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Foolish operation Tik Tok rose 160,000 yuan in a single month and realized 200,000 yuan.

Hello, I’m Guo Yaotian, also known as Guo Shao.

After sending the children to class in the morning, I went out to visit a few bosses. One is WeChat official account Entertainment Account, which is currently 100,000+.He said that there are actually only 800,000 fans, and this account can be realized about 10 million a year. I always thought that entertainment fans didn’t make much money, which opened my eyes. We talked a lot, gave me a lot of ideas, and it was really ok to play. Later, I will share some with you publicly.

In addition, I also visited two local bosses in Tik Tok, both of whom are awesome in exploring shops in the same city. Millions of local fans have good income. If you are interested in studying exploring shops in the same city, I can introduce it to you. It’s really ok to play. Let’s start today’s theme, which is how to operate Tik Tok like a fool and how to realize it quickly.

Speaking of short video live broadcast, I started doing it in 18 years. At that time, Tik Tok was not very popular, so I started to make short videos, invested hundreds of thousands, bought equipment, and found someone to do it. I didn’t expect that nothing was done after a few months. After I got it, I was a little disgusted with short video live broadcast. I knew it was the current trend, but I was afraid. However, I was told a few cases by WeChat official account’s eldest brother today, which really stimulated me, and I can make money so quickly. It can be said that as long as I can speak normally, I can make money by stupid operation.

His gameplay is to use the live broadcast to pay for knowledge, sell courses and sell books. I said, can’t fans do it? He said that there is no need for fans at all, and 0 fans can start broadcasting. He said that the current recommendation mechanism in Tik Tok, as long as you insist on live broadcast and pay some fees, will soon be able to set up an account. He showed me an operation case, that is, they prepared a set of live broadcasts and repeated this content every day. At present, the result is a monthly increase of 160,000.

He said that the video of this account is also relatively simple. The video does not need to be shown by real people. Just print out the phonetic symbols and 26 letters, read them out and record them. He said that the current account has just started selling courses for about a week, and the effect is still relatively good. At present, the order has come down to more than 100,000, and it will soon be 200,000.

He said that there wasn’t a set of words that could be copied before, but now it can be copied to others in batches. As long as it takes about two hours to broadcast live every day, you can quickly attract fans. All you need to do is repeat the same words every day, just do it like a fool. He said that I remembered a case that I studied in Guizhou at that time and said Tik Tok dry goods. I went in for a week in a row and repeated the same content.

What he sells is some live documents, live books, and live stands. There are tens of thousands of income every day. I didn’t expect this game to play many places in batches, mainly because there are many people in the live broadcast room every day. If someone wants to drain, he will be rewarded, so the reward money every day is a lot of money in Tik Tok.

It’s a case of a live broadcast of the same speech. I didn’t expect that some people would copy and operate this mode in batches now, so some industries can do this. This big brother suggested that I set up business-related accounts in batches, prepare good words, broadcast live in batches, and drain the traffic to WeChat official account. There is also my current content to be distributed all over the network, and convert the text into video and audio.

Later, it really takes time to do this thing, and there are many dry goods to share later.

This article first appeared on WeChat WeChat official account: Guo Yaotian. The content of the article belongs to the author’s personal opinion and does not represent Hexun.com’s position. Investors should operate accordingly, at their own risk.

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Shangxin is in Xiaohongshu | Fashion Clothing, Sports and Outdoor Industry, 5 categories, and the new battle report is released in the spring.

[MOMENT node marketing column] focuses on three major marketing nodes, namely, new, courtesy and promotion, in luxury goods and fashion apparel industry. With four sections, namely, [Everything grows], [Courtesy highlights], [Gathering everything] and [Promoting breakthrough], it brings dry goods in the little red book industry, such as industry opportunity foresight, courtesy marketing strategy, search and delivery guide, and promotion of practical play, so as to light up the flash moment of nodes and decode the most in-depth play of node marketing.

Spring is infinite, and everywhere is beautiful. The first quarter of 2024 has come to an end, and countless spring hot spots have emerged in Xiaohong’s book, bringing new business opportunities to the trend clothing and sports outdoor industry. Major brands have launched new products one after another, and joined hands with Xiaohongshu to make joint efforts in this spring season to promote the rapid outbreak of new products and achieve double sales in the spring of 2024.

As a bridge connecting users and brands, Xiaohongshu looks forward to the trend of the industry, bringing comprehensive new ideas to solve problems for major fashion and sports outdoor brands in terms of trend interpretation, style update and inspiration innovation. At the same time, Xiaohongshu has been actively building a commercial model for a long time, opening up the global links in the station and bringing more potential business opportunities to the brand. With the help of Xiaohongshu’s unique grass planting attribute, the brand can deeply integrate new product marketing with trend content according to its new emphasis, realize the integrated business channel of "marketing+marketing", and promote business transformation and efficiency improvement. Nowadays, Xiaohongshu has become the new preferred position in the trend clothing and sports outdoor brand.

