Guangzhou will retire at the age of 14, Shanghai will renew its contract with bledsoe, and Sun Jun regrets staying in Jones.

Guangzhou will retire at the age of 14, Shanghai will renew its contract with bledsoe, and Sun Jun regrets staying in Jones.

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Guangzhou team’s CBA league game in the new season has ended ahead of schedule. Compared with last season, their performance has improved obviously. First, Guangzhou team successfully reached the quarterfinals of CBA league, which is the best result in the team’s history. Secondly, Guangzhou team played its own style when playing against Zhejiang team. Although they all ended in losing in both games, Guangzhou team still showed their strength to fans. This offseason team can continue to improve the depth of its lineup. If two powerful new foreign AIDS can be introduced next season, Guangzhou team will have a chance to reach the semi-finals. Now they are one of the teams with the strongest young players in CBA league, and the future of Guangzhou team is brighter than many teams.

This offseason team still has one thing to do, that is, to clear out some useless veterans. Recently, Zheng Zhun, a 14-year-old from the Guangzhou team, announced his retirement again. This time, he should not consider the comeback again. After all, Zheng Zhun said that he would directly retire as the assistant coach of the Guangzhou team during the offseason last year, but in the end, he announced his comeback before the season in order to ensure the rotation of the team. However, Zheng Zhun didn’t play that much this season. He only played 29 times for Guangzhou, and Zheng Zhun played only 8.4 minutes per game. He was a marginal player in the team, especially in the playoffs. Zheng Zhun didn’t play for Guangzhou at all.

It can also be seen from Zheng Zhun’s data that he is really not suitable to stay in the CBA league. This season, his three-point shooting percentage has reached 27.1%, which is really poor. Zheng Zhun’s only role is to help Li Yanzhe play free throws after his injury, because Zheng Zhun’s free throw shooting percentage is 86.7%, which is quite good. Since he entered the Shaanxi team that year, Zheng Zhun has played in the CBA league for 14 years. Because of his poor physical resistance, Zheng Zhun has also experienced some injuries during his career, which has a great influence on his future playing. In short, Brigadier General Zheng will officially work in the coaching staff of Guangzhou team next season, and Guangzhou team will give him some good opportunities for providing for the aged.

Guangzhou retired Zheng Zhun at the age of 14.

The second news comes from the Shanghai team. After the Shanghai team’s performance was cancelled this season, the team’s foreign aid didn’t choose to leave at the first time. They all stayed in Shanghai for a holiday. bledsoe even got involved in the daily life of Shanghai. He often posted photos of himself riding a bicycle in personal social media. In addition, bledsoe actually had no opinion about the Shanghai team. There was really no way to cancel the team’s performance.

It is reported that the Shanghai team has made it clear that it wants to renew bledsoe’s contract. As long as he also wants to stay in the team to play, the two sides will be able to complete cooperation next season. This season, bledsoe’s performance is very good, and he scored 51 points in a game at most. From this point, it can actually be seen that there is not much problem with bledsoe’s personal ability of foreign aid. What kind of data he can play mainly depends on bledsoe’s attitude towards playing.

This time, after the Shanghai team’s silent ball incident, bledsoe was misunderstood by many foreign fans as the chief culprit. It is impossible for him to return to play in the NBA. Foreign fans can care whether bledsoe plays or not. They are concerned that bledsoe is the biggest star in the Shanghai team. This kind of thing must be related to him. In the case of not being able to return to play in the NBA, it is most meaningful for bledsoe to stay in the CBA.

Shanghai Team Super Foreign Aid bledsoe

The third news comes from Mr. Sun Jun, the boss of Jilin team. During the offseason last year, Guangsha team took a keen interest in the foreign aid Jones of Jilin team. At that time, Guangsha team’s idea was to sign Jones, and they would give Jilin team an expensive signing fee, which is not a small sum of money for Jilin team, but Mr. Sun Jun felt that Jones was an indispensable foreign aid for Jilin team. Without him, the performance of Jilin team would definitely start to decline this season.

However, what Mr. Sun Jun didn’t expect was that after rejecting Guangsha team, Jones couldn’t stand the way of employing people like Jilin team this season. Next season, he will go to overseas leagues to find opportunities to play. That is to say, Jilin team completely lost Jones as a super foreign aid, and the team didn’t even earn his transfer fee. During the playoffs this season, Jones suffered injuries. With the growth of age, Jones paid more and more attention to his health.

Before, he talked about physical injuries in personal social media. If Jones felt that his injuries were serious, he would not participate in the competition on behalf of the Jilin team. Even if the contract price obtained by going to overseas leagues was lower, Jones wanted to extend his career as much as possible. Now Mr. Sun Jun regrets that he did not trade Jones in time. To be honest, a foreign aid close to 35 years old may plummet at any time. After that, the Jilin team needs to consider looking for a new foreign aid with Jones’ ability.

Mr. Sun Jun, owner of Jilin team

Without Jones, the strength of Jilin team will decline greatly, and it is still unknown whether they can make the playoffs next season. At least for now, Jilin team has almost no advantage, and their local players have their own shortcomings, but with Jones, the shortcomings of these players are covered up.

For example, Jiang Weize is actually a functional three-point shooter. As a No.1 player, Jiang Weize’s passing ability is relatively weak. Jilin team has been relying on Jones to attack the team in series. After Jones leaves the team next season, Jilin team has lost an important starting point for attack.


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