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Premier League: Manchester City is popular, but Chelsea failed to return away? Attached is a diary of football sweeping.

As expected, Chelsea failed to return away from home? Hello, friends, welcome to my channel. This is the interpretation column of Messi Betfair football. Last period, I watched a Premier League match with Liverpool at home against Villa. In the first half, konate sent the ball, Watkins took the penalty and kicked the ball wide. Then Douglas-Louis passed the ball to the back to send an assist, and Ramsey pushed the goal. In the second half, VAR decided that Van Dyke was offside first, and Gakpo’s goal was invalidated. Then firmino and Milner came off the bench to finish the curtain call at home. In the end, Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Villa still kept the hope of being in the top four. On the whole, it still has a little source with the direction of Xiaobian. So let’s continue to pay attention to a Premier League today:

This game is the 37th round of the Premier League in the 22/23 season, a contest between Manchester City and Chelsea. Founded in 1880, Manchester City won the top league title in England eight times and the FA Cup six times. In recent seasons, the champions of the Premier League have been monopolized. It is conceivable that their strength is also quite good. This season, after 35 rounds, they gained 27 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses, accumulating 85 points and ranking first. In the last round, they beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, and all events were unbeaten in nearly 23 games. The competitive state is also perfect, but because of the tight physical condition, it is estimated that you will play more casually under the condition of little pressure.

However, since the outbreak of the situation in Russia and Ukraine, Chelsea’s performance has been in a declining stage, and this season is even more outrageous. After 35 rounds, it only gained 11 wins and 10 draws, and the points also fell into the middle position. This is like the feeling that a top student fell into the middle position. In the past 10 games, he lost 9 game data, and the team’s recent game trend is very bad. The main thing is that the offensive end is very poor. Now, to say that the fighting spirit is estimated to be fighting for honor.

In fact, there is little difference between the two sides in terms of paper strength. However, Manchester City naturally occupies a big advantage in the game state of the round team, so the strength of outside experts also gives them a lot of support. From a professional point of view, the strength is a bit too big. In terms of the current fighting spirit, it is better to support Chelsea and end the game with a small loss.

Reference: Let Negative 1:1 1:2

Guangzhou will retire at the age of 14, Shanghai will renew its contract with bledsoe, and Sun Jun regrets staying in Jones.

Hello, everyone, I’m Bei Ning. Dear friends, you should develop the habit of reading first and then praising!

Guangzhou team’s CBA league game in the new season has ended ahead of schedule. Compared with last season, their performance has improved obviously. First, Guangzhou team successfully reached the quarterfinals of CBA league, which is the best result in the team’s history. Secondly, Guangzhou team played its own style when playing against Zhejiang team. Although they all ended in losing in both games, Guangzhou team still showed their strength to fans. This offseason team can continue to improve the depth of its lineup. If two powerful new foreign AIDS can be introduced next season, Guangzhou team will have a chance to reach the semi-finals. Now they are one of the teams with the strongest young players in CBA league, and the future of Guangzhou team is brighter than many teams.

This offseason team still has one thing to do, that is, to clear out some useless veterans. Recently, Zheng Zhun, a 14-year-old from the Guangzhou team, announced his retirement again. This time, he should not consider the comeback again. After all, Zheng Zhun said that he would directly retire as the assistant coach of the Guangzhou team during the offseason last year, but in the end, he announced his comeback before the season in order to ensure the rotation of the team. However, Zheng Zhun didn’t play that much this season. He only played 29 times for Guangzhou, and Zheng Zhun played only 8.4 minutes per game. He was a marginal player in the team, especially in the playoffs. Zheng Zhun didn’t play for Guangzhou at all.

It can also be seen from Zheng Zhun’s data that he is really not suitable to stay in the CBA league. This season, his three-point shooting percentage has reached 27.1%, which is really poor. Zheng Zhun’s only role is to help Li Yanzhe play free throws after his injury, because Zheng Zhun’s free throw shooting percentage is 86.7%, which is quite good. Since he entered the Shaanxi team that year, Zheng Zhun has played in the CBA league for 14 years. Because of his poor physical resistance, Zheng Zhun has also experienced some injuries during his career, which has a great influence on his future playing. In short, Brigadier General Zheng will officially work in the coaching staff of Guangzhou team next season, and Guangzhou team will give him some good opportunities for providing for the aged.

Guangzhou retired Zheng Zhun at the age of 14.

The second news comes from the Shanghai team. After the Shanghai team’s performance was cancelled this season, the team’s foreign aid didn’t choose to leave at the first time. They all stayed in Shanghai for a holiday. bledsoe even got involved in the daily life of Shanghai. He often posted photos of himself riding a bicycle in personal social media. In addition, bledsoe actually had no opinion about the Shanghai team. There was really no way to cancel the team’s performance.