In this issue of "Everything grows", the commercialization team of Xiaohongshu brought outstanding achievements of 12 selected brands in five categories: "Fashion Clothing-Women’s Wear, Men’s Wear, Underwear, Accessories" and "Sports Outdoor". Through in-depth analysis of the brand’s efficient marketing style in the new period of spring, the brand highlights will be lit up, which will bring inspiration to more trendy clothing and sports outdoor brands in the next marketing layout and seek new business development.

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Looking at Xiaohongshu Fashion Clothing & Five Categories of Outdoor Sports

Excellent achievements made in New China in spring.

Ending early spring and rejuvenating, and then starting a new season.

Chaoliu clothing

01 women’s dress

Simple pieces| | Little White Pants Series

Simple pieces delves into the real needs of girls’ trousers, grasps the hot spots of wearing in spring, and launches a series of small white trousers that are "impervious and not easy to wrinkle"; Through the combination of hot scenes in spring from multiple angles and the popularity of fashion bloggers, we will create a new product to launch a big K into the store to broadcast big events. In the end, the total GMV of Xiaohongshu station in the past three months exceeded 1000w, and the highest GMV in a single day exceeded 100 W.

simple  pieces.jpg

W.Amber| | New Chinese Cheongsam

W.Amber focuses on the popular new Chinese trend, launches the cheongsam series, and takes advantage of multiple scenes to seize the style and mind; Accurately target potential people to make appointments before the live broadcast, and get through the whole link to help the business break out. In the end, the total GMV in Xiaohong Bookstore exceeded 310w, the highest GMV in a single day exceeded 27w, and the brand popularity increased by 70% from the previous month.

W  amber.png

02 | Men’s Wear

HetingHome| | Men’s Spring Series

HetingHome captures the needs of men for changing seasons in spring, taking advantage of the new situation, and creating a one-stop guide for trendy men from dating to traveling; Through browsing and searching, the product notes can be reached at a touch, and the transformation of people wearing clothes in spring and changing seasons can be accelerated. During the new period in spring and summer, brand stores achieved a 34% increase in GMV and a 5+ increase in product ROI.


Lee| | Beauty Jeans

Lee accurately captures the pain points of women’s jeans in spring, steps on the trend of traveling in mid-spring, focuses on subdividing the figure, and deduces the cowboy’s one-button [beauty]; Adopt double-field fine operation, take advantage of the new season in Xiaohongshu, and help the single product to be new in spring. In the end, "Beauty Cowboy" jumped to the TOP list of brand cowboy series, and the search volume of "Beauty Cowboy" by Lee increased by 71% from the previous month.


03 underwear

Inside and outside | Swan Cup Bra

Grasp the demand points in the spring scene inside and outside, and design with a V-shaped curve, so that consumers can gracefully expose the swan neck and create a light Look; in spring; KOL is preferred to plant grass in advance, adopting F information flow +S search refined operation, accelerating consumption decision-making through commercial note components, and directly guiding commodity purchase. In the end, the "Swan Cup" single product was put into the self-closed-loop ROI of 2, and the sales volume of Xiaohongshu store increased by 777% year-on-year.

Inside and outside. jpg

04 | Accessories

Ooak| | flowing gold series

Ooak captures the popular wearing scenes in spring and combines multiple topics to plant grass; Create a matrix buyer’s live broadcast, presenting a variety of spring and winter collocations; We will continue to expand our influence by creating a mode of high-point live broadcast by the manager and long-term daily store broadcast. In the end, the new GMV of new products increased by 1304% month-on-month, the reading volume of related notes of [ooak Golden Series] increased by +182%, and the popularity of brand search increased by 55% during the new period in spring.


Tender society|Rosalie Series &Tensi Series

Tender society combines the hot trends in spring to anchor new boosters in spring; Through the cooperation of star live broadcast, interpret the sense of spring atmosphere; Multi-dimensional expansion of high-profile style crowd, accurate operation, to achieve a strong bond between new products and spring high-grade sense. In the end, GMV broke 60W in the last 10 days, "Rosalie series powder Fritillaria" was out of stock when it went on the market, and the reading volume of related notes of "Tensi series" increased by 246%.

tender  society.jpg

Fakeme|Bijou retro series

Fakeme has planted grass in a matrix through a variety of new products, which has wiped out the popular styles in spring; Linking everyone’s fashion week, leveraging the offline platform of Daren to achieve strong preheating of new products; Taking advantage of the new season of Xiaohongshu, the multi-touch explosion was realized with the cooperation of live broadcast of talents and live broadcast of shops. During the new harvest period in spring, the DGMV of the store broke 740w in March, and the search popularity of "Fakeme" soared by over 290% and that of "Fakeme bijou" soared by 1000%.


Bai Lan | Natural Morning Dew Necklace & Dawn Pearl Earline

Bai Lan strongly grasped the sense of spring atmosphere and launched a new series for pre-planting grass; Before the live broadcast, accurately target the potential crowd to make an appointment, and create a fashion blogger to enter the store to broadcast the big event for strong exposure. In the end, the DGMV of shops in the new season in spring broke 350w in March, the search popularity of "Bailan" soared by over 50%, and the reading volume of the new "Dawn & Morning Dew" series increased by 7400 times.


