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Used cars usher in a big market (new economic orientation)

  Not long ago, Mr. Jin, who works in a chemical company in Yangzhou, successfully completed the registration procedures for the transfer of used cars. "I found a joint venture brand car with Qingdao license in 2015 on the second-hand car trading platform, and the hand price was 33,500 yuan." Mr. Jin said that in Jiangsu, from June 17, foreign used cars that meet the national five emission standards can move in normally.

  Mr. Jin is just one of the many beneficiaries of the favorable policy for used cars. On June 22, the executive meeting of the State Council decided that the restrictions on the moving-in of small non-operating used cars will be completely lifted from August 1, and the automobile sales enterprises will implement separate endorsement management and issue temporary license plates when applying for transfer registration from October 1. Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary-General of china automobile dealers association, said that favorable policies will further enliven the used car market, promote the renewal of automobile consumption and release the consumption potential.

  Favorable policies help the market to accelerate development.

  "The circulation of used cars is actually convenient and smooth." Chen Ji, general manager of Suzhou Lexuan UCAR, told the reporter that the company has collected more than 10 used cars with foreign licenses after Jiangsu province lifted the relocation restriction in mid-June. "The cancellation of the relocation restriction not only allows more foreign car sources to enter Suzhou, but also the second-hand cars with the national five emission standards that cannot be digested locally can be sold to various places more conveniently." Chen Ji said.

  Wang Xiaoyu, co-founder of Guazi used car, believes that the cancellation of the relocation restriction policy has opened up the blocking points and card points in the circulation of used cars, which will activate the trading of used cars in different places and drive the continuous growth of the trade scale. "Since June 1, Hebei, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places have successively implemented the policy of canceling the national five emission standards for second-hand cars. The range of optional car sources for users in these places has expanded by about 6 times, and the proportion of off-site car sources on the platform has also increased from the previous 35% to 80%, which has driven the growth of platform car dealers’ sales." Wang Xiaoyu said.

  "The policy of separate endorsement management and issuance of temporary number plates for second-hand car transfer registration implemented nationwide since October 1 is a big plus for second-hand car circulation enterprises in cities with limited purchases." Guo Jian, general manager of the famous car in Beijing No.1 Station, said, "In the past, in order to transfer and register used cars in Beijing, it was necessary to occupy the index of car purchase, and circulation enterprises could only rent number plates. After Beijing promoted the temporary license plate policy in advance, it reduced the company’s operating expenses, and the acquired used cars entered the company’s name, which can be treated as ‘ Inventory goods ’ Accounting has also opened the door to social financing. "

  Feeling the huge development potential of the used car market, SAIC-GM launched a brand-new "Buick officially certified used car" brand last year. "Since 2020, especially since the first half of this year, a series of policies and measures to encourage the development of the used car market have been intensively introduced." Yao Fu, head of the marketing department of SAIC-GM Buick, said that the favorable policies cover all aspects such as encouraging to speed up the elimination and renewal of old vehicles, completely canceling the relocation restriction policy, and lowering the value-added tax rate of used cars. Combined with the implementation of the new policy, the company will open up the new and used car business chain through active car source repurchase, realize the three-dimensional sales model of national circulation, and gradually plan a standardized service system equivalent to the new car type to enhance the service experience of used car owners.

  Branding and digitalization to enhance the transparency of transaction information

  At the beginning of July, Mr. Ju, the owner of a restaurant in Shanghai, bought a Buick Angkewei in 2019 through the "Buick Official Certified Used Car". "I bought a new car with a car age of 3 years in the early 100,000 yuan, and I have been driving for more than 20 days. It feels really good." Mr. Ju said that he considered a new car, ran through the used car market, brokerage companies, and saw the online platform, and finally chose an officially certified used car.

  "Quality and service are the two core competitiveness of used car distribution enterprises, and they are also an important way to build consumer trust and enhance consumer experience." Luo Lei believes that the official certification of used cars by car companies is guaranteed by high-quality first-hand car sources, standardized testing and evaluation processes, original factory warranty, after-sales service, etc., plus the endorsement of car brands, which solves the pain point of information asymmetry of consumers buying used cars.

  In recent years, the booming second-hand car e-commerce platform has also contributed new solutions to improve the transparency of second-hand car trading information.

  "Entering the platform and empowering the platform digitally is an effective way for traditional used car circulation enterprises to enhance their competitiveness." Chen Ji said that platform enterprises can carry out digital and standardized management of used cars in different ways. Consumers can see at a glance whether the vehicles have collided, to what extent, and which side has been painted, which is what most used car circulation enterprises cannot do. In addition, remote delivery, door-to-door delivery, seven-day unreasonable return, etc. are inseparable from the platform enterprises’ strong logistics system, financial support and remote after-sales maintenance.

  "Digital means allow enterprises to reach potential customers nationwide." Wang Yong, general manager of Nanjing Qihang Famous Car, said that today, they have sold local car sources to more than 20 cities outside Nanjing, and the turnover efficiency of car sales has increased by three times.

  Take precautions and standardize the development of new energy used car market

  "In Shanghai, buying new energy used cars is not restricted by licenses, but I gave up after thinking about it again and again." Mr. Ju said that consumers have no way to verify the data related to safety and directly affecting the charging and driving performance of vehicles, such as the number of times of vehicle charging and discharging, the degree of battery attenuation, and whether the batteries are overheated and out of control.

  "Since last year, China’s new energy vehicles have continued to double, and the annual sales volume this year is expected to exceed 5.5 million. How to standardize the development of the new energy used car market has become a problem that the industry must seriously face. " Luo Lei said that last year, the Technical Specification for Appraisal and Evaluation of Second-hand Pure Electric Passenger Cars, which was researched and compiled by china automobile dealers association for three years, was released, providing a set of scientific and practical appraisal and evaluation standards for second-hand cars suitable for new energy vehicles for the domestic market.

