Self-enrollment allows key middle schools to be busy with the college entrance examination in advance. Teacher: Don’t report blindly.

Self-enrollment allows key middle schools to be busy with the college entrance examination in advance. Teacher: Don’t report blindly.

  Independent enrollment makes key middle schools busy with the college entrance examination in advance

  The temptation of grabbing students in colleges and universities is more opportunities and less opportunities. The teacher suggested not to report blindly.

  Self-enrollment stirs up the middle school campus

  "I have sent the materials to Peking University." At present, Xiao Fan (pseudonym) of the middle school affiliated to Fudan University is preparing for the written test of Peking University’s independent selection exam.

  There are still more than half a year before the national college entrance examination in 2008, but the independent enrollment work of major universities has started in full swing. In November, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, China People’s University and other online enrollment networks, online registration channels have been opened. This year, the number of self-selected colleges and universities has also increased from 22 in 2003 to 59.

  Bao Fanchen, a senior three student in weiyu high school, told reporters that the students around him are actively preparing for the proficiency test of Fudan University and the winter camp plan of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Every Tuesday at 6 pm and Friday at 3 pm, the school will arrange teachers to give counseling lectures to students who are going to take the independent selection exams of Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. "There are more than 500 students in the whole grade, and nearly 300 students are present at each time, accounting for more than half."

  Considering that students who choose physics may forget chemistry, and those who choose chemistry may forget history and geography, Bao Fanchen’s school has specially held a counseling lecture for students who need to take the independent selection examination.

  It is reported that in 2008, the specific programs of Fudan University’s independent selection and admission work include: the selection and testing program for students who walk (including non-foreign languages, English, and non-common languages), the selection and testing program for art and sports specialty students, the Boya Cup Humanities Knowledge Grand Prix, and the "Fudan Level Test". Among them, "Fudan Proficiency Test" is open to all high school graduates. The test content includes 10 subjects, including Chinese, mathematics, English, politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology and computer. The test forms are all multiple-choice questions. The test time is 3 hours and the total score is 1000 points.

  Squeeze into the winter camp and gain one more chance.

  "Students taking the self-selection exam can reduce the pressure of the college entrance examination. For example, if you apply for the independent selection of Fudan University, if you have passed the written test and the interview, the college entrance examination will be enough. " Bao Fanchen also mentioned the winter camp plan of Shanghai Jiaotong University. After entering the winter camp, students are divided into four grades according to their grades, such as A, B, C and D. When enrolling in the college entrance examination, the A grade can be reduced by 20 points, the B grade by 15 points, the C grade by 10 points and the D grade by 5 points. For this plan, "the students are very enthusiastic."

  "Although the exam is busy, the senior three environment is like this." Bao Fanchen mentioned that for independent enrollment, the teachers of the school are based on the principle of students’ voluntariness, but because the independent selection examination can give students a chance, the teachers are also more supportive.

  "Half of the students in our class are preparing for the independent selection examination in colleges and universities." Chen Wenrui of Suzhou Experimental Middle School said that in addition to online registration, there will be an interview inside the school to select better students to recommend. "After all, this is also an opportunity, and the teachers are more encouraging. The students who participated are doing their best to prepare."

  Xiaofeng (pseudonym) from Shanghai Gezhi Middle School is waiting for the recommendation form of Tongji University to arrive at the school these two days. "All the watches are collected by the class teacher. In principle, everyone can only choose one school, so you must prepare for the exam carefully when you get the table. If you are not admitted, there will be no chance. "

  There are more than 500 senior three students in Xiaofeng’s school, and about 70 students got the winter camp form from Shanghai Jiaotong University. "Five students in our class took the form, and now they are all preparing." The application steps of Xiaofeng’s school are as follows: students who want to participate in the independent selection of colleges and universities can first register with the class teacher, then summarize them to the class teacher, and then the class teacher will send them to the academic affairs office of the school. Next, according to the proportion of arts and sciences and the ranking of exams, the specific list will be finally determined.

  Xiaofeng told reporters that last year, there were more than 100 students in Gezhi Middle School who took the "Thousand-Score Examination" of Fudan University, and 50 students passed, but only 9 students finally got the admission notice of Fudan University. "Fudan University’s 1000-point exam is a sea election, which is a good opportunity for students from all schools." However, considering that the exam involves all subjects in high school and examines students’ comprehensive strength, Xiaofeng feels that it takes a lot of time to prepare for the exam, and it may not be successful, so it is better to settle down and take the exam in a school that she wants to take.

  "The bonus test is only to add a score to the score line of the college entrance examination. If the score line is not enough, the previous test will be useless." Xiaofeng said that his parents are very supportive of his idea. As long as it does not affect the normal review, "you can fill in the form you want to apply for."

  Li Yun of Shanghai No.3 Middle School told the reporter that there was no rush of students around to register for independent enrollment in colleges and universities. "But some students take action. I just finished the online composition of Fudan University’s My College Dream a few days ago. " Li Yun mentioned that several students around him have applied for the independent entrance examination of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and are actively reviewing English and mathematics. "Everyone has a different orientation."

  Teacher’s attitude: no recommendation and no objection.

  Since the end of November, Xiao Wei (a pseudonym), a senior three student in Shanghai Yucai Middle School, has been studying more intensely. "This year, it seems that the independent selection examinations of major universities have been advanced, and I am not ready for it."

  Xiaowei’s grades are at the lower level in his class. As the college entrance examination approaches, he feels more and more pressure and motivation. After all, there are still more than half a year, and I may be able to rush up again.

