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Chinese scientific research team found a new way to improve the performance of all-perovskite laminated solar cells

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, November 12 (Reporter Hou Wenkun) After long-term research, Professor Ke Weijun and Professor Fang Guo from the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University have made new progress in exploring the performance improvement of all-perovskite laminated solar cells, and creatively put forward the integrated doping strategy of aspartic acid hydrochloride, which effectively improved the efficiency and stability of narrow-band gap perovskite subcells and found new ways to further improve the battery performance. Related research results were recently published in the journal Nature.

  According to reports, the new metal halide perovskite has the advantages of simple preparation process, high defect tolerance, high absorption coefficient and long carrier diffusion length, which has attracted much attention in the field of optoelectronic devices and is considered as one of the next generation photovoltaic materials with great prospects in the industry.

  Ke Weijun, one of the authors of the paper and a professor at the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University, said that in practical application, the all-perovskite laminated solar cell is composed of a broad-band gap perovskite subcell at the top and a narrow-band gap perovskite subcell at the bottom, and the narrow-band gap perovskite subcell that is not excellent enough is one of the stumbling blocks for its commercial application in the future.

  To this end, the research team introduced aspartic acid hydrochloride into the hole transport layer, perovskite light absorption layer and upper interface layer at the bottom of all perovskite laminated solar cells, and developed an integrated doping strategy with the same molecular treatment, which greatly improved the quality of perovskite thin films. In addition to coordinating with perovskite precursors, aspartic acid hydrochloride molecules also have strong intermolecular hydrogen bonds, so aspartic acid hydrochloride enriched at the upper and lower interfaces of perovskite acts as a molecular lock between the interface of perovskite layer and transport layer, further improving the performance and stability of perovskite materials.

  In addition, how to inhibit the spontaneous oxidation of unstable divalent tin metal ions in narrow-gap perovskite subcells is also one of the pain points in the industry. The results show that aspartic acid hydrochloride can effectively inhibit the oxidation of divalent tin ions and reduce harmful tetravalent tin impurities. Moreover, the introduction of aspartic acid hydrochloride can also passivate the defects of perovskite materials, adjust Fermi level and inhibit harmful ion migration, thus enhancing the performance and stability of devices.

  Ke Weijun said that the research shows that this simple integrated doping strategy can achieve multiple functions at one stroke and improve the steady-state efficiency of narrow-band perovskite subcells to 27.62%, which provides a new way to improve the performance of all-perovskite stacked solar cells.

Mermaid sadism! What’s the story of Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid?

    Special feature of 1905 film network On January 31st, The Mermaid, which will be released on the first day of the New Year’s Day, held a conference of "Fish, Water and Acacia" in Beijing. Director Stephen Chow made a collective appearance with the mighty "Mermaid Family" and released a trailer of the final version for 1 minute and 40 seconds.

    This highly anticipated film has maintained a mystery so far, and has always adopted the hunger marketing route, without any screening and media watching activities in advance. It is really hard to say whether Master Xing is too confident or too unsure about the quality of this film.

    We can only get a glimpse of several groups of film materials exposed at present.

1. This movie is very Stephen Chow.

Stephen Chow is not only the king of comedy of the performing world, but also the film he directed is unique. Starting from "Demon Journey to the West", he no longer arranged a place for himself in the film, but hid behind the monitor as a director.

Inner OS: What the hell is it? …

    The first time we heard that there was no Stephen Chow in a Stephen Chow movie, we felt a little sorry in our hearts. However, when we saw The Demon on a Journey to the West, we were surprised to see the familiar shadow of cynicism in the article, Bo Huang, Show Lo and even Shu Qi’s role.

    After a lapse of three years, there will be no guest appearance of Master Xing in The Mermaid, but through the director’s special feature exposed by the film, it can be found that his director’s way is to completely instill his performance into the actors, even at the expense of repeatedly demonstrating in person, in order to accurately meet his requirements.

Demonstrate and guide the actors to perform in person.

    So, even if Master Xing doesn’t appear in the movie, we don’t have to worry. "Mermaid" is definitely a film that inherits Stephen Chow’s strong personal style. There are all kinds of nonsense, cold humor, man show and madness in it, and every one is guaranteed.

2, the character has a big bottom and an N angle, which is related to mermaid sadism

    There are quite a few familiar faces in this movie. From the trailer currently exposed, we see Deng Chao, Show Lo, Yuqi Zhang, Jelly Lin, Li Shangzheng, Lu Zhengyu, Yang Neng, Ke Bai, Kong Lianshun, Wu Yifan, Wen Jian, Zhang Mei ‘e, etc., and all the immortals show their magical powers — — Of course, most of them are "dead walk-on".

For example, this:

Yang Neng, the "Pork Guy" in shaolin soccer, turned into the curator of the World Museum of Rare Animals in The Mermaid, and personally performed it for a group of tourists — — "Our ancestors were all fish."

There are also two police comrades who were exposed in the first preview, whose painting is "super good" and their understanding ability is "first-class", which were played by Tang Priest’s article and Friar Sand Li Shangzheng in "Demon Journey to the West" respectively.

Even Wu Yifan, a guest star, got a glimpse in the final trailer — — Look at the dress, you should be a rich second generation.

However, there is a role that has not been revealed so far, and that is "Master" Tsui Hark! At the press conference held yesterday, not only the "Mermaid Family" was all out, but also an old friend of Xingye, Tsui Hark, was invited, and he was revealed to have a guest performance in The Mermaid. "There are more than one line."

Master Xing also said with a smile: "Tsui Hark’s acting skills are very good. In fact, the director who can act best, I think one is Director Xu and the other is me. There is nothing to say about acting skills."

Two "old urchins" were funny at the press conference.

Of course, the most important roles in the film are the four donkey kong — — Octopus, mermaid, sea urchin and … … Lettuce?

Deng Chao: The hero of the film is a wealthy real estate developer and local tyrant. In Stephen Chow’s words, this character is a baby at heart, and his beard is his disguise. He wants to pretend to be a mercenary adult. Deng Chao himself explained it in Deng Shiying at the press conference as — — The beard is a ghost, and the beard is an angel.

Angel’s affection

Ghost’s evil (it should be evil … Xueba’s English is not flattering.

Jelly Lin: The mermaid, the heroine of the film, was forced to live in a wrecked ship because of the destruction of the sea and ecology by human beings. Deng Chao, who entered human society in disguise and used love to influence the development of marine resources, didn’t expect that he actually fell in love with him.

