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Six core technologies, the small I robot has great commercial value potential.

The advantages of artificial intelligence small I robot are not only in corpus data, but also in its own hard technology.

Compared with other big manufacturers, cognitive intelligence is still in the stage of research and development. Small I robots have been put into practice for a long time, and on this basis, they have quietly established their own business empire.

Xiaoyi commercialized all his six core technologies, and formed nine product series including dialogue AI, knowledge fusion, intelligent voice, super automation, data intelligence, intelligent construction support, visual analysis, intelligent hardware support, and meta-universe. The market share of products in several vertical industries is in the forefront.

With outstanding technology, the small I robot has blossomed rapidly in intelligent services. At present, there are more than 800 million end users of the small I robot worldwide. Nearly a thousand large and medium-sized enterprises and governments, hundreds of thousands of small enterprises and developers are using the services and intelligent robot products provided by the small I robot, covering communications, finance, government affairs, legal affairs, medical care, manufacturing and other industries.

In the banking industry alone, more than 40 of the top 50 banks in China have adopted the small I intelligent customer service system. According to the official data of China Construction Bank, the workload of intelligent customer service is almost equivalent to 9000 employees, which can save a lot of astronomical figures only in labor costs.

Wuhan Evergrande! Wei Shihao Yan Dinghao and Li Yang joined the three towns, and the eight tigers of Evergrande will meet again to attack the AFC Champions League.

On March 11th, according to domestic media reports, Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang, three generals of the Guangzhou team, joined the three towns of Wuhan, the new champion of the Super League. Because the Guangzhou team has been in arrears, all three players joined on a free transfer, and they went to Wuhan for the stable investment and the prospect of winning the championship. Today, the three towns in Wuhan already have eight old Evergrande generals, and they will be strong teams that cannot be ignored in the Super League and AFC Champions League in the new season.

On the afternoon of March 11th, according to Lu Mi, a reporter from Football News, three Chinese Super League champions, Wuhan Sanzhen, will sign Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang.

Guangzhou team was relegated to 17th place last season. According to media reports, the team will operate at a low cost in the new season, and has been unpaid. The three towns in Wuhan continued to invest in the past two years, winning the Super League championship last season and winning the AFC Champions League ticket. In comparison, the three towns in Wuhan are the lofty branches that all players want to climb at present.

It is reported that the signing of three Evergrande players by the three towns in Wuhan has gone through a long negotiation, and it has also shown enough sincerity. Under the background of the sluggish overall football market, the stable investment of the three towns in Wuhan and their ability to play in the AFC Champions League are still very attractive to Evergrande players who once had a record of winning the championship.

According to Li Xuan, a reporter from Football News, the three towns in Wuhan didn’t hit a big contract. Stability, AFC Champions League and the pursuit of champions are the core competitiveness.

Feng Zhen, another football reporter, said that Wei Shihao and others were all free to join the three towns because of the team’s unpaid wages, so they didn’t pay a big price for the team. In addition, the Wuhan team’s move also released a signal to the outside world, not only to continue to compete for the championship in the Super League, but also to make a name for itself in the AFC Champions League.

After Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang joined in, together with Gao Zhunyi, Liu Yiming, Deng Hanwen, Liu Dianzuo and He Chao, the three towns in Wuhan gathered eight great tigers of Evergrande, with young foreign aid and even a bit of a dynasty team.

In this regard, netizens have said, "I know, Wuhan Evergrande".

"Now, all the clubs that can pay wages normally are good clubs. If there is still the strength to compete for the championship, it is a perfect team."

"Half Evergrande last season, 80% Evergrande this season"

"It’s better than going to Shanghai. The three towns are basically the second team of Evergrande."

"Strengthen the three towns in Wuhan, and then it is ok to play the AFC Champions League."

"Goalkeeper: Liu Dianzuo defender: Deng Hanwen Li Yang Liu Yiming Gao Zhunyi midfielder: He Chao Yan Dinghao Wei Shihao is still three."

"What is the first definition of a top club? The boss has to have money! Don’t play football if you are poor! "

"Look at Wuhan’s investment, how long can it last?"

As a fan of Taishan Mountain in Shandong Province, I really appreciate the signing mode and efficiency of the Three Towns Club. Those sunspots don’t have to hack the Three Towns, and Evergrande players say that the Three Towns can play for a few years, regardless of how many years they can play.