  At first, Xiaowei’s mood was somewhat ambivalent. Signing up for the self-selected examination in colleges and universities meant spending more time on the subjects for preparing for the exam. Failure to sign up was tantamount to wasting time. If you don’t sign up, the students around you will ask questions again. "Which one did you apply for?" Students will communicate this problem with each other. Many students are actively preparing for the exam. " Xiaowei said this.

  After learning that the registration of East China University of Science and Technology and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics started, Xiaowei submitted the registration form online. "He also wants to try his luck and prepare for the exam first." Xiaowei’s mother said that now the children don’t go to bed until after 12 o’clock every night, and the review is also very serious. They have entered the state of examination in advance and have great psychological pressure. "If he wants to take the exam, let him warm up in advance, but I reminded him not to take this too seriously."

  "The focus of the school is still the college entrance examination, and the focus of students is also the college entrance examination. Finally, look at the college entrance examination score line." Li Jianguo, a teacher from Anhui Lu ‘an No.1 Middle School, said.

  Li Jianguo advocates "no recommendation, no objection" for students to take the self-selected examination. If students voluntarily sign up and feel that their ability is better, they can take an examination of a better school than this one, and they can make further efforts in the rest of the time. If students with lower and middle grades also want to sign up for the independent examination, the teacher will never hurt the students’ self-confidence. "You can let him go to the school he can reach."

  Li Jianguo pointed out that the present self-selection examination is not particularly standardized. "Each school has not yet taken the exam outline, and there is no directionality, which is bound to bring certain negative effects. If students actively prepare for the exam and fail to reach the independent enrollment line, first, time is wasted, and second, students’ emotions are affected to some extent. " Teacher Li stressed that "in the final stage before the college entrance examination, students’ emotions are very important, and good self-confidence is also helpful for learning."

  Middle and lower school students are most affected.

  Li Jing, a senior three teacher in Zhengzhou Foreign Languages School, said that preferential policies are generally given only after the college entrance examination reaches a certain score, and there are different requirements for independent selection examinations in different schools, so students should choose good schools and majors. "The subjects of the school’s independent entrance examination may be different from those of the college entrance examination, which also requires students to review differently."

  Li Jing gave an example. For example, Tsinghua University’s score in Henan is 680 points, and it is enough for candidates who have passed independent enrollment to get 660 points. This is a drop-off admission; Another kind, candidates can be admitted as long as they pass a local score line; There are also extra points for admission. When choosing a school that enrolls students independently, students must see clearly what the requirements of the school are.

  Li Jing believes that the students who are in the top grades now sign up for the self-selected examination, and the students with lower grades are most affected, because the self-selected colleges and universities are generally more than one university, mainly for students with upper-middle grades. "Students should find out what grade and position they belong to and judge whether they belong to this category. If they don’t belong to this category, they should fully participate in the college entrance examination. If students feel that they can achieve it with their own efforts, they can take the independent entrance examination, which is also an opportunity after all. "

  "Students and parents should not blindly choose schools. Students must determine what kind of school they want to go to. If you pass the independent exam, but the college entrance examination can’t even reach a line, the independent enrollment exam is a waste. "

  Li Jing further suggested that the class teacher should know the students better and give them some advice based on their learning situation, development potential and hobbies. And students should not choose too many schools that choose their own exams, and spend too much time and energy on it. If students apply to a particularly large number of schools, such as going to Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan to take exams, "it will affect the normal review of the college entrance examination." (Intern Zhang Qi, reporter Zhou Kai)


  Not many students actually benefit from independent enrollment.

  During this period, colleges and universities have issued their own enrollment plans in 2008, and several key middle schools in Nanchang have received letters from some colleges and universities about their own enrollment policies in 2008. However, Director Huang of the Political and Educational Affairs Office of Yuzhang Middle School in Nanchang revealed that Yuzhang Middle School has not received any official letters from colleges and universities about their own enrollment policies in 2008. Director Huang said that colleges and universities generally send letters to key middle schools in various provinces and cities, because there are more students in key middle schools who meet the requirements of independent enrollment in colleges and universities, and fewer students in ordinary middle schools who meet the application conditions. According to Director Huang, no student in Yuzhang Middle School enjoyed the policy of independent enrollment in 2007.

  It is understood that there are actually very few students who can really enjoy the preferential policies brought by independent enrollment in colleges and universities. There are two channels for candidates to apply for the independent entrance examination: school recommendation and self-application. First of all, the general requirements for independent enrollment are fresh high school graduates with extraordinary innovation and practical ability, or special talents in literature, art and sports, or among the best in comprehensive quality.

  Principal Bao of Nanchang No.1 Middle School said that according to this condition, only about a dozen or twenty students in Nanchang No.1 Middle School are eligible to enter the exam every year.

  President Bao also said that the preferential policies for independent enrollment in colleges and universities only take effect under certain conditions. Some students scored very well in the college entrance examination, disdained the schools that took the self-enrollment examination at the beginning, did not take the self-enrollment colleges as their first choice, and filled in other schools after the examination, so this policy was wasted. Some candidates will also fail to reach the admission line because of their abnormal performance, which is useless.

  Director Chen of the Academic Affairs Office of Nanchang No.10 Middle School said that students who apply for key universities are relatively strong. A considerable number of outstanding candidates can easily enter key universities by passing their college entrance examination results, and there is no need for preferential policies in the independent entrance examination.

  Director Chen finally said that independent enrollment still depends on the results of the college entrance examination in June next year, and the level of the college entrance examination results determines whether candidates can finally be admitted. (According to "Urban Consumer News")

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