Messi’s eight golden balls will be dominated by enjoying football. Who will open a new chapter in world football in the future?

Messi’s eight golden balls will be dominated by enjoying football. Who will open a new chapter in world football in the future?

In the early morning of October 31, 36-year-old Messi won the Golden Globe Award in 2023, which was the eighth time in his career, setting a new record for the number of awards held by himself.

Messi’s 8-seat golden ball plus body according to IC photo

There is no doubt that Messi won this year’s Golden Globe Award. After all, the performance reference time of this Golden Globe Award is from August 2022 to July 2023, and FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is in the selection range. After leading Argentina to win the World Cup at the end of last year, Messi, who won the Golden Globe Award in the World Cup, was considered as the only winner of this year’s Golden Globe Award, not to mention that he also won the Ligue 1 and French Super Cup titles last season, and the Golden Globe Award was well deserved.

After Messi set a record of eight Golden Globe Awards, which is unprecedented and highly probable, there are two topics that the outside world is more concerned about-is this Messi’s last Golden Globe Award? Who is the next person to win the Golden Globe Award?

For the first question, Messi’s close friend Dosetti gave a positive answer on social media, saying:"The eighth and last one."Messi also said in an interview after winning the prize: "It’s incredible to win eight Golden Globes, and the rest of the time will enjoy the happiness brought by football with peace of mind." Indeed, for Messi, awards, honors and goals are no longer the goals pursued by the 36-year-old himself. He has written a legend in the history of football, and the name "Messi" has even become synonymous with football, inspiring countless young people to follow his example and bravely pursue their dreams.

For Messi, who entered the end of his career, the last player time should be to fully enjoy the game. It is for this reason that he chose to play in Miami International of the American Professional League, instead of going to Saudi Arabia for gold like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. It is precisely because he is far away from the international mainstream football field of vision that it is extremely difficult for Messi to win the Golden Globe Award again in the future, unless he can lead the Argentine team to successfully defend the title in the 2026 World Cup at the age of 39. It is extremely unlikely that Messi will win the Golden Globe Award again with the performance of the AFL-he is the first Mr. Golden Globe in the 27-year history of the AFL, but he won the Golden Globe Award this year but it has nothing to do with the AFL.

Beckham presented Messi with the 8 th Golden Globe Award according to IC photo.

There are many speculations about the next Golden Globe winner. In the top three of the Golden Globe Awards, Harland and Mbappé ranked behind Messi. In his acceptance speech, Messi also mentioned two competitors, saying, "Harland and Mbappé will win the Golden Globe in the future. As I said, Harland also deserves this prize. He won the Premier League and the Champions League, and he is also the top scorer. Today, this award may be yours in the future, and I believe you will win it in the next few years! "

Of course, we can’t forget the hot Real Madrid midfielder Bellingham recently. His superb performance in Real Madrid this season has made many people regard the 20-year-old English midfielder as the next Golden Globe winner. But on the whole, Mbappé should be the biggest candidate for the "new king" of football after Messi, and besides its own strength, there is also the bonus of the French team. Now, Mbappé’s biggest shortcoming is that Paris Saint-Germain has dragged down his club data. If Mbappé can join Real Madrid in the future, it should not be surprising that he will win the Golden Globe Award in the future with the help of Real Madrid and French teams and his personal ability.

2024 is the European Cup year, and next year’s Golden Globe Awards will definitely refer more to the players’ performance in the European Cup and the Champions League. From this point of view, both Bellingham and Mbappé have great opportunities. Harland’s biggest disadvantage is that the Norwegian team has already decided to miss the European Cup in 2024. Even if it kills all sides in the club competition, it can’t appear in the European Cup, which will make Harland lose a lot of points. In the past 2022/2023 season, Harland’s performance was outstanding. He won the Champions League, the Premier League and the FA Cup with Manchester City, personally won the European Golden Boot, the Champions League Golden Boot and the Premier League Golden Boot, and was elected as the best player and the best young player in the Premier League. However, due to Messi’s performance in the World Cup, he still beat Harland.

The national team is undoubtedly the biggest shortcoming of Harland’s future "king-sealing". The overall strength of the Norwegian team is limited, and it is difficult to achieve a historic breakthrough by relying on a few world-class players such as Harland and Ed. Therefore, the biggest possibility for Harland in the future is to hit the Golden Globe Award by virtue of its performance in the League and the Champions League in the "small football year" where there is neither the World Cup nor the European Cup.

With Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo away from the mainstream league, the "Mero era" has come to an end. Even after Messi won the World Cup and eight Golden Globes, even Cristiano Ronaldo is hard to stand side by side with him in historical positioning. Next, someone is bound to open a new chapter in world football. At that time, whether it is "brilliant" or "outstanding", it is worthy of fans’ expectation.

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