Night reading: autumn flavor

Night reading: autumn flavor

  In autumn, count the sunlight that leaks between the leaves of Sophora japonica.

  Autumn, close to an ancient city with a little osmanthus fragrance.

  Autumn comforts the lost geese and flowers covered with frost.

  In autumn, enjoy the leaves on the moon, eat crabs around the stove, read books and write letters.

  Autumn, thinning day, missing heart, live well.

  The autumnal equinox has arrived, and the National Day holiday is just around the corner. Follow famous artists and taste autumn all over again.

  ▽ Drink tea and count the sunlight leaking between autumn leaves.

  Even if you don’t go out in Beiping, you can rent a dilapidated house to live in the sea of people in the imperial city. When you get up in the morning, make a bowl of strong tea and sit in the yard, you can see the high green sky and hear the flying of pigeons in the blue sky. From the bottom of Sophora japonica leaves, counting a trace of leaked sunlight to the east, or in the broken waist, facing the blue flower of morning glory like a trumpet, you can naturally feel very autumn. — — Yu Dafu’s Autumn in the Old Capital

  ▽ Look at the mountains all over the place, and the layers of forest are all dyed.

   When the leaves are gradually sparse, Lin Qiu shows their elegance, which is free and easy without any embellishment and aloof from worldly prosperity. 

  The most touching thing is that the setting sun is reflected in Lin Qiu. It was so drunk that it set off the deepening dusk in the sky. The evening breeze is clear and cool, and it is a very beautiful and sad beauty with the twilight. It makes you want to shed a few lines of tears of life experience, but you are intimidated by the fading drunken red, and you are willing to condense your unrestrained emotions. — — Roland’s Ode to Autumn

  ▽ Close to a poetic ancient city.

  In autumn, water is as cool as the blue sky. There are some white clouds in the sky and some waves on the water. Between Tianshui and Tianshui, it is all clear and warm air, with a little sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance. The mountain shadow is also more real. Autumn mountains and autumn waters kissed vainly. When the mountain is still, the water is quiet. The medieval old city, with autumn colors and autumn sounds, is Jinan and a poem. — — Lao She’s Autumn in Jinan 

  Leaning under the ginkgo tree in front of the door, listening to the late cicada.

   Looking at the sky by the door, the sky is pale purple and dark yellow. Looking around, the straw piles in villages everywhere were plated with gold in the dusk setting sun. After the smoke rises, it falls again, dragging it into a white curtain to the slope. In the distance, in the empty field where the grain has been cut, the roots of the grain are white, such as drawing countless dots on a piece of paper. All the scenes are like poems, unspeakable harmony and untold beauty. 

  In this situation, Wuming and Ahei are leaning under the ginkgo tree in front of the door to listen to the cicada in the evening. I wonder if there are tears and other things in the world. — — Shen Congwen’s Autumn 

  ▽ Comfort the little flowers covered with frost:

   Autumn and winter are followed by spring. 

  In my backyard, you can see two trees outside the wall, one is jujube, and the other is jujube. The night sky above is strange and high. I have never seen such a strange and high sky in my life. He seems to be leaving the world, so that people will no longer see him on their backs. However, now it is very blue, blinking with dozens of stars, coldly. He smiled at his quarrel, as if he thought he had great meaning, and sprinkled numerous frost on the wild flowers and plants in my garden.

  I don’t know what the real names of those flowers and plants are and what people call them. I remember a tiny pink flower, which is still blooming, but it is even smaller. In the cold night air, she timidly dreamed of the arrival of spring and autumn. She dreamed that the thin poet wiped tears on her last petal and told her that although autumn came, winter came, and then it was spring, butterflies flew around and bees sang spring words. She then smiled, although the color was red with cold, she still cringed. — — Lu Xun’s Autumn Night

  ▽ Ride the rain and net the whole autumn world.

  Rain, like silver-gray sticky spider silk, weaves into a soft net and nets the whole autumn world. The sky is dark, too, like the roof of an old house covered with spider webs. That pile of gray clouds in the sky is like white powder peeling off the roof. Under the cover of this old roof, everything is extremely dull.

  The green mulberry trees and vines in the garden only represent the prosperity of the past summer, but now they have become the remains of ancient Roman architecture, shivering in the rustling rain and recalling the glorious past. The grass color has turned into a melancholy yellow, and no fresh flowers can be found underground; The delicate daffodils planted outside the dormitory wall hung their heads with tears in their eyes, sighing their poor luck there, only after two days of beautiful days and such a musty rainy day.