Sports outdoor

Nike|Zenvy series

Nike teamed up with IP to show the soft beauty of women in multiple scenes and release the soft features of Zenvy series. Through "online matrix search layout+offline immersive appearance", the brand successfully seized the high-heat demand of 38 knots, showing the multiple softness of the product. In the end, the search volume of "Nike Zenvy" little red book increased by 9100% month-on-month, and the new product "Zenvy" topped the Nike brand search for the downstream word TOP1.


Li Ning | Rijin Doujin Series

Li Ning takes advantage of the New Year’s good fortune, permeates the life scene of the Spring Festival, creates big events and builds brand goodwill; At the same time, we adopt the strategy of crowd-intensive operation, and take advantage of the new year scene to grow a series of minds of "daily progress". In the end, the series was successfully pushed from the regular product line to the hot sale in the Spring Festival, achieving a 422% year-on-year increase in the popularity of Tmall’s "daily gold" search and a 36% increase in the penetration of brand new year interest groups.

Li ning.png

Weflower | 2024 new flower shoes

WE FLOWER’s new products exclusively launch Little Red Books, which are fermented for a long time through private domain groups and promote sales point to point; Multi-quadrant matrix development, strengthening brand mind; Adopt the trilogy of scientific grass planting, reach the crowd continuously and accurately at multiple points, and realize the whole link opening. In the end, the small flower shoes were successfully harvested. In January, Xiaohongshu exclusively launched the whole store GMV100w, the brand number rose by nearly 5K, and the brand search increased by 65 times.

we  flower.png

Wechat Search @ Little Red Book Business Dynamics Unlocks more [MOMENT Node Marketing Column] content to help more good products and brands grow in Little Red Book!

Mermaid sadism! What’s the story of Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid?

    Special feature of 1905 film network On January 31st, The Mermaid, which will be released on the first day of the New Year’s Day, held a conference of "Fish, Water and Acacia" in Beijing. Director Stephen Chow made a collective appearance with the mighty "Mermaid Family" and released a trailer of the final version for 1 minute and 40 seconds.

    This highly anticipated film has maintained a mystery so far, and has always adopted the hunger marketing route, without any screening and media watching activities in advance. It is really hard to say whether Master Xing is too confident or too unsure about the quality of this film.

    We can only get a glimpse of several groups of film materials exposed at present.

1. This movie is very Stephen Chow.

Stephen Chow is not only the king of comedy of the performing world, but also the film he directed is unique. Starting from "Demon Journey to the West", he no longer arranged a place for himself in the film, but hid behind the monitor as a director.

Inner OS: What the hell is it? …

    The first time we heard that there was no Stephen Chow in a Stephen Chow movie, we felt a little sorry in our hearts. However, when we saw The Demon on a Journey to the West, we were surprised to see the familiar shadow of cynicism in the article, Bo Huang, Show Lo and even Shu Qi’s role.

    After a lapse of three years, there will be no guest appearance of Master Xing in The Mermaid, but through the director’s special feature exposed by the film, it can be found that his director’s way is to completely instill his performance into the actors, even at the expense of repeatedly demonstrating in person, in order to accurately meet his requirements.

Demonstrate and guide the actors to perform in person.

    So, even if Master Xing doesn’t appear in the movie, we don’t have to worry. "Mermaid" is definitely a film that inherits Stephen Chow’s strong personal style. There are all kinds of nonsense, cold humor, man show and madness in it, and every one is guaranteed.

2, the character has a big bottom and an N angle, which is related to mermaid sadism

    There are quite a few familiar faces in this movie. From the trailer currently exposed, we see Deng Chao, Show Lo, Yuqi Zhang, Jelly Lin, Li Shangzheng, Lu Zhengyu, Yang Neng, Ke Bai, Kong Lianshun, Wu Yifan, Wen Jian, Zhang Mei ‘e, etc., and all the immortals show their magical powers — — Of course, most of them are "dead walk-on".

For example, this:

Yang Neng, the "Pork Guy" in shaolin soccer, turned into the curator of the World Museum of Rare Animals in The Mermaid, and personally performed it for a group of tourists — — "Our ancestors were all fish."

There are also two police comrades who were exposed in the first preview, whose painting is "super good" and their understanding ability is "first-class", which were played by Tang Priest’s article and Friar Sand Li Shangzheng in "Demon Journey to the West" respectively.

Even Wu Yifan, a guest star, got a glimpse in the final trailer — — Look at the dress, you should be a rich second generation.

However, there is a role that has not been revealed so far, and that is "Master" Tsui Hark! At the press conference held yesterday, not only the "Mermaid Family" was all out, but also an old friend of Xingye, Tsui Hark, was invited, and he was revealed to have a guest performance in The Mermaid. "There are more than one line."

Master Xing also said with a smile: "Tsui Hark’s acting skills are very good. In fact, the director who can act best, I think one is Director Xu and the other is me. There is nothing to say about acting skills."

Two "old urchins" were funny at the press conference.

Of course, the most important roles in the film are the four donkey kong — — Octopus, mermaid, sea urchin and … … Lettuce?

Deng Chao: The hero of the film is a wealthy real estate developer and local tyrant. In Stephen Chow’s words, this character is a baby at heart, and his beard is his disguise. He wants to pretend to be a mercenary adult. Deng Chao himself explained it in Deng Shiying at the press conference as — — The beard is a ghost, and the beard is an angel.

