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Notice! Working hours have changed!


The eight-day Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end.

While everyone is enjoying the holiday life.

Don’t forget.

February 18th is a working day.

According to the general office of the State Council.

Notice on Some Holiday Arrangements in 2024

The Spring Festival is on holiday from February 10th to 17th.

A total of 8 days

February 18th (Sunday)

Going to work!

Friends who usually set the working day alarm clock.

Don’t forget to set the alarm clock.

In case of being late

Six strokes of "heart-closing Dafa" quickly forward the collection.

1. Adjust work and rest

The rhythm of eating and sleeping during the long vacation will affect your work and rest time. You need to go to bed early and get up early on the last day to restore a healthy biological clock in order to deal with work items efficiently.

2, moderate diet

In any case, you still have to eat something, just seven or eight points full. Because of irregular eating during holidays, abdominal distension or anorexia after holidays, you can take some drugs to help digestion. If you are anorexic, you can eat some stomach-invigorating and digestion-promoting tablets or hawthorn tablets appropriately, try to eat light meals, mainly fruits and vegetables, and let your stomach full of fish rest.

3. Enhance exercise

During the holidays, people will become "lazy" if they exercise less. Before the holidays are over, aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, yoga and badminton, can help the body consume some energy and regain its vitality.

4. Adjust your mentality

Use your spare time to do things you like, such as listening to music, reading, sports, etc., which are helpful to relax your mind and restore your attention; Take a deep breath every few hours, or have some tea and coffee to refresh yourself.

5. Control Internet access

Strictly control the online time. Whether it is a mobile phone or a computer, rest for at least 15 minutes for more than 1 hour. At the same time, eat more foods rich in vitamin supplements and protein, such as animal liver, lean meat, carrots and bean sprouts, or make tea with chrysanthemum and medlar.

6. Work planning

Write a memo and list the things that need to be done after work, so that you can be practical and clear at a glance. In a short period of time, the work intensity should not be too high, so it should be gradual. Two days before going to work, try to arrange some planned and communicative work, which can give yourself a period of buffer adjustment, finish the necessary work first, and don’t give yourself too much pressure.

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Minimum-2! Is it going to snow in Jiangxi? The weather in Jiangxi next ……

These days

The weather in Jiangxi is wet and cold, with continuous rain.

Netizens are looking forward to the big sun.

However, the reality is that

The rain continues, and the snow is coming.

The next few days

The temperature continues to drop.

Nanchang, Jiujiang and Pingxiang.

There will be sleet.

Coupled with strong winds and heavy rain.

The body feels wet and cold.

Pay attention to cold and warm! !

Except for the snowfall.

There are still many people who care.

Weather in Spring Festival travel rush and Jiangxi during the Spring Festival

Let’s take a look!

Climate trend prediction:

It is estimated that during the Spring Festival travel rush this year, there will be five cold air processes affecting Jiangxi Province, with more precipitation; In the middle period of Spring Festival travel rush (February 5-20), there will be staged low-temperature rain and snow weather in northern Jiangxi and high-altitude mountainous areas.

The main cities and scenic spots in the west of Jiangxi Province

Seven-day weather forecast

Rain and snow weather

The ground is slippery and the visibility is low.

Everyone should pay attention to traffic safety.

Besides, the weather is cold.

When you turn on the "fire" mode,

These safety knowledge must be kept in mind.

1. When using charcoal or firewood for heating indoors, don’t close the doors and windows, and keep the air circulating to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Keep the brazier away from combustible materials to avoid fire caused by high temperature or Mars.

3. When using electric heaters such as small sun, keep a distance from combustible materials, and remember to turn off the power before going to bed or when going out.

Forward and remind

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[Traveling in Xinjiang] Protecting the "Kidney of Nature" Xinjiang wetland is full of vitality and picturesque scenery.

  Speaking of Sailimu Lake National Wetland Park, the tourists who have been here just past the "Eleventh" holiday are still unforgettable. The wetland park covers a total area of more than 1,000 square kilometers. There is the alpine cold water lake with the highest altitude and the largest area in Xinjiang. Wild foxes occasionally appear in the grass covered with wild flowers. There are groups of white swans flying over the lake with water and sky. There are 639 species of wild plants and 143 species of wild animals in various landscapes such as lakes, rivers, meadows and swamps.

  During the "Eleventh" holiday, Mr. Zhang, a tourist from Shenzhen, stayed here for three days and still felt that he didn’t stay enough. Although he didn’t catch up with the famous Nadam convention, he lived in the Mongolian yurt inn next to the scenic spot, watched folk culture performances and took a walk by the lake, which made him deeply immersed in the harmony and tranquility of integrating into nature.