A tearful French kiss

Show Lo: Playing octopus is also a marine creature (nonsense). He has always loved the mermaid. When he found that "the person I love has a lover", he was very sad and tried to kill his rival with his tentacles. With eight giant tentacles, he can be regarded as the main fighting force of the mermaid gang.

Yuqi Zhang: Playing Deng Chao’s ex-girlfriend. Not only does she look like an overbearing female silver, but she is also the villain in the film — — The kind that is completely bad. She herself summed up this role as a "synthesis of violence and aesthetics" — — I am beautiful, but I am not gentle.

Mysterious mermaid: In the last fierce battle of the final preview, the amazing mermaid tail on the trailer and poster appeared again. Compared with Lin Yun’s small tail, this fishtail with colorful light has a powerful ability. When flapping the sea, it is "the four seas churn and the five continents shake and thunder". Judging from the expressions of fear on the faces of mermaid and octopus, adult fish should be the villain in the film. Yuqi Zhang, Lenovo’s villain, had a strange look at the little mermaid in the preview … … Murphy, Deng Chao breath even made two mermaid girlfriend? (This doesn’t seem to be the point … …

But if you zoom in carefully, the mermaid’s upper body seems to be a long-haired man in a white shirt, which is a bit similar to Yang Neng’s image.

How big is Master Xing’s brain hole? The answer can only be revealed after the film is released.

3. The main line of the story is positive energy

If you think this is a story that he loves her, she loves him, he loves her and doesn’t love her, and she loves him and doesn’t love him, then you are too young (fu) and childish (qian). You told us at the very beginning of the trailer that this is a tall environmental propaganda film!

Mermaids and humans should have lived in peace. Who knows, the more they progress, the more violent they become … …

Xuan Shao, played by Deng Chao, was originally a mercenary businessman. The development of real estate involved reclamation projects, which threatened the ethnic groups living in the sea. Jelly Lin’s mermaid Sam was sent to stop her. She turned into a human being, and fell in love with Xuan Shao in the process of fighting, and finally succeeded in stopping the whole project and protecting her home.

From this stills, we can also see that mermaids are covered with all kinds of rubbish and waste in the sea.

At the end of the trailer, it also echoed the theme:

If your life is only the last minute, if there is not even a drop of clean water and a breath of clean air on the earth, what do you want to do most?

In addition, we also saw a very familiar line in the previous trailer:

Isn’t this just a salted fish?

If you don’t have a dream, what’s the difference between being a man and salted fish?

It’s a tribute to the previous work.

The "China Watch Award" actress appeared in the exquisite face of fashion magazine perfectly

"China Watch Award" actress’s delicate face is perfectly presented

Fashion L ‘Official, as a magazine full of rich French romantic and luxurious style, has cooperated with the highest government award "China Watch Award" in China film industry for many years since 2004, creating a red carpet for many stars. The dazzling style of previous stars has made the red carpet more ornamental, attracting the attention of many authoritative media and audiences.

On August 26th, 2007, Fashion L ‘Official teamed up with the world-famous fashion brand Dior to create a Chinese watch event. Fashion in movies, recorded on film, becomes eternal; Movies in fashion are amazing to the world with colorful colors and cutting-edge ideas. The perfect combination of film and fashion, which is expected, is a brilliant spark in generate. On the same day, Fashion L ‘Official teamed up with Dior’s authoritative makeup team and many professional stylists to meet the first-line stars at home and abroad, showing the public an unparalleled fashion gluttony!

Many outstanding Chinese and foreign film actors, directors and other filmmakers all attended the China Watch Awards Ceremony to express their love for the film industry with the help of this grand event. Including Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Karen Mok, Liming and Jeff Chang Shin-Che, attracted continuous follow-up reports from major mainstream media. The red carpet, a sacred place with fashion elements, has attracted more and more attention. This is an ideal place to release popular elements, and all kinds of fashion concepts are interpreted by stars. The makeup and overall shape of the star red carpet were jointly designed and interpreted by Fashion L ‘Official and Dior’s professional makeup team, and combined with the latest makeup fashion trend in autumn and winter of 2007, it created a visual enjoyment that pays equal attention to beauty and trend for the audience.

"Fashion L ‘Official" combines its own fashion resources and superior brands to jointly make the movie "Hua Biao Award", which represents the highest award in China, a star-studded and colorful movie!

More than 7.6 million vehicles are rare! The largest recall of your car in domestic automobile history may also be included.

  CCTV News:In September, several major auto companies, such as Volkswagen and General Motors, successively announced the recall of some products.Within half a month, the total number of cars recalled by several major car companies reached more than 7.6 million, which is considered to be the largest number of car recalls in a short period of time.

  On September 14, AQSIQ announced that Volkswagen includesImported Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen recall partImported Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, SkodaBrand and domestic Volkswagen and Audi brands, totaling more than 4.86 million vehicles.

  On September 15, GM included imports.Saab and OpelBrand, as well as domesticChevrolet and BuickBrand, announced a total recall of nearly 2.53 million cars.

  On September 25th, Guangqi Honda recalled some domestic products.Accord, Fit, FengfanWaiting for cars, totaling more than 245,000.

  The airbags produced by Takada Corporation of Japan are unsafe.

  It is understood that such a huge number of recalls point to a Japanese supplier — — Takada company, because the airbag it is equipped with for the automobile factory is not safe.

  It is understood that the reasons for the recall of Volkswagen, GM and Guangqi Honda include: the front airbag of the driver’s seat or the co-driver’s seat of some vehicles is equipped with an ammonium nitrate gas generator without desiccant produced by Takada Company. When the airbag is deployed, these gas generators may be abnormally damaged, causing debris to fly out, hurting people in the car, which poses a safety hazard. Several major car companies have said that they will replace airbags for vehicles within the recall range free of charge to eliminate potential safety hazards.

  Changan Ford, BMW Brilliance and many other car companies have previously announced the recall of some vehicles. The Takada airbag incident was in China.It involves more than 30 vehicle companies, involving about 20 million vehicles..

  Expert: the problem airbag is like a "throat cutter"

  Problem airbags have potential safety hazards, which may hurt people inside the car. What is going on? The authoritative third-party automobile safety inspection agency in China — — The chief expert of China Automotive Technology Research Center made an interpretation.

  In the test, the broken metal is ejected from the inferior airbag, just like a throat cutter, which directly stabs the dummy’s face and neck. The expert brought an airbag installed at the steering wheel to demonstrate on the spot: "The airbag is folded in the steering wheel. When the vehicle collides, the ignition device quickly ignites the combustion improver in the gas generator, and the energy released by the combustion improver quickly passes through the dense exhaust holes on the gas generator, so that the airbag expands and expands immediately."

