making the interaction between people and artificial intelligence more effective. This can make the dialogue more effective and efficient.

The improvement of the accuracy of Baidu chatGPT also means that it can better understand the context of the conversation, thus bringing more accurate solutions and better user experience.