  When it comes to Xinjiang, everyone will think of the boundless desert Gobi. In fact, there are all kinds of wetlands with a total area exceeding the land area of Hainan Province. Today, 11 of the 54 wetland parks in Xinjiang have been officially listed as national wetland parks. These wetlands have attracted tourists from all over the country for their unique charm.

  Bird-watching and Landscape-watching Wetlands Drive Green Country Tour

  A favorite place for new people in Xinjiang is the romantic Fuyun Cocotohai National Wetland Park. Located in the Altai Mountains, 48 kilometers northeast of Fuyun County, it is different from other wetlands in Xinjiang, where there are deep canyons, clear rivers, steep peaks, waterfalls, hot springs and wetlands. "In the Cocoto Sea Scenic Area with strong autumn colors, the mountains and rivers set each other off, forming a colorful natural background, and taking wedding photos is simply a stroke of genius." Recently, Ms. Chen from Shandong and her husband participated in the live broadcast of "Traveling in a Wedding Dress", leaving sweet memories in Cocoto Sea.

  The lake is misty, the water plants sway with the wind, the fish and shrimp swim freely, and tens of thousands of waterfowl spread their wings … … During the "Eleventh" period, Mr. Wu, a tourist from Shandong Province, felt that he had come to the water town in the south of the Yangtze River, climbed the 18-meter-high Shuiyue observation deck near Hongfeng Lake, and got a panoramic view of the wetland park, which made him feel extremely comfortable.

  Aksu National Wetland Park was officially opened this year, and 23 lakes and 5 observation platforms were built on the basis of maintaining the basic features of the original wetland. By the end of September, it had received more than 10,000 tourists during peak hours, with a cumulative passenger flow of over one million.

  "At this time, Manas National Wetland Park, one of the important habitats of the third migratory line of the world’s migratory birds, gathers birdwatchers from all over the country every spring and autumn migration season. You can see more than 40 kinds of rare birds above the second level in the country here, which is a paradise for bird lovers. " Mr. Dong, a bird friend, said that there are 9 wetland observation platforms and 4 bird-watching towers in the wetland park, and green eco-rural tours focusing on eco-picking, sightseeing and leisure vacation are quietly emerging. Many villagers use the farmhouses operated by their own courtyards to attract tourists who come here to relax and experience rural life during the long vacation.

  Rich in resources, many wetlands are spread all over the north and south of Tianshan Mountain.

  Also known as the "Holy Land of Natural Photographic Materials" is Shawan Qianquan Lake National Wetland Park. There are more than 3,000 spring eyes dotted here, and the four-season overflow of spring water breeds tens of thousands of mu of reeds. The waterways are lush and green, and black-necked cranes, egrets, white cranes and geese are flying around.

  On the basis of planting fruits and vegetables and aquaculture, farmers in the surrounding areas have set up many farmhouses, where tourists can fish, watch birds and take photos, and have a rich and colorful holiday experience.

  If Kanas Lake is a daughter lake, it shows agility and liveliness. Sailimu Lake is a lover’s lake, showing charm and demure; Then Bosten Lake is Mother Lake, showing the mother’s mind and peace. This lake view, known as "Hawaii in the West", attracts tourists from all over the world.

  Bosten Lake National Wetland Park officially passed the acceptance and listing at the end of 2017. In October, the temperature in southern Xinjiang was still high. Tourists from all over the world gathered under the continuous umbrellas on the golden beach to watch the spectacular migration of birds, sigh the magic of the wetland connected with the desert, ride freely on the lake by speedboat, and enjoy sunbathing in the golden beach sand treatment … …

  There are many wetland parks all over the north and south, such as pearls scattered all over the ground: Wuqilike National Wetland Park in Altay City, which is located in the golden latitude of skiing in the world for more than 180 days, and the first helicopter skiing base in China is located here; It is positioned as a natural river wetland park with regional characteristics in the northwest plateau of China, and Buxair National Wetland Park inherits local culture in addition to the natural landscape; The largest permanent freshwater lake in northern Xinjiang, Wulungu Lake National Wetland Park is rich in unique and rich fish … … Turpan Aiding Lake Wetland Park and Nalati Marsh Wetland Park have their own characteristics and are too numerous to mention.

  Green mountains and green waters have contributed greatly to the practice of ecological protection.

  Not only is it beautiful and rich, but the ecological function of the wetland "the kidney of nature" is even more irreplaceable.

