The epidemic situation awakens the public’s awareness of fitness, and cloud fitness opens up more sports scenes.

The epidemic situation awakens the public’s awareness of fitness, and cloud fitness opens up more sports scenes.

  In Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, the fitness instructor led the cloud marathon contestants to warm up before the game through live broadcast equipment. Photo by Zhang Xiaofeng (Xinhua News Agency)

  In the waters of Shandong Rongcheng Binhai Park, children are practicing sailing and windsurfing. Photo by Li Xinjun (People’s Vision)

  92-year-old Li Chunfu plays basketball in the open-air basketball court at the foot of Jinan Hero Mountain. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Kaishe

  At Borui Boxing Club in Guiyang, Guizhou, 6-year-old Liu Quanzhou is doing warm-up training. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ou Dongyu photo

  Marathon events are closed, gyms and stadiums are closed … … Since the beginning of this year, affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the sports industry in China has suffered from the cold winter, and the vigorous national fitness enthusiasm is facing unprecedented challenges. In the face of the crisis, from the government to enterprises, all parties in the national fitness work together to overcome difficulties, relieve the demand for fitness with innovative models, and open up new markets with transformation and upgrading.

  Nowadays, with the situation of epidemic prevention and control improving, the hard ice of industrial development has gradually melted. After the exploration during the epidemic period, the enthusiasm of national fitness is in generate.

  The epidemic awakens the public’s awareness of fitness

  Since it reopened in April, the gymnasium in Li Yang has resumed its former liveliness. "Most of the former members came back to exercise, and there were many new customers who came to consult and experience. After this epidemic, everyone generally pays more attention to sports and health. "

  Affected by the epidemic, at the beginning of this year, sports consumer enterprises in various places, including gymnasiums and offline sports training, stopped working, and Li Yang’s gym in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province was no exception. After being closed for many months, the operation of the gym once faced difficulties, and Li Yang once had the idea of shutting it down. "But many members called and asked about the time to resume business. So I want to bite my teeth and stick to it. I can’t live up to everyone’s enthusiasm. "

  It is because of persistence that Li Yang saw the dawn. With the relief of the epidemic, the long-lost fitness industry has gradually recovered. The epidemic situation has further awakened the public’s awareness of fitness and reshaped their lifestyles, and people’s consumer demand for physical fitness has brought new kinetic energy to the industry.

  Many people in the fitness industry believe that although they are experiencing the stage of recovery from pain, they believe that after the epidemic, with the upsurge of people’s fitness enthusiasm, the fitness industry will usher in a new period of rapid development.

  An epidemic has made more people deeply understand the significance of sports to life. Xiao Luo, who works in Beijing, recently returned to the gym in the community. During the epidemic, she insisted on exercising at home, and now she has returned to the fitness "base camp". She has set herself the goal of exercising four times a week. "This epidemic really made me feel ‘ Health is the capital of revolution ’ The truth is, it is only when you practice your body well that you can ‘ Working for the health of the motherland for 50 years ’ 。”

  It’s the summer vacation, and the youth fitness training is also quite hot. You Wu, a parent of the post-80s generation, said that during the summer vacation, he gave his son a physical education class in fencing and basketball, hoping that he would have a healthy body since he was a child.

  "During the epidemic, children didn’t get enough physical exercise, and many parents took advantage of the summer vacation to give it to their children ‘ Make up physical education class ’ 。” You Wu said that in addition to football, basketball, physical fitness and other courses, sailing, equestrian and other "high-end" projects are also favored by parents.

  In fact, this epidemic has prompted many parents to change their living habits and educational concepts, and pay more attention to their children’s physical education. Some experts pointed out that the epidemic will eventually pass, but parents’ investment in children’s physical education will be more scientific and rational.

  Nationwide, regional mass sports activities have also become active recently.

  In Wuhan, where the epidemic was the worst, the joy of sports has returned to people’s lives. At present, the opening rate of outdoor sports and fitness venues such as basketball, football, tennis and racing in Wuhan has reached 70%, and the fitness participation rate of open outdoor venues can basically reach 80% in the same period last year; The opening rate of indoor fitness venues reached 40%, and the fitness participation rate was about 10% to 20% compared with the same period last year.

  According to the person in charge of the sports department in Wuhan, as the epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, Wuhan Stadium will continue to expand its opening to the outside world. In the second half of the year, Wuhan is expected to organize sports events such as National Fitness Games, Crossing the River Festival and Wuhan Marathon to further enhance the participation rate of citizens in sports events.

  Experts believe that the impact of the epidemic on national fitness is temporary, and the sports industry in China still has a good development prospect.

  Wang Yuxiong, director of the Sports Economic Research Center of the Central University of Finance and Economics, believes that the rapid growth of the sports industry in recent years is based on a solid foundation for economic and social development, which will not be reversed by the impact of the epidemic. "In the long run, after the epidemic, people’s sports consumption concept will be enhanced, and our public management system will be more perfect, so there will be no problems in the industry prospects, and the momentum of rapid development in recent years will not be reversed."

  Cloud fitness opens up more scenes

  During the epidemic, home-based fitness and home-based sports became the new fashion. With the off-line fitness venues closed, more and more sports enthusiasts have moved to the online, and the "cloud" fitness method has been popular and ushered in a wave of outbreaks.

  After the Spring Festival this year, Chen Long, a citizen of Jinan, Shandong Province who works from home, became a "heavy user" of fitness software. "I used to play football with my friends. After the outbreak, I didn’t exercise for a long time and felt uncomfortable. Later, influenced by my friends, I downloaded some fitness courses on the mobile APP." Chen Long said that she thought online fitness was "boring" before, but after practicing it several times, she found that the courses on her mobile phone were very rich and professional. Now, after returning to work, in addition to resuming the offline appointment, I will "punch in" in the fitness software every week.