  "Since the second half of last year, the market price of pure electric used cars factory in 2017 has almost doubled. This not only shows that the market’s recognition of new energy used cars has greatly increased, but also means that the previously underestimated hedge ratio is returning rationally. " For example, Shen Wenjun, the founder of Beijing Che Yi De New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that the EV150 of Beiqi New Energy, which has a driving range of about 100 kilometers and is six years old, sold for about 10,000 yuan last year, and now it is close to 20,000 yuan.

  The second-hand car industry of new energy not only undertakes the replacement of new cars in the upstream, promotes the sustainable development of the new energy vehicle market, but also connects the cascade utilization and recycling of waste power batteries in the downstream, which is an important link in the whole life cycle management of new energy vehicles. Although the current appraisal and evaluation standards, new testing equipment, etc. have made quality identification no longer a problem, in Shen Wenjun’s view, the sustainable development of the industry is still facing challenges without a breakthrough in traceability management of power batteries.

  All new energy vehicles are equipped with power battery monitoring system, which can monitor and upload key data in use, and even notify the owner in advance before the battery thermal runaway occurs, but this information cannot be shared. "We have been discussing whether to install a set of similar equipment on the used car for sale and record the operation data of the vehicle’s three electric systems." Shen Wenjun said that this move not only improves the safety of vehicles and user stickiness, but also contributes to the later cascade utilization and recycling.

  "The standardized start of the new energy used car market is conducive to the healthy development of the entire used car market." Luo Lei introduced that in 2019, China’s used car trading volume exceeded half of new car sales, and in 2021 it reached 2/3 of new car sales. "With the obvious effect of the policy, in 2025, the transaction volume of used cars will be expected to be the same as that of new cars." Luo Lei said.

In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Original title: Winter, let us slowly mature.

In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Author: Qingxi

When I said goodbye to autumn, I held a cup of warm tea in my hand, counting the little rays of sunlight leaking from the leaves … When I was leaving in winter, I gave my thoughts to the snow, hoping that the swirling snowflakes would cover the whole autumn world … In this way, autumn became a story and winter became a landscape.

"Cold" is a key word that cannot be avoided in winter. Perhaps, the meaning of cold is to remind us of some warm things! ——

When I was a child, in winter, I could see roasted sweet potatoes everywhere in the streets. An iron barrel with charcoal burning inside, and hot sweet potatoes roasting on the top of the iron barrel, the street is full of sweet smell … At that time, I always liked to buy a sweet potato that was neither too big nor too small to hold in my hand. Hands, warm; When eaten in the mouth, it is fragrant and sweet; Heart, warm …

When I was a child, popcorn was not like popping a bunch of popcorn at once in front of kindergartens and cinemas. Instead, I needed to find the popcorn with corn kernels and saccharin myself-put the corn and saccharin in a magical container, and then turn around and turn around. When the pressure arrives, the popcorn man will shout, "Open the pot!" " Then, boom, a big pot of popcorn comes out. Although I get a fright every time, I also enjoy it …

Ice window grilles have carried my childhood longings and dreams-there is enlightenment, which often inspires the truth of life and the light of loving nature; There is inspiration, short-lived dreamlike reverie and short-lived dream realization, which edifies my sentiment of fearing nature; ….. The life of ice window grilles is only so short from dawn to sunrise, but it leaves a beautiful picture on earth. It dedicates a colorful and perfect painting world with monotonous colors; It’s a world painted with a crystal thin posture, which is worth my time-consuming standing stupidly …

Although there will be cold wind, freezing rain and snow in winter, as long as there is love in my heart, my heart will not be cold. Life is not easy, you should know how to please yourself and look for some fun with your heart; Heaven and earth are dead, as long as you calm down, there are many touches in ordinary winter-

Look at the tassels of reeds. The white catkins are glittering and translucent by the sunshine of one meter, and they are lingering. The heads of the reeds that have been completely yellow are covered with clusters of silver-gray reeds. Time has brought the life of every reed to the final limit, showing a soft shape ―― fluffy, fluffy, as light as cicada’s wings, fluttering with the wind … After this winter, the reed will be reborn! The recurring laws of nature make us feel the time and life in loneliness and bleakness.

In the bleak, clusters of honeysuckle fruits hanging on the branches are very eye-catching. Honeysuckle, what a strong and poetic name. In winter, it has lost its pink and tender flowers and changed into a more red and colder posture, telling the beauty of life. Winter is irresistible, but if you can "endure", you will have glory and hope.

The sky is quiet and distant, the ground is cold and empty, and there will be pieces of residual leaves falling with the wind on the bare trees. Among the branches of the tree, there are bird’s nests quietly facing the wind. They are held high by the tree, just like a overlooking eye. Their eyes are full of loneliness and coldness, as well as the hope for spring …

Winter is a black-and-white sketch. The lines are simple, but they contain profound meaning of life. Winter is like an elegant classical music, quietly telling; Winter is like a little sunshine on the lake, and it is like a note hanging on the branches. In the quiet flow, the silence and purity of the bottom of my heart are precipitated …

Yes, the feeling that winter gives people always has different connotations because of different moods and different things. When the cold and bleak winter is always beautiful, and our soft hearts are finely covered with warm colors, we will also open all our moods outside our dreams …

The power of winter is everywhere, especially winter, which fills the shortcomings of the three seasons of life and keeps the four seasons charming forever! Silent in winter, like a philosopher. In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Brief introduction of the author

Tian Xiangru, pen name,clear stream, member of Tianjin Writers Association.

In my spare time, I write some words and leave every bit of my daily life in the memory space. I don’t want to ask for anything, I just want to fly my mood in the free sky … I like dancing with my fingertips, recording the joys and sorrows in my life, feeling my life with my heart, talking with my soul, and letting the space convey my true feelings and thoughts …

primary work

Editor in charge:

"Japanese Tony Leung Chiu Wai" learns Chinese word for word and wants to play golf with Wang Baoqiang.

