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Playoff voice | Hot discussion Lakers win G3: Hamm points out the difference from playing. Magic number one Zhan Heqikua.

On April 23rd, Beijing time, after the total score of the Lakers was tied at 1-1, they returned to home in G3 and refused to be reversed by 29 points. They successfully beat the Grizzlies 111-101 to gain a 2-1 lead. After 1-1, the Lakers won G3 in nine consecutive series, surpassing Jordan Bulls to set a new record in NBA history. Lakers coach Hamm praised the players’ performance in this game, which was obviously different from the last game, and also praised the eight village bases for continuing to be brave.

After the game, Lakers coach Hamm was interviewed. He talked about the difference between G3 and G2, and the adjustment made by the team to win. Hamm bluntly said: "We just played more decisively, and the players were playing with goals and playing more disciplined. The other is our energy. The energy in the arena is bursting. Our concentration in this campaign is different from that in the last game, and our sense of urgency is completely different. "

As for the atmosphere of the Lakers playing the playoffs at home after ten years, Hamm said frankly: "Our fans are really great. They are unparalleled. We feel their enthusiasm and thank God. We give them something to cheer about, and we look forward to the next home game and feel the same way. "

Hamm also talked about the progress of Indiana Jones in the playoffs. He scored 20+ points in the first two consecutive games as a substitute, and scored 16 points in 6 out of 10 in this game. Ham praised: "When we got him, we were very excited. We are all encouraging him to continue to work hard, to be firm, confident and enterprising. You can see the love he gets. He himself once said that he fell in love with basketball again. "

Magic Johnson also praised the performance of the Lakers, "Lakers country! The Lakers played super antagonism on both ends of the offense and defense tonight! Our two superstars led the team to beat the Grizzlies 111-101. Brother Thick Eyebrows scored 31 points and 17 rebounds, and James scored 25 points and 9 rebounds. "

"I want to congratulate coach Hamm on his excellent adjustment at both ends of the offense and defense tonight."

As for the famous mouth Skip, it is also rare to praise the Lakers. "This is a great revenge victory for the Lakers. The only problem is that they let Morant find his rhythm and let him finally get 45 points. This is a moral failure for grizzly bears. If they persist, they will bring the momentum of the game to the evening of next Monday (US time). "

0-1, the Premier League is very cold! Liverpool lost to the bottom team, and Salah missed the penalty, which was tragic.

On the evening of March 11th, Beijing time, in the 27th round of Premier League, Liverpool challenged Bournemouth away. In the end, Liverpool lost 1-0 to the bottom team, resulting in a big upset. Salah also missed a penalty, which was tragic.

A month ago, the Liverpool team was in a relatively low state, ranking only 10th in the standings, behind brentford, Fulham and other teams, but now they have caught up! If you can beat Bournemouth in this campaign, you can enter the top four in the standings; Bournemouth is at the bottom of the standings, and Liverpool have no reason not to score 3 points.

In the 5th minute, Arnold kicked off the corner and Fan Dike headed the ball. In the 7th minute, Ouattara pushed the middle net with a single knife and a small angle. In the 12th minute, Fan Dike made a long pass, Robertson’s low shot was resolved, and then Gakpo hit the net, but the goal was invalid. In the 23rd minute, Bournemouth took the lead. After Ouattara succeeded in offside, he made a cross. Billing followed up and pushed the goal, leading 1-0. In the 41st minute, Fan Dike almost scored a goal with a header. A minute later, Solanke’s blast shot was over the beam. In the first half, Liverpool was temporarily behind 0-1.

In the second half, in the 46th minute, Fabinho kept up with the blast. In the 48th minute, jota’s angry shot was tackled. In the 64th minute, Billing’s volley was empty. In the 66th minute, Liverpool got a penalty, and Salah missed the penalty. Salah, who missed the penalty, also looked very depressed. In the 77th minute, Salah’s pass was cleared, and then his pick was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

In the 82nd minute, Cook’s shot flew away. After that, the score did not change, and Liverpool lost.

Emiliano Martinez said he didn’t like penalty shootouts.

Emiliano Martinez said he didn’t like penalty shootouts.

Aston Villa and Argentine goalkeeper emiliano Martinez said he didn’t like to take part in penalty shootouts.

"Do I like penalty kicks? I don’t like to take the game to penalty because the odds are 50-50. I can’t say, "There will be a penalty shootout now, and I will win. Because it’s very difficult. I know I can lose at any time, and I must accept it. The penalty shootout is a coin toss, and the rest is just prayer. So no, I’m not attracted by penalty shootouts, "Martinez was quoted by Goal.

