MTR: Local trains will operate all night on New Year’s Eve.

MTR: Local trains will operate all night on New Year’s Eve.

  The Hong Kong SAR Government has previously announced that the Shenzhen Bay Port will operate 24 hours a day from New Year’s Eve to the fourth day (February 9-13); The opening of Luohu Port was extended to 2 am on New Year’s Eve and the second day of the second day (February 9 and 11). The MTR Corporation announced that on New Year’s Eve, all seven MTR local railway lines (except Airport Express and Disney Line) and light rail lines will run overnight, while three MTR bus routes will extend their service hours. In addition, the cross-boundary train service between east rail line and lo wu station will be extended on New Year’s Eve (9th) and the second day of junior high school (11th) to tie in with the customs clearance time at Luohu Port, but there is no extended service at Lok Ma Chau Station. During the Spring Festival, the MTR is expected to add about 1,850 buses to serve passengers.

  According to the MTR, the last train from east rail line to Lo Wu will leave admiralty station at 12: 56 midnight and arrive in lo wu station at about 1: 46 am, about 14 minutes before the port is closed. Passengers should pay attention to the closing time of the port and seize the time to pass the customs. The last east rail line-Admiralty train from lo wu station will depart at 2: 30am (about half an hour after the port is closed) and arrive in admiralty station at about 3: 20am.

  MTR reminded that other local railway lines did not extend their services on the evening of the second day (11th), and the normal last bus time will be maintained. The Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Control Point will be closed at 10: 30 pm as usual, and there will be no extended service at Lok Ma Chau Station in east rail line. Train service to and from Lok Ma Chau Station will be maintained, and the last train to Lok Ma Chau Station will leave from admiralty station at 9: 29 pm.

  According to the MTR, after discussion with the mainland railway authorities, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed rail service will increase 11 pairs (22 shifts) of high-speed trains between Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and Futian Station every day from the second day to the fourth day (11th-13th), and the daily train frequency will increase to 105 pairs. Tickets for new train shifts will be put on sale from now on (3rd). The relevant tickets can be changed on the same day by using Fukuda "Flexible Travel", making it more convenient and flexible for passengers to travel on holidays.

  MTR appeals to passengers to use their mobile phones to use MTR Mobile or MTR website to check the last bus information of each railway line, plan their trips in advance and reserve sufficient time for their trips. During the Spring Festival, the MTR will strengthen information dissemination, station instructions and broadcasting to help passengers understand the relevant arrangements.

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