It is reported that the Shanghai team has made it clear that it wants to renew bledsoe’s contract. As long as he also wants to stay in the team to play, the two sides will be able to complete cooperation next season. This season, bledsoe’s performance is very good, and he scored 51 points in a game at most. From this point, it can actually be seen that there is not much problem with bledsoe’s personal ability of foreign aid. What kind of data he can play mainly depends on bledsoe’s attitude towards playing.

This time, after the Shanghai team’s silent ball incident, bledsoe was misunderstood by many foreign fans as the chief culprit. It is impossible for him to return to play in the NBA. Foreign fans can care whether bledsoe plays or not. They are concerned that bledsoe is the biggest star in the Shanghai team. This kind of thing must be related to him. In the case of not being able to return to play in the NBA, it is most meaningful for bledsoe to stay in the CBA.

Shanghai Team Super Foreign Aid bledsoe

The third news comes from Mr. Sun Jun, the boss of Jilin team. During the offseason last year, Guangsha team took a keen interest in the foreign aid Jones of Jilin team. At that time, Guangsha team’s idea was to sign Jones, and they would give Jilin team an expensive signing fee, which is not a small sum of money for Jilin team, but Mr. Sun Jun felt that Jones was an indispensable foreign aid for Jilin team. Without him, the performance of Jilin team would definitely start to decline this season.

However, what Mr. Sun Jun didn’t expect was that after rejecting Guangsha team, Jones couldn’t stand the way of employing people like Jilin team this season. Next season, he will go to overseas leagues to find opportunities to play. That is to say, Jilin team completely lost Jones as a super foreign aid, and the team didn’t even earn his transfer fee. During the playoffs this season, Jones suffered injuries. With the growth of age, Jones paid more and more attention to his health.

Before, he talked about physical injuries in personal social media. If Jones felt that his injuries were serious, he would not participate in the competition on behalf of the Jilin team. Even if the contract price obtained by going to overseas leagues was lower, Jones wanted to extend his career as much as possible. Now Mr. Sun Jun regrets that he did not trade Jones in time. To be honest, a foreign aid close to 35 years old may plummet at any time. After that, the Jilin team needs to consider looking for a new foreign aid with Jones’ ability.

Mr. Sun Jun, owner of Jilin team

Without Jones, the strength of Jilin team will decline greatly, and it is still unknown whether they can make the playoffs next season. At least for now, Jilin team has almost no advantage, and their local players have their own shortcomings, but with Jones, the shortcomings of these players are covered up.

For example, Jiang Weize is actually a functional three-point shooter. As a No.1 player, Jiang Weize’s passing ability is relatively weak. Jilin team has been relying on Jones to attack the team in series. After Jones leaves the team next season, Jilin team has lost an important starting point for attack.

Scientists hope to use artificial intelligence to find life on Mars.

It turns out that artificial intelligence may give us a better chance to find life on Mars.

A group of researchers led by the team of NASA Institute of Astrobiology (NAI) of SETI Institute recently released a study detailing how to use machine learning to more effectively determine where life may be hidden on the red planet, if it exists.

Scientists decided to use an area called Salar de Pajonales to run their project-this area is located at the intersection of Atacama desert and plateau, which is famous for being uninhabitable, but not uninhabitable-because it is considered as a good substitute for the surface of Mars. The team combined still images, samples and drone lenses to draw a map of life distribution in sparsely populated areas.

Then, the researchers brought the data back to the laboratory for training artificial intelligence. The goal is to teach computers to identify which areas are most likely to have life—such as small clusters of certain geological features or scarce water sources—and to be able to extrapolate this data to other locations. Theoretically, once AI knows the life-oriented details in Salar de Pajonales, it should be able to use these patterns to find the areas that are most likely to bear life in any terrain.

And the effect is surprisingly good. Once AI learns what it needs to recognize, researchers can combine machine learning with collected statistical ecological data to find signs of life 85% of the time. Without the help of artificial intelligence, the team was able to discover biometrics in less than 10% of the time.

You can imagine how helpful it is to find life on the surface of Mars. At present, we send rovers to the land of our next-door neighbors and look for life when they drive along their own paths. Although we try to choose a landing site that has a good chance of containing life (if it exists), it is different from the best and most promising area that the rover can microscopically observe around the planet it is driving.

The research team made it clear that although the speed at which artificial intelligence-assisted programs find life is incredible, it is equally exciting to find a process that can combine long-distance and short-distance data into useful maps to find microbial life. "Although the high biometric detection rate is the core result of this study, it is equally important that it successfully integrates data sets with different resolutions from orbit to ground, and finally links regional orbit data with microbial habitats," Nathalie A said. Cabrol, an astrobiologist and the lead researcher of NAI group of SETI Institute. "Our team showed a way to transition from the scale and resolution needed to characterize livability to the scale and resolution that can help us find life."