Since its release on the first day of New Year’s Day, the box office of the film Detective Chinatown 3 has exceeded 4.4 billion yuan, ranking fifth in the history of film in China.

A few days ago, "Tang Tan 3" announced the extension of the key, which will be extended to April 10th.

Watching "Tang Tan" in the Spring Festival seems to have become the habit of many people. Although the release of "Tang Tan 3" was delayed for one year due to the epidemic, it did not affect the enthusiasm of movie fans at all. It is just a little surprising that the biggest winner of "Tang Tan 3" is not Chen Sicheng or Wang Baoqiang, but Tsumabuki Satoshi, the actor who plays Japanese detective Noda Hao. Many female audiences fell in love with Tsumabuki Satoshi because of "Tang Detective 3" and called him "Japanese Tony Leung Chiu Wai".

Before the epidemic, when interviewed about "Tang Tan 3", Tsumabuki Satoshi said that he hoped that "Tang Tan 3" must be released in Japan, so that Japanese audiences could also know the story of "detective chinatown".

"This is a very pleasant thing. Tang Ren and Qin Feng’s partner will never get tired of watching it. I hope this series can continue."

Many female audiences praised him for being handsome, but he didn’t think he was handsome.

"Noda Hao is a very good detective in Japan, very rich and very gentlemanly. In fact, I don’t think I am handsome. The director’s setting made me very scared, but this time I tried my best to be handsome. "

Tsumabuki Satoshi said that if he can choose by himself, he wants to be a good boy like Qin Feng, and he is considerate.

Different from the previous two films, the story of "Tang Tan 3" took place in Tokyo, which made Tsumabuki Satoshi very happy.

"This time, the whole of Asia became an organic whole, and an event was solved with Tokyo as the stage. In Japan, there are few opportunities to work with people from other countries. It’s really fun to work with people from many different countries through’ Tang Tan 3′. Through this film, I hope that people from China, Japan and other Asian countries can deepen their communication with each other. "

When filming "Tang Tan 2", Tsumabuki Satoshi didn’t know Chinese very well. For this reason, when filming "Tang Tan 3", he learned Chinese word for word on the set whenever he had time. He said that although Chinese pronunciation is difficult, he will study hard.

What makes Tsumabuki Satoshi feel particularly interesting is that there are various languages on the set when filming "Tang Tan 3".

"If the other person’s lines are in Chinese, you don’t have to answer in Chinese, but you can answer in Japanese instead. In this way, different languages answer each other. The dialogue part is difficult, but it is also very interesting. Everyone looked at each other’s faces and wondered if they were finished, so the performance was particularly funny. "

Although he doesn’t know much Chinese, Tsumabuki Satoshi still insists on chatting with Wang Baoqiang and Haoran Liu in Chinese on the set.

"I remember a little Chinese, although only a little, but I can chat with them in Chinese, which was impossible in the last cooperation, so this time we exchanged more with each other. We drink and eat together, and I want to play golf with Baoqiang. He said he plays golf well and likes it, so when he was in Japan, I thought it would be nice to play with him once. "

The filming of "Tang Tan 3" made Tsumabuki Satoshi feel the superb technical ability of China staff, especially the theme of transcending language and culture and integrating Asia, which made him feel very happy.

"I always wanted to participate in such works before, and this time I just had such an opportunity, so I was very happy. In the actual shooting, the director’s views on culture and various countries are skillfully expressed. I feel that the world of "Tang Tan" is getting bigger and bigger. I hope everyone can go to the cinema to see this wonderful film. "

Source: Harbin News Network

Reporter: Feng Jiao

Original title: "Japanese Tony Leung Chiu Wai" learns Chinese word for word and wants to play golf with Wang Baoqiang "

Waist flag football: the next place where Su Yiming was born.