  Experts pointed out that the gas generator of Takada airbag is filled with unstable ammonium nitrate combustion improver. Under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, the medium of ammonium nitrate has changed from flake to powder. Therefore, in the process of explosion, a larger explosion equivalent is produced, which causes the shell of the gas generator to rupture.

  Experts pointed out that when a vehicle collides, the airbag must be filled and deployed quickly in a short time, and its deployment speed is about 300 kilometers per hour. With such a fast speed, we must strictly ensure the safety of personnel.

  First, the airbag must be matched with the seat belt.

  Second, it is forbidden to put some ornaments, perfume bottles and so on in the area where the airbag is deployed.

  The airbags produced by Takada Corporation of Japan have caused many casualties around the world. Takada Corporation paid huge fines and compensation for this, and the company also filed for bankruptcy protection in June this year.

  Since 2008, after the first fatal accident occurred in airbags produced by Takada Company of Japan, by the end of February 2017, nearly 200 people had been killed or injured.

  In 2014, Takada Airbag began to launch a global large-scale recall.

  In January, 2017, Takada admitted that the hidden airbag would be fatal for 15 years, and agreed to pay a fine of $25 million, plus $125 million in compensation for the victims’ families and $850 million to pay the recall cost of the automobile manufacturer.

  As of May 2017, 19 automobile manufacturers, including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla, have recalled up to 120 million vehicles in the global market due to safety hazards of Takada airbags.

  In June 2017, Takada filed for bankruptcy protection.

  Expert: more attention should be paid to safety in parts concentration.

  China Automobile Industry Association pointed out that globalization has accelerated the monopoly trend of large-scale parts enterprises, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Large-scale parts enterprises will strengthen research and development, and drive or assist vehicle enterprises to promote technological progress. The disadvantage is that once the parts are too concentrated and there is a safety problem, it will have an impact on the global automobile industry.

In the spring, thousands of new outdoor appliances such as Tmall outdoor mahjong machine and mini ice shaver were launched.

On March 14th, China Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE 2024), one of the world’s three largest consumer electronics exhibitions, opened in Shanghai. More than 1,000 exhibits, such as the world’s first foldable TV, smart locks that can be opened with the wave of your hand, and entertainment smart beds, were launched simultaneously through Tmall and put on sale.

At present, Tmall has launched the "AWE", which is a collection of Hisense’s world’s first foldable laser tv, TopSleep zero-gravity entertainment intelligent bed, Kaidishi’s smart lock that can be opened with a wave of his hand, Honeywell air purifier that specializes in sucking pet floating hair, vertical hair dryer that can blow his head while lying down, and many other new scientific and technological products. Consumers can search for "discovering the new world by visiting the door" in Taobao APP, and they can also watch the exhibition live.

At the AWE exhibition site, Tmall held a "Super AWE Launch Night", held a new product launch conference in conjunction with brands such as Haier, Siemens, Linnei, Tim Ke, Vantage, Samsung and Hisense, and launched heavy new products such as casarte embedded ultra-thin refrigerator, Siemens Zhijing Rubik’s Cube dishwasher, Samsung AI Art TV, Tim Ke high-temperature quick dry cleaner and so on.

With the coming of spring, many consumers put outdoor camping and hiking on the agenda, and outdoor appliances have also become a hot new product launched by Tmall recently. "WDP Flagship Store" released an outdoor mini automatic door in mahjong machine, which can last for 6 hours and can be used as a dining table. "MOKUSAN Flagship Store" released a mini ice planer, and consumers can have a smoothie juice outdoors. Xiaomi released a folding electric kettle, which is only the size of a palm after folding.

In addition to the first single product, more and more brands began to change from selling single products to selling "scenes" in Tmall. Three-winged Bird, a scene brand owned by Haier, provides integrated home appliance and home service in its Tmall flagship store, and customizes all-space solutions such as living room, balcony and kitchen for consumers, providing all kinds of products ranging from home appliances to doors, walls and cabinets, so as to create a home space with stronger aesthetic perception, higher utilization efficiency and intelligence.

At present, Tmall has become the first platform for the launch of cool and new technology products. In March of this year, there were tens of millions of new products and equipment for enjoying flowers, cycling and camping, and spreading happiness in Shan Ye on Tmall.

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Jingtian Baisui Mountain ranks among the top three mineral water industries in China.

    The reporter learned from China Beverage Industry Association that Jingtian Baisui Mountain has ranked among the top three mineral water industries in China and entered the first camp of the national mineral water industry in terms of production and sales.

    In addition, Danone Yili, which has been in the top spot for more than 10 years since the mid-1990s, is the "three kings of mineral water" in China, with Shenzhen taking the second place.

    Jingtian Baisui Mountain has won another national title for Shenzhen’s drinking water industry, which undoubtedly injected a stimulant into the same industry in Shenzhen.
    Since 2003, Jingtian has changed its past focus on producing pure water and intervened in the field of mineral water. In just six years, Jingtian Baisui Mountain has sprung up as an unstoppable force, ranking among the top three in the national mineral water industry and becoming the new "king of mineral water" in China.

    In addition, Jingtian Baisui Mountain ranks among the best in the same industry in China in terms of water source, production capacity, sales volume, innovation, market competitiveness and share, export volume and popularity.

    Jingtian has become famous in recent years, mainly due to its efforts to build the largest mineral water production base in Asia and its outstanding natural mineral water in Jingtian Baisui Mountain.

    With the popularity of Jingtian Baisui Mountain mineral water production base, its attention has been repeatedly reflected in authoritative rankings. Top 20 national beverage industries; Top 10 drinking water in China; Known as the "No.1 Brand Selection in 2008", Jingtian ranks among the "No.1 Brand Rankings" with a brand value of 1.16 billion yuan. In the 2007 Baidu Billboard Beverage Industry Report, the brands most concerned by netizens are Nongfu Spring, Master Kong, Nestle, Wahaha and Jingtian. Jingtian’s attention exceeds Robust’s, which is almost equal to Wahaha; In the "Top Ten Drinking Water Brands in China", Jingtian is among the best; In addition, Jingtian became the only designated drinking water in the State Council press conference.

    Correctly distinguish water species and guide healthy drinking water

    The person in charge of the Natural Mineral Water Professional Committee of China Mining Association said that although natural mineral water is the mainstream in developed countries, the road of mineral water in China has not been easy for many years. Faced with mineral water, mineral water, natural drinking water, pure water and distilled water, how many consumers are aware of their differences? In real life, almost everyone knows that mineral water is good, but nearly 80% people think that all bottled water is mineral water.

