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From "punching in" to "inquiring", tourism has been played with new tricks.

You don’t need a strategy, you don’t need a plan, you just need to come here alone, and then follow the instructions of local residents to find one place after another to "eat, drink and be merry". This kind of tourism is called "inquiry tourism", which sounds a bit unreliable, but in reality, young people have begun to practice it.

Inquiry tourism, the main one is casualness and freedom.


Inquiry tourism, also known as "inquiry tourism", depends on your mouth for what you want to eat, what you want to play and what you want to visit. Then ask a local passer-by randomly and follow their guidance to reach the destination of "eat, drink and be merry".

Not doing raiders, not planning, and relying on inquiries all the way have also made many people feel incredible, but don’t believe it, this has begun to become a new way of traveling for some young people.

The taxi said, "Master, can you recommend some restaurants you often go to?" It is possible to open the taxi master’s chatterbox, and after several conversations, you can get some local restaurants with good "cost performance", delicious and cheap.

Chat with the boss at dinner, "boss, do you know any interesting places around here?" Later, between you and me, you may become friends with the boss. After you finish the bill, you will take the drinks sent by the boss and head for the place he recommended.

Even if you walk on the road, you can randomly find an uncle or uncle sitting on the side of the road to ask about the local characteristics, and they will certainly be happy to tell which places are worth going and which places need lightning protection.

Netizen @ Nut has been to several cities by asking all the way.

At first, because he came on a trip, he had already set foot on the journey before planning, but with the nature of being a natural social cow, he soon found the destination from the conversation with friends, taxi drivers, homestay owners and others he met on the train.

Of course, all this may not go well, and not everyone will stop to give you careful guidance, but so what? He thinks that when he eats a restaurant that is more delicious than the "must-eat list", he may feel that everything is worth it.


Nuts are actually very keen on making strategies and planning at the beginning, which basically belongs to the state that they are not at ease when they go out without strategies.

Whether traveling with friends or by himself, whether traveling for a week and a half, or traveling with special forces who pay attention to punching cards quickly, he can plan all the arrangements, and basically makes few mistakes, but it also makes him very anxious every time.

It was not until he was on that vacation that he suddenly came on a "go and go" trip, which was considered to let him bid farewell to the troubles of the travel strategy temporarily.

Friends who have seen "Flowers and Teenagers Silk Road Season" recently will be shocked by the contrast before and after they became tour guides. When they were tour guides, they were preoccupied and aged ten years. After the tour guides, they became heartless and became "flowers and teenagers" again.

At the same time, all kinds of play strategies and online celebrity punch cards that are widely circulated on the Internet also exist the phenomenon of genuine fish and shoddy goods, and many people must have suffered the loss of "must play places and must eat lists".

Nuts have been trampled on many times because of raiders, the scenery of punching cards in online celebrity is not in line with the real thing, and the food store in online celebrity is not as good as any local roadside stall … All these have become the norm, so he often falls into mental internal friction during his travels.

Different from Raiders Tourism and Special Forces Tourism, "Inquiry Tourism" focuses on a happy life and a quiet life. After a period of intense work, he just wanted to find a place to relax completely.

You don’t have to worry about whether there is enough time to arrange your daily schedule, and you don’t have to rush to punch in one place after another. You don’t have to be anxious about making raiders and being trampled by thunder, but you can enjoy the freedom and relaxation during your trip.

Nut said, "In fact, the recommendation of passers-by may not necessarily meet your own taste, but without the hurry when you were on the road before, you can re-see the scenery of each city."


Inquiry travel is just like opening a blind box, and the result may not be satisfactory, but I don’t know that the process of opening a blind box is enough to make people happy, even if there is no hidden money.

The biggest feature of inquiry travel is that it can slow us down, feel what is happening now in uncertainty, and regain and enjoy the meaning of travel.

Living in a busy city and walking in a hurried street, it seems that everything has been pressed the acceleration button.

A two-hour movie worth savoring can be reduced to more than ten minutes; When we are crowded with buses and subways, we will also browse social media crazily for fear of missing any hot spots; When you want to take the exam, you will also be picked up by various crash courses on the market …

We think that we can get to our destination faster by speeding up, but we don’t know that the faster we travel, the easier it is to lose a lot. In many cases, the process is often more important than the result, so is travel and life.

