Shangxin is in Xiaohongshu | Fashion Clothing, Sports and Outdoor Industry, 5 categories, and the new battle report is released in the spring.

Shangxin is in Xiaohongshu | Fashion Clothing, Sports and Outdoor Industry, 5 categories, and the new battle report is released in the spring.

[MOMENT node marketing column] focuses on three major marketing nodes, namely, new, courtesy and promotion, in luxury goods and fashion apparel industry. With four sections, namely, [Everything grows], [Courtesy highlights], [Gathering everything] and [Promoting breakthrough], it brings dry goods in the little red book industry, such as industry opportunity foresight, courtesy marketing strategy, search and delivery guide, and promotion of practical play, so as to light up the flash moment of nodes and decode the most in-depth play of node marketing.

Spring is infinite, and everywhere is beautiful. The first quarter of 2024 has come to an end, and countless spring hot spots have emerged in Xiaohong’s book, bringing new business opportunities to the trend clothing and sports outdoor industry. Major brands have launched new products one after another, and joined hands with Xiaohongshu to make joint efforts in this spring season to promote the rapid outbreak of new products and achieve double sales in the spring of 2024.

As a bridge connecting users and brands, Xiaohongshu looks forward to the trend of the industry, bringing comprehensive new ideas to solve problems for major fashion and sports outdoor brands in terms of trend interpretation, style update and inspiration innovation. At the same time, Xiaohongshu has been actively building a commercial model for a long time, opening up the global links in the station and bringing more potential business opportunities to the brand. With the help of Xiaohongshu’s unique grass planting attribute, the brand can deeply integrate new product marketing with trend content according to its new emphasis, realize the integrated business channel of "marketing+marketing", and promote business transformation and efficiency improvement. Nowadays, Xiaohongshu has become the new preferred position in the trend clothing and sports outdoor brand.

In this issue of "Everything grows", the commercialization team of Xiaohongshu brought outstanding achievements of 12 selected brands in five categories: "Fashion Clothing-Women’s Wear, Men’s Wear, Underwear, Accessories" and "Sports Outdoor". Through in-depth analysis of the brand’s efficient marketing style in the new period of spring, the brand highlights will be lit up, which will bring inspiration to more trendy clothing and sports outdoor brands in the next marketing layout and seek new business development.

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Looking at Xiaohongshu Fashion Clothing & Five Categories of Outdoor Sports

Excellent achievements made in New China in spring.

Ending early spring and rejuvenating, and then starting a new season.

Chaoliu clothing

01 women’s dress

Simple pieces| | Little White Pants Series

Simple pieces delves into the real needs of girls’ trousers, grasps the hot spots of wearing in spring, and launches a series of small white trousers that are "impervious and not easy to wrinkle"; Through the combination of hot scenes in spring from multiple angles and the popularity of fashion bloggers, we will create a new product to launch a big K into the store to broadcast big events. In the end, the total GMV of Xiaohongshu station in the past three months exceeded 1000w, and the highest GMV in a single day exceeded 100 W.

simple  pieces.jpg

W.Amber| | New Chinese Cheongsam

W.Amber focuses on the popular new Chinese trend, launches the cheongsam series, and takes advantage of multiple scenes to seize the style and mind; Accurately target potential people to make appointments before the live broadcast, and get through the whole link to help the business break out. In the end, the total GMV in Xiaohong Bookstore exceeded 310w, the highest GMV in a single day exceeded 27w, and the brand popularity increased by 70% from the previous month.

W  amber.png

02 | Men’s Wear

HetingHome| | Men’s Spring Series

HetingHome captures the needs of men for changing seasons in spring, taking advantage of the new situation, and creating a one-stop guide for trendy men from dating to traveling; Through browsing and searching, the product notes can be reached at a touch, and the transformation of people wearing clothes in spring and changing seasons can be accelerated. During the new period in spring and summer, brand stores achieved a 34% increase in GMV and a 5+ increase in product ROI.


Lee| | Beauty Jeans

Lee accurately captures the pain points of women’s jeans in spring, steps on the trend of traveling in mid-spring, focuses on subdividing the figure, and deduces the cowboy’s one-button [beauty]; Adopt double-field fine operation, take advantage of the new season in Xiaohongshu, and help the single product to be new in spring. In the end, "Beauty Cowboy" jumped to the TOP list of brand cowboy series, and the search volume of "Beauty Cowboy" by Lee increased by 71% from the previous month.


