The first cultural tourism festival in Xunyang and the cherry tourism season of "Spring Comes Early" kicked off.

The first cultural tourism festival in Xunyang and the cherry tourism season of "Spring Comes Early" kicked off.

Ankang News (Reporter Mao Mingbo) On March 5, a mass cultural exhibition featuring the regional characteristics of Xunyang was staged in Duanjiahe Town, Xunyang City, Ankang City. The wonderful programs such as Duanjiahe is a good place, the song Xunyang Mixed Noodles and beautiful countryside Hongtu Exhibition created by local literary and art workers were staged in turn, so that local people and tourists who came to watch cherry blossoms enjoyed a strong local flavor. As a result, it also opened the curtain of the first cultural tourism festival in Xunyang City and the cherry tourism season of "Spring Comes Early".



In 2024, the first cultural tourism festival in Xunyang City and the series of cultural tourism activities in the spring tourism season include 23 activities in six sections, such as "Spring Story, Flowers and Fun", "Peach and Plum Spring Breeze Enjoy Sports", "Going for an outing to meet the spring", "Spring is full of literary interaction", "Spring is full of books and books" and "Spring is fun and fun", which lasts from March 5 to the end of May.


During the day’s activities, the headline reporter of Western Network Shaanxi saw at the scene that many foreign tourists participated in American food tasting, Hanfu experience, punching in photos, and entering the village history museum to experience the pleasure of rural tourism while enjoying cultural programs.


It is understood that the activities of the first Cultural Tourism Festival in Xunyang City run through the whole year, and the beautiful scenery, food, agricultural and sideline products and special tourism products of Xunyang City are fully displayed through flower viewing, exercise and fitness, cultural performances, food tasting, creative markets, fun camping, grass concerts and harvest, so as to celebrate flowers, festivals, fruits and harvests, and further implement "tourism+"



In recent years, Duanjiahe Town, Xunyang City has cultivated and developed a "five-tree" characteristic forest and fruit industry with "cherry, jujube, citron, lion’s head orange and yellow peach" around the goal of building "Hanjiang eco-economic characteristic town, urban-rural integration development demonstration town and grass-roots social governance model town", and built a characteristic industrial park with high standards. Inviting investment to set up special products processing plants such as fruit vinegar, fruit wine, fruit, citron tea, Hanjiang stone and plush toys, and accelerating the gathering of industrial clusters by chain extension and chain expansion. Relying on provincial-level rural tourism demonstration villages, tap the cultural heritage of Caojia Courtyard and Hanshui River, attract investment to develop characteristic homestays, and vigorously develop the "five-good courtyard economy". Xunyang City has promoted the deep integration of agriculture, culture, tourism and health by holding a series of rural tourism activities such as cherry tourism season, and built Duanjiahe Town into a rural tourism business card integrating ecology, economy and people’s livelihood.


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