When playing with a raiders, you may spend too much time waiting; When traveling with the wind special forces, I am really more tired after a short and exciting journey …

Inquiry travel is like this. It doesn’t take too much time and energy, and it doesn’t need to be tense at all times like doing a task. Let’s go back to the offline from the online, which not only brings people closer to each other, but also gives us a personalized travel experience that may only happen once in life.

Of course, it will certainly step on the thunder based on subjective impressions. If you inquire about the place yourself, you also need multiple minds and careful identification.

However, travel is full of unknowns and uncertainties. Even if we are fully prepared, we will still face all kinds of unexpected situations, and there will always be regrets and uncertainties. When we can face and enjoy all this calmly, this may be the meaning of travel and life.

FIFA: Saudi Arabia is the only bid for the 2034 Football World Cup.

Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, October 31 (Reporter Shan Lei) On October 31, FIFA announced that Saudi Arabian Football Association was the only football association to submit an application for hosting the 2034 Football World Cup before the deadline.

FIFA confirmed that it has received an application from Saudi Arabia to host the 2034 World Cup, and Saudi Arabia is the only country that has expressed its interest in hosting the 2034 World Cup.

Previously, FIFA had announced that the only application for hosting the 2030 World Cup was jointly submitted by the Football Associations of Morocco, Portugal and Spain. At present, these three countries have confirmed their willingness to bid. As the centenary celebration of the World Cup will be held in 2030, FIFA plans to hold a World Cup in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, and these three countries have also confirmed their willingness to host the World Cup.

Like Morocco, Portugal and Spain, Saudi Arabia still needs to pass the FIFA audit. If these bidding countries can meet the requirements of FIFA and go through the whole bidding process, then FIFA will determine its right to host at the FIFA General Assembly at the end of 2024.

Photo: Li Ming

Gua Shuai responded whether he would leave Manchester City: Let’s talk about winning the treble.

Manchester City coach Guardiola was asked if he would leave Manchester City. He said that he would not return to this topic until Manchester City really won the treble.

Before the interview, Manchester City entered the sprint stage in the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Cup, and is expected to win the triple crown. The reporter asked whether Guardiola would retire after winning the treble in Manchester City. Gua Shuai responded: "The premise is that we win the treble. You can continue to ask me this question and I will tell you the answer."

On May 21st, Beijing time, due to Arsenal’s elimination from the title race, Manchester City won the Premier League title three rounds ahead of schedule. If they can win the FA Cup and the Champions League at the same time, they will become the second treble team in English history.

When talking about whether they have considered the treble, Gua Shuai said that it is natural. They need to take care of all fronts. Their opponents will not be easy, and Manchester United will cause them great trouble.

When talking about Inter Milan, the opponent in the Champions League final, Guardiola said that when this Serie A team feels that it is not a favorite to win the championship, the next thing is worth thinking about.

Guardiola said naughtily that all this would be told to reporters after they won the triple crown.

At 23:00 Beijing time on May 21st, in the 37th round of the Premier League, Manchester City will play Chelsea at home as the champion of the Premier League this season.

Manchester City still has five games to play this season, and the remaining three Premier League games are of little significance to them. The FA Cup final will be held at 22:00 on June 3rd, and the Champions League final will be held at 03:00 on June 11th.

Guangzhou will retire at the age of 14, Shanghai will renew its contract with bledsoe, and Sun Jun regrets staying in Jones.

Hello, everyone, I’m Bei Ning. Dear friends, you should develop the habit of reading first and then praising!

Guangzhou team’s CBA league game in the new season has ended ahead of schedule. Compared with last season, their performance has improved obviously. First, Guangzhou team successfully reached the quarterfinals of CBA league, which is the best result in the team’s history. Secondly, Guangzhou team played its own style when playing against Zhejiang team. Although they all ended in losing in both games, Guangzhou team still showed their strength to fans. This offseason team can continue to improve the depth of its lineup. If two powerful new foreign AIDS can be introduced next season, Guangzhou team will have a chance to reach the semi-finals. Now they are one of the teams with the strongest young players in CBA league, and the future of Guangzhou team is brighter than many teams.