I hope we can integrate this technology into rovers, helicopters and drones going to Mars in the near future. Maybe this will be the ticket to finally find life on the red planet.

AI online intelligent matting tool is a must for cross-border e-commerce operators!

The e-commerce industry is inseparable from the map. Transparent base map, white base map …

When selling goods, you always have to deal with product pictures. Processing pictures is a relatively high-frequency operation. For the matting tool, it is also just needed by many people.

Today, I will share with you an AI online intelligent matting tool.Picture-cutting assistant

01AI matting effect
Picture editing based on AI artificial intelligence algorithm. Just upload a picture with one click, and the matting can be completed in 3 seconds.

02operating procedure

(1) OpenAssistant in painting cutting,Select the [smart matting] function.

(2) After the picture is uploaded, click OK to dig it out with one key.

Picture-cutting assistantIs a simple, intelligent and fully functional online video processing tool, with intelligent subtitles, video translation, AI picture editing, audio editing, voice elimination and other video and audio, picture editing and post-processing functions.

Klopp: We don’t like playing the iron bucket array. I don’t know when was the last time we got a penalty.

Live on March 11th, klopp was interviewed by BT after the 0-1 Bournemouth match.

Klopp: "We had the advantage in the first half. They played the counterattack they wanted, but we didn’t.".

"I think we have to play in a clear and open space, and we don’t use these times enough-the space next to their double midfield, and other players are more or less busy covering other areas. We don’t use it frequently enough and don’t like to face the challenge of iron drum array.

"Obviously, we can’t win all the ball rights, but small things will have a huge impact, and then we are 0-1 behind.

"They have been doing the same thing, but it was very successful. We didn’t defend well enough. I think the second half started well and got a penalty, but we didn’t score. We were really impatient and didn’t create enough opportunities.

"Salah scored a lot of goals and missed a penalty. This is life. To be honest, we don’t know when we got the last penalty, at least it was a long time ago in the league. If you enter, the situation may change, and the result may change, that’s all.

"Bournemouth are fighting for relegation, great team, great city, they want to stay in the Premier League, and they are doing well. The results of the past few months have not developed in the right direction, but the performance looks different, so they deserve three points today, that’s all. "

Deschamps explained Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup: I told him not to worry, but he left when he woke up the next day.

Live on March 11th Deschamps accepted an exclusive interview with Le Parisien and explained Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup. He said Benzema decided to leave by himself.

Regarding Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup, Deschamps explained: "I lost an important player. Benzema was hurt because the World Cup meant a lot to him. He said to me,’ No chance’. The team doctor’s examination is consistent with Benzema’s examination in Madrid. In the best case, he can’t resume training before December 10th. In his communication with him, he expressed his disappointment that he had to give up. "

"But to clarify, this decision was made for the sake of the team. We stayed for almost 20 minutes, and when I left, I told him,’ Karim, don’t worry, you and the coach of the team (Real Madrid) decide the recovery plan together’. When I woke up the next day, I learned that he had left. This is his decision. He won’t tell you anything else. I understand and respect him. "

However, Benzema quickly refuted Deschamps’ statement in social media: "I dare to say it."

Milan veteran Kathy explained the main difference between playing for Milan and Barcelona.

Franck Kessie left AC Milan on a free transfer before this season, after three years at the club. In an interview published this morning, the midfielder discussed the difference between Milan and Barcelona.

The midfielder is a key player in Milan, but his salary requirements are too high for the club. Therefore, he left on a free transfer and decided to join Barcelona, where it was difficult for him to find his place in the team.

As quoted in Milan News, in a long interview with Sports this morning, Kathy was asked about the difference between Milan and Barcelona. He said that the goal of the team is the same, that is, winning, but the rest are very different.

"I would say that they are two completely different ways of playing football and understanding football. Here, it is more technical. The same is true of winning, yes, but not in all aspects. You must do this by playing well, staying focused and controlling the ball. In Milan, things are different and everything is more direct. The most important thing is the result. The constant is that in both clubs, you have to win, of course, "he said."

Barcelona is currently ranked first in the La Liga standings. After a little struggle at first, Casey has firmly established his position. Therefore, the possibility of returning to Milan (joining Inter Milan) is no longer great.

1-0 lore, crazy celebration! The national football team is locked in the qualification of the World Youth Championship, and China’s men’s football team aims to eliminate South Korea

Uzbekistan’s U20 Asian Cup has entered the quarter-finals, and the first match was between the Iranian men’s soccer team and the Iraqi men’s soccer team. In the end, relying on the goal in the 91st minute of the second half, Iraq eliminated Iran 1-0, becoming the first team to advance to the semi-finals, and at the same time locked in the qualification for the World Youth Championship. China’s men’s soccer team will play in the quarter-finals on the next match day, and the winner can also advance to the World Youth Championship against the Korean men’s soccer team.