Angel’s affection

Ghost’s evil (it should be evil … Xueba’s English is not flattering.

Jelly Lin: The mermaid, the heroine of the film, was forced to live in a wrecked ship because of the destruction of the sea and ecology by human beings. Deng Chao, who entered human society in disguise and used love to influence the development of marine resources, didn’t expect that he actually fell in love with him.

A tearful French kiss

Show Lo: Playing octopus is also a marine creature (nonsense). He has always loved the mermaid. When he found that "the person I love has a lover", he was very sad and tried to kill his rival with his tentacles. With eight giant tentacles, he can be regarded as the main fighting force of the mermaid gang.

Yuqi Zhang: Playing Deng Chao’s ex-girlfriend. Not only does she look like an overbearing female silver, but she is also the villain in the film — — The kind that is completely bad. She herself summed up this role as a "synthesis of violence and aesthetics" — — I am beautiful, but I am not gentle.

Mysterious mermaid: In the last fierce battle of the final preview, the amazing mermaid tail on the trailer and poster appeared again. Compared with Lin Yun’s small tail, this fishtail with colorful light has a powerful ability. When flapping the sea, it is "the four seas churn and the five continents shake and thunder". Judging from the expressions of fear on the faces of mermaid and octopus, adult fish should be the villain in the film. Yuqi Zhang, Lenovo’s villain, had a strange look at the little mermaid in the preview … … Murphy, Deng Chao breath even made two mermaid girlfriend? (This doesn’t seem to be the point … …

But if you zoom in carefully, the mermaid’s upper body seems to be a long-haired man in a white shirt, which is a bit similar to Yang Neng’s image.

How big is Master Xing’s brain hole? The answer can only be revealed after the film is released.

3. The main line of the story is positive energy

If you think this is a story that he loves her, she loves him, he loves her and doesn’t love her, and she loves him and doesn’t love him, then you are too young (fu) and childish (qian). You told us at the very beginning of the trailer that this is a tall environmental propaganda film!

Mermaids and humans should have lived in peace. Who knows, the more they progress, the more violent they become … …

Xuan Shao, played by Deng Chao, was originally a mercenary businessman. The development of real estate involved reclamation projects, which threatened the ethnic groups living in the sea. Jelly Lin’s mermaid Sam was sent to stop her. She turned into a human being, and fell in love with Xuan Shao in the process of fighting, and finally succeeded in stopping the whole project and protecting her home.

From this stills, we can also see that mermaids are covered with all kinds of rubbish and waste in the sea.

At the end of the trailer, it also echoed the theme:

If your life is only the last minute, if there is not even a drop of clean water and a breath of clean air on the earth, what do you want to do most?

In addition, we also saw a very familiar line in the previous trailer:

Isn’t this just a salted fish?

If you don’t have a dream, what’s the difference between being a man and salted fish?

It’s a tribute to the previous work.

The press conference of the second China SME Investment and Financing Development Forum was held in Beijing.

  The press conference of "The Second China SME Investment and Financing Development Forum" was held in Beijing on July 2nd. The forum was co-sponsored by the SME Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, and was undertaken by China Enterprise Guohe Culture Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Dunhuang Capital Management Co., Ltd. Shan Lipo, director of the SME Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Li Yong, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, financial expert consultants from the Forum Organizing Committee, representatives of industry associations, representatives of financial institutions, representatives of SMEs, and news media in Beijing attended the conference.


  Deputy Director Li Yong introduced the forum hosted by the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce. He said that small and medium-sized enterprises, as the backbone of private enterprises, play a vital role in investment and trade cooperation and are increasingly becoming the main force in China’s investment and economic and trade cooperation. However, in the process of enterprise investment development, financing difficulties, lack of information, weak market competitiveness and other aspects still plague the good and stable development of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the next step, the Investment Promotion Bureau is willing to work with the Center for the Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, with this forum as the carrier, to deeply visit and investigate small and medium-sized enterprises, to understand the pain points of enterprise development, to mine project information, and to better serve the development of small and medium-sized enterprises by relying on the cross-border industrial platform of the Investment Promotion Bureau.

  It is reported that the forum will be held on September 7, 2019 at the Beijing National Convention Center. The organization and preparation of this forum has received strong support and extensive participation from all relevant units. At present, the preparations for the forum are being carried out in an intense and orderly manner. At that time, a high-quality and effective forum will be presented to provide constructive suggestions for promoting the effective implementation of laws and policies, alleviating the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, and making due contributions to the sustained and healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China.

Kung Fu Panda 4 is a love letter to China’s Kung Fu movies.

"Kung Fu Panda 4" was released on March 22nd, and the panda A Bao returned to the big screen after 8 years’ violation.

The animated film Kung Fu Panda 4, co-directed by mike mitchell and Stephanie Ma stine, was released on March 22nd. This film is the fourth in a series of Kung Fu Panda movies, and the panda A Bao has returned to the big screen after eight years. In the English version, the comedian Jack Black once again returned to be the naive kung fu master Po. Bo Huang, Yang Mi and Rulu were the Chinese voices of Po, Xiaozhen and "The Phantom of the Demon" in Kung Fu Panda 4 respectively.