    The main reason for this situation is that consumers misunderstand mineral water and think that bottled water is all mineral water. This misunderstanding of consumers has become a huge obstacle to the development of mineral water. However, with the promotion of the concept and knowledge of healthy drinking water, more and more consumers began to correctly distinguish various kinds of water.

    According to the person in charge, according to the definition in the national standard (GB 8537-1995), "mineral water" refers to "unpolluted underground mineral water that naturally gushes from the depths of the ground or is exposed artificially; Contains a certain amount of mineral salts, trace elements or carbon dioxide gas.

    Mineral water belongs to mineral resources, and enterprises that produce mineral water need to apply for and identify it at the Ministry of Land and Resources, and obtain relevant mining licenses. In addition to the conventional production license number and label license number, the real mineral water packaging also has the number of "mining license".

    A nobleman in the water-Jingtian Baisui Mountain

    Jingtian Baisui Mountain, an aristocrat in the water, is being familiar and accepted by more and more consumers.

    "No, I am not drinking mineral water, I am drinking Evian." The brand positioning of "luxury goods" in mineral water is "Evian, she is not just a bottle of mineral water, she is a concept and a way of life."

    From the beginning of building Jingtian Baisui Mountain mineral water, Jingtian positioned the brand connotation as "aristocrat in water", "Drinking Jingtian Baisui Mountain is no longer just to quench thirst, but a kind of enjoyment of life attitude", and positioned the product as a high-end consumer group with personality, taste and love for life, and injected "aristocratic lineage" into the brand from the beginning.

    Mineral water should have "aristocratic blood" and become a "nobleman in water". First of all, in the water source, the world-famous mineral water is famous all over the world, relying on the water source of Alsbee Snow Mountain. The importance of water source to mineral water is self-evident.

    Good ecology can breed high-quality water sources and first-class natural ecological environment, which endows Baisui Mountain with high-quality mineral spring resources. Known as one of the most beautiful mineral water producing areas in the world, Jingtian Baisui Mountain Base is located in Baisui Mountain, the hinterland of Luofushan Nature Reserve, a famous national key scenic spot and Taoist holy place.

    The water source of Baisui Mountain in Jingtian is collected from granite cracks below 160 meters. After hundreds of years of flowing and surging, it is rich in many mineral elements beneficial to human health. It is known as mineral water with very high metasilicate content of gold element, and it is a rare high-quality mineral water source. Appraised by experts as a rare high-quality natural mineral water, it is known as "the aristocrat in the water".

    Jingtian invested heavily to build the largest mineral water production base in Asia in Baisui Mountain, and was the first water enterprise in Guangdong to use German Crance equipment (the largest, most advanced and best quality food and beverage equipment manufacturer in the world). Our products not only sell well in Guangdong, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Hunan, Shanxi, Fujian and other national markets, but also are exported to the United States, Canada, Singapore and other countries and China and Hong Kong, competing with Evian on the same stage, becoming the brand and enterprise with the largest export volume in China. Not only is it popular in the domestic market, but it is also famous overseas.

    Choose mineral water and look for three characteristics.

    Because mineral water and other water are similar in name, color and packaging, many consumers are easily confused when buying mineral water. Professor Du Zhong, a famous mineral water expert in China, reminds consumers that when buying mineral water, we must carefully look at the bottle label.

    According to him, compared with other bottled water, mineral water bottles have three characteristics:

    1. The words "natural mineral water" are marked, but other water bottles are not allowed to appear;

    2 marked with clear water source and geological structure of water source; Other water only has the manufacturer’s address;

    3. As many as 10 kinds of minerals and trace elements are marked, while other water types are only marked with two or three kinds or none.

Editor: Yan Bin

Investigation on MOMO Death Game: Beware of excessive entertainment and prevent being used.

   Legal Daily News (Reporter Zhao Li Intern Lin Jingyu Ma Jia) Following the horrible "Blue Whale Game", another game aimed at guiding suicide has entered people’s field of vision — — MOMO challenge(MOMO challenge)

  It is reported that overseas MOMO games led to the suicide of a 12-year-old Argentine girl, but MOMO in China was "played badly" by netizens. Open Weibo and enter "MOMO Death Game", and QQ chat records between netizens and MOMO are overwhelming. It is understood that MOMO games will find the target audience online, and then release the death task. If the target fails to complete the task, it will use hacking technology to find out the private phone number and home address of the target and harass it. In order to find out, the reporter launched an investigation on this game called MOMO.

  The spoofed "death game"

  According to the description of the network police article, MOMO is a suicide game similar to the "blue whale" that once caused a great sensation. It will suddenly jump out of the screen and provoke you to take part in a challenge. At present, a 12-year-old girl in Argentina has died, which the police believe is related to this game.

  It sounds very scary.

  And everyone did say that they would not participate, because their first reaction to this game called MOMO was nothing but that the horrible image in MOMO’s game looked so scary that they had no courage to participate after reading it.

  According to the existing statement, this kind of game is to let others actively add it through the number on WhatsApp, and then it will send back some violent threats, instigate players to do some terrible challenges, and even disclose personal information.

  Now on the video website, you can see a lot of videos made by video bloggers to contact MOMO. Some people say that MOMO is just a spoof urban legend, while others say that MOMO is a way for dark hackers to retaliate against society. But at present, in the eyes of more and more netizens and even minors, MOMO has become a spoof game or a joke.

  It’s not hard to find that the chat records thrown out on the Internet are almost teasing and mocking MOMO, and teasing information like "I’ll wait for you at three in the morning" is exposed to the Internet.

  The reporter privately wrote a few "flirting" netizens about MOMO through Weibo and some Q&A platforms. A netizen said that the chat was a fake MOMO, and the screenshot was stolen from a friend, just for fun. A netizen showed that many MOMO in QQ are now pretended by netizens. MOMO games have been interpreted by many netizens for entertainment, and even made into expression packs to spread.

  However, in the interview, some netizens reported that they were really targeted by MOMO, saying that they received an application from a QQ friend in the middle of the night. "There are not many words from the other party, and they keep asking me if I accept the death challenge. I just asked the other person what MOMO was, and talked about it, and finally the other person blacked me out. I am an optimistic person in my life, and I have never made suicidal remarks on social media. " According to the contact information of MOMO provided by this netizen, the reporter contacted the person with MOMO as the avatar on QQ, but the other party just sent a "suicide" expression pack, and then asked any information without getting a reply.