  Minfeng County is located in the Niya River National Wetland Park on the southern edge of Taklimakan Desert. The fragile ecosystem was once short of water due to wetlands, resulting in reduced vegetation coverage and dusty scenes. After the approval of the National Wetland Park, the local government actively took effective measures such as water saving and water conservation, and restored the function of the wetland green ecological barrier. Now, the rivers and lakes here are the same color, and the Niya River, as a "moat", has blocked the advancement of the desert, and the sky is blue and clear, giving birth to vitality.

  In the Chaiwobao Lake National Wetland Park at the foot of Bogda Peak in the southeast of Urumqi, the lake was almost dry in 2014. With the implementation of various environmental improvement work in recent years, the water surface area has recovered from 0.24 square kilometers to nearly 15 square kilometers today. Walking on the wooden plank road to the bird-watching platform, visitors can see rare and endangered bird species including black stork, jade belt sea eagle and white-tailed sea eagle through high-powered telescope. Wild animals under national second-class protection, such as swan, crane, red deer, argali and goose throat antelope, are also frequent visitors here … …

  All kinds of changes and the gradual restoration of the ecological environment are inseparable from people who silently pay for the protection of the ecology. In order to prevent the tears of Lake Chaiwobao from becoming the last drop of water, an ecological change that lasted for four years began. Restricting the exploitation of groundwater, returning farmland to 20726 mu, and shutting down 24 agricultural irrigation wells … … The old horse, a villager who lives not far from Chaiwobao Lake, is also the one who put it into action. "Four years ago, the staff of Chaiwobao Management Committee went door to door to promote ecological protection to us." In order to prevent livestock from destroying the wetland, the old horse sold more than 100 sheep that were kept by himself. "I have been living here. If I can make Chaiwobao Lake as beautiful as before, it will be worth it!"

  Four years later, with the improvement of the ecological environment here, the cultivated land that has been fallow for many years has gradually resumed farming. In order to prevent the desertification of cultivated land, under the guidance of the local government, Lao Ma planted 2,000 apricot trees in his cultivated land this spring. He expects to be able to grow trees and increase his family’s income in a few years.

  The regional tourism development conference held on August 25 this year pointed out that Xinjiang has a water area of 5,500 square kilometers, more than 3,400 rivers and more than 100 lakes, many of which have unique advantages in creating wetland landscapes. Among them, 11 wetland parks have officially become "national brands", integrating wetland protection and utilization, popular science education, wetland research, eco-tourism and other functions, each of which has its own unique ecological and cultural heritage. Nowadays, under the principle of "comprehensive protection, scientific restoration, rational utilization and sustainable development", all prefectures in Xinjiang are actively developing new growth poles of ecotourism, developing wetland ecotourism under the requirement of practicing green development mode, welcoming visitors from all directions in the best way of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and tasting the unique customs of Xinjiang.

  Text | Xinjiang Economic News New Media Center reporter Kang Yanyan

The results of the objective test of the 2021 judicial examination will be announced on October 25th.

According to the Ministry of Justice’s WeChat WeChat official account news, it is reported that the objective test results of the 2021 national unified legal professional qualification examination will be announced on October 25th, with a national qualified score of 180.

According to the spirit of the policy of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and effectively connecting with rural revitalization, the relaxation policy will continue to be implemented in the legal professional qualification examination in 2021, and the key counties for national rural revitalization will be included in the relaxation scope and given key support. The objective test scores are divided into three grades, and Xizang Autonomous Region scores 140 points. Tibet-related counties in Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan and Gansu provinces, four prefectures in southern Xinjiang, Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan, Nujiang Prefecture in Yunnan and Linxia Prefecture in Gansu, as well as the national rural revitalization key help counties, relaxed the qualified score line to 150 points; Other relaxed local qualified scores are 160 points.

Candidates can check their scores from 0: 00 on October 25th through the website of the Ministry of Justice, WeChat WeChat official account of the Ministry of Justice, China PUFA Network and China PUFA WeChat WeChat official account, and log on to the website of the Ministry of Justice to download and print the notice of scores themselves.

Candidates who have passed the objective test in 2021 and those who have retained effective results in the objective test in 2020 should log on to the website of the Ministry of Justice from 0: 00 on October 25 to 24: 00 on October 29 to confirm their participation in the subjective test.

Those who confirm to take the subjective test can download and print the admission ticket on the website of the Ministry of Justice from November 16th to November 20th.

In 2021, the subjective examination of the national unified legal professional qualification examination will be computerized. If it is really difficult for the examinee to use the computer exam because of his body, age and other reasons, he can apply for using paper and pencil to answer the questions when confirming his registration for the subjective exam. If you choose to use the test paper in minority languages, the paper-and-pencil answering method will be implemented.