In the history of the Asian Youth Championship, Iraq participated in a total of 17 competitions and won the championship five times in total. The last time was in 2000, and Iran also won the cup four times, but the winning experience was in the last century.

In the group stage, Iran scored 6 points with 2 wins and 1 loss, and won the first place in the group. Iraq scored 4 points with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, and locked the second place in the group. According to the regulations of AFC, the top four teams in this tournament have advanced to the 2023 World Youth Championship, so whoever wins this game will be locked in the ticket for the World Youth Championship.

This is a close confrontation. The national team and the youth team of Iran and Iraq are in fierce confrontation. Now, the Asian Youth Championship is contested. The two teams did not rewrite the score in the first 90 minutes, and the scene is almost 50-50.

In the 91st minute, Ali Jassim broke into the restricted area with the ball and scored a goal from the far corner with a low shot, helping the Iraqi team to complete the lore 1-0. After the goal was scored, the players thumped and celebrated wildly, and then they roared to the sky and were very excited. After the game, the whole team celebrated like winning the championship.

The contest between China and South Korea will start at 18 o’clock tomorrow night, and the winner can also advance to the finals of the 2023 World Youth Championship.

According to statistics, the two teams have played against each other 18 times in history. The men’s soccer team in China has scored 3 wins, 2 draws and 13 losses, which is obviously at a disadvantage. At the same time, in the last 8 games, it has not won, and it has not won the Korean men’s soccer team for 18 consecutive years.

Nevertheless, China men’s soccer players are not afraid of this opponent. It is reported that after the successful team of China Men’s Football Team qualified, they celebrated with the fans at the scene. The fans shouted loudly in the stands: "The next game is going to play South Korea", and some players responded: "Kill South Korea! We are going to the World Youth Championship! "

China version of chatGPT is coming, what surprises will Baidu bring us?

ChatGPT-like chat intelligence AI launched by Baidu has better performance and applicability in Chinese context, and may gain more users and application opportunities in China market. This also reflects China’s continuous efforts and innovations in the fields of natural language processing and AI.

increase efficiency

Baidu version of ChatGPT can handle conversations faster and more accurately than before. This improvement in speed and accuracy can lead to more effective interaction between human and artificial intelligence.

The improvement of the efficiency of Baidu chatGPT can also bring more cost-effective solutions to enterprises that need to use chat bots for customer service or other tasks.

More natural interaction

Baidu version of ChatGPT can better understand the context of the conversation, which can lead to a more natural interaction between people and AI. This can make the interaction more pleasant and efficient.

The higher accuracy of Baidu version of chatGPT also means that it can better answer a wider range of questions, thus obtaining more accurate answers and better user experience.

Baidu version of ChatGPT can produce more human-like reactions to dialogue, which leads to a more natural interaction between human beings and artificial intelligence. This can make the conversation more fascinating and enjoyable.

The improvement of the accuracy of Baidu chatGPT also means that it can better understand the context of the conversation, thus bringing more accurate response and better user experience.

Smarter solutions

Baidu version of ChatGPT can generate smarter dialogue solutions, thus making the interaction between people and artificial intelligence more effective. This can make the dialogue more effective and efficient.

The improvement of the accuracy of Baidu chatGPT also means that it can better understand the context of the conversation, thus bringing more accurate solutions and better user experience.

Six core technologies, the small I robot has great commercial value potential.

The advantages of artificial intelligence small I robot are not only in corpus data, but also in its own hard technology.

Compared with other big manufacturers, cognitive intelligence is still in the stage of research and development. Small I robots have been put into practice for a long time, and on this basis, they have quietly established their own business empire.

Xiaoyi commercialized all his six core technologies, and formed nine product series including dialogue AI, knowledge fusion, intelligent voice, super automation, data intelligence, intelligent construction support, visual analysis, intelligent hardware support, and meta-universe. The market share of products in several vertical industries is in the forefront.

With outstanding technology, the small I robot has blossomed rapidly in intelligent services. At present, there are more than 800 million end users of the small I robot worldwide. Nearly a thousand large and medium-sized enterprises and governments, hundreds of thousands of small enterprises and developers are using the services and intelligent robot products provided by the small I robot, covering communications, finance, government affairs, legal affairs, medical care, manufacturing and other industries.

In the banking industry alone, more than 40 of the top 50 banks in China have adopted the small I intelligent customer service system. According to the official data of China Construction Bank, the workload of intelligent customer service is almost equivalent to 9000 employees, which can save a lot of astronomical figures only in labor costs.