China Daily, May 8 th, Su Yiming, an 18-year-old boy who won a gold and a silver for the first time in the Winter Olympics, not only created history, but also made the public curious about more sports that were unfamiliar in the past-after Su Yiming brought snowboarding into public view, what would be the next sports that gave birth to Su Yiming; What new events are worthy of attention in the next two Olympic Games? Flag football may be the best answer to the above two questions.
Flag Rugby: Next Stop, Olympic Games
In the mid-19th century, American football rose in the famous Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, etc. Later, this sport quickly swept across the United States and became one of the most popular sports in the United States. Flag Football, which was born out of American football, is catching more and more participants all over the world because of its many advantages, such as easy to learn, zero equipment, no collision, and small space demand. In 2020, the World Games decided to accept flag rugby as its official competition in 2022.
"In 2021, the Olympic Channel broadcasted the final of the 2021 Rugby World Cup in Jerusalem, Israel to the global audience, and this summer, the world’s best men’s and women’s eight rugby teams will be on the field of the 2022 World Games for the first time, and they will make history in front of the global audience." Andy Fuller, managing director of the International Football Federation (IFAF), said: "The flag football will continue to flourish."
"Waist flag football is full of vitality and passion. In the folk, it is suitable for all ages to participate in this sport." Pierre Trochet, president of the International Football Association (IFAF), said: "We hope that the flag football will become a catalyst when it enters the 2022 World Games, so that the sport will usher in a new growth period around the world and more talented people who love the sport can join it."
But for flag football, becoming the official event of the 2022 World Games is only the beginning. For this sport, the bigger stage is the Olympic Games.
The entry of flag football into the Olympics is something that the NFL has been actively promoting, and becoming the official event of the 2022 World Games has added an important weight to the entry of flag football into the Olympics. In the past Olympic history, badminton, beach volleyball, rugby sevens, trampoline, triathlon and other events all became the events of the World Games first, and then knocked on the door of the official events of the Olympic Games.
"The International Football Federation is working hard to promote the establishment of the flag football project in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games, and the NFL is fully supporting them." Jia Hengxuan, senior director of NFL China, said: "Although the Olympic addition is a huge project, for now, everything is going well."
Also worthy of attention is the statement from the Chinese Rugby Association. According to the Ten-year Development Plan of Rugby in China released in 2019, "By widely popularizing all kinds of rugby in primary and secondary schools across the country, the number of rugby participants in China is expected to exceed 5 million, and the number of people who pay attention to rugby will reach 50 million."
Just as American football was born in an Ivy League competition in the United States, waist flag football became more and more popular in China with the participation of some well-known universities. More than 40 universities, including Tsinghua, Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, Guangzhou University, and Shandong University, have participated in the national flag football tournament held by the NFL in China since 2008. With the increasing popularity and popularity of football, teenagers have become one of the largest participating groups. In China, competitions for all ages including primary school group, junior high school group and senior high school group have also been held. Waist flag rugby has become one of the sports widely participated by teenagers in first-and second-tier cities.
When the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics made a young teenager represented by Su Yiming, and when the flag football officially joined the Olympic family and became the official event of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games, those teenagers who are running on the court now may be the next Su Yiming to create Olympic history on behalf of China.
Flag football: not just the Olympics
The Olympics represents a height, but for those who love flag football, the real value of this sport is far more than just boarding the Olympic Games. Participating in flag football can comprehensively shape the participants from many dimensions, such as strengthening physique, exercising mind, cultivating leadership and team spirit, and cultural exchanges between the East and the West.
As a safe, zero-contact and small-venue football game, flag football has no requirements on the number of participants, age and physical fitness. Even if it is based on zero sports, it can quickly integrate into the team, and men and women can mix teams and compete in the same field.
With these characteristics, the flag football has quickly gained popularity among the public since its birth. Take Japan as an example. After the rise of flag football in Japan in the 1990s, the Japanese Rugby Association quickly established a flag football tutorial class with the NFL in eight regions in 1998. In October of the same year, flag football became a promotion course for primary and secondary schools.
The data shows that more than one-third of primary schools (6,700 schools) in Japan have carried out flag football. Since 2011, flag football has been raised to the level of learning guidance for students in grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 in Japan. Since the flag football was declared to be the event of the World Games, Japan has taken precautions to promote its talent reserve and selection in its own country from the perspective of Olympic strategy.
The achievements made by neighboring Japan in flag rugby fully show that rugby is not only suitable for Europe and America. Broadly speaking, modern sports originated in Europe and America. However, since the founding of New China, Chinese athletes have made remarkable achievements in various modern sports, which has already fully demonstrated that sports can never be defined by cultural differences and ethnic differences. Just at the just-concluded Beijing Winter Olympics, Z-generation teenagers, represented by Su Yiming, won gold and silver for the China Legion in ice and snow projects and made history, which is the best proof.
With China becoming the second largest economy in the world, the per capita GDP reaches 12,500 US dollars, which is close to the threshold of high-income countries. Many sports that were once restricted by economic factors and could not be popularized and developed in China now have excellent development conditions, such as ice and snow sports, and American football.
NFL China: Let more people experience the charm of flag football.
The NFL is the most influential professional football league in the world. NFL China is committed to promoting flag football, and at the same time, it is actively promoting the work of building an upward channel for domestic excellent rugby players, so that potential China players can enter American high school leagues and NCAA famous football schools for further study, or directly enter professional leagues through IPP international player program.
Since 2021, various girls’ flag football teams and organizations have sprung up all over the country, including more than ten cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing and Zhengzhou. In these cities, white-collar workers, college students and other female groups gather for training and competition after work or on weekends. In order to better popularize flag football and prepare for the flag football to become an event in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games, NFL China decided to carry out extensive cooperation with national and local organizations and increase the incubation of rugby institutions from this year.
NFL China will empower the brand effect of partners and promotion agencies, provide teachers, advanced flag football training methods, operate and organize competitions, and provide strong software support for cooperation agencies to enter the campus; Carry out NFL flag football league and local school-level league on campus, create an upgrade channel for the event, provide new sports for the school, and help the school establish a school with sports characteristics; And provide a certificate of completion for students who have participated in a certain number of class hours.
At the same time, the NFL, together with local partners and the Education Bureau, held flag rugby leagues in six cities in China, and invited China, the representative of the national champion team, to participate in the flag rugby World Cup.
NFL China will also use various NFL publicity platforms to help institutions publicize the construction of campus flag rugby courses, leagues and clubs, and add novel rugby study tours for institutions and schools in light of actual conditions; Enhance the sports cognition of institutions and students, and feel the charm of American football at close range.
Source: China Daily.

Cross-country skiing: a cool sport known as "marathon" on snow.

[Historical Origin]
Cross-country skiing is a sport that glides in the mountains and snowfields with the help of skiing equipment, using basic techniques such as climbing, downhill, turning and sliding. Cross-country skiing originated in northern Europe, also known as Nordic skiing, and is one of the oldest sports in the world sports history. It was first included in the Winter Olympic Games in 1924.
The reason why cross-country skiing is called "snow marathon" is that the main competition is the endurance and physical strength of athletes. Cross-country skiing in the Winter Olympics has set a distance of 10 km, 15 km, 30 km, or even up to 50 km, which is equivalent to skiing a marathon. Because cross-country skiing is one of the events in nordic combined and Biathlon, it is also an important support for nordic combined and Biathlon.
As a routine of the Winter Olympics, the men’s 50 km and women’s 30 km cross-country skiing awards ceremony was held at the closing ceremony.
[Site facilities]
The cross-country skiing competition of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be held at the National Cross-country Skiing Center in Zhangjiakou Division, and a total of 12 gold medals will be produced.
Cross-country skiing uses two techniques, and snowboarding is the most important: freestyle board is relatively short, the tip of the board is relatively small, the bottom is smooth, and all the wax needs to be slipped.
The traditional board has obvious bow-shaped arc, the sliding part needs sliding wax, and the middle pedaling part needs anti-slip wax.
Traditional snowboard
[rules of the game]
Cross-country skiing competition involves two technical rules: traditional technology and free technology.
Traditional techniques include alternate sliding, double-stick sliding, eight-step without sliding stage, sliding down and turning. It is not allowed to push the ice with two feet or one foot. The snowboard must be placed in the pressed snow slot, and the two skis should be kept parallel to the sliding direction. The athletes can move forward by swinging their legs back and forth and using snowball fights. The athletes’ "stepping" forward is similar to walking, except that they use snowball fights to generate thrust when skiing, and they will slide for a certain distance every step. During sliding, they feel like sliding on a marble surface in smooth shoes. When overtaking the front athlete, you can jump out of the snow chute and slide in another direction, especially downhill and peaceful snow trail is the golden stage of overtaking your opponent. When the back athlete wants to overtake, he can step on the front athlete’s snowboard to remind him, and the front athlete must give way to the snow trail after being reminded, otherwise it will be considered a foul.
Free technique has no restrictions on technical movements, and athletes can adopt any technical movements.