  When looking at related topics, the reporter found that netizens did not take it seriously, nor did they show too much concern about the game. Instead, they spoofed MOMO in various ways.

  One of the most striking features of MOMO is that it misappropriates a Japanese bird named Link Factory as its avatar on social networks. Its prominent eyeballs and strange expressions make people feel very strange at first glance. However, the reporter noticed that the unrestrained netizens did not seem to be scared by this image, and they used their creativity to beautify the bird with Cosmetic Contact Lenses, lipstick, bow and cat ears, saying that "in fact, she dressed up well, not bad". These netizens joked, "In foreign countries, MOMO forces you to commit suicide. In China, netizens forced MOMO to commit suicide. In foreign countries, someone has called the police to arrest MOMO. In China, MOMO called the police to catch sand sculpture netizens who cheated money.

  But there are still people who are worried about MOMO.

  "Minors are immature, MOMO is just a sculpture, and there is no curse. I hope that the majority of teenagers will not try to prevent being fooled." A netizen said in Weibo. The netizen told reporters, "You can pay more attention to your child’s psychological status, whether there are behaviors that hurt yourself, such as self-harm, and whether the mobile phone address book frequently communicates with a strange number, but most of the MOMO that appears on the Internet now is pretended by netizens."

  Another netizen said that his younger brother had communicated with MOMO in a game group, but because his younger brother’s English was very poor and he couldn’t understand it, he replied while translating, and the other party deleted him because he was too slow. After discovering it, he also asked his younger brother to quit from the group. There are also some netizens who say to people who pretend to be MOMO and flirt with MOMO by being smart, "If you don’t die, you won’t die."

  Or used by people with ulterior motives.

  So, is MOMO really scary?

  The reporter contacted Zhang Kai (a pseudonym) who works in a game media, and he described the ins and outs of MOMO games in detail.

  "To tell you the truth, I feel very surprised that MOMO can have such a big movement. Previous ‘ Blue whale incident ’ It is a real bad game that really happened, but MOMO is different. " Zhang Kai said that he noticed that MOMO was played on August 2nd this year. At that time, he saw many domestic media and news from the media, but the basic content was the same. He characterized MOMO as a death challenge game similar to "Blue Whale". My intuition made me feel strange, and then we started an analysis.

  The prototype of MOMO is the "catching bird" in China and Japanese ancient legends. This kind of ghost is the incarnation of a dead pregnant woman, who takes off her feathers to become an adult and puts on her feathers to become a bird, especially to harm children. This is really commensurate with the background of instigating children to commit suicide.

  Zhang Kai and others compared the game forms of Blue Whale and MOMO, and found that Blue Whale played 50 things in 50 days, while MOMO only called MOMO at 3: 00 in the morning. "Then what? The scariest thing that will happen next is whether the phone bill will be spent. Obviously, this lacks a lot of things. We think it is very strange and we will continue to push forward step by step. " Zhang Kai and others called MOMO at three o’clock in the morning and found that "nothing happened, basically it was not connected". The whole incident was in distress, probably because there was some information gap between China and foreign countries. "According to our investigation, MOMO games got angry on YouTube on July 11th, but we got really angry here without warning until August 15th. The information gap mainly comes from the content on the external network and the self-media in China, and there is some gap, or lag. In fact, MOMO is not terrible at all, because it is just a statue. If it is to be said that it is terrible, it must be that netizens have terrible ability to spread rumors, and it is very bad to listen to the wind and rain. "

  "Later, a few bloggers on YouTube used special effects to make some scary videos, which were misrepresented and turned into horror games." Zhang Kai gave an example to the reporter, "The video that is widely circulated on the Internet, the content producer made the virtual image of MOMO by using special effects, so he could get through the phone, MOMO would even chat with him, and even instigate him to commit suicide, but it was a prank he directed and acted, because it was the video column ‘ Call at three in the morning ’ A video of the series, he himself also commented under the video that ‘ How many people think this is true, wake up ’ " .

  Regarding the fact that some netizens said that MOMO on QQ can get the real information of the other party, Zhang Kai sent a screenshot of QQ chat records with similar situation to the reporter, and said to the reporter: "Except for some hackers, it is not excluded that some people in China are bored to pretend to be MOMO, directing and playing pranks for everyone to have fun."

  "I can only say that MOMO itself does not exist. If, I mean, if, under the guise of MOMO, criminals try to trick children into doing dangerous things, it has nothing to do with MOMO. In fact, MOMO has been completely entertained in China now, and everyone has not taken it seriously. Perhaps after experiencing the blue whale game, everyone really became rational, but they should also be rational, not too entertaining, so that some lawless elements can take advantage of it. " Zhang Kai said.

  For MOMO games, Liu Min, who is engaged in psychological counseling and rehabilitation in Beijing, told reporters that she also noticed the spoof about related games on the Internet. "MOMO is deified to some extent. We should care more about those who play this game with the idea of killing themselves. However, it is not difficult to imagine that those who have been found out a lot of personal information and committed suicide by self-mutilation may be people who can only live in the internet but are not gregarious in reality. They may have lost hope for life and may have poor mental health. They will kill themselves, just looking for a reason. This is what needs to be vigilant. "

  In Liu Min’s view, MOMO game and Blue Whale game are not far apart in essence. In fact, the objects of these games are those who have lost hope in life, give them a dose of catalyst, and at the same time threaten their privacy and the safety of their loved ones, pushing them to death. "A person who really doesn’t want to die will call the police immediately when he hears someone say that he wants to hurt himself and his loved ones. There are also some fancy pictures insulting MOMO on the Internet, which is the simplest example, but those negative thoughts are still worthy of vigilance and should not be over-entertained. In particular, it is necessary to determine whether the game is very popular among minors, because the minds of minors are still immature and fragile. "

  Finally, Liu Min gave four words of advice: Don’t spread it.

11.3 Today’s football SMG recommendation: Come on, 30,000 Paris! Sweep prediction real single 5 string 1+2 string 1

Thanks to the brothers’ long-term support and trust, this number insists on sending a public recommendation every day, and hopes to lead the brothers to make 2023 prosperous! Your forwarding and sharing are the driving force for my continuous innovation and research!