Due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19, the legal professional qualification examination in 2021 was postponed in Heilongjiang Province, Fujian Province and Yili Prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Matters related to candidates’ participation in the 2021 legal professional qualification examination in Heilongjiang Province, Fujian Province and Yili Prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region shall be announced separately by the judicial administrative organs of the provinces and autonomous regions where the examination area is located.

Candidates should abide by the provisions of the state and the location of the test area on the prevention and control of epidemic situation in COVID-19, and consciously cooperate with the prevention and control of epidemic situation such as self-health monitoring and providing relevant reports.

It is reported that in 2021, the subjective examination time of the national unified legal professional qualification examination is November 21, and the examination time is 240 minutes.

Panda Flower Flower has a "holiday" on New Year’s Eve. Visitors can book tickets for nearly 7 days while stocks last.

On February 2nd, chengdu research base of giant panda released the Spring Festival holiday tourism announcement, introducing the opening and closing time of the park and other related information.

First, the opening and closing time of the park

Morning ticket admission time: 8: 00-12: 00; Admission time for afternoon tickets: 12:00-16:30. Closing time: 17:30

(panda valley clearing time: 18:00).

Second, the ticket purchase instructions

All tourists must make an online real-name reservation and bring the original valid ID card filled in at the time of reservation. Older people aged 60 and above can avoid making an appointment and brush their original ID card to enter the park. Real-name registration system (one person, one ticket and one certificate) is adopted for ticket purchase, and one ticket is limited for each ID number. (On New Year’s Eve, that is, February 9, 2024, the park will be closed for one day)

Third, current limiting measures

Tickets can be reserved for nearly 7 days, and the number is limited. Please book in advance while stocks last.

Panda base: the daily limit is 60,000 (including free visitors), 30,000 in the morning and 30,000 in the afternoon. When the instantaneous carrying capacity of the park is 30,000 people, the ticket checking will be suspended, and the ticket checking will be restarted after the number of tourists drops.

Panda Valley: The daily limit is 16,000 (including free visitors), with 8,000 in the morning and 8,000 in the afternoon. When the instantaneous carrying capacity of the park is 0.5 million people, the ticket checking will be suspended and restarted after the number of tourists drops; The instantaneous maximum carrying capacity of the red panda ecological stocking area is 450 people. When the instantaneous number of tourists reaches this limit, visitors will be suspended from entering the area, and they need to wait in line before entering the area.

Fourth, the ticket purchase channel

Panda Base and Panda Valley have not authorized any third party to act as ticket agents. In order to ensure your smooth visit to the park and avoid economic losses, please book tickets for Panda Base through official WeChat WeChat official account or WeChat applet "chengdu research base of giant panda" and Panda Valley through official WeChat WeChat official account. The scenic spot is not responsible for the problems of tickets purchased through unofficial channels, such as being unable to enter the park and being unable to refund tickets.

V. Admission requirements

(1) All tourists who have successfully booked must bring their original ID cards to the park; Those who carry household registration books, passports, Taiwan compatriots’ certificates and relevant certificates for Hong Kong and Macao to and from the Mainland must show their relevant certificates for verification before entering the park; Those who forget or lose the above documents must show their other identification materials or photo evidence, and can enter the park only after verification. The witness card does not match and you can’t enter the park.

(2) In order to avoid waiting for a long time, please arrange your itinerary reasonably and enter the venue on time according to the time period specified in the morning and afternoon tickets.

Sixth, the traffic route

Panda base (address: No.1375, Panda Avenue, chenghua district, Chengdu): During the Spring Festival, motor vehicles are scheduled to pass around the south gate of the Panda base. Vehicles without successful reservation are prohibited from entering the restricted section of the scenic spot. Please pay attention to "Rong E" WeChat official account through WeChat in advance, or click "Visit and Buy Tickets"-"Panda Base Purchase Tickets"-"My"-"Advance Pass" on the official WeChat public of the Panda base to complete the pass reservation according to the system prompts. Please pay attention to Weibo, WeChat and WeChat official account of Chengdu traffic police official, or call the 962122 traffic control service hotline to know the road traffic management measures of Panda Base scenic spot in time. In addition, there are a large number of tourists at the south gate, so it is suggested that tourists who travel by public transport go to the west gate of the panda base to enter the park, which can shorten the queuing time.

Panda Valley (Address: No.408, Huanshan Tourist Road, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu): self-driving search navigation destination "Panda Valley".

Official website of the scenic spot: http://www.panda.org.cn/.