Kung Fu Panda 4 is a rare animated film that can capture the fourth episode. The Kung Fu Panda series, which has spanned nearly 16 years, has captured an amazing box office of about $2 billion in the world. The lovely panda Po is the protagonist of this legendary series. He shows the profound truth and universal concepts about self-discovery, overcoming fear and teamwork with stories full of oriental thoughts, which makes the series accumulate a very deep audience around the world. From the first movie, Kung Fu Panda series began to perfectly blend comedy, action and true feelings.

"I am a big fan of this series, and Kung Fu Panda is also one of the best series of movies ever. What excites me most is to explore its unique combination of comedy and action. Especially as a kung fu movie fan, there are extremely wonderful action fights in the story of this movie, and at the same time, comedy and animation are mixed together. It is a perfect opportunity for me. " Michelle, co-director of Kung Fu Panda 4, told the Beijing News that there will be more action scenes in Kung Fu Panda 4, because it is a love letter for China Kung Fu movies. "I like all kung fu movies, such as movies starring Bruce Lee, Kung Fu directed by Stephen Chow, Yuan Heping’s" Young Huang Feihong’s Iron Horse "and so on. We found inspiration in these movies, absorbed the essence and put them into this movie. For example, at the beginning of the film, Po raised his finger, which is a classic action of Bruce Lee. Of course, we must pay tribute to Bruce Lee. Another example is a landlady who is a powerful and skilled warrior. She has curly hair on her head, which seems to pay tribute to Stephen Chow’s movie Kung Fu (the chartered woman played by Yuan Qiu). "

Kung Fu Panda 4 has scenes to pay tribute to Bruce Lee’s classic movements and the rented woman in the film Kung Fu.

Simple Po wants to be a spiritual leader.

With Kung Fu Panda 4 leading the series into a new chapter, Po’s story has also taken a gripping turn, guiding him to embark on an inner journey about growth and change. With extraordinary courage and kung fu tricks of "punching the old master to death", the Dragon Warrior Po defeated some of the best kung fu villains in the world in the first three thrilling adventures. This time, fate summoned him to cultivate his body and mind. To put it bluntly, he was appointed as the spiritual leader of Heping Valley because of his simple nature, but this incident immediately triggered several obvious problems: First, Po knew nothing about how to be a spiritual leader, which was equivalent to letting him, who loved food, "eat birds and eat blood"; Secondly, Po should find a new Dragon Warrior as soon as possible, and train him to take up his post smoothly before he can retire and become a lofty leader, which is a process that needs thorough understanding and acceptance for him. To make matters worse, the powerful evil mage, the Phantom Queen (voiced by Viola Davis), has recently reappeared in the Jianghu. She is a petite lizard that can be transformed into the appearance of any animal, regardless of its size. After the Phantom of the Opera, those greedy little eyes are fixed on the staff of wisdom in Po’s hands. With it, she will be able to reconvene all the villains who have been hit by Po in the spirit world.

In "Kung Fu Panda 4", Po’s new partner is the cunning and witty thief Shahu Xiaozhen.

Therefore, Po is in urgent need of help, and then he meets the cunning and witty thief Xiaozhen (voiced by Awkwafina). This sand fox annoys Po all over, but her ability will help a lot. In order to protect the Valley of Peace from being trampled by the clutches of the Phantom of the Opera, tell it to the judge, who had frequent jokes, had to fight side by side. In this process, Po will find that unexpected places also meet heroes. Michelle said that in addition to being black and white, Po’s thoughts are black and white, and there are only good people and bad people in his mind. But this time, the newly added character Xiao is really a good and evil character. As a thief, she is still kind-hearted, which makes Po in a dilemma for a while. I don’t know if I can trust her. In the initial discussion, the production team found that Po rarely left the Valley of Peace, so they decided to take him out of the comfort zone and come to the new environment of Juniper City to get to know Xiaozhen. "We want to design such a movie, in which Xiaozhen and Po represent the city and the countryside respectively. Po from the countryside came to the big city for the first time, so we basically created a new york Times Square in an imaginary ancient China world, where all kinds of animals are in groups, and the number is more than you have ever seen before, including rhinoceros, sheep, wild boar, domestic pigs, goats, crocodiles and bears." In Kung Fu Panda 4, the scenes visited by Po and Xiaozhen are broader than those in the previous work. Michelle said, "This magnificent world has caused Po to change, making him realize that he may be ignorant. As he explores this vast new world, he also comes into contact with all kinds of people.Accepted the concept that the world is not only black and white. This journey made Po wise and saw that there were more than just good and evil sides in the world. "

A team of more than 500 people creates a multicultural perspective

The production team took the time to polish the story and characters of this film carefully, and also paid attention to the standards set by previous films. "This movie has been separated from the last one for eight years, and we have to live up to our high expectations. The first three movies have been a great success, and the fans of Kung Fu Panda have been growing from the first one, constantly crossing the age group. Our goal is to create a movie that can resonate with men, women and children. It not only pays tribute to the memories and legends of the previous work, but also introduces new, interesting and exciting elements. We want to strive to achieve a balance between the two. " Michelle introduced that in the process of cooperation in finalizing the story, the team of Kung Fu Panda 4 created a vibrant and creative environment: "About 500 people contributed to this film, bringing diversified perspectives to the story, sharing the same opinions and goals with everyone, making the finalization process exciting, and allowing us to introduce new ideas on the basis of retaining the styles and feelings of the first three films."