This offseason team still has one thing to do, that is, to clear out some useless veterans. Recently, Zheng Zhun, a 14-year-old from the Guangzhou team, announced his retirement again. This time, he should not consider the comeback again. After all, Zheng Zhun said that he would directly retire as the assistant coach of the Guangzhou team during the offseason last year, but in the end, he announced his comeback before the season in order to ensure the rotation of the team. However, Zheng Zhun didn’t play that much this season. He only played 29 times for Guangzhou, and Zheng Zhun played only 8.4 minutes per game. He was a marginal player in the team, especially in the playoffs. Zheng Zhun didn’t play for Guangzhou at all.

It can also be seen from Zheng Zhun’s data that he is really not suitable to stay in the CBA league. This season, his three-point shooting percentage has reached 27.1%, which is really poor. Zheng Zhun’s only role is to help Li Yanzhe play free throws after his injury, because Zheng Zhun’s free throw shooting percentage is 86.7%, which is quite good. Since he entered the Shaanxi team that year, Zheng Zhun has played in the CBA league for 14 years. Because of his poor physical resistance, Zheng Zhun has also experienced some injuries during his career, which has a great influence on his future playing. In short, Brigadier General Zheng will officially work in the coaching staff of Guangzhou team next season, and Guangzhou team will give him some good opportunities for providing for the aged.

Guangzhou retired Zheng Zhun at the age of 14.

The second news comes from the Shanghai team. After the Shanghai team’s performance was cancelled this season, the team’s foreign aid didn’t choose to leave at the first time. They all stayed in Shanghai for a holiday. bledsoe even got involved in the daily life of Shanghai. He often posted photos of himself riding a bicycle in personal social media. In addition, bledsoe actually had no opinion about the Shanghai team. There was really no way to cancel the team’s performance.

It is reported that the Shanghai team has made it clear that it wants to renew bledsoe’s contract. As long as he also wants to stay in the team to play, the two sides will be able to complete cooperation next season. This season, bledsoe’s performance is very good, and he scored 51 points in a game at most. From this point, it can actually be seen that there is not much problem with bledsoe’s personal ability of foreign aid. What kind of data he can play mainly depends on bledsoe’s attitude towards playing.

This time, after the Shanghai team’s silent ball incident, bledsoe was misunderstood by many foreign fans as the chief culprit. It is impossible for him to return to play in the NBA. Foreign fans can care whether bledsoe plays or not. They are concerned that bledsoe is the biggest star in the Shanghai team. This kind of thing must be related to him. In the case of not being able to return to play in the NBA, it is most meaningful for bledsoe to stay in the CBA.

Shanghai Team Super Foreign Aid bledsoe

The third news comes from Mr. Sun Jun, the boss of Jilin team. During the offseason last year, Guangsha team took a keen interest in the foreign aid Jones of Jilin team. At that time, Guangsha team’s idea was to sign Jones, and they would give Jilin team an expensive signing fee, which is not a small sum of money for Jilin team, but Mr. Sun Jun felt that Jones was an indispensable foreign aid for Jilin team. Without him, the performance of Jilin team would definitely start to decline this season.

However, what Mr. Sun Jun didn’t expect was that after rejecting Guangsha team, Jones couldn’t stand the way of employing people like Jilin team this season. Next season, he will go to overseas leagues to find opportunities to play. That is to say, Jilin team completely lost Jones as a super foreign aid, and the team didn’t even earn his transfer fee. During the playoffs this season, Jones suffered injuries. With the growth of age, Jones paid more and more attention to his health.

Before, he talked about physical injuries in personal social media. If Jones felt that his injuries were serious, he would not participate in the competition on behalf of the Jilin team. Even if the contract price obtained by going to overseas leagues was lower, Jones wanted to extend his career as much as possible. Now Mr. Sun Jun regrets that he did not trade Jones in time. To be honest, a foreign aid close to 35 years old may plummet at any time. After that, the Jilin team needs to consider looking for a new foreign aid with Jones’ ability.

Mr. Sun Jun, owner of Jilin team

Without Jones, the strength of Jilin team will decline greatly, and it is still unknown whether they can make the playoffs next season. At least for now, Jilin team has almost no advantage, and their local players have their own shortcomings, but with Jones, the shortcomings of these players are covered up.

For example, Jiang Weize is actually a functional three-point shooter. As a No.1 player, Jiang Weize’s passing ability is relatively weak. Jilin team has been relying on Jones to attack the team in series. After Jones leaves the team next season, Jilin team has lost an important starting point for attack.

