Jingtian Baisui Mountain ranks among the top three mineral water industries in China.

Jingtian Baisui Mountain ranks among the top three mineral water industries in China.

    The reporter learned from China Beverage Industry Association that Jingtian Baisui Mountain has ranked among the top three mineral water industries in China and entered the first camp of the national mineral water industry in terms of production and sales.

    In addition, Danone Yili, which has been in the top spot for more than 10 years since the mid-1990s, is the "three kings of mineral water" in China, with Shenzhen taking the second place.

    Jingtian Baisui Mountain has won another national title for Shenzhen’s drinking water industry, which undoubtedly injected a stimulant into the same industry in Shenzhen.
    Since 2003, Jingtian has changed its past focus on producing pure water and intervened in the field of mineral water. In just six years, Jingtian Baisui Mountain has sprung up as an unstoppable force, ranking among the top three in the national mineral water industry and becoming the new "king of mineral water" in China.

    In addition, Jingtian Baisui Mountain ranks among the best in the same industry in China in terms of water source, production capacity, sales volume, innovation, market competitiveness and share, export volume and popularity.

    Jingtian has become famous in recent years, mainly due to its efforts to build the largest mineral water production base in Asia and its outstanding natural mineral water in Jingtian Baisui Mountain.

    With the popularity of Jingtian Baisui Mountain mineral water production base, its attention has been repeatedly reflected in authoritative rankings. Top 20 national beverage industries; Top 10 drinking water in China; Known as the "No.1 Brand Selection in 2008", Jingtian ranks among the "No.1 Brand Rankings" with a brand value of 1.16 billion yuan. In the 2007 Baidu Billboard Beverage Industry Report, the brands most concerned by netizens are Nongfu Spring, Master Kong, Nestle, Wahaha and Jingtian. Jingtian’s attention exceeds Robust’s, which is almost equal to Wahaha; In the "Top Ten Drinking Water Brands in China", Jingtian is among the best; In addition, Jingtian became the only designated drinking water in the State Council press conference.

    Correctly distinguish water species and guide healthy drinking water

    The person in charge of the Natural Mineral Water Professional Committee of China Mining Association said that although natural mineral water is the mainstream in developed countries, the road of mineral water in China has not been easy for many years. Faced with mineral water, mineral water, natural drinking water, pure water and distilled water, how many consumers are aware of their differences? In real life, almost everyone knows that mineral water is good, but nearly 80% people think that all bottled water is mineral water.

    The main reason for this situation is that consumers misunderstand mineral water and think that bottled water is all mineral water. This misunderstanding of consumers has become a huge obstacle to the development of mineral water. However, with the promotion of the concept and knowledge of healthy drinking water, more and more consumers began to correctly distinguish various kinds of water.

    According to the person in charge, according to the definition in the national standard (GB 8537-1995), "mineral water" refers to "unpolluted underground mineral water that naturally gushes from the depths of the ground or is exposed artificially; Contains a certain amount of mineral salts, trace elements or carbon dioxide gas.

    Mineral water belongs to mineral resources, and enterprises that produce mineral water need to apply for and identify it at the Ministry of Land and Resources, and obtain relevant mining licenses. In addition to the conventional production license number and label license number, the real mineral water packaging also has the number of "mining license".

    A nobleman in the water-Jingtian Baisui Mountain

    Jingtian Baisui Mountain, an aristocrat in the water, is being familiar and accepted by more and more consumers.

    "No, I am not drinking mineral water, I am drinking Evian." The brand positioning of "luxury goods" in mineral water is "Evian, she is not just a bottle of mineral water, she is a concept and a way of life."

    From the beginning of building Jingtian Baisui Mountain mineral water, Jingtian positioned the brand connotation as "aristocrat in water", "Drinking Jingtian Baisui Mountain is no longer just to quench thirst, but a kind of enjoyment of life attitude", and positioned the product as a high-end consumer group with personality, taste and love for life, and injected "aristocratic lineage" into the brand from the beginning.

    Mineral water should have "aristocratic blood" and become a "nobleman in water". First of all, in the water source, the world-famous mineral water is famous all over the world, relying on the water source of Alsbee Snow Mountain. The importance of water source to mineral water is self-evident.

    Good ecology can breed high-quality water sources and first-class natural ecological environment, which endows Baisui Mountain with high-quality mineral spring resources. Known as one of the most beautiful mineral water producing areas in the world, Jingtian Baisui Mountain Base is located in Baisui Mountain, the hinterland of Luofushan Nature Reserve, a famous national key scenic spot and Taoist holy place.

    The water source of Baisui Mountain in Jingtian is collected from granite cracks below 160 meters. After hundreds of years of flowing and surging, it is rich in many mineral elements beneficial to human health. It is known as mineral water with very high metasilicate content of gold element, and it is a rare high-quality mineral water source. Appraised by experts as a rare high-quality natural mineral water, it is known as "the aristocrat in the water".

    Jingtian invested heavily to build the largest mineral water production base in Asia in Baisui Mountain, and was the first water enterprise in Guangdong to use German Crance equipment (the largest, most advanced and best quality food and beverage equipment manufacturer in the world). Our products not only sell well in Guangdong, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Hunan, Shanxi, Fujian and other national markets, but also are exported to the United States, Canada, Singapore and other countries and China and Hong Kong, competing with Evian on the same stage, becoming the brand and enterprise with the largest export volume in China. Not only is it popular in the domestic market, but it is also famous overseas.

    Choose mineral water and look for three characteristics.

    Because mineral water and other water are similar in name, color and packaging, many consumers are easily confused when buying mineral water. Professor Du Zhong, a famous mineral water expert in China, reminds consumers that when buying mineral water, we must carefully look at the bottle label.

    According to him, compared with other bottled water, mineral water bottles have three characteristics:

    1. The words "natural mineral water" are marked, but other water bottles are not allowed to appear;

    2 marked with clear water source and geological structure of water source; Other water only has the manufacturer’s address;

    3. As many as 10 kinds of minerals and trace elements are marked, while other water types are only marked with two or three kinds or none.

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