There are about 500 people behind Kung Fu Panda 4, who come from all over the world.

Stephanie Ma stine, the co-director of this film, is a Chinese-American female directors. In the final stage of the production of Kung Fu Panda 4, the complex culture in which she grew up also brought a lot of fun and knowledge to the whole team. "My family comes from China, so I will teach the crew to play mahjong, a game that my father once joked would lead me astray," she said. "But now I’m here, taking my colleagues to enjoy the fun of this China game. From the peaceful valley with rural customs to the bustling city of juniper, we have been trying to capture this extensive culture in the movies. Our attention to small details, such as whether a food is authentic or not, has created a sense of richness for the world of Kung Fu Panda, which is constantly resonating with audiences around the world. " Michelle and the production team pay great attention to realism, and the final product is a love letter they wrote to China culture, martial arts and the whole series of Kung Fu Panda. He said, "Since the release of Kung Fu Panda 3, the world has improved a lot, and we have also noticed these changes, and tried to add more diversity to our actors, crews and later stages, and even Kung Fu has evolved. Many of our animators and artists still clearly remember how they watched Kung Fu Panda when they were young, and they were all very excited that they could contribute to the series of movies they liked since childhood in this new work. "

Behind the scenes

1. In order to capture the real kungfu movements, Sean sexton, director of animation roles with background in Taekwondo and Aikido, integrated the realistic mechanism into Po’s movements. sexton’s team cooperated with a stunt director and several performers to shoot many accurate reference shots for animation.

2. For the inspiration of camera following, animated characters and action scenes, the production team invited stunt coordinator and martial artist Don Ty Theerathada as the kung fu consultant for this film. Theerathada and his stunt team used to be responsible for the fight scene design and arrangement of many action movies. In addition, the stunt team also photographed the scene reference for the animators, who used props designed to imitate the characters’ costumes, costumes, horns, tails and other characteristics to study the natural movements of animals.

3. In the process of making Kung Fu Panda series, animation technology has also made great progress. These technological advances have achieved dynamic camera following, enhanced lighting and unlimited facial feature control for Kung Fu Panda 4. However, despite the technological progress, the animators still combine the old-school and new-school technologies to create traditional hand-drawn pencil drafts for action scenes.

The big villain in Kung Fu Panda 4, the Phantom of the Demon Queen.

4. The film adopts the opinions of Dr Stuart Sumaida, a biologist and vertebrate paleontologist, to help shape the Phantom of the Phantom and the Queen and her army of Komodo dragons. The physiology, movement and independent rotation of eyes of these characters have been carefully designed.

5. It is a complicated process to shape the transformation after the Phantom of the Opera, which is inspired by movies such as The Ring of the Rings at Midnight, X-Men, Nightcrawler and Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes. In order to pursue the details of the transformation, this character is bound with more than 8,000 control points. In order to solve the clothing problem during the transformation of the Phantom of the Opera, the design is adjusted to seamlessly inhale the clothing into the skin.

Welcome the audience to watch Kung Fu Panda 4 at Dolby Cinema in Belle Palace and enjoy the ultimate audio-visual experience.

Beijing News reporter Zhou Huixiao

Editor Huang Jialing

Proofread Li Lijun

[China Today] Marathon is not easy. What are the hidden worries behind the "war of words"

— — Issue 30 & mdash; —

On November 18th, He Yinli of China missed the championship in the Suzhou Marathon.

Because netizens questioned the setting of competition links, it triggered a network "war of words".

Why use it"You"?

Because in recent years, the marathon "war of words" has happened every year!

What are the "war of words" triggered by these marathons that you still remember?

Marathon was originally a place name in Greece. Because of a war, it has become a very popular long-distance running event in the modern world. Let’s take a look at the marathon that was played "bad" in those years.

Event: A marathon paralyzed a city.

Time: 2015 Location: Haikou City

The 2015 Haikou R&F Marathon attracted more than 7,000 participants (photo by Huang Yibing)

The 2015 R&F Haikou Marathon was held in Wanlv Park, Haikou City from 8: 00 to 14: 00 on Sunday, January 11th.

The race was not over yet. At about 12 o’clock that day, a report on Hainan Daily’s official WeChat "Haikou Today, A Marathon Paralyzes a City" pushed the marathon to the forefront.

The article quoted various "fancy spits" of Haikou citizens, which were reprinted by People’s Daily and China Youth Daily.

Can an enterprise buy a city’s transportation if it has money?

The question thrown by the article aroused great enthusiasm of netizens, and there was a wide-ranging debate on whether the city needed to hold a marathon and whether the citizens needed a marathon.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Haikou Municipal Government finally admitted that there was a shortage of work, and the incident gradually subsided.

The reporter found that 2015 is not simple, and it can be called the "first year" of China Marathon.