Shanghai Chongming gradually returns to life normal

With the gradual termination of the seal control management, the lives of the citizens of the Chongming District of Shanghai are returning to the normal state. At present, the staff of the party and government agencies at all levels of Chongming District will return in an orderly manner. The district administrative service center, the township community affairs acceptance service center and other government service windows restore offline services in stages. The 30 bus lines are put into trial operation, and the school is actively prepared to welcome the college candidates of the middle school entrance examination. It is reported that there are 35 government service halls in Chongming District have resumed offline window services, and a total of 97 windows are opened, including district administrative service centers, some township community affairs acceptance service centers and district departments. Tax registration, employment and entrepreneurship, marriage registration, medical and health, social security, etc. involved in the daily affairs of the masses. During the gradual opening of the service hall, the current restriction measures are taken to implement the preference for appointments. Citizens can go to the nearest business after making an appointment through the Internet.

In order to facilitate the travel of residents and restore the people’s lives as soon as possible. At present, Chongming District conducts comprehensive pressure testing for the number of bus classes, the information of the information, and the capacity of the transportation. At present, there are 30 bus lines in Chongming District to resume trial operations, and the townships have evacuated the roadblocks of the main roads. (Fu Xiaobo, a reporter from Science and Technology Daily)

[Mingxuan · Crab Museum] Lujiazui Center | 199 yuan to grab the market price of 609 yuan signboard crab powder 2-3 people meals! Intritious crab powder for 20 years! Take you to taste delicious!

Mingxuan · Crab Museum

Little friends who love crabs come here ~

It’s time to add a "fresh" beauty to yourself

Sip a sip of fresh fragrance

Another sip of aftertaste

True incense warned, wipe dry first!

The overall simple decoration style

As soon as people enter the store, they are deeply attracted

Retro charm, antique

Everywhere makes people shine!

Neat and elegant environment

It is a sense of ritual to open the food feast

Can’t wait to ask friends and family to sit on a seat

Can enjoy the old Shanghai style charm

You can also taste Shanghai specialty food

Shanghai on the tip of the tongue, let you do this!

Signature crab powder fishing rice

Fresh ingredients, 20 years of crab powder

Drop by bit, leave incense!

Every classic is ingenious!

Restore the traditional taste of old Shanghai

Mingxuan has made a full effort in choosing crabs

The selected one is full

Fresh and delicious, energetic crab

In this way, there can be fresh and fat crab yellow, crab meat, and crab paste

Before entering the mouth, the deliciousness is in front of you

Just watching the delicate crab yellow

I can’t help but want to enjoy it soon

Mingxuan inherits the culture of Shanghai people’s crab eating

Handmade crab yellow and crab meat

Each crab used is freshly steamed

After frying the crab powder that was dismantled on the day

Fresh mellow, bling bling’s golden light

While retaining the ingredients

Combined with the right seasoning and cooking method

Make this crab powder more delicious, you will fall in love with a bite

Sure enough, there are crab meat and taste buds that can not be disappointed

A good bowl of good rice, warming the stomach and warmth

Golden appearance, seductive color

Every bite is fragrant!

The rice with soup will be impressed by you

=Black pepper beef grains=

Beef grains wrapped in black pepper

Full and thick visible to the naked eye

The aroma of oil is inspired by high temperature

The juice of beef is tightly locked in the meat pieces

The moment I put it in my mouth

Fresh and fragrant juice

Broken from the soft denim particles

The rich aroma is wonderful!

One bite and eat the more, the more happy, the happiness is rising


Shanghai sauce duck


The characteristic of this gang is thick red red sauce

Duck duck is one of the representative dishes in the cold disk

Skin black meat tender, delicious flavor

Look at the drool

With a trace of freshness, mellow and not greasy

A solid meat can feel when you eat

=Live eggplant=

The spicy taste of peppers and garlic is mixed together

Soft glutinous taste, slightly spicy taste

Make this dish loved by diners

Before eating, be sure to let the eggplant suck the soup in the plate

This is the classic way of eating juice eggplant

=Seasonal vegetable=

=Matsutake bamboo mushroom soup=

=Homemade pudding=

TA is here! TA is here!

Along the warm yellow color tone, people are in front of people

The environment is clean and tidy, simple and atmospheric

The lights are shining, it looks warm and bright

The spacious dining space makes people relax physically and mentally

There is no noisy and noisy in the traditional restaurant

Let you enjoy the deliciousness here quietly and elegantly

Different specifications of tables and chairs can have multiple needs

Unique design, collision of color

It is not difficult to see the style of TA