003Rasmus VS Atletico Madrid

In the past, las palmas played against Atletico Madrid for nearly 10 times, and achieved 1 win and 9 losses, and his past performance was obviously at a disadvantage. In terms of recent situation, las palmas’s recent performance is acceptable, and the team has won 2 consecutive victories; However, Atletico Madrid’s recent state is relatively stable. Although it has fought on two fronts, it has achieved good results. Las palmas beat Manakol 3-0 in the last round and won two consecutive victories, in good shape. The team has a strong offensive ability, scoring only 9 goals in the past 5 rounds, but the defensive quality has improved, losing 4 goals in the past 5 rounds. This season, it has achieved 4 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, ranking 10th in the league. Sandro ramirez, Fabio Gonzá lez and others were plagued by injuries or missed the game. It must be difficult for this field to face the former bitter Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid beat Aravis 2-1 in the last round, and the team’s morale is like a rainbow. So far this season, it has achieved 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and its performance is excellent, ranking third in the league. Comprehensive analysis: Atletico Madrid has recently won six consecutive victories, averaging two goals per game, and the offensive end is full of firepower. They have won 9 of the last 10 games against las palmas, and they have an overwhelming advantage. In this game, Atletico Madrid is highly likely to continue the momentum of victory.

Direction: main and negative

Score: 0-2/1-3

Number of goals: 23 goals

002Lecce city VS Leeds United

Optimistic: Shengping

Age: 20 11 21

Total goal: 2.3 goals

004Paris Saint-Germain VS Montpellier

Optimistic: win/let win the game and make it even.

Age: 20 30 31

Total goal: 3.4 goals

005Porto VS Lille, esto

Be optimistic: win/let win

Age: 30 31 41

Total goal: 4.5 goals

The Los Angeles Film Critics Award "Please Call Me by Your Name" won.

The popular film "Please Call Me by Your Name" won the best picture.

1905 movie network news On December 3, North American time, the famous Los Angeles Film Critics Association announced the winners list for 2017, which once again contributed to the awards season. In the end, the gay movies that have been popular since the beginning of the year won the best film award. Timothée Chalamet, the star of the film, also won the best actor award for his performance in the film. The best director was Luca Guadagnino, the director of the film, and guillermo del toro, the director of the Venice Golden Lion Award.

The Golden Lion film Water Story won three awards, including best director.

After winning the Golden Lion Award, Water Story also went all out to this year’s award season. In this year’s Los Angeles Film Critics Award, the heroine sally hawkins was recognized again and won the best actress. At the same time, the film’s photography Dan Laustsen won the best photography, beating the popular roger deakins.

In this year’s Cannes film, it was widely acclaimed and won the best foreign language film.

The film 120 beats per minute won the best foreign language film.

Because Los Angeles is the home base of the Academy of Oscar, it has a great influence on Oscar under the influence of geographical advantages. It is also called "Three Film Critics Association Awards" with new york, which has a long history on the east coast, and the radio film critics who have flourished in recent years.

It is worth noting that historically, its best film hit rate was only 24%, best director hit rate was 32%, best actor hit rate was 40%, and best actress hit rate was 32%. In the past five years, only in 2015 and 2016, it hit the last best film of the Oscar.

Winner list:

Best film:Call Me by Your Name

Second place:

Best director (tied):Guillermo del toro (Water Story), Luca Guadagnino (Please call me by your name).

Best actor:Timothée Chalamet ("Please call me by your name")

Second place: james franco ()

Best actress:Sally hawkins (Water Story)

Second place: Frances McDormand ()

Best supporting actor:Willem dafoe (Florida Paradise)

Second place: sam rockwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)

Best supporting actress:Laurie Metcalf ()

Second place: Mary J. Blige ()

Best screenplay:Jordan peele (Escape from Breaking Town)

Second place: martin mcdonagh (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)

Best editing:

Second place: I, Tania

Best music/score:

Second place: Water Story

Best photography:Water-shaped story

Second place:

Best art director:Blade runner 2049

Second place: Water Story

Best documentary:

Second place:

Best animated feature film:

Second place:

Best foreign language film (tied):120 beats per minute, No Love to Sue.

The domestic large aircraft C919 made its first flight today, and the overall localization rate reached over 50%.

  Guangming. com May 5 th (Reporter Zhan Wei)This afternoon, the domestic large passenger plane C919 will make its first flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. From 1970, when the project was initiated to develop "Yun 10", to 2007, it was decided to carry out the reform of aviation industry system, and the project was initiated to develop C919. The civil aviation industry in China experienced a difficult and bumpy development course. The moment of the first flight of C919 bears the struggles and dreams of several generations of China civil aircraft people. Let us have a more comprehensive understanding of C919.

The domestic large aircraft C919 made its first flight today, and the overall localization rate reached over 50%.

  On May 4th, in the hangar of Zhuqiao Base of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation Flight Test Center, the staff inspected and maintained the domestic large passenger plane C919. Xinhua news agency  

  Why is it named C919?

  According to Comac China, the full name of "C919" is "COMAC919".

  Among them, "COMAC" is the abbreviation of the English name of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of CHINA Ltd, which developed C919. The "C" in the abbreviation is the first letter of "COMAC" and the first letter of China’s English name "China".

  The first 9 means "everlasting", and the last two 19 means that the maximum capacity of C919 passenger plane is 190 passengers.

  Previously, the internationally renowned aircraft manufacturers were Air Bus and Boeing, and from A to B to C, they just lined up.

  What kind of research and development process has C919 experienced?

  According to official website of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, C919 is a large jet civil aircraft developed by China in accordance with international civil aviation regulations and with independent intellectual property rights, with 158-174 seats and a range of 4,075-5,555 kilometers.

  It took 10 years from 2007, when the major scientific and technological special project of large aircraft development was formally approved, to 2015, when the first aircraft of C919 was assembled and rolled off the assembly line in China Commercial Aircraft Assembly and Manufacturing Center, and today, the domestic large aircraft will soon fly from blueprint to flying in the blue sky for the first time.

  During this period, researchers have planned 102 key technical problems for advanced pneumatic layout, structural materials and airborne systems. In preparation for the first flight, the C919 has completed 118 test projects and experienced 21 taxiing tests including low, medium and high taxiing, and passed the expert technical review in March 2017 and the release review in April.

  Why is the first flight important?

  The first flight of an airplane refers to the first flight of a newly manufactured airplane from the ground. Every plane has its first flight, but the first flight of a new model has its special significance. It is not only an important link in a series of work chains, such as changing ideas into drawings, drawings into objects, and objects can fly, but also an important milestone in the turning point of new models from static to moving and the birth of new models.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Comac, as long as the plane begins to taxi and leave the ground during the first flight, the most basic system functions will be preliminarily assessed. The test pilot will comment on the aircraft’s handling stability, take-off and landing performance, power plant and driving equipment for the first time. Generally, the first flight time of light aircraft does not exceed 30 to 40 minutes, and that of large aircraft is 1 to 2 hours. Generally, the first flight chooses a good weather, with visibility not less than 5 to 7km, and no low clouds and crosswinds. The flight weight of the first flight plane should be reduced as much as possible, so as to minimize the take-off speed from the ground and shorten the take-off taxi distance, thus improving driving conditions.