Because in this year, the marathon officially began to be commercialized: since 2015, the Chinese Athletics Association has completely cancelled the approval of marathon events in accordance with the requirements of decentralization.

According to the statistics of China Athletics Association, in 2010, there were 13 marathon events registered nationwide, and in 2015, it reached 134.

On October 18, 2015, on this day alone, 27 marathon road races were held simultaneously in the country.

This year, the marathon has covered four municipalities directly under the central government and 79 cities in 23 provinces and autonomous regions. For the first time, the total number of people participating in the event exceeded one million, reaching 1.5 million.

Event: Sudden death of "substitute runner"

Time: 2016 Location: Xiamen

18,000 contestants from 28 countries and regions participated in the competition. (Image from Xiamen Net)

At 8: 00 am on December 10, 2016, the 2016 Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon started.

A scene that shocked the audience appeared near the finish line: two players fell to the ground nearby and died after being rescued.

Four days later, netizens were shocked again: one of the victims was "resurrected"!

Because the organizing Committee issued a notice saying that one of the contestants who died suddenly was a "runner". On the same day, Wu Ming, the head of the office of the Organizing Committee of Xiamen International Marathon, announced in an interview with the media that there were still 30 contestants cheating, 28 of whom were "runners".

The sudden death has just triggered netizens’ doubts about the enthusiasm of the whole people for horse racing in that year, but there is a more outrageous scene in the "runner": in the 2016 Shenzhen Marathon, two of the top ten women’s team winners actually had Adam’s apple and were verified as men.

According to statistics, between 2015 and 2017, 14 people died unexpectedly while participating in domestic marathon events, and sudden death near the finish line accounted for 80%.

The physical quality, moral quality, fairness and openness of the participants have aroused the enduring concern of netizens about the marathon: the marathon is not what you want to run, you can run if you want to run!

Event: The organizer owes the bonus.

Time: 2017 Location: Jilin

In October 2017, Jilin Marathon participants Kong Jie and Mou Zhenhua voiced through the media that their bonuses were unpaid for four months.

According to the official website of Jilin Marathon, Kong Jie, a full-time female athlete, was ranked fifth in China at that time, ranking eighth in total; Mou Zhenhua, who was selected by the men in the whole process, was ranked third among domestic players and eighth in total. The results of the competition are true and effective.

In fact, the arrears of marathon runners’ bonuses have long existed.

The 2015 Linyi Marathon caused social concern due to the arrears of bonuses for African athletes. It was not until April 30, 2016 that all of them were distributed, and the half-year-old Linyi Marathon "unpaid wages" storm came to an end.

(Network screenshot)

At the 2017 China Marathon Annual Meeting, documents such as "2017 China Marathon Annual Work Report" and "2017 China Marathon Big Data Analysis Report" issued by China Athletics Association showed that:

China hosted 1102 events in 2017.

The number of marathons increased to 4.98 million, and the number of marathons per 10,000 people was 4.27.

The marathon covers 234 cities in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, including Tibet, with an industrial scale of 70 billion.

With the intervention of relevant departments in Jiangsu Province, the controversy caused by the Suzhou Marathon in 2018 gradually cooled down.

Overseas network published a commentator’s article saying that the marathon with tens of thousands of people participating at every turn is not just a long-distance running, it is the "touchstone" of the city’s comprehensive governance capacity. For the China Marathon, which has just started, it is especially necessary for practitioners and event organizers to take care of its growth with professional management and operation.

So, what kind of image will the marathon appear in the public eye next time?

(Wen He Chuan)

Beijing will accelerate a number of landmark projects such as integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and bio-manufacturing.

CCTV News:On March 19th, the State Council Office held a press conference on "Strive to create a new situation of high-quality development based on the strategic positioning of the capital city". At the meeting, Yin Yong, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said that efforts would be made to strengthen the construction of an international science and technology innovation center and give full play to Beijing’s advantages in developing new quality productivity. We will co-ordinate the resources of educational science and technology talents, cultivate and strengthen all kinds of scientific and technological forces, continue to implement the leading action of basic research and the plan of tackling key core technologies in depth, and lay out the new track of the future industry in a forward-looking way; Leading the construction of a modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation, accelerating a number of landmark projects such as integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and bio-manufacturing, consolidating and expanding the leading edge of industries such as artificial intelligence and high-level autonomous driving, and striving to build a benchmark city for the global digital economy; Accelerate the improvement of the innovation ecosystem, launch a new Zhongguancun pilot reform policy, solidly promote the construction of the world’s leading science and technology parks, and gather momentum for Beijing’s high-quality development.

Chun Wu, Chen Bailin, Practice, Tang Yixin, Lin Chi-ling, Watch the Holiday Mode of Entertainment Circle.

Many stars will choose to travel in their spare time, go to various places, travel around the world, feel different customs and customs, and increase their experience, so that they can add more true feelings when filming at work, which is probably a big reason why stars like to travel. The following people pay special attention to traveling, and are willing to share it with fans and friends to see where they have been.

