Xi ‘an, Shaanxi: New Year’s Eve fireworks show welcomes the ancient city of New Year Yao.

Xi ‘an, Shaanxi: New Year’s Eve fireworks show welcomes the ancient city of New Year Yao.

Jin Hu retired from the old year and Yutu welcomed the new year. On New Year’s Eve, in order to let citizens and tourists spend a festive and lively Spring Festival, Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province has carefully prepared grand theme fireworks display activities in six areas of the city to celebrate the Happy Year of China.

On January 21st, New Year’s Eve, in Xixian New Area, Xi ‘an, Kunming and Chi Pan, a grand fireworks show attracted many people. Fireworks ignite the city fireworks, conveying the joy and happiness of the Year of the Rabbit and the New Year. At 8 o’clock that night, fireworks of various shapes were like blooming flowers, blooming in the night sky. Under the fireworks, smiling faces were full of happiness and joy. Everyone raised their mobile phones and cameras to record beautiful moments and looked forward to the arrival of the New Year in the colorful fireworks.

Colorful and colorful fireworks not only presented a wonderful visual feast for citizens and tourists, but also showed the prosperity of the rapid recovery of tourism in the ancient city of Xi’ an. Appreciate the splendor of thousands of trees blooming in the east wind at night, and the flowers of fire trees and silver flowers blooming all night. In the dazzling fireworks show, everyone wishes the great motherland prosperity and the people a happy and healthy life.

Gorgeous fireworks carry people’s good wishes for the new year. During the Spring Festival this year, Xi ‘an will also hold a number of colorful Spring Festival cultural tours.

(Reporter Yan Xingguang, Yan Xiaobin, Zhao Zhenkai)


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