  How to fly on the first flight?

  The maximum altitude of the first flight of C919 is 10,000 feet, the maximum speed is 170 knots, and there are 15 test points. The whole process is divided into five stages, namely, ground inspection stage, climbing stage, level flight stage, simulated approach, landing and go-around stage and landing stage. Traditionally, the C919 did not retract the landing gear during the first flight, and kept the flaps down.

  In addition, when the C919 makes its first flight, a second plane will accompany it. The task of companion flight is to observe the first flight plane in real time in the air, record flight data, take photos and videos, and make every effort to ensure the safety of the plane during its first flight. In case of any problems, the crew of the accompanying plane will immediately warn the crew of the first flight, report to the ground control personnel and guide the first flight to land safely. In addition, the accompanying aircraft will also monitor the air environment of the first flight to ensure that no other aircraft will break into the flight route of the first flight and put an end to any hidden dangers of stealing secrets.

  How about the localization of C919?

  Zhou Guirong, deputy chief designer of C919 large passenger aircraft, said that at present, the overall localization rate of C919 aircraft can reach more than 50%, including domestic enterprises and joint ventures at home and abroad. The safety requirements of aviation products are very high. The development of the whole localization, whether at home or abroad, is in accordance with the same set of international standards and methods, and the trial is also in strict accordance with international standards and norms.

  China Commercial Aircraft Corporation insists on "main manufacturer — Supplier "development mode, maximize the gathering and utilization of domestic and foreign resources, and build a" life community "of the civil aircraft industry. There are 22 provinces and cities, more than 200 enterprises and 36 colleges and universities involved in the development of C919 large passenger aircraft. Sixteen material manufacturers and 54 standard parts manufacturers including Baosteel have become suppliers or potential suppliers of large passenger aircraft projects. China Comac also signed strategic cooperation agreements with six central enterprises, including aviation industry corporation of china, and established strategic cooperation relations with seven major domestic banks.

  In the development of C919 large passenger plane, researchers have planned 102 key technical problems, including integrated design of aircraft engine, control law design of fly-by-wire flight control system, active control technology, etc., aiming at advanced aerodynamic layout, structural materials and airborne system.

  Take most of the front fuselage of C919 as an example, which includes the front passenger cabin, the front cargo cabin and the recirculation fan cabin, and contains more than 1,600 parts, involving nearly 2,000 tooling. This section adopts the third generation aluminum alloy — — Al-Li alloy material, which is the first time in domestic civil aircraft application. Al-Li alloy material is considered as the most ideal material for aerospace at present. China Commercial Aircraft Corporation and AVIC Hongdu Aviation, a joint supplier, have completed 20 batches of material performance data tests under stable process conditions through the tests of 2,500 test pieces in recent three years. Around the establishment of material fatigue rating (DFR) data system, DFR fatigue tests of typical structural details in different processing and manufacturing States were carried out, with more than 3,000 test pieces. The processing technology of Al-Li alloy structure, such as chemical milling, machining, hole-making, hot-pressing subsidence, mirror milling and heat table treatment, has been fully verified. Through tackling key problems, the model material specification system and performance data system for design are gradually established.

  How did the C919 market react?

  Focusing on the most mainstream air transport market, C919 is a trunk aircraft developed in full compliance with international mainstream airworthiness standards and international mainstream market operation standards. At present, C919 large passenger aircraft has 23 domestic and foreign customers, including China International Airlines, with a total order of 570 aircraft, including international customers such as GECAS.

  What is the significance of C919 to China?

  Large aircraft is a high integration of modern high technology and is called "the jewel in the industrial crown". C919 means that China’s civil aviation will no longer rely on foreign imports, and China’s aircraft manufacturing has truly embarked on a road of independent development.

  Driven by the C919 large passenger aircraft project, a technological innovation system of civil aircraft has been formed, which is based on China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, market-oriented and combined with Industry-University-Research. China Commercial Aircraft Corporation (Comac) has built a technical responsibility system around the realization process of civil aircraft products and the technical requirements of full-life cycle service, and planned to promote the technical system construction with standards and specifications as the main carrier. Through scientific research and innovation research, model technology research and other ways, it has continuously formed new civil aircraft technical achievements and supplemented and improved the civil aircraft technical system.

  Millions of fine parts, covering high-end manufacturing of almost all industrial categories — — Domestic large aircraft soaring in the blue sky will undoubtedly drive China’s manufacturing industry to the "smile curve".

  From the upstream, the development of large passenger aircraft can drive the group breakthrough of key technologies in new materials, modern manufacturing, advanced power, electronic information, automatic control, computers and other fields, and can promote the development of many high-tech industries, with a technology diffusion rate as high as 60%. The technological upgrading of its industry will inevitably require great progress in many basic disciplines, including fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, computational mathematics, thermophysics, chemistry, information science, environmental science and so on. From the downstream, the commercial operation of large civil aircraft has a great impact on civil aviation transportation, aviation maintenance, aviation finance, tourism, logistics and other industries.

  For China, the breakthrough of large-scale aircraft technology will not only promote the development of a number of new industries, but also force the upgrading of China’s industrial standards by continuously expanding the industrial chain and introducing airworthiness certification in China, thus promoting the overall improvement of China’s industrial manufacturing capacity and level. Some experts said that in the 21st century, only a breakthrough in high-end large-scale equipment manufacturing such as large aircraft can support the foundation of China as an industrial power. At the same time, it also contributes to the transformation of China from a "manufacturing power" to a "manufacturing power".

  C919 memorabilia:

  In 2007

  On February 26th, the 170th executive meeting was held in the State Council, and the Report on Demonstration of Large Aircraft Scheme was adopted in principle, and the major scientific and technological projects for large aircraft development were formally approved in principle.

  On August 30th, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee held the 192nd Standing Committee, listened to and agreed to the Report of the Leading Group for Major Special Projects of Large Aircraft in the State Council, and decided to set up a preparatory group for large passenger aircraft projects.

  the year of 2008

  On May 11th, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation was established on the Huangpu River.