 Chun Wu Caribbean Celestial Beach

 Chun Wu, an actor and singer who has participated in "Daddy’s Back" and "Where’s Daddy Going", spends most of his time with his children except filming and singing, and often takes them out to travel. Last year, he took NeiNei and Max to the celestial beach in the Caribbean. In order to broaden children’s horizons, Wu Zun often took the children to experience all kinds of customs around the world.

 Iceland, Chen Bailin

  In the first issue of Flowers and Teenagers Season 3, Chen Bailin, a warm man, was exiled and traveled alone. Through the previous exile trips, we can see that he is a frequent traveler, and he has been to Iceland, which is known as the "cold wonderland".

 Practice the Arctic Circle

Besides filming, traveling is her greatest hobby. She had previously updated a set of aurora photos taken by herself in the Arctic Circle on Weibo, which was absolutely beautiful. She reached the North Pole at 66.33 north latitude along the most beautiful and dangerous Dalton Highway, which few tourists would take, and challenged the limit of danger all the way, which was very adventurous. She also shared a lot of feelings and knowledge, and the practice of loving travel has always been a fine and dedicated actress.

 Zhao Wei and Summer Xu travel together in Egypt.

  The photos of Zhao Wei and Summer Xu visiting Egypt together in their early years were exposed. In the photos, they were very close and took photos in front of the pyramids, the Sphinx and other landmark buildings. Both of them are dressed simply and casually with bright smiles, which shows that this trip is very comfortable and leisurely.

 Jiang Yiyan African Prairie

  Speaking of Jiang Yiyan, many people know that besides filming, she is a young literary woman who is enthusiastic about public welfare and loves photography in her daily life. In 2013, she traveled to the Ethiopian plateau with friends, where she used helicopter aerial photography to capture the vibrant life unique to Africa.

 Lake Baikal, Ruoyun Zhang, Tang Yixin

  Ruoyun Zhang Tang Yixin, a model couple in the entertainment circle, can see fancy sprinkles of sugar everywhere. Ruoyun Zhang in Flowers and Teenagers Season 3 was rated as "the best traveling companion", and she did not forget fancy dog abuse in a foreign country. They went to see Lake Baikal full of love together.

 Lin Chi-ling Antarctic

  Lin Chi-ling, known as "the first beauty in Taiwan Province", also participated in the travel variety show "Sister Flower 2". In the last stop, the "Flower Troupe" chose the South Pole as a farewell stop. Although this is a program arrangement, it can be seen that she loves traveling in the program.

 Whether it’s spring or winter, ordinary people or stars are willing to enrich their lives, expand their horizons and go out to see the scenery outside.

Shocked! There are actually 15 fraudulent apps in the mobile phone.

Early March

Jinhua Yongkang bureau of public security Xicheng police station

Received an anti-fraud warning instruction saying

Mr. Chen, a citizen of the jurisdiction, has high-risk trading risks.

After receiving the early warning

Police Zhang Jiekai immediately dialed Mr. Chen’s phone.

Inform them that they may be experiencing fraud.

in ten minutes

Mr. Chen hurried to the police station.

After some dissuasion by the police

He is still dubious.

"I’m not a three-year-old child.

At this age, I have been defrauded. "

▲ 15 fraud-related software in Mr. Chen’s mobile phone

Later, Zhang Jiekai took a look at Mr. Chen’s mobile phone.

It actually downloaded 15 fraud-related software.

When told that these are all fraudulent software,

Mr. Chen’s face is unbelievable

"How is that possible?

These softwares are obviously used for investment! "

After some inquiries, Zhang Jiekai learned that

Mr. Chen runs a small company

I heard from friends that online investment can make money quickly.

I am eager to try.


While browsing the web, Mr. Chen

See a lot of "low investment and high return" investment software advertisements.

Think of what my friend once said.

I didn’t doubt it, so I clicked on the link to download it.

There are 15 models in total.

After that, he learned from the "customer service" of various software.

Many "hot investment projects"

Under the professional and patient service of "customer service"

Mr. Chen wants to invest 50 thousand yuan to try the water

When I was about to transfer money

Zhang Jiekai called in time.

Saved Mr. Chen’s 50 thousand yuan

▲ Zhang Jiekai verified the situation with Mr. Chen and conducted anti-fraud propaganda.

soon afterwards

Zhang Jiekai patiently explained to Mr. Chen.

The true face of "low input" and "high income"

Mr. Chen suddenly woke up.

Thanks to Zhang Jiekai again and again

And uninstalled all fraudulent software.

"Thank you very much.

If it weren’t for you, my money would be gone! "

Police reminder

Remember that there is no pie in the sky.

Don’t believe it easily

Investment and financial management recommended by informal channels

Anyone who advertises "stable and high return"

Online investment and financial management are all frauds.

Once you are cheated, call 96110 in time.

You might like it.

Original title: "Shocked! There are actually 15 fraudulent apps in the mobile phone.

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On the national feelings in Jin Yong’s novels

> >
13:13 on August 29th.

Editor: Quge Source:China Journal website
The mainland version of "Eight Dragons" started shooting yesterday. Jin Yong fans are controversial about the actors. (13:00 on August 28th) Jin Yong, the "Hero", returned to the Jianghu to revise 15 martial arts novels. (10:54 on July 21)