Tourist consultation telephone number of Panda Base: 028-83510033

Panda Valley tourist consultation telephone: 028-87296600

Fengchuan, Tonglu: Fireworks and firecrackers are sold and burned according to regulations, and the year-end security is strictly observed.

As the Spring Festival approaches, the sales and discharge of fireworks and firecrackers gradually enter the peak period. Recently, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of Fengchuan Street in Tonglu County organized personnel to issue proposals to shops along the street within its jurisdiction, and popularized the relevant laws and regulations such as the Regulations on the Safety Management of Fireworks and Firecrackers, the Implementation Measures for the Business License of Fireworks and Firecrackers, and the Safety Technical Specification for Fireworks and Firecrackers Retail Stores (Points), and publicized and explained the forbidden areas, requiring shops to consciously abide by the regulations on the prohibition of fireworks and firecrackers and not to illegally sell fireworks and firecrackers.
In addition, the law enforcement officers also inspected the fireworks manufacturers. By watching whether the random inspection in the factory area is standardized, the hidden dangers are investigated in strict accordance with industry standards, and manufacturers are required to conduct self-inspection and self-inspection on a regular basis, and store them in an orderly manner in strict accordance with relevant standards, so as to prevent accidents and ensure that the masses celebrate the Spring Festival and create a good, safe and stable environment.

Reform of professional title system Foreign language examination is no longer a hard requirement for assessment.

  Core reading

  In January this year, the Central Office and the State Council issued the Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Professional Title System, which continued to promote the reform of the professional title system and proposed that there should be no unified requirements for the professional title foreign language examination, which attracted widespread attention. Professional title evaluation needs to pass the professional title foreign language examination, which has been implemented for many years. Why not make a unified requirement? How is the progress of all localities in canceling this rigid requirement? Does it mean that foreign languages are not important to evaluate professional titles?

  It is out of date to optimize the structure and level of the talent team, and "one size fits all"

  At the end of last year, Li Hua (a pseudonym), an old teacher in a research institute in Shandong, was finally awarded a senior title.

  "Don’t begin to understand" is Li Hua’s evaluation of personal foreign language learning. As a professional backbone of studying the history of China, he has a good knowledge of ancient Chinese characters, but he is not so "smart" in learning English. Every year, he buys the latest reference books, spends a lot of time learning English and even takes part in training. But after more than ten years of examination, I just failed to pass the foreign language title. In July 2016, the Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security issued a notice, which no longer made uniform and rigid requirements for the foreign language test for professional titles. "This has finally passed!" Li Hua said.

  The history of professional titles in foreign languages can be traced back to 1991. The Notice on Strictly Mastering Foreign Language Conditions in the Evaluation and Employment of Professional and Technical Positions issued by the former Ministry of Personnel made it clear that the evaluation and employment of professional and technical positions must strictly master foreign language conditions in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Trial Regulations on Professional and Technical Positions. In 1998, the Notice on the Unified Examination of Foreign Language Grades for Professional and Technical Personnel issued by the former Ministry of Personnel made it clear that professional and technical personnel who hold or promote the corresponding professional and technical titles must obtain a certificate of conformity in the unified examination of foreign languages for corresponding titles, and implement the unified examination of foreign language grades for professional and technical personnel nationwide.

  "It should be said that the professional title foreign language examination system played a historical role at that time. The foreign language examination for professional titles has played an important role in promoting Chinese professional and technical personnel to learn advanced international experience, and promoting Chinese talents to strengthen international exchanges. Therefore, we cannot hold a completely negative attitude towards the foreign language of professional titles. " Yu Jiadong, director of the Technical Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said.

  However, since the reform and opening up more than 30 years ago, English education in schools has been greatly developed, and the structure of talent teams has been more and more optimized. It is out of date for professional title evaluation to make unified requirements for professional title foreign languages. In the interview, the reporter found that some industries have little to do with foreign languages in actual work, but some staff members have spent a lot of energy learning foreign languages in order to evaluate their professional titles; There are also some professional and technical personnel who have obtained other foreign language level certificates before joining the job, and the foreign language examination for professional titles belongs to repeated identification and waste of resources for them; In addition, some industries need certain professional foreign language ability, and the professional title foreign language examination is only an entry level, which can not meet the professional requirements of these positions.

  Zhuan Zhan is engaged in accounting work in a real estate company in Zhengzhou. "Usually, English is used less. Even for H-share listed companies, Hong Kong’s financial statements are bilingual. " In his view, if you want to further integrate with international accounting, the current level of foreign language examination for professional titles is far from enough.