Argentina beat France 4-2 (regular time-3-3) in the 2022 World Cup final.

Martinez has made 24 appearances for Aston Villa in various competitions this season, conceded 32 goals and saved 7 games.

According to the International Football Federation (FIFA), Aston Villa and Argentine goalkeeper emiliano Martí nez commented on winning the best goalkeeper award in 2022.

"I touched the sky, just as my father said. Half of the children want to be like Messi, and the other half want to be a goalkeeper. Obviously, this is an important moment in my career. I always say that I hate individual awards. You know, the best awards of FIFA can’t satisfy me now. I am satisfied that young children are trying to be goalkeepers now, because they like what they saw in the World Cup, you know? Therefore, no matter what happens in my career, from now on, I will always be grateful for my opportunity in the World Cup, "Martinez was quoted by Goal.

As a member of the Argentine national team, 30-year-old Martinez became the champion of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022.

AI online intelligent matting tool is a must for cross-border e-commerce operators!

The e-commerce industry is inseparable from the map. Transparent base map, white base map …

When selling goods, you always have to deal with product pictures. Processing pictures is a relatively high-frequency operation. For the matting tool, it is also just needed by many people.

Today, I will share with you an AI online intelligent matting tool.Picture-cutting assistant

01AI matting effect
Picture editing based on AI artificial intelligence algorithm. Just upload a picture with one click, and the matting can be completed in 3 seconds.

02operating procedure

(1) OpenAssistant in painting cutting,Select the [smart matting] function.

(2) After the picture is uploaded, click OK to dig it out with one key.

Picture-cutting assistantIs a simple, intelligent and fully functional online video processing tool, with intelligent subtitles, video translation, AI picture editing, audio editing, voice elimination and other video and audio, picture editing and post-processing functions.

Tear it off! It broke the news that Chen Yuyuan’s son had an accident, and Li Tie’s wife was sued in court, which the Korean media said.

I was called out! The accident of Chen Xiaoyuan’s son was exposed, and Li Tie’s wife was sued. That’s what the Korean media said.

After the head of the Football Association was investigated, the anti-corruption was immediate, and the men’s and women’s soccer teams in China played a triumphant song. It can be said that it would be embarrassing to lose anyone, especially the U20 men’s soccer team reached the top 8 of the U20 Asian Cup after 9 years. The boys of the national football team U20 will face the South Korean team in the next round, and this game has also attracted the attention of fans. A South Korean media also drew attention to the performance of China football in the U20 Asian Cup. They think that corruption has brought down China football in recent years, but some young people in China football team have inspired them on the field. High morale and winning the U20 Asian Cup show that there is still hope for football in China, and the cancer of football corruption must be eradicated.

At present, the media reported the latest news that Li Tie will be suddenly sued in court, and this time it will affect his family. What’s going on here? It turned out that when Li Tie was arrested and investigated, it was the owner of Wuhan Club who lifted the table and reported Li Tie’s real name. He reported that Li Tie’s annual salary in Wu Hanyou was sky-high and so was the salary of the head coach of the national football team. In the national football team, many Wuhan team players have been promoted to the national football team in violation of regulations. The Wuhan team had to give these players a top salary. Demoted in the 2021 season.

Now the Wuhan team has announced its dissolution this season, and Li Tie is the biggest showstopper behind it. Over the past few months, the anti-corruption campaign in football has arrested many people, and Li Tie is still in the review stage. However, because Li Tie’s company had another labor dispute and was sued to the court, fans talked about it one after another, saying that the legal representative of the company was Li Tie’s wife, Longfei was also the head of the company, and Li Tie was also the executive director of the company. You know, a lot of media have been exposed, and dragonfly has already escaped, for fear of an accident. Li Tie has transferred all his illegally acquired property to foreigners. Li Tie was exposed to having wives in the United States and Britain and buying a mansion.

According to the data, Li Tie’s company was founded seven years ago as Shenyang Li Tie Football Club Co., Ltd. Dragonfly holds 90% of the shares and Li Tie holds 10%. After Li Tie was arrested, he was also "pushed down the wall and pushed by everyone". Many players and media people in the football circle have also come forward to reveal all kinds of "black materials" in football. Profiting for his own brokerage company on the Internet proves that he is already a greedy person, and he also regards football as a commercial field. Even Li Tie’s wife can be influenced by it, and the company they founded is illegal and full of guilt, which makes football players embarrassed.