03 underwear

Inside and outside | Swan Cup Bra

Grasp the demand points in the spring scene inside and outside, and design with a V-shaped curve, so that consumers can gracefully expose the swan neck and create a light Look; in spring; KOL is preferred to plant grass in advance, adopting F information flow +S search refined operation, accelerating consumption decision-making through commercial note components, and directly guiding commodity purchase. In the end, the "Swan Cup" single product was put into the self-closed-loop ROI of 2, and the sales volume of Xiaohongshu store increased by 777% year-on-year.

Inside and outside. jpg

04 | Accessories

Ooak| | flowing gold series

Ooak captures the popular wearing scenes in spring and combines multiple topics to plant grass; Create a matrix buyer’s live broadcast, presenting a variety of spring and winter collocations; We will continue to expand our influence by creating a mode of high-point live broadcast by the manager and long-term daily store broadcast. In the end, the new GMV of new products increased by 1304% month-on-month, the reading volume of related notes of [ooak Golden Series] increased by +182%, and the popularity of brand search increased by 55% during the new period in spring.


Tender society|Rosalie Series &Tensi Series

Tender society combines the hot trends in spring to anchor new boosters in spring; Through the cooperation of star live broadcast, interpret the sense of spring atmosphere; Multi-dimensional expansion of high-profile style crowd, accurate operation, to achieve a strong bond between new products and spring high-grade sense. In the end, GMV broke 60W in the last 10 days, "Rosalie series powder Fritillaria" was out of stock when it went on the market, and the reading volume of related notes of "Tensi series" increased by 246%.

tender  society.jpg

Fakeme|Bijou retro series

Fakeme has planted grass in a matrix through a variety of new products, which has wiped out the popular styles in spring; Linking everyone’s fashion week, leveraging the offline platform of Daren to achieve strong preheating of new products; Taking advantage of the new season of Xiaohongshu, the multi-touch explosion was realized with the cooperation of live broadcast of talents and live broadcast of shops. During the new harvest period in spring, the DGMV of the store broke 740w in March, and the search popularity of "Fakeme" soared by over 290% and that of "Fakeme bijou" soared by 1000%.


Bai Lan | Natural Morning Dew Necklace & Dawn Pearl Earline

Bai Lan strongly grasped the sense of spring atmosphere and launched a new series for pre-planting grass; Before the live broadcast, accurately target the potential crowd to make an appointment, and create a fashion blogger to enter the store to broadcast the big event for strong exposure. In the end, the DGMV of shops in the new season in spring broke 350w in March, the search popularity of "Bailan" soared by over 50%, and the reading volume of the new "Dawn & Morning Dew" series increased by 7400 times.


Sports outdoor

Nike|Zenvy series

Nike teamed up with IP to show the soft beauty of women in multiple scenes and release the soft features of Zenvy series. Through "online matrix search layout+offline immersive appearance", the brand successfully seized the high-heat demand of 38 knots, showing the multiple softness of the product. In the end, the search volume of "Nike Zenvy" little red book increased by 9100% month-on-month, and the new product "Zenvy" topped the Nike brand search for the downstream word TOP1.


Li Ning | Rijin Doujin Series

Li Ning takes advantage of the New Year’s good fortune, permeates the life scene of the Spring Festival, creates big events and builds brand goodwill; At the same time, we adopt the strategy of crowd-intensive operation, and take advantage of the new year scene to grow a series of minds of "daily progress". In the end, the series was successfully pushed from the regular product line to the hot sale in the Spring Festival, achieving a 422% year-on-year increase in the popularity of Tmall’s "daily gold" search and a 36% increase in the penetration of brand new year interest groups.

Li ning.png

Weflower | 2024 new flower shoes

WE FLOWER’s new products exclusively launch Little Red Books, which are fermented for a long time through private domain groups and promote sales point to point; Multi-quadrant matrix development, strengthening brand mind; Adopt the trilogy of scientific grass planting, reach the crowd continuously and accurately at multiple points, and realize the whole link opening. In the end, the small flower shoes were successfully harvested. In January, Xiaohongshu exclusively launched the whole store GMV100w, the brand number rose by nearly 5K, and the brand search increased by 65 times.

we  flower.png

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