Tear it off! It broke the news that Chen Yuyuan’s son had an accident, and Li Tie’s wife was sued in court, which the Korean media said.

I was called out! The accident of Chen Xiaoyuan’s son was exposed, and Li Tie’s wife was sued. That’s what the Korean media said.

After the head of the Football Association was investigated, the anti-corruption was immediate, and the men’s and women’s soccer teams in China played a triumphant song. It can be said that it would be embarrassing to lose anyone, especially the U20 men’s soccer team reached the top 8 of the U20 Asian Cup after 9 years. The boys of the national football team U20 will face the South Korean team in the next round, and this game has also attracted the attention of fans. A South Korean media also drew attention to the performance of China football in the U20 Asian Cup. They think that corruption has brought down China football in recent years, but some young people in China football team have inspired them on the field. High morale and winning the U20 Asian Cup show that there is still hope for football in China, and the cancer of football corruption must be eradicated.

At present, the media reported the latest news that Li Tie will be suddenly sued in court, and this time it will affect his family. What’s going on here? It turned out that when Li Tie was arrested and investigated, it was the owner of Wuhan Club who lifted the table and reported Li Tie’s real name. He reported that Li Tie’s annual salary in Wu Hanyou was sky-high and so was the salary of the head coach of the national football team. In the national football team, many Wuhan team players have been promoted to the national football team in violation of regulations. The Wuhan team had to give these players a top salary. Demoted in the 2021 season.

Now the Wuhan team has announced its dissolution this season, and Li Tie is the biggest showstopper behind it. Over the past few months, the anti-corruption campaign in football has arrested many people, and Li Tie is still in the review stage. However, because Li Tie’s company had another labor dispute and was sued to the court, fans talked about it one after another, saying that the legal representative of the company was Li Tie’s wife, Longfei was also the head of the company, and Li Tie was also the executive director of the company. You know, a lot of media have been exposed, and dragonfly has already escaped, for fear of an accident. Li Tie has transferred all his illegally acquired property to foreigners. Li Tie was exposed to having wives in the United States and Britain and buying a mansion.

According to the data, Li Tie’s company was founded seven years ago as Shenyang Li Tie Football Club Co., Ltd. Dragonfly holds 90% of the shares and Li Tie holds 10%. After Li Tie was arrested, he was also "pushed down the wall and pushed by everyone". Many players and media people in the football circle have also come forward to reveal all kinds of "black materials" in football. Profiting for his own brokerage company on the Internet proves that he is already a greedy person, and he also regards football as a commercial field. Even Li Tie’s wife can be influenced by it, and the company they founded is illegal and full of guilt, which makes football players embarrassed.

You know, this is just the tip of the iceberg of Li Tie’s nine companies. Li Tie can deposit more than 100 million RMB in a bank in Shenyang, which proves that he has made a lot of money in recent years. Whether it is legal or not, I believe the relevant departments will find out. At the beginning of its establishment, Shenyang Li Tie Football Club hoped to find the fun of football for local children and give them a platform to play football. The original intention is good, but Li Tie has long been blinded by self-interest. He can suppress the playing time of naturalized players in the national team and even be exposed to selling the national team. How can such a football player cultivate excellent players? Therefore, the football club company set up in Li Tie must also be the target of attracting funds.

Of course, we will never forget Li Tie’s contribution to the national team as a player. The fans’ trust in the Football Association made him the national football coach, but I didn’t expect the result to be so disgusting. Football circles must be pure. The media also revealed that Chen Xiaoyuan had family-style corruption, and his son was doomed and faced with investigation. Football moths like Li Tie have reduced the popularity and reputation of football in China. What awaits him is severe punishment by law. If he can’t honestly explain what he knows about football shadow scenes, or even cover for others, then he will have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The anti-corruption in football has achieved results. The young players of our national teams have achieved good results in the international arena. We also saw the eager and proud eyes of China players from the field. China’s women’s soccer team is also preparing for the World Cup, and China’s men’s soccer team is about to leave for New Zealand for a warm-up match. I hope China Football Team will continue to work hard.

China version of ChatGPT? Yes!