You know, this is just the tip of the iceberg of Li Tie’s nine companies. Li Tie can deposit more than 100 million RMB in a bank in Shenyang, which proves that he has made a lot of money in recent years. Whether it is legal or not, I believe the relevant departments will find out. At the beginning of its establishment, Shenyang Li Tie Football Club hoped to find the fun of football for local children and give them a platform to play football. The original intention is good, but Li Tie has long been blinded by self-interest. He can suppress the playing time of naturalized players in the national team and even be exposed to selling the national team. How can such a football player cultivate excellent players? Therefore, the football club company set up in Li Tie must also be the target of attracting funds.

Of course, we will never forget Li Tie’s contribution to the national team as a player. The fans’ trust in the Football Association made him the national football coach, but I didn’t expect the result to be so disgusting. Football circles must be pure. The media also revealed that Chen Xiaoyuan had family-style corruption, and his son was doomed and faced with investigation. Football moths like Li Tie have reduced the popularity and reputation of football in China. What awaits him is severe punishment by law. If he can’t honestly explain what he knows about football shadow scenes, or even cover for others, then he will have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The anti-corruption in football has achieved results. The young players of our national teams have achieved good results in the international arena. We also saw the eager and proud eyes of China players from the field. China’s women’s soccer team is also preparing for the World Cup, and China’s men’s soccer team is about to leave for New Zealand for a warm-up match. I hope China Football Team will continue to work hard.

Deschamps explained Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup: I told him not to worry, but he left when he woke up the next day.

Live on March 11th Deschamps accepted an exclusive interview with Le Parisien and explained Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup. He said Benzema decided to leave by himself.

Regarding Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup, Deschamps explained: "I lost an important player. Benzema was hurt because the World Cup meant a lot to him. He said to me,’ No chance’. The team doctor’s examination is consistent with Benzema’s examination in Madrid. In the best case, he can’t resume training before December 10th. In his communication with him, he expressed his disappointment that he had to give up. "

"But to clarify, this decision was made for the sake of the team. We stayed for almost 20 minutes, and when I left, I told him,’ Karim, don’t worry, you and the coach of the team (Real Madrid) decide the recovery plan together’. When I woke up the next day, I learned that he had left. This is his decision. He won’t tell you anything else. I understand and respect him. "

However, Benzema quickly refuted Deschamps’ statement in social media: "I dare to say it."

AI portrait, make your life more interesting!

In recent years, the technology with artificial intelligence as the core is innovating our life, work and interaction with the world around us. One of the latest innovations is the portrait generated by AI, usingDeep learning algorithmCreate realistic and artistic characters.

These AI-generated portraits not only make peopleFascinating and visually pleasing., but also has practical applications in various industries. For example, they can be used to create personalized avatars for social media profiles or as part of a virtual fashion and beauty try-on experience.

In addition, the portraits generated by AI may be changed through democratic artistic creation.art circles. With the help of AI, anyone can become a digital artist and create their own unique portrait with just a few clicks.

However, the rise of AI-generated portraits also raises ethical questions about privacy and consent. With the enrichment of personal data on the Internet, AI algorithm can easily create characters without people’s knowledge or consent, which may be used for malicious purposes.

Therefore, developers and users of AI-generated portraits need to abide by ethical standards and ensure respect for people’sright of privacy. This includes obtaining explicit consent before creating and sharing AI-generated portraits, and implementing measures to prevent the abuse of personal data.

In a word, the portrait generated by AI is an exciting development in the field of artificial intelligence and has many positive life-changing potentials. However, when approaching this technology, we need to handle it carefully and ensure that it is used responsibly while respecting people’sright of privacy.

Pig: Degea once asked me if he was better than Neuer, and my answer made him sad.

According to the Daily Mirror, former Manchester United midfielder Schweinsteiger said in an interview: "When I first arrived at Manchester United, Degea asked me,’ Am I better than Neuer?’ I replied,’ No, you didn’t’. Degea was very sad at that time. "

"So every time I play a good game, he will ask me again, and I will still say that he has not reached that level."