"Go skiing to the west and welcome the New Year in Youlong" Inner Mongolia ushered in a wave of parent-child groups

On January 20th, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region opened the theme activity of "Going West to Ski and Welcome the New Year in Youlong". With the smooth arrival of 26 passengers from Guangzhou parent-child tour group at Hohhot Baita International Airport, a cheerful and dripping ice and snow experience tour began.

Punch in the old street

Taste "boiled sheep in ice"

According to reports, the parent-child group is organized by Guangzhou Guangzhi Travel Agency, and visitors will have a winter trip to Inner Mongolia in Hohhot, Baotou and Erdos. It is planned to visit Taiwei Ski Resort in Hohhot, Saishang Old Street, Inner Mongolia Museum, Xiangshawan Scenic Area in Erdos and other places, to see historical and cultural cities, taste special food, play winter ice and snow, and enjoy the wonders of desert ice and snow.

Li Li, head of Kaiser International Travel Service in Inner Mongolia, said that ice and snow are very attractive to southerners. The fun of ice and snow outlined by Inner Mongolia prairie, big desert, big ice and snow and unique culture is exactly what they want to let tourists experience during the 4-day and 3-night parent-child tour, so that more tourists can enter Inner Mongolia, fall in love with Inner Mongolia and feel the diversity of Inner Mongolia.

In order to make high-quality tourism in winter get together, get hot and live, this year, Inner Mongolia has given full play to the advantages of ice and snow tourism with the characteristics of "Northern Xinjiang Culture" and launched such formats as "ice and snow+annual customs", "ice and snow+intangible heritage", "ice and snow+health care" and "ice and snow+holiday" to promote the consumption upgrade of winter tourism industry. Inner Mongolia will take the "Fourteen Winter" as the starting point, create more ice and snow tourism products, release the charm of ice and snow, and attract more tourists to experience while creating an orderly market environment and providing quality services.(Prairie All Media Zhengbei Net reporter Ma Lixia)

All the beautiful women are super English films! The new poster of Sony’s "Mrs Spider" was released: the shapes of four spider women were announced.

Fast Technology reported on January 10th that Sony Pictures’ Marvel Comics new film "Mrs Spider: Super Awakening" released a brand-new Taiwanese poster, and all the leading members appeared.

Mrs Spider, played by Dakota Johnson, joined hands with three spider women to unveil the dressing style.

All the beautiful women are super English films! The new poster of Sony's "Mrs Spider" was released: the shapes of four spider women were announced.

The movie "Mrs Spider: Super Awakening" will be released in North America, China and Hongkong on February 14th, 2024, but the mainland has not yet set a file.

This is Sony’s first super-English film featuring women in Marvel Comics’s character universe, directed by S·J· Clarkson and written by Matt Sazama & Burk Sharpless.

All the beautiful women are super English films! The new poster of Sony's "Mrs Spider" was released: the shapes of four spider women were announced.

Dakota Johnson (fifty shades of grey), Sydney sweeney (Excitement), Isabella Merced (Transformers 5), celeste O ‘Connor (The Expendables), tahar rahim, Emma Roberts, adam scott, Zosia Mamet, etc.

The movie "Mrs Spider: Super Sensual Awakening" focuses on Dakota Johnson. Originally, she was a medical worker, and she unexpectedly awakened her super powers in a rescue operation, so she could predict the future.

All the beautiful women are super English films! The new poster of Sony's "Mrs Spider" was released: the shapes of four spider women were announced.

Later, I met three women in one crisis after another, and their fates were inextricably linked like cobwebs.

All the beautiful women are super English films! The new poster of Sony's "Mrs Spider" was released: the shapes of four spider women were announced.

All the beautiful women are super English films! The new poster of Sony's "Mrs Spider" was released: the shapes of four spider women were announced.

All the beautiful women are super English films! The new poster of Sony's "Mrs Spider" was released: the shapes of four spider women were announced.

New progress in financial opening-up: the second overseas bank card clearing institution was approved for opening.

  The financial industry has made progress in opening up to the outside world, and the second overseas bank card clearing institution has entered the domestic market.

  On November 19th, official website, the central bank, reported that the People’s Bank of China, together with the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, examined and approved the application for opening a bank card clearing institution submitted by "Everything Network Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "Everything Network Company") in accordance with the the State Council Decision on Implementing Access Management of Bank Card Clearing Institutions and the Measures for the Administration of Bank Card Clearing Institutions. On November 17th, 2023, the People’s Bank of China issued a bank card clearing business license to Wanshiwanglian Company.

  Wanshi Netlink Company is a joint venture established by MasterCard and Netlink Clearing Co., Ltd. in China. After obtaining the administrative license, Wanshiwanglian Company can authorize its member institutions to issue and accept RMB bank cards of MasterCard brand in China.

