6 days, 500 million, is Jason Wu’s monster blockbuster hard enough?

6 days, 500 million, is Jason Wu’s monster blockbuster hard enough?

Special feature of 1905 film network What kind of sparks will collide when they meet? The answer lies in the new film.

It has been five years since the first film was released, and the upgrade is coming, trying to bring a brand-new experience to the audience from many angles. In the words of the director, there are new roles, new creatures, new equipment and new tasks.

What remains unchanged is that Jonas Taylor, the leading actor played by Jason Statham, still shows great force and can do anything. Jason Wu, the "new partner", plays a scientist, Zhang Jiuyue, who can engage in scientific research, but can hack planes with his bare hands.

In an exclusive interview with 1905 Film Network, director Ben Wheatley also praised two Chinese and foreign actors: they are very professional and dedicated, and they have a harmonious cooperation.

At present, it has been shown in Meg 2 for six days, and the box office is close to 500 million. The 1905 film network also interviewed director Ben Wheatley before the release, revealing the behind-the-scenes creation of the transnational linkage of the crew and "going to heaven and going to sea".

PART 1"Jason Wu always does it himself."

"I have seen Jason Wu, and I am very excited to work with him." Before the formal cooperation, director Ben Wheatley was already a "fan" of Jason Wu.

He bluntly said that Jason Wu’s role this time is different from his previous tough guy. "Zhang Jiuying is a scientist, and he uses his brain more than his fist to solve problems."

Jason Wu has always maintained a high mental state at the scene, and his full creative enthusiasm left a deep impression on Ben Wheatley. "His working style is first to devote himself wholeheartedly, and secondly, he will bring a lot of ideas, thinking about how to make the role better all the time, and constantly adding some different role details, jokes or action designs."

For example, the character’s name, Zhang Jiuyao, was taken from Song Lian, a scholar of the Ming Dynasty, who wrote "Up to the Lonely Man, Down to the Candle for Nine Seasons", and there were many Chinese lines that were skillfully integrated, all of which came from improvisation in Jason Wu.

Ben Wheatley also recognized the effect of these Chinese lines. "Because the Ocean Research Center where they are located is originally a very international organization, these lines are very natural and will not be inconsistent, which is also very helpful for shaping characters."

In the film, the breathtaking scene of Jason Wu hanging from the helicopter with one hand left a deep impression on many viewers. He leaned out of the hovering helicopter and climbed neatly to the landing gear. When the helicopter was flying, he squatted on the hatch with only one hand, and his face was deformed by the strong wind. All this was done by Jason Wu at high altitude.

In the behind-the-scenes tidbits, overseas teams suggested that Jason Wu use stuntmen to complete this action, but Jason Wu replied with a smile: "Sir, making money can’t be that easy", so he went into battle without saying anything. This process is still fresh in the memory of director Ben Wheatley.

"Jason Wu is very willing to do it himself for action drama. I was actually scared when I saw him doing those actions, but when I saw the shooting results on the monitor, everything was worth it. "

PART 2 The combination of "Xijiejing" is a strong alliance.

"Jason’s position in western action movies is similar to that of Jason Wu, and they are a powerful alliance." Director Ben Wheatley made no secret of his excitement to cooperate with two Chinese and foreign actors at the same time.

He revealed that although the language between them is not completely the same, they have a tacit understanding in action design, and many bridges are the result of communication and collision between them. The two roles are also full of skills and complementary. "They are very professional and experienced, and they have a deep understanding of action movies."

If Jason Wu’s highlight is "flying to the sky", then Statham’s highlight is "making waves" by driving a motorboat.

Ben Wheatley recalled that Statham also chose to play in person, not only soaring to 135-145 kilometers per hour, but also completing a 360-degree rotation at the same time. After a lap, the audience applauded and cheered.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for the strongest combination of "heaven and sea" is diving. In order to pursue the real texture, many scenes choose underwater shooting, which is extremely difficult.

"Because the actors can’t communicate with the staff immediately, there is a certain risk, and many security personnel are needed, and the actors should be willing to do it. Both Jason Wu and Jason held their breath under 6 meters of water and completed many performances, taking oxygen every 3 or 4 minutes. As a director, I admire them very much. "

Especially in an underwater fighting scene, while Jason Wu held her breath for a long time, she was dragged back and forth by Weiya around her waist, keeping her eyes open all the time. The continuous shooting for 10 hours also made his eyes bloodshot, but he still insisted on finishing the shooting, which made the crew sit up and take notice. Jason Wu simply responded: "All actors in China do this."

Ben Wheatley was deeply impressed by this dedication: "Jason Wu can always cheer up the whole crew. He seems to be the kind of person who will say that I am fine when my leg is broken."

PART 3 "I am very excited to talk to the audience in China."

"Megalodon 2: Abyss, as a co-production, is not only about telling an international story, but also about cultural exchange."

Looking back on the creative process, what impressed Ben Wheatley most was the process of repeated communication between Chinese and foreign producers. The Chinese team would make suggestions from the perspective of China audience and China culture, while the foreign side would provide feedback from the perspective of international audience. Finally, the creative team found a balance among them. "The voice of a Chinese-foreign co-produced film should be international, not limited to a certain market."

In Ben Wheatley’s view, Meg 2 is not a superhero, but a story about how ordinary people take responsibility in times of crisis and tide over difficulties. This sense of reality is what attracts him most, and it is also the universality of this story.

Like many action movie lovers, Ben Wheatley is also a big fan of movies. This cooperation with Jason Wu and the Chinese team has made him feel the working attitude of China filmmakers more deeply.

Ben Wheatley said frankly that he had no idea about Chinese scenes at first, and he was worried that knowing nothing about Chinese would affect his judgment on the performance. However, in the actual shooting process, Jason Wu’s investment in performing with Chinese lines made director Ben Wheatley feel that even though the language was different, "when he saw Jason Wu’s expression and movements, he could feel the emotions revealed in him".

Not to mention, Jason Wu turned into the "China Cultural Promotion Ambassador" from the first day of joining the group, and jiaozi, roast duck, hot pot, milk tea and Zibo barbecue were all arranged, which made the director feast his eyes and at the same time, he also had the desire to make a film in China.

"China is so big that it is impossible to experience it all in a few days, but I want to know more. Maybe I will challenge to come here and make a movie in all Chinese! "


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