Dear friends, I heard that Baidu’s China version of ChatGPT is coming? Is there an inexplicable excitement and expectation?

The name ChatGPT is no stranger to everyone. This world-famous artificial intelligence question answering system is not only popular in western countries, but also has many users in China. However, due to language and cultural differences, ChatGPT’s performance in Chinese environment is not very good. Therefore, launching the Chinese version of ChatGPT is undoubtedly something worth looking forward to.

I have many expectations and opinions about the Chinese version of ChatGPT. First of all, I hope it can answer users’ questions more intelligently, accurately and comprehensively. After all, Chinese is a complex and diverse language, and it is difficult to do intelligent question and answer well in this environment. However, I believe this problem can be solved as long as we have the correct technical route and superb team.

I hope the Chinese version of ChatGPT can better combine Chinese context and cultural background. In this way, users will be more natural and comfortable when using it, and they can also better understand Chinese culture. After all, language and culture are inseparable.

I also hope that the Chinese version of ChatGPT can be innovative in terms of user experience and usage scenarios. For example, it can play a greater role in social media, e-commerce platform, education and training, and provide users with more intelligent and personalized services and experiences.

Speaking of the Chinese version of ChatGPT, I have to mention a famous saying: "The future belongs to those countries with artificial intelligence capabilities." It is believed that the launch of China version of ChatGPT will further promote the development of artificial intelligence in China and enhance China’s position and influence in the global scientific and technological competition.

Of course, the expectation for the Chinese version of ChatGPT is not limited to technology and application. We also hope that it can bring more social benefits and cultural influences.

For example, the Chinese version of ChatGPT can become an important way for people to acquire knowledge and information, and provide more intelligent and efficient search and query services for users. At the same time, it can also be used as an important tool for Chinese language learning and education to help people better understand Chinese language and culture.

In addition, the Chinese version of ChatGPT can also play a greater role in social services and public governance. For example, it can help the government and public institutions to better answer people’s questions and needs and improve the quality and efficiency of government services; It can also provide more convenient and efficient services in the fields of charity and health care, and help more people get help and support.

Of course, the launch of the Chinese version of ChatGPT does not mean that it is perfect. It also needs to constantly find and solve problems in practical applications, and constantly improve and optimize itself. However, I believe that with the passage of time and the continuous development of technology, the Chinese version of ChatGPT will become more and more powerful, bringing more surprises and convenience to mankind.

Finally, I want to borrow another famous saying: "We can’t predict the future, but we can create it." I believe that with the arrival of the innovative Chinese version of ChatGPT, the future will become brighter and better!

Di livio: Support Mancini to go abroad to find a striker and solve the Italian national team’s front line problem

Live on March 12 th, Italian national team coach Mancini is going to look for a striker abroad to solve the problem of the national team’s front line. The Italian famous Sudilivio expressed support for this.

Mancini had previously publicly stated that there was a big problem in the Italian national team’s front line, but the media revealed that he might call up Compagno, who plays in Romanian league, and Retegie, who plays in Argentine league. Di livio said: "At present, he is in a delicate period. Obviously, the national team lacks strikers and needs to find a solution. I agree with Mancini that he went abroad to find players to solve this problem. We must find players in this position in the next few years and find excellent and young strikers, and they need to adapt quickly in a short time. "

Di livio went on to say: "When I played football, there were many excellent strikers who could not be selected for the Italian national team, because there were many candidates for this position, and the coach was even criticized for not selecting a striker. The problem now is that young players sometimes can’t take the final key step. They may get lost, but this is a big problem for Mancini. "

Asked by the media how the Serie A league and clubs should help the Italian national team, Di livio replied: "I think they are already trying to help Mancini. The club is signing many young players, something is happening, but maybe there is a lack of quality in the process of finding players. "