1-0 lore, crazy celebration! The national football team is locked in the qualification of the World Youth Championship, and China’s men’s football team aims to eliminate South Korea

Uzbekistan’s U20 Asian Cup has entered the quarter-finals, and the first match was between the Iranian men’s soccer team and the Iraqi men’s soccer team. In the end, relying on the goal in the 91st minute of the second half, Iraq eliminated Iran 1-0, becoming the first team to advance to the semi-finals, and at the same time locked in the qualification for the World Youth Championship. China’s men’s soccer team will play in the quarter-finals on the next match day, and the winner can also advance to the World Youth Championship against the Korean men’s soccer team.

In the history of the Asian Youth Championship, Iraq participated in a total of 17 competitions and won the championship five times in total. The last time was in 2000, and Iran also won the cup four times, but the winning experience was in the last century.

In the group stage, Iran scored 6 points with 2 wins and 1 loss, and won the first place in the group. Iraq scored 4 points with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, and locked the second place in the group. According to the regulations of AFC, the top four teams in this tournament have advanced to the 2023 World Youth Championship, so whoever wins this game will be locked in the ticket for the World Youth Championship.

This is a close confrontation. The national team and the youth team of Iran and Iraq are in fierce confrontation. Now, the Asian Youth Championship is contested. The two teams did not rewrite the score in the first 90 minutes, and the scene is almost 50-50.

In the 91st minute, Ali Jassim broke into the restricted area with the ball and scored a goal from the far corner with a low shot, helping the Iraqi team to complete the lore 1-0. After the goal was scored, the players thumped and celebrated wildly, and then they roared to the sky and were very excited. After the game, the whole team celebrated like winning the championship.

The contest between China and South Korea will start at 18 o’clock tomorrow night, and the winner can also advance to the finals of the 2023 World Youth Championship.

According to statistics, the two teams have played against each other 18 times in history. The men’s soccer team in China has scored 3 wins, 2 draws and 13 losses, which is obviously at a disadvantage. At the same time, in the last 8 games, it has not won, and it has not won the Korean men’s soccer team for 18 consecutive years.

Nevertheless, China men’s soccer players are not afraid of this opponent. It is reported that after the successful team of China Men’s Football Team qualified, they celebrated with the fans at the scene. The fans shouted loudly in the stands: "The next game is going to play South Korea", and some players responded: "Kill South Korea! We are going to the World Youth Championship! "

AI doctor assisted diagnosis and accurate classification of sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is a highly heterogeneous disease involving nasal cavity and sinus mucosa, and it is one of the most common chronic respiratory inflammatory diseases. The prevalence rate in China is about 8%, and 20% of patients are chronic sinusitis complicated with nasal polyps. In order to make the classification and treatment of nasal polyps more efficient and accurate, the research team of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University developed the first artificial intelligence pathological diagnosis system for chronic sinusitis. It is reported that the "Single Vision Home Edition" of the system has passed the clinical test, reaching the level of a senior pathologist, and has been tested and used in a number of 3A hospitals with 5G network systems in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Patients with nasal polyps need comprehensive treatment mainly by surgery, but the curative effect is not satisfactory at present, and the postoperative recurrence rate is high. The reason is that there are different subtypes of nasal polyps, and the treatment methods and prognosis of different subtypes of nasal polyps are very different. Therefore, accurate classification and individualized treatment of nasal polyps is one of the main ideas to break through the bottleneck of curative effect of nasal polyps. However, at present, the commonly used manual diagnosis method is to randomly select 10 visual fields of nasal polyps slides under a microscope and calculate the number of inflammatory cells in them, which has huge workload, low accuracy and impossible to calculate the whole film.

The Third Hospital of Sun Yat-sen, in conjunction with Tsinghua Pearl River Delta Research Institute and other hospitals and research institutes, has developed and iterated (at the cellular level, molecular level/full film and single vision) an artificial intelligence pathological diagnosis system for chronic sinusitis, developed a "full film platform version" and a "single vision family version" of AI doctors for different application scenarios, and built a cloud platform.

Among them, the "full-film platform version" of AI doctor is an artificial intelligence pathological diagnosis system for nasal polyps based on full-film, and related research results have been published in high-level journals such as JACI, eBioMedicine, a The Lancet sub-journal, and Chinese Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. The "Single Vision Home Edition" system has been developed and tested. The AI doctor "Sandy" can accurately identify the common inflammatory cells of chronic sinusitis and generate the first artificial intelligence pathological diagnosis report of chronic sinusitis. According to the standard of senior pathologists, its accuracy has exceeded 90%, which is helpful for accurate diagnosis of chronic sinusitis and subsequent individualized medication guidance.

□ Zhou Jinan Zhen Xiaozhou