  Only the sweet-scented osmanthus in the corner, the branches have been decorated with several tender buds as precious as gold, carefully hidden under the green oval leaves, revealing a little hope of new life germination. — — Zhang Ailing’s Autumn Rain

  ▽ Enjoy osmanthus and eat crabs.

  The day before yesterday, my aunt also said that she would invite the old lady to enjoy osmanthus flowers and eat crabs in the garden, because something has not been invited yet. Don’t mention the poetry club now, just ask for it. When they are separated, how many poems will we have to write? My brother and I told him to bring a few baskets of extremely fat crabs, take a few jars of good wine from the shop, and prepare four or five tables of fruit plates, which would not save trouble and make everyone lively. — — Cao Xueqin’s Dream of Red Mansions


  I only feel that my mood is very harmonious in autumn. Instead of that kind of ecstasy and anxiety, I was often attracted by autumn wind, autumn rain, autumn scenery and Qiu Guang and melted in the autumn, temporarily losing my place.

  It is necessary to enter autumn, when the sun shows all its might and gradually retreats, the skin soaked with sweat gradually shrinks, and it seems that you are going to have a cold shiver when you wear a light coat, but when you feel comfortable when you touch the flannel with your hands, then knowledge such as cooking, hugging and bathing days can be gradually integrated into the experience world and turned into a sense of body. — — Feng Zikai’s Autumn

  ▽ Dusk, sitting alone, empty.

  At dusk in autumn, sitting alone on the sofa, smoking, watching the red light under the white ash of cigarette butts, slightly revealing the heating, my heart’s mood will follow the blue smoke, just as relaxed and free. In an instant, the smoke turns into wisps and slowly disappears, but at that moment, the mood in my heart is also depressed in the world … … — — Lin Yutang’s "The Taste of Autumn"

  ▽ Savor autumn in the trivial.

  Autumn also comes from the color of the soles of feet and the luster of nails. Let me go barefoot before summer. Hide your bare feet before autumn comes. Trim your nails in summer. Is it warmer to leave some dirty nails in early autumn? In autumn, the elbow is tanned because the elbow is bent as a pillow. If you don’t have a strong appetite in autumn, you will be a little empty. People with too thick earwax don’t know autumn. — — Kawabata Yasunari’s Four Scenes in Early Autumn

  ▽ Reading, writing long letters, wandering … …

   Whoever doesn’t have a house at this time doesn’t have to build it.

   Whoever is lonely at this time will always be lonely,

   Just wake up, read, write long letters,

   Keep wandering and falling leaves on the tree-lined road. — — Rilke’s Autumn Day

  ▽ Purify body and mind with autumn music.

  I put my cheek on the window glass, which was quite cold. I looked out of the window with the desire to enjoy, and the nature in autumn unfolded a brilliant scene.

  The sun shines like the bright timbre of the piano on this harvested field, and the whole earth is like a mother who has given birth to a baby, happily stretching under the open clear sky, lying down with a plump and flexible body! The thick reddish brown exposed from the stubble is the strong skin color of Mother Earth. All the Woods have inflated their energy to the end in the hot summer competition, and now they are freely stretching their beautiful branches; All the golden leaves are its fruits, and the autumn wind turns, boasting brilliantly the richness of autumn … … — — Feng Jicai’s Music in Autumn

  ▽ Memory.

   I remember what you looked like last autumn, with a gray beret and a calm heart. The flames of the sunset glow fight in your eyes. Leaves are falling on the surface of your soul. You are like a vine wrapped around my arms, and the leaves collect your slow and calm voice. A bonfire of amazement burning with my longing. … … The sky of the ship, the buildings of the mountains: your memory is composed of light, smoke and calm ponds! There are thousands of sunsets burning in the depths of your eyes. The dead leaves of autumn revolve around your soul. — — Nie Luda’s I Remember You Last Autumn.


  It was autumn again, and my sister pushed me to Beihai to see chrysanthemums. The yellow flowers are elegant, the white flowers are noble, and the purple flowers are warm and deep, splashing, and the autumn wind is blooming brilliantly. I know what my mother left unfinished. So does my sister. We are together, so we should live well … … — — Shi Tiesheng’s Missing in Autumn

  Put it down.

  Autumn has rubbed off the old leaves. Do you want to hear a new story? The quiet river opened its eyes and said with a smile: there are always people who go home and there are always offshore boats. — — Jian Zheng’s Upright 


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