AI doctor assisted diagnosis and accurate classification of sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is a highly heterogeneous disease involving nasal cavity and sinus mucosa, and it is one of the most common chronic respiratory inflammatory diseases. The prevalence rate in China is about 8%, and 20% of patients are chronic sinusitis complicated with nasal polyps. In order to make the classification and treatment of nasal polyps more efficient and accurate, the research team of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University developed the first artificial intelligence pathological diagnosis system for chronic sinusitis. It is reported that the "Single Vision Home Edition" of the system has passed the clinical test, reaching the level of a senior pathologist, and has been tested and used in a number of 3A hospitals with 5G network systems in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Patients with nasal polyps need comprehensive treatment mainly by surgery, but the curative effect is not satisfactory at present, and the postoperative recurrence rate is high. The reason is that there are different subtypes of nasal polyps, and the treatment methods and prognosis of different subtypes of nasal polyps are very different. Therefore, accurate classification and individualized treatment of nasal polyps is one of the main ideas to break through the bottleneck of curative effect of nasal polyps. However, at present, the commonly used manual diagnosis method is to randomly select 10 visual fields of nasal polyps slides under a microscope and calculate the number of inflammatory cells in them, which has huge workload, low accuracy and impossible to calculate the whole film.

The Third Hospital of Sun Yat-sen, in conjunction with Tsinghua Pearl River Delta Research Institute and other hospitals and research institutes, has developed and iterated (at the cellular level, molecular level/full film and single vision) an artificial intelligence pathological diagnosis system for chronic sinusitis, developed a "full film platform version" and a "single vision family version" of AI doctors for different application scenarios, and built a cloud platform.

Among them, the "full-film platform version" of AI doctor is an artificial intelligence pathological diagnosis system for nasal polyps based on full-film, and related research results have been published in high-level journals such as JACI, eBioMedicine, a The Lancet sub-journal, and Chinese Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. The "Single Vision Home Edition" system has been developed and tested. The AI doctor "Sandy" can accurately identify the common inflammatory cells of chronic sinusitis and generate the first artificial intelligence pathological diagnosis report of chronic sinusitis. According to the standard of senior pathologists, its accuracy has exceeded 90%, which is helpful for accurate diagnosis of chronic sinusitis and subsequent individualized medication guidance.

□ Zhou Jinan Zhen Xiaozhou

ChatGPT triggers change, dragon information builds data analysis and empowerment tools

You can code, write poems, translate novels, even take exams and make online consultations … ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chat robot that is responsive, has exceeded 100 million monthly active users only two months after its launch.

ChatGPT’s popularity has once again triggered widespread concern about the development of artificial intelligence technology around the world. ChatGPT adopts the route of "big data+big computing power+strong algorithm=big model" in the technical path, and explores a new paradigm in the direction of "basic big model+instruction fine-tuning", in which the basic big model is similar to the brain, and instruction fine-tuning is interactive training, and the combination of the two realizes the language intelligence approaching human beings.

At present, the development of AI mainly relies on large-scale model technology, and it is necessary to train very large-scale models with huge parameters based on massive natural language or multimodal data sets. To successfully train a large model with larger parameters, higher accuracy and higher capability, not only a huge amount of high-performance AI computing power is needed to support it, but also a large number of high-quality data sets obtained by careful cleaning and an efficient data platform are needed to ensure a long-term model training process.

After more than 20 years’ experience in data management, Julong Information adopts technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence combined with hierarchical architecture design of data warehouse to build a smart cube platform. Through algorithms such as relationship mining, time series mining and spatio-temporal mining, the standard data model is uniformly built in the way of business backward, so as to realize in-depth mining, serial-parallel analysis, early warning and prediction, etc., and meet the goal of "artificial intelligence driving business to improve efficiency".

Introduction to the Application Scenarios of Smart Cube Platform

Portrait analysis: based on the ontology conceptual model of the entity, build the entity portrait and refine the label. Through natural language processing technology and structured data processing technology, the emotion mining of characters is carried out by using template rules, automatic mode and mixed mode. Finally, according to the business needs, we use tag mining, emotional polarity analysis, similarity analysis, relationship analysis and other algorithms to create a portrait of the entity for analysis.

Correlation analysis: Based on the behavior, relationship and portrait data of knowledge map construction, the potential correlation between objects is portrayed by using random walk of the map, factor association, community discovery, intention recognition, semantic search, relationship mining and similarity algorithm, which helps the police to make in-depth judgment and analysis.

Clue mining: Deep-level mining is carried out in combination with emotional business scenarios, and hidden information such as people, clues, elements, relationships, behavior patterns, etc. are found through frequent item mining, association mining, classification and clustering, and anomaly detection technologies to assist the police in deep judgment and analysis.

Prediction and early warning: According to the temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of historical events, the future development trend of events is predicted and judged by using node intimacy calculation, narrative event evolution diagram, element extraction, correlation analysis, relationship mining, comparison collision, behavior pattern analysis and temporal and spatial analysis algorithms, such as event trend prediction and spatial hot spot prediction.

Case sharing: At present, the crime of electric fraud continues to be high, resulting in huge asset losses, accounting for nearly 50% of the criminal cases. At the same time, electric fraud has the characteristics of strong concealment of crime, great difficulty for the masses to prevent publicity, and rapid renovation of means. Based on more than 12,000 case transcripts, 615 million population data and more than 20,000 phone bill data collected by law enforcement users in a certain place as data input, the platform was analyzed, modeled and mined. After multi-level data screening and analysis and modeling, 10+ high-value and vulnerable portrait features were finally analyzed and mined, which was highly recognized by users.

Julong Information Artificial Intelligence organically organizes billions of data into a knowledge network that conforms to people’s cognitive style in a scientific, reasonable and efficient way, making the data easier to be understood and processed by people and machines, and providing application support such as search, analysis, mining, application, presentation, prediction and early warning in various business scenarios.

The development of artificial intelligence is inseparable from the combination of human and artificial intelligence, and our future will also be an era of co-evolution of human and artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT depicts the future world of artificial intelligence

Robots are like humans.

Thought and wisdom have surged

In this dreamy world

Seamless combination of technology and human beings

Life is like a poem.

Calm and beautiful, never stop.






A comprehensive interpretation of Amazon Cloud Technology: How to make students contact AI education with low threshold

"Provide relevant training for 100,000 China teenagers in the next three years to promote the development of artificial intelligence education for teenagers".

This is the core goal of Amazon Cloud Technology 2023 Amazon DeepRacer China series activities. To this end, Amazon Cloud Technology announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with the Science and Technology Education Collaboration of China Education Association and the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industry Association. We will focus on Amazon DeepRacer artificial intelligence learning tools and invest resources in four aspects: curriculum development, teacher training, platform support and competition to promote learning.

It is understood that Amazon DeepRacer is a 1/18-scale fully-automatic racing car driven by reinforcement learning and 3D racing simulator launched by Amazon Cloud Technology in 2018.

Gu Fan, general manager of strategic business development department of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China, said: "Although Amazon DeepRacer looks like a toy car, it is actually an effective artificial intelligence teaching tool. Teenagers who can’t program or mathematical modeling can easily get started, and the learning threshold is very low. The operator only needs to configure certain parameters to train the model, and then deploy it to the Amazon DeepRacer car. The camera on the car will judge the actual situation of the track and use the trained method to judge the driving direction and speed. "

We can reach 100,000 teenagers in three years.

It is reported that in 2023, Amazon Cloud Technology plans to hold the Amazon DeepRacer China League for developers and machine learning enthusiasts, various deep racer industry leagues, enterprise competitions and trainings for different industries and enterprises, and a series of activities for teenagers jointly organized with partners.

Gu Fan, general manager of the strategic business development department of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China, said: "The core of our strategic cooperation with the Science and Technology Education Cooperative of China Education Association and the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industry Association is to reach 100,000 teenagers within three years and let them get in touch with artificial intelligence and machine learning. We hope that the three parties will cooperate with each other in four aspects: curriculum design, teacher training, digital education platform of Amazon DeepRacer, promoting learning through competition and organizing more activities for everyone to really participate in, so as to make the scale bigger and reach more students, so that everyone can get in touch with artificial intelligence at a lower threshold. "

Only with AI literacy can we adapt to the intelligent society.

Zhong Junhao, secretary-general of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, said: "At present, the iteration speed of teaching materials and the updating speed of teachers’ skills are not enough to meet the needs of cultivating high-tech children facing the future. Nowadays, artificial intelligence empowers all industries. It changes the social order, working methods and the paradigm of scientific research. It is the future general education, not professional education. If a teenager is strong, China will be strong. We should start from the adolescent stage, cultivate their artificial intelligence literacy, look at the future development of the whole society with artificial intelligence thinking, and help them adapt to the future intelligent society. "

"Amazon DeepRacer has provided me with motivation to continue to study artificial intelligence related knowledge and related majors in depth." Zheng Haoyue, a student from Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Experimental School, said this. (Yuan Ning)