  On July 3rd, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation held a demonstration mobilization meeting for large passenger aircraft project in Shanghai.

  In 2009

  On January 6th, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation released the first single-channel conventional layout 150-seat large passenger aircraft model code "COMAC919", referred to as "C919".

  On September 8th, the Asia International Aviation Exhibition and Forum opened in Hong Kong, and the C919 large passenger aircraft model was exhibited for the first time.

  On December 16th, the basic overall technical scheme of C919 large passenger plane passed the expert review organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  On December 21st, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation and CFM Company formally signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation on the power plant of C919 large passenger aircraft, and selected the LEAP-1C engine developed by CFM Company as the only foreign startup power plant for C919 large passenger aircraft.

  On December 25th, the main structure of C919 large passenger aircraft nose engineering prototype was officially delivered in Shanghai.

  2010 years

  On November 15th, a 1:1 demonstration prototype of C919 large passenger plane was exhibited for the first time at Zhuhai Air Show, and 100 start-up orders were obtained.

  On December 24th, the Civil Aviation Administration of China officially accepted the application of C919 large passenger plane in type certificate.

  In 2011

  On April 18th, the first meeting of the Model Qualification Approval Committee of C919 large passenger aircraft was held in Shanghai, and the development of C919 aircraft entered the formal airworthiness review stage.

  On December 9th, the C919 large passenger aircraft project passed the national preliminary design review and moved to the detailed design stage.

  On December 19th, the first part of the C919 large passenger aircraft project — — The beam of the front boarding gate was started in Chengdu, and the manufacturing of the fuselage was fully rolled out.

  In 2012

  On July 31st, the Special Certification Plan for C919 Aircraft (PSCP) was signed in Shanghai.

  On December 4th, the static fatigue test project of strength research of composite rear fuselage section, one of the seven components of C919 aircraft, was completed.

  On December 13th, the Design & Research Department of Sexuality and Product Support of China COMAC received the model data review form fed back by the reviewer, and the reviewer officially approved the CP status of the C919 Aircraft System Safety Review Plan in the first stage.

  On December 29th, China Commercial Aircraft Flight Test Center organized a review meeting on the test modification scheme of 101 aircraft riveting area of C919 aircraft and a seminar on the construction scheme of C919 aircraft test system.

  In 2013

  From January 17th to 18th, the composite structural design evaluation meeting of C919 large passenger plane and the key design evaluation meeting of central wing structure were held in Shanghai. At the meeting, it was finally evaluated that the composite structural design of C919 large passenger aircraft can continue the next stage of work, and the key design of the central wing structure of C919 large passenger aircraft passed the review.

  On January 19th, the static test of the IPS suspension section of C919 aircraft was successfully completed 4.2g

  On November 28th, the FTB (Flight Test Platform) hanging test piece of C919 aircraft rolled off the assembly line in Shen Fei.

  On December 30th, the C919 aircraft iron bird test-bed was officially put into use in China Commercial Aircraft Shangfei Hospital, and the system verification of the C919 project was officially started.

  On December 31st, the first aircraft nose of C919 large passenger aircraft project was rolled off the assembly line of AVIC Chengfei civil aircraft.

  In 2014

  On May 15th, the front fuselage section of the first aircraft of C919 rolled off the assembly line in Hongdu, AVIC.

  In July, the central wing of the first aircraft of C919 completed the final assembly in AVIC Xifei.

  On July 23rd, the assembly of the flat tail parts of the first aircraft of C919 was officially started in Pudong base of the final assembly manufacturing center of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation.

  On August 21st, the middle and rear fuselage section of the first aircraft of C919 rolled off the assembly line in Hongdu large parts factory of AVIC.

  On August 29th, the mid-fuselage/center wing and aileron section of C919 aircraft passed the airworthiness inspection in AVIC Xifei and reached the delivery status.

  In September, C919 aircraft tire explosion hazard test was successfully completed.

  At 9: 19 on September 19th, the first aircraft of C919 began to dock at the newly-built assembly manufacturing center of Comac in China. This marks an important milestone in the development of the C919 large passenger aircraft project.

  On September 23rd, the prototype and test platform of C919 aircraft communication navigation monitoring system (CNS system) were delivered in Shanghai.

  On November 24th, the first wing of C919 aircraft arrived at Pudong base of China Commercial Aircraft Assembly Manufacturing Center.

  On October 30th, the front section of the rear fuselage of the first aircraft of C919 was delivered at AVIC Shenfei Civil Aircraft.

  In 2015

  On February 6 -8, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a detailed design review meeting of the C919 large passenger aircraft project in Shanghai, and the expert review committee unanimously agreed that the C919 project passed the national detailed design review.

  On February 11th, the rear fuselage of the first aircraft of C919 was manufactured by China Aerospace Science and Technology Third Academy Aerospace Haiying (Zhenjiang) Special Materials Co., Ltd., passed the airworthiness review and was officially delivered to China Commercial Aircraft Corporation.

  In February, the C919 aircraft avionics comprehensive test-bed was delivered to China Commercial Aircraft by Ang Avionics and officially put into trial.

  On March 6th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a review meeting on the transition of the C919 aircraft to the full-scale trial production stage in Beijing, and the C919 large passenger aircraft project was transferred from the detailed design stage to the full-scale trial production stage.

  On April 18th, the first cabin door of C919 aircraft arrived at Pudong base of China Commercial Aircraft Assembly Manufacturing Center.

  On July 22nd, Comac China and CFM International held a ceremony to celebrate the delivery of the first CFM LEAP-1C engine.

  On September 4th, 102 front fuselage and mid-rear fuselage of C919 project manufactured by AVIC Hongdu successfully passed the airworthiness manufacturing compliance inspection of China Civil Aviation Jiangxi Supervision Bureau, and successfully completed the signing.

  On November 2nd, the first aircraft of C919 rolled off the assembly line in China Commercial Aircraft Assembly and Manufacturing Center.

  the year of 2016

  On April 11th, the static test of C919 large passenger plane was officially launched.

  In June, the construction of C919 intelligent assembly line with horizontal tail was listed in the smart manufacturing project to be selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  In November, China Eastern Airlines became the first user of C919 aircraft in the world.

  On December 25th, the first aircraft of C919 was delivered to the flight test center.

  the year 2017

  On April 18th, C919 large passenger plane passed the first flight release evaluation.

  On April 23rd, C919 large passenger plane completed the high-speed taxiing and front wheel lifting test.

  Plan, May 5, the first flight.

  (Comprehensive Guangming Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, Beijing Youth Daily)