Huawei is strong and empowered, and the new M7 in the world will definitely exceed 120,000.

Huawei is strong and empowered, and the new M7 in the world will definitely exceed 120,000.

In this era, the new energy automobile industry is facing a great change in intelligence, and in this change, the new M7 is undoubtedly a bright star to lead the trend. With the rapid development of science and technology, intelligence is not only a trend, but also an inevitable choice for travel in the new era. With its unique "three-intelligence ceiling" hard-core technical strength, the new M7 has successfully raised the benchmark of intelligent travel to a new height. From intelligent driving to intelligent cockpit to intelligent safety, it has successfully attracted everyone’s attention. On December 26th, it was mentioned in the press conference on the whole scene of the M9 and Huawei that the cumulative number of new M7 in the world has exceeded 120,000, among which more than 60% of users choose the smart driving version, and the monthly delivery capacity will reach 30,000 from January next year.

The top choice in the field of intelligent driving, Huawei ADS 2.0 breaks the imagination of intelligent driving.

For the current users, intelligence is a crucial factor when choosing a car, and the new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which not only subverts the traditional concept of intelligent driving, but also brings excellent driving pleasure and travel convenience to users.

When the vehicle is running, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 enables M7 to perceive the surrounding environment in real time through the precise integration of 27 sensing hardware, and realize the accurate perception and recognition of the whole scene and all weather. This not only improves the safety of driving, but also makes users feel a more intimate connection with the vehicle.

The power of intelligence is not only manifested in the driving process, but also throughout the entire travel experience. The NCA intelligent driving system of the new M7 can identify all kinds of situations around the vehicle more accurately through various sensors such as laser radar, making travel safer and easier. In addition, the new M7 also introduces excellent intelligent parking capability, which enables vehicles to easily identify various parking spaces and realize automatic parking through innovative technical means, so that users are no longer subject to parking difficulties when driving in cities.

A smart cockpit that breaks through the boundary, Smart Cockpit 3.0 makes travel more convenient.

The smart cockpit of the new M7 is also one of the highlights that will lead to future travel. HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 brings a creative and interesting interactive space for users. First of all, many people admire the fluency of the HarmonyOS car machine system, which makes users feel like they are in a virtual world full of science and technology and interest during driving, especially with the blessing of Xiaoyi’s intelligent assistant, which makes the intelligent interactive experience more advanced and allows drivers to interact with vehicles more conveniently, which not only improves the convenience of operation, but also brings more entertainment for drivers.

The emergence of HUAWEI MagLink? smart car screen system is also a bright spot. It has reached the level of Huawei’s flat panel, realizing the smoothness of multi-screen interaction, making the car a flexible and ever-changing space, allowing drivers to have more possibilities in the car.

It is worth mentioning that HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 can realize a series of functions, such as offline map voice navigation, which improves the practicality to a new height and makes travel more convenient. Through the support, the car has also achieved a smooth conversion with various applications in Huawei mobile phones. Whether you are chasing a drama or playing a game, users can connect seamlessly after getting on the bus and enjoy a more coherent and intelligent interactive experience.

Intelligent safety leads, omni-directional anti-collision safety guarantees lead to new standards of travel safety.

In terms of travel safety, the new M7 is also very careful. The world’s first omni-directional anti-collision system of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 installed in the car can provide users with all-round safety protection. With the help of multi-sensor fusion sensing capability based on lidar, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 has achieved omni-directional anti-collision capability in forward, lateral and backward directions, providing an efficient and accurate collision warning and response mechanism for vehicles. The system can not only identify common obstacles, but also identify road boundaries, so that vehicles can adapt to the changing driving environment more intelligently.

It is particularly noteworthy that in the AEB active safety evaluation of Autolab, the new M7 in the world won all kinds of active safety evaluation champions with HUAWEI ADS 2.0, which shows that its safety performance is high, and it can also stop in time when it participates in the evaluation at 90km/h at night, which also gives feedback on the strength of the new M7 in the world.

At the M9 and Huawei Panorama Conference, it was mentioned that the brand-new super smart factory, with more than 1,000 intelligent devices, 100% automation and integrated die casting process, has the highest production efficiency in the world and a new car is rolled off the assembly line every 30 seconds. With its excellent strength, Wenjie is becoming a leader in the new energy large SUV market, and its "three-intelligence ceiling" strength has been confirmed in many ways. This is not only a car, but also a future journey of intelligence, safety and innovation. I believe that in the future, the new M7 will be able to win the favor of more consumers.


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