  The emergence of the epidemic has made "Cloud Fitness" a compulsory physical education course for many people in China. It is the choice of many fitness enterprises and sports practitioners to let the national fitness link the cloud and embrace the cloud. During the epidemic, users of fitness software skyrocketed; Many fitness institutions have launched online services; The fitness instructor became a "online celebrity" on the live broadcast platform; Many retired and active sports stars also boarded the "cloud" and recorded videos to guide mass fitness.

  According to the data of fitness software Keep, during the epidemic, users’ exercise duration averaged 36.2 minutes each time, nearly doubling compared with 2019. The cumulative coverage of sports live broadcasts launched by Keep in conjunction with many institutions and fitness experts exceeded 56.5 million. In addition, Internet companies such as Ali Sports and PP Sports have also launched a variety of home fitness courses, attracting a large number of users to watch.

  At the same time, all localities are actively exploring new fitness models that integrate online and offline. In Xiamen, Fujian, the local home fitness online sports meeting attracted many citizens to participate; In Qinghai, local online home fitness activities have been launched, and a number of "promotion leaders" and "fitness experts" have emerged to actively lead the fitness fashion; In Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, the first "Balcony Marathon" and "Family Fun Games" were popular among residents … …

  A few days ago, a survey on home fitness of urban and rural residents in Zhejiang Province showed that during the epidemic period, 81.54% of the residents in the province carried out fitness activities, and 82.5% of them recognized the necessity of home fitness.

  The insiders believe that the "cloud fitness" during the epidemic has brought multiple benefits to the national fitness. With the development of exercise habits, the sports population will definitely increase after the epidemic. The fiery online sports will also drive the growth of sports consumption and drive the development of sports industry.

  During the "618" shopping festival this year, sports consumption achieved outstanding results, among which fitness equipment categories ushered in a full-scale outbreak. According to the data of JD.COM, from June 1 to 14, the turnover of barbells and kettlebells increased by 64% and 109% respectively. The turnover of skipping rope and yoga circle increased by more than 240% year-on-year, and the turnover of rowing machine and elliptical machine increased by more than 50% year-on-year.

  "After this epidemic, many people realized that health is the best investment." Some fitness enthusiasts say this.

  Many people in the industry said that after the epidemic, mass fitness will tend to be normalized, and outdoor and venue fitness will still become the mainstream, but this does not mean that "cloud fitness" will disappear. The epidemic situation can accelerate the Internet gene implantation of sports fitness and leisure industry, and the fitness and leisure industry based on offline scenes will strengthen online education and training and realize diversified business models.

  Li Xinyan, general manager of Keep, said: "In the long run, the exercise habits developed online during this period will still be reserved, and it will become a normal state to go to sports meetings regularly. There are many new forms and opportunities in generate, which may be a new tipping point for the future sports industry. "

  Do everything possible to boost fitness enthusiasm

  With the situation of epidemic prevention and control improving, national fitness activities have been resumed in various parts of China. In order to encourage the development of the fitness market and promote related enterprises to return to work and achieve production, various localities have built platforms and boosted confidence for fitness enthusiasts and sports enterprises in various ways.

  In March of this year, Jiangsu introduced the "15 sports industries" policy to help enterprises out. At present, the provincial sports industry development special fund with a total project amount of 185 million yuan, the central and provincial public stadiums and gymnasiums open to the public free of charge or at low fees, and the provincial fitness club special support fund have been allocated.

  Tianjin recently launched the "You Fitness, I Subsidy" Huimin Fitness Consumption Subsidy Activity, with the first payment amount of 1 million yuan. Local citizens only need to use Alipay client to spend money at contracted merchants, and they can enjoy full subsidy reduction.

  Sports tourism, which is seriously affected by the epidemic, has also become a good starting point for all localities to stimulate consumption and tap new economic growth points. In order to restore the development of sports tourism as soon as possible, various localities have introduced corresponding measures.

  Recently, the 2020 Hainan hydrophilic sports season kicked off in Boao. During the six-month activity, Hainan will organize six major theme month activities, and hold a series of events, trainings and experience activities to attract all kinds of people to participate in sports tourism activities, so as to create new hotspots and new formats for national fitness and tourism consumption.

  The National Fitness Day is coming, and all localities are gearing up to "add a fire" to the enthusiasm of national fitness.

  Recently, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau announced that it will jointly hold the first "8 8 Beijing Sports Consumption Festival" with JD.COM Group. The activities are divided into three sections: online shopping, online booking and online competition. Among them, the "online buying" section will carry out sports goods exhibition, which will benefit sports consumers to the greatest extent and stimulate sports consumption. The "Online Booking" section will invite the public to make an appointment to participate in fitness activities. On August 8, public stadiums and gymnasiums with open conditions in Beijing will be open to the public free of charge. At the same time, all kinds of operating sports and fitness venues in the city will be openly solicited, and eligible venues will also launch free fitness services and experience products on August 8.

  In addition, Beijing will also invite the public to participate in online events in the "Online Competition" section, including "August 8 Beijing Sports Consumption Festival Beijing International Long-distance Running Festival", "Brave Forward, Fitness Beijing", "Running to 2022" Park Half Marathon Online Series, "Nanchang — Beijing "city online public welfare relay race, etc.

  As the venue of the 2021 National Games, Shaanxi Province launched the "I want to participate in the National Games" sports skill exhibition on the occasion of the National Fitness Day. During the activity, Shaanxi will carry out a series of events or activities, such as the national physical training standard test, the "five-in" activity of sports health, the three-on-three basketball game, the five-a-side football game, the rope skipping game and the sports night market.


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