  As early as 2007, the former Ministry of Personnel issued the Notice on Improving the Foreign Language Test for Professional Titles. In order to prevent the foreign language test for professional titles from being "one size fits all", it made specific provisions on certain situations in which it was confirmed that the requirements for foreign language scores could be relaxed or the foreign language test for professional titles could not be taken. In November 2015, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Health and Family Planning Commission jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Reforming and Improving the Evaluation of Professional Titles of Primary Health Professionals", stipulating that foreign language scores of professional titles of primary health professionals can not be used as reporting conditions.

  At the same time, many places have already had corresponding practices. For example, the "Measures for the Identification of Senior Professional and Technical Qualifications of Special Talents (Trial)" issued by Chongqing proposes that those who meet the requirements, have genuine talents and outstanding abilities and achievements can be evaluated without being restricted by foreign languages and other conditions; In 2007, according to national requirements, Henan Province exempted 13 categories of people who have proved to have high foreign language ability, worked in grass-roots units or engaged in agriculture, forestry and water for a long time, engaged in clinical Chinese medicine with China characteristics and national traditions, and arranged ancient books, and simplified the examination and approval procedures for exemption.

  The abolition of foreign language hard requirements for professional titles has made different progress in various places.

  The Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Professional Title System issued in January this year clearly stipulates that if there is no uniform requirement for the professional title foreign language examination and it is really necessary to evaluate foreign languages, the employer or the evaluation institution shall independently determine the evaluation conditions; Professional and technical personnel working in hard and remote areas and at the grassroots level, as well as professional title series and posts with low requirements for foreign language level, are not required to have professional titles in foreign languages.

  At present, Guangdong, Shandong, Shaanxi, Guangxi, Anhui, Henan, Shanghai, Fujian, Beijing, Jiangsu, Yunnan and other provinces have made it clear that foreign languages for professional titles are not required uniformly or are not necessary for professional title evaluation.

  In July 2016, Shandong Province no longer made uniform and rigid requirements for the foreign language test for professional titles. When applying for intermediate or below titles, there is no requirement for foreign languages. When applying for senior professional titles, there is no uniform requirement for foreign languages; Need to evaluate the level of foreign language, professional title foreign language test and other government organizations or social recognition of various certificates can be used as a basis, the specific requirements are determined by the senior review committee. According to reports, the scores of CET-4 and CET-6 and TOEFL IELTS can prove their foreign language proficiency. In 2016, the number of people who participated in the evaluation of professional title declaration tripled compared with previous years.

  According to Zhang Shaohong, director of the Personnel Department of Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, foreign languages are no longer a necessary condition for the evaluation of professional titles in 2016. "This is to loosen the talent." Wang Yiping, a researcher at the Institute of Sociology of Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, said that in the social science field, those who are sent abroad and need to know the latest foreign trends, as a researcher, will definitely take the initiative to learn and master foreign languages, and need not be used as a hard lever to evaluate their professional titles.

  In August 2016, the Office of the Leading Group for Professional Title Reform of Henan Province issued the Notice on Adjusting the Foreign Language Policy for Professional and Technical Personnel in our province, stipulating that foreign language for professional titles is no longer a necessary condition for the evaluation of professional and technical positions. According to the characteristics of series, specialty and post, the employer can independently determine whether the foreign language with professional title is a condition for the appointment of professional and technical posts.

  The relevant person in charge of the Henan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security said that the Notice further highlighted the leading role of employers in talent evaluation and talent use, emphasized the talent evaluation orientation of having both ability and political integrity, and paid attention to evaluating talents based on ability, performance and contribution, stripped off the factors that are not closely related to the evaluation of professional titles, and "loosened" professional and technical personnel, so that professional titles returned to the talent evaluation standard recognized by the society in terms of professional and technical level, ability and performance.

  "Not only" does not mean "don’t", but also encourages learning foreign languages.

  The evaluation of professional titles no longer needs to go through the hard lever of foreign language examination. Does it mean that foreign languages are not important?