  It is worth noting that this is the third bank card clearing institution in China after China UnionPay and China Unicom, and it is also the second Sino-foreign joint venture bank card clearing institution (China Unicom is a joint venture between American Express and China).

  All things network obtained administrative permission.

  According to public information, as the main body of MasterCard and Netlink Technology Co., Ltd.’ s bank card clearing institution preparation application, Wanshi Netlink Company is a joint venture company initiated by MasterCard Company in China, and as the market main body, it applies for preparing bank card clearing institution and operating MasterCard brand.

  According to Tianyancha, Wanshiwanglian Company was incorporated on March 6, 2019 with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan. MasterCard Asia/Pacific PTE. Ltd. (MasterCard Asia Pacific), Netlink Technology Co., Ltd. and MasterCard International Incorporated jointly contributed 500 million yuan, 490 million yuan and 100 million yuan respectively, accounting for 50%, 49% and 1% of the registered capital respectively.

  The legal representative and chairman of Everything Network Company are Ling Hai, who is the co-president of MasterCard Asia Pacific; Dong Junfeng, the director and vice chairman of Everything Network, is currently the president of Network Clearing Co., Ltd.

  Industry experts told reporters that MasterCard is the second largest bank card clearing institution in the United States, and approving its entry into China’s market is a concrete measure to implement the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting high-level opening up, which fully demonstrates China’s determination to expand opening up. So far, China has approved American Express and MasterCard, two overseas bank card clearing institutions, to enter the domestic market, which is conducive to building an effective competitive, reasonable and stable bank card clearing market structure, deepening the supply-side structural reform of the payment industry, and better serving the real economy and people’s livelihood.

  The bank card clearing business involves the calculation of creditor’s rights and debts and the arrangement of fund settlement among the subjects of the bank card business, which is related to the rights and interests of the public, enterprises and institutions.

  The reporter learned that the People’s Bank of China is further improving the relevant management system of bank card clearing institutions, strengthening the whole process supervision and penetrating supervision, and maintaining the safe and stable operation of China’s payment system.

  The central bank said that in the next step, the People’s Bank of China will continue to follow the principles of openness, fairness and justice, promote the market access of bank card clearing in an orderly manner according to law, make overall plans for development and safety, continuously improve the supervision mechanism of bank card clearing institutions, and promote the high-quality development of the payment industry.

  Steadily promote the access of foreign bank card clearing institutions

  In 1980s, foreign bank card clearing institutions began to provide foreign currency bank card related services to domestic entities, such as authorizing domestic commercial banks to issue foreign currency bank cards.

  In 2015, the State Council issued the Decision on Implementing Access Management of Bank Card Clearing Institutions (Guo Fa [2015] No.22), which clearly stated that China’s bank card clearing market should be opened, and foreign bank card clearing institutions can provide RMB bank card related services by setting up commercial entities in China with the approval of the People’s Bank of China and the former CBRC.

  In 2016, the People’s Bank of China, together with the former China Banking Regulatory Commission, issued the Measures for the Administration of Bank Card Clearing Institutions (Order No.2 of the China Banking Regulatory Commission of the People’s Bank of China [2016]), which set the same standards for foreign and domestic bank card clearing institutions in terms of establishment conditions, procedures and business management, fully embodying the principles of opening wider to the outside world and maintaining fair competition in the market.

  Subsequently, in order to promote the standardization, standardization and convenience of administrative licensing of bank card clearing institutions and improve the transparency of administrative licensing, in 2017, the People’s Bank of China studied, formulated and publicly released the Service Guide for the Approval of Bank Card Clearing Institutions, which detailed the application materials requirements for administrative licensing matters such as the preparation, opening and major changes of bank card clearing institutions, and clarified the specific procedures for bank card clearing institutions to apply for licenses.

  After that, the People’s Bank of China closely followed the new situation and situation of the opening of the bank card clearing market, and based on the regulatory practice and market demand, revised and updated the Service Guide for the Entry and Approval of Bank Card Clearing Institutions in 2020, streamlined the requirements of application materials, optimized the entry and approval process, and better facilitated the bank card clearing institutions to handle administrative licensing matters.

  In recent years, the People’s Bank of China has resolutely implemented the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and steadily promoted the access of foreign bank card clearing institutions.

  In June 2020, the People’s Bank of China and the former China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission approved the application for opening a bank card clearing institution submitted by Unicom (Hangzhou) Technical Service Co., Ltd. (a joint venture company established by American Express in China), and issued a bank card clearing business license to it. In August 2020, Connectivity Company officially opened.

  According to the central bank, China is committed to high-level opening-up, and MasterCard’s exhibition in China market is a new progress in China’s financial opening-up. China will continue to optimize the business environment and provide greater convenience for foreign financial institutions to develop their businesses in China. American-funded financial institutions are welcome to expand their business presence in China, share the fruits of China’s economic development and make contributions to deepening Sino-US financial cooperation.

A good film has an appointment | Watch "Last Christmas" by Long Ma and Yang Ziqiong, and it will be cool in a summer.

Last Christmas,

I gave you my heart.

But the next day,

You sent it away.

— — 《Last Christmas》

Special feature of 1905 film network This well-known English song "Last Christmas" was sung by Wei Meng Band and has been covered by many domestic and foreign singers since it came out in 1984. This week’s film "Last Christmas" was adapted from this song.

Last Christmas

Director:Paul Feig

playwrightEmma thompson/burini Cummings/greg wise

star; act the leading roleEmilia Clarke/Henry Golding/Yang Ziqiong/emma thompson/Rebecca Root


Producer country/regionBritain/America

First, from the cool and handsome "Dragon Mom" to the sweet Kate

In the film Last Christmas, Emilia Clarke, the heroine, dressed in an elf costume, changed her old image and sang "Jingle Bells" for the audience, making her sweet off the charts!

When he was three or four years old, Emilia Clarke came to the theater with his father by chance, and he was deeply fascinated by drama from then on. When she was ten years old, she had an interview with a film crew. Although she was unsuccessful, she failed to extinguish her enthusiasm for acting.

Emilia Clarke photos

When she auditioned for an American TV series, she amused the general manager with an impromptu dance and was lucky enough to get the qualification to participate in Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke played the role of "Dragon Mom" in the film, and the cool and handsome image left a deep impression on the audience.

Game of Thrones

The wonderful performance in Game of Thrones made Emilia Clarke an instant hit and made her a popular actress. During the filming of Game of Thrones, I participated in many films, such as, and so on.

Second, from classic songs to a movie

Emma thompson, the initiator of the movie Last Christmas, decided to attach a new meaning to the lyrics "Last Christmas, I gave you my sincere heart".

Emma thompson photos

Because the original lyrics are about the story of lovelorn love, the first problem that emma thompson encountered was how to change from a lovelorn single to a movie that resonates with the public and has temperature.

Last Christmas

Emma thompson discovered that the original composer had worked in a homeless shelter anonymously when he was doing the data inversion. Moreover, george michael’s wham band donated all the royalties of this song to Ethiopia for famine relief.

Photo of Wittmann Band (george michael on the left)

George michael, the original composer, inspired emma thompson by these acts of kindness full of great love. She decided to express a great love that everyone is equal in this story, and skillfully attached a new meaning to the lyrics of "Last Christmas, I gave you my sincere heart".

Stills of Last Christmas

Third, from martial arts professionals to comedians

In creation, in order to express that people with different cultural backgrounds can celebrate the same festival, emma thompson created a very contrasting role — — Asian boss who runs a Christmas decoration shop. In emma thompson’s mind, Yang Ziqiong is the best person to play this role.

Stills of Last Christmas

Yang Ziqiong has left many dashing images on the screen, such as Yu Xiulian, her opponent in the movie, and bond girl, the representative of Hollywood.

Yang Ziqiong in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 007: Empire of Tomorrow

In fact, when he first learned that he was going to star in a comedy, Yang Ziqiong refused. After all, he has always created a cool and handsome image in front of the audience for many years. But when she learned that the screenwriter of the film was her favorite actor emma thompson, she suddenly became interested in the film, because she believed that emma thompson could create a real and suitable role for her.

Stills of Last Christmas

This week’s "A Good Film with a Date" will take you into "Last Christmas" and start a wonderful love in a brisk song.

This program is live.

In this Saturday’s edition of CCTV-6 movie channel "A Good Movie with a Date", the presenter will take you into the movie "Last Christmas". In the Sunday Film Review, director Yang Chao and actors will continue to explain the success of this original film for you.

Film review site

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CCTV-6 movie channel "Good film has a date"

Sunday, July 10th

13:38 Last Christmas

15:12 Sunday Film Review Edition

More than 15 classic movies reminisce about the golden songs of the year from 7.25 on the movie channel.

Special feature of 1905 film network The voice of the classics will remain forever!Starting from July 25th, the movie channel’s midsummer nostalgia series "The Golden Songs of the Years in the Movie".We have carefully prepared more than 15 classic films for you, including the voice of the times from the 1950s to the present, and each song is a classic among the classics.What kind of memories will you recall when you hum these melodies again?

The pride of defending the country in the 1950 s

Diary of a nurse

"Little Swallow"

"The little swallow wears flowered clothes and comes here every spring. I asked the swallow why he came, and the swallow said that the spring here is really beautiful."

This well-known old song "Little Swallow" is the theme song sung by actor Wang Danfeng in the first nurse-themed film in New China.

At that time, this song was as well known as the movie. Once the film was released, it was deeply loved by the masses, and almost everyone could sing the interlude in the film.

Nowadays, the song "Little Swallow" has already become a classic children’s song widely sung, accompanying generation after generation to grow up.


"My Motherland"

"A big river has wide waves, and the wind blows rice and flowers on both sides."In 1956, the song "My Motherland" led by the heroine Wang Lan (ornaments) became a movie-watching memory of a generation.

Liu Chi, the composer who wrote My Motherland, said: "I hope this song will spread all over the country with the performance of the film, and it will be well-known to all women and children and will last forever. After several years, this film is no longer performed. As long as you sing this song, you will think of the moving scenes in the film and miss those heroic volunteers! "

Qiao Yu’s lyrics, with the most unpretentious language and sincere and deep feelings, let us remember the infinite love and heroism of volunteer soldiers for their motherland and hometown. 

Five golden flowers

"butterfly spring side"

"Flowers wait for butterflies to collect honey, and A-mei waits for lovers."As the pioneering work of the new China musical, it was sold out for several months after its release, and was shown in more than 40 countries, which was very popular.

At that time, he was only 17 years old. With the corner of the golden flower in the movie Five Golden Flowers, he became the idol of countless fans.

Among them, the song "The Edge of butterfly spring" written by Jinhua and A Peng as love songs spread all over the streets in that year, and still reverberates in the hearts of the older generation.

Flying tigers.

"Play my beloved pipa."

"Play my beloved pipa and sing that touching song."Using the typical tones of Shandong folk songs, this song "Play My Beloved Pipa" has made many people deeply empathize with the feelings and revolutionary enthusiasm of Chinese sons and daughters.

A song "Play My Beloved Pipa" made flying tigers’s heroic deeds of anti-Japanese war famous all over the world, which has been passed down to this day. Even in the movie, he was re-interpreted by the starring role.

The Story of Liubao

"sunny day in 1999"

Movies depicting love stories of active servicemen were rare at that time.

The film does not focus on describing large-scale battles, but focuses on the personal emotional life of soldiers, showing the romance and warmth that are rare in the war.

The beautiful pictures of windmills, willows, Banqiao and canoes in the water town of northern Jiangsu, coupled with the theme song "Sunny Days in 1999", let us remember the lofty and beautiful love of revolutionary soldiers and the beautiful scenery of the water town in the south of the Yangtze River.

The sound of burning passion in the 1960 s

Heroes and children

"ode to the hero"

"Why is the battle flag picturesque, and the hero’s blood dyed it red? Why is the spring always there, and the hero’s life blooms?"

The theme song "Ode to a Hero" is stirring, very sonorous.Whenever "Ode to Heroes" is sung, we can see the glorious images of Wang Cheng clutching the explosive barrel and Wang Fang singing in the war, reminding us not to forget history and heroes. 

Red women soldiers

"women soldiers Liange"

"Forward, forward, soldiers have heavy responsibilities and women have deep grievances."

In order to compose the music in Red women soldiers, the composer Huang Zhun spent three or four months before and after, went to Hainan three times, went deep into the alpine jungle, visited the surviving "women soldiers" soldiers and the places where they fought and lived in the past, and collected a large number of Hainan local music, including Hainan operas and folk songs, from which he gained inspiration of musical style.The spirit of Red women soldiers is the banner of women’s liberation movement.

The crisp, majestic and powerful theme song "women soldiers Liege" has been selected as one of the 100 golden songs in China movies for more than half a century, and it is still popular today.

Eternal life in fire

"Embroidering Red Flag"

"Thousands of feelings, great love, turned into a Venus embroidered red flag."

Jiang Jie, as the representative of the female group, sang songs of integrity, which left a deep imprint on the hearts of audiences and readers from generation to generation.According to classic legend, the heroic spirit lasts for a long time; Light and shadow flow, and the red gene is passed down from generation to generation.

The "Red Rock Spirit" lives forever in the fire with the sound of classics.

Third Sister Liu

"Folk songs are like spring water."

The film that combines music and scenery is the first music and scenery film in China.

The film "Sanjie Liu" is based on the story of a generation of song fairy Sanjie Liu.Qiao Yu, who is known as a master of ci, and Lei Zhenbang, a famous composer in New China, wrote more than 30 songs for the film and won the Best Music Award in the 2nd Hundred Flowers Award.

The first song is like a spring water that sings the wishes and ideals of the working people and moistens people’s hearts.

Honghu Red Guard

"Hong Hushui waves"

If the songs in the movie "Sister Liu" represent Guangxi ethnic customs, the songs in the movie are symbols of Hubei folk songs.

Honghu Lake is also a hot spot for revolution. This was once one of the centers of the national agrarian revolution.A song of Hong Hushui, which has lasted for generations.

Classic aria in films such as Hong Hushui, Beating Waves, What a Beautiful Battle, Seeing that all the toiling people in the world are liberated, No Tears, No Sadness, Song of the Red Guards, etc., have been well-known so far and evoked many revolutionary feelings and memories.

The visitor on the iceberg

"Why are flowers so red?"

At that time, an old movie evoked many people’s yearning for the Pamirs.

A song "Why Flowers Are So Red" tells the story of the hardships and hardships experienced by border guards, and how many people yearn for a better life and sincere love.

This song "Why Flowers Are So Red", which is played by Dutar and other musical instruments, is original and rough, melodious and simple in tone, which appropriately creates a sad and romantic atmosphere for the film and makes the film more legendary because of the music.

This song is the password for the older generation to transmit love when they are in love, which shows its rich charm and unique charm.

Melody of praising the motherland in the 1970s.

Sparkling red star

"Red Star Song"

"The red star shines brightly, the red star is bright and warm-hearted, the red star is the heart of the workers and peasants, and the glory of the party shines for generations."

In that era when model operas were popular, The Sparkling Red Star brought people a brand-new experience and quickly became popular all over China.

The song called "three reds" in the film — — Red Star Song, Red Star Follow Me to Fight, and Yingshanhong are all widely sung.After years of repeated elutriation, it still lasts forever and becomes one of the symbols for people to recall the past.

Little flower

"velvet flower"

"There is a beautiful flower in the world, and that is youth spitting youth. Clashing hard bones and blooming flowers, blood from Li Li dyed it red … …”

Two songs in the film that won the 3rd Hundred Flowers Award Best Music Award added a lot of color to the film.A "Sister Looking for Brother’s Tears" and a "Eddy Flowers" made many audiences cry.

Xiaohua turned grief into a revolutionary force, unswervingly embarked on the spirit of the revolutionary road, exuded the dazzling light of lofty ideals and firm beliefs, and gave people strength. 

The expression of trivial matters in life after the 1980s.

"It’s a long way to go, and it’s difficult and dangerous to sprinkle camel bells all the way."

When he directed and starred in the film in the 1980s, he was determined to pour out his war friendship with a moving song from the beginning. Camel Bell came into being.

"The lover will never come again after parting, sitting alone and looking out of the world."

The song "The Love of My Life" in the movie that came out in 1995 is the love of my life.

"Love is just a word. I will only say it once. You know I will only express it with actions."

On July 30, 1999, the song "Love is One Word" in the movie is the deep affection between mother and son of Aquilaria sinensis.

"When a ship sinks to the bottom of the sea, when a person becomes a mystery. You don’t know why they left, but that goodbye was his last sentence. "

The debut film, which was released on July 24th, 2014 for eight years, seems to be more famous than the film in its episode of the same name, which describes the mood of contemporary young people wandering around the world very appropriately.

An era, with the brand of an era, condenses into eternal memory.These classic songs of different ages represent our youth and blood in different ages.

Let’s turn over the chapter of memory, review the classic songs of the times, and recall those once moved.In August, "The Golden Melody of the Year in the Movie" will also welcome the classic translation unit, so stay tuned!

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August 1 "Lotus Lantern"

On August 2nd, The Great Sage of a Chinese Odyssey Marries.

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8:00 on August 8-12.

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