Fire! Ballets russes danced "Swan Lake" in Zhejiang and then "Subject 3"

Fire! Ballets russes danced "Swan Lake" in Zhejiang and then "Subject 3"

  With both hands thrown and feet twisted, the most popular dance at present is "Subject III", which not only caught fire on social media in China, but also attracted many foreign professional dancers to learn to dance.

  On the evening of January 2nd, Russian Tchaikovsky Ballet presented a performance at Deqing Grand Theatre. After the classic ballet Swan Lake, the actors skillfully danced the curtain call of "Subject III", which not only made the audience laugh, but also screened the circle of friends.

  Tide journalists noticed that before that, the Royal Russian Ballet and the world Latin dance champion Christina also performed "Subject 3" in public.

  "Ballet+Subject 3", what is this "cross-border" linkage? How do they relate? On January 3rd, Chao journalist contacted Filippova Polina, head of Russian Tchaikovsky Ballet. The dance troupe has left Deqing and is preparing for the performance in Lu ‘an, Anhui. Before the performance, Filippova Polina was interviewed by Chao journalists through translators.

  "Subject 3 is also very popular in Russia, so we all jump." Filippova Polina said that "subject three" is now the "subject three" in the world, and the rhythm sounds very happy.

  Filippova Polina said that there are two reasons for the curtain call of "Subject 3": First, I want to make a "reversal" at the end of the performance, ending with a cheerful song with the most popular dance, so that the atmosphere at the scene will be more enthusiastic and the audience will leave in joy; Secondly, it’s also a way for Russian ballet companies to express their friendship. They want to thank the audience in China. They danced "Subject 3" in China "when in Rome". I hope everyone will also like Russian ballet.

  "In everyone’s cognition," Swan Lake "is an elegant art, and" Subject III "is a popular art. Both of them are performed by the same group of dancers on the same stage, and the response on the spot is particularly good." Zhou Wangqiang, director of the China Performing Arts Association and deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang Performing Arts Association, said.

  Zhou Wangqiang revealed to Chao News reporter that "Subject 3" is actually an "optional action", and the ballet company will communicate with the theater in advance whether it will be used as a curtain call. "It is not necessary to use this curtain call every time. It is a’ blind box’ for the audience, and it is really not necessary to see it."


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