  "At present, we still have language shortcomings in international communication. The lack of uniform requirements for professional titles in foreign languages does not mean that everyone does not have to learn foreign languages. ‘ Not only ’ Not equal to ‘ Don’t ’ 。” Yu Jiadong said, "At the same time, as China plays an increasingly important role on the world stage, international exchanges are also increasing, whether it is ‘ Belt and Road ’ The implementation of national strategy, the internationalization of talents and the going abroad of China enterprises all require talents’ foreign language level. In addition, the proportion of our employees in international organizations is still relatively low, which also puts forward requirements for learning foreign languages. Therefore, in terms of orientation, we still encourage everyone to study foreign languages hard. "

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Professional and Technical Personnel Management Office of Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, foreign languages are an important tool for professional and technical personnel to learn and master advanced knowledge and technology and carry out academic and technical exchanges with foreign countries. With the rapid development of science and technology, economic globalization and the accelerating pace of China’s opening to the outside world, it is still a long-term task to improve the foreign language level of professional and technical personnel. According to the needs of professional technology, we should actively encourage and guide the vast number of professional and technical personnel to strengthen their study through various ways and means such as self-study, counseling and examination, highlight their advanced nature, practicality and effectiveness, and constantly improve their foreign language level to better meet the needs of scientific, technological, economic and social development.

  In addition, in order to further implement the requirements of the National Regulations on Continuing Education for Professional and Technical Personnel and promote the continuous improvement of professional and technical personnel’s ability and quality, Shandong encourages and guides foreign languages with professional titles as one of the contents of continuing education, and professional and technical personnel voluntarily choose to take the examination. Those who pass the examination can be converted into corresponding continuing education hours and registered with continuing education certificates.

  Our reporter Zhao Bing Pan Junqiang Ma Yuefeng

Used cars usher in a big market (new economic orientation)

  Not long ago, Mr. Jin, who works in a chemical company in Yangzhou, successfully completed the registration procedures for the transfer of used cars. "I found a joint venture brand car with Qingdao license in 2015 on the second-hand car trading platform, and the hand price was 33,500 yuan." Mr. Jin said that in Jiangsu, from June 17, foreign used cars that meet the national five emission standards can move in normally.

  Mr. Jin is just one of the many beneficiaries of the favorable policy for used cars. On June 22, the executive meeting of the State Council decided that the restrictions on the moving-in of small non-operating used cars will be completely lifted from August 1, and the automobile sales enterprises will implement separate endorsement management and issue temporary license plates when applying for transfer registration from October 1. Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary-General of china automobile dealers association, said that favorable policies will further enliven the used car market, promote the renewal of automobile consumption and release the consumption potential.

  Favorable policies help the market to accelerate development.

  "The circulation of used cars is actually convenient and smooth." Chen Ji, general manager of Suzhou Lexuan UCAR, told the reporter that the company has collected more than 10 used cars with foreign licenses after Jiangsu province lifted the relocation restriction in mid-June. "The cancellation of the relocation restriction not only allows more foreign car sources to enter Suzhou, but also the second-hand cars with the national five emission standards that cannot be digested locally can be sold to various places more conveniently." Chen Ji said.

  Wang Xiaoyu, co-founder of Guazi used car, believes that the cancellation of the relocation restriction policy has opened up the blocking points and card points in the circulation of used cars, which will activate the trading of used cars in different places and drive the continuous growth of the trade scale. "Since June 1, Hebei, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places have successively implemented the policy of canceling the national five emission standards for second-hand cars. The range of optional car sources for users in these places has expanded by about 6 times, and the proportion of off-site car sources on the platform has also increased from the previous 35% to 80%, which has driven the growth of platform car dealers’ sales." Wang Xiaoyu said.

  "The policy of separate endorsement management and issuance of temporary number plates for second-hand car transfer registration implemented nationwide since October 1 is a big plus for second-hand car circulation enterprises in cities with limited purchases." Guo Jian, general manager of the famous car in Beijing No.1 Station, said, "In the past, in order to transfer and register used cars in Beijing, it was necessary to occupy the index of car purchase, and circulation enterprises could only rent number plates. After Beijing promoted the temporary license plate policy in advance, it reduced the company’s operating expenses, and the acquired used cars entered the company’s name, which can be treated as ‘ Inventory goods ’ Accounting has also opened the door to social financing. "

  Feeling the huge development potential of the used car market, SAIC-GM launched a brand-new "Buick officially certified used car" brand last year. "Since 2020, especially since the first half of this year, a series of policies and measures to encourage the development of the used car market have been intensively introduced." Yao Fu, head of the marketing department of SAIC-GM Buick, said that the favorable policies cover all aspects such as encouraging to speed up the elimination and renewal of old vehicles, completely canceling the relocation restriction policy, and lowering the value-added tax rate of used cars. Combined with the implementation of the new policy, the company will open up the new and used car business chain through active car source repurchase, realize the three-dimensional sales model of national circulation, and gradually plan a standardized service system equivalent to the new car type to enhance the service experience of used car owners.

  Branding and digitalization to enhance the transparency of transaction information

  At the beginning of July, Mr. Ju, the owner of a restaurant in Shanghai, bought a Buick Angkewei in 2019 through the "Buick Official Certified Used Car". "I bought a new car with a car age of 3 years in the early 100,000 yuan, and I have been driving for more than 20 days. It feels really good." Mr. Ju said that he considered a new car, ran through the used car market, brokerage companies, and saw the online platform, and finally chose an officially certified used car.

  "Quality and service are the two core competitiveness of used car distribution enterprises, and they are also an important way to build consumer trust and enhance consumer experience." Luo Lei believes that the official certification of used cars by car companies is guaranteed by high-quality first-hand car sources, standardized testing and evaluation processes, original factory warranty, after-sales service, etc., plus the endorsement of car brands, which solves the pain point of information asymmetry of consumers buying used cars.

  In recent years, the booming second-hand car e-commerce platform has also contributed new solutions to improve the transparency of second-hand car trading information.

  "Entering the platform and empowering the platform digitally is an effective way for traditional used car circulation enterprises to enhance their competitiveness." Chen Ji said that platform enterprises can carry out digital and standardized management of used cars in different ways. Consumers can see at a glance whether the vehicles have collided, to what extent, and which side has been painted, which is what most used car circulation enterprises cannot do. In addition, remote delivery, door-to-door delivery, seven-day unreasonable return, etc. are inseparable from the platform enterprises’ strong logistics system, financial support and remote after-sales maintenance.

  "Digital means allow enterprises to reach potential customers nationwide." Wang Yong, general manager of Nanjing Qihang Famous Car, said that today, they have sold local car sources to more than 20 cities outside Nanjing, and the turnover efficiency of car sales has increased by three times.

  Take precautions and standardize the development of new energy used car market

  "In Shanghai, buying new energy used cars is not restricted by licenses, but I gave up after thinking about it again and again." Mr. Ju said that consumers have no way to verify the data related to safety and directly affecting the charging and driving performance of vehicles, such as the number of times of vehicle charging and discharging, the degree of battery attenuation, and whether the batteries are overheated and out of control.

  "Since last year, China’s new energy vehicles have continued to double, and the annual sales volume this year is expected to exceed 5.5 million. How to standardize the development of the new energy used car market has become a problem that the industry must seriously face. " Luo Lei said that last year, the Technical Specification for Appraisal and Evaluation of Second-hand Pure Electric Passenger Cars, which was researched and compiled by china automobile dealers association for three years, was released, providing a set of scientific and practical appraisal and evaluation standards for second-hand cars suitable for new energy vehicles for the domestic market.

  "Since the second half of last year, the market price of pure electric used cars factory in 2017 has almost doubled. This not only shows that the market’s recognition of new energy used cars has greatly increased, but also means that the previously underestimated hedge ratio is returning rationally. " For example, Shen Wenjun, the founder of Beijing Che Yi De New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said that the EV150 of Beiqi New Energy, which has a driving range of about 100 kilometers and is six years old, sold for about 10,000 yuan last year, and now it is close to 20,000 yuan.

  The second-hand car industry of new energy not only undertakes the replacement of new cars in the upstream, promotes the sustainable development of the new energy vehicle market, but also connects the cascade utilization and recycling of waste power batteries in the downstream, which is an important link in the whole life cycle management of new energy vehicles. Although the current appraisal and evaluation standards, new testing equipment, etc. have made quality identification no longer a problem, in Shen Wenjun’s view, the sustainable development of the industry is still facing challenges without a breakthrough in traceability management of power batteries.

  All new energy vehicles are equipped with power battery monitoring system, which can monitor and upload key data in use, and even notify the owner in advance before the battery thermal runaway occurs, but this information cannot be shared. "We have been discussing whether to install a set of similar equipment on the used car for sale and record the operation data of the vehicle’s three electric systems." Shen Wenjun said that this move not only improves the safety of vehicles and user stickiness, but also contributes to the later cascade utilization and recycling.

  "The standardized start of the new energy used car market is conducive to the healthy development of the entire used car market." Luo Lei introduced that in 2019, China’s used car trading volume exceeded half of new car sales, and in 2021 it reached 2/3 of new car sales. "With the obvious effect of the policy, in 2025, the transaction volume of used cars will be expected to be the same as that of new cars." Luo Lei said.

In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Original title: Winter, let us slowly mature.

In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Author: Qingxi

When I said goodbye to autumn, I held a cup of warm tea in my hand, counting the little rays of sunlight leaking from the leaves … When I was leaving in winter, I gave my thoughts to the snow, hoping that the swirling snowflakes would cover the whole autumn world … In this way, autumn became a story and winter became a landscape.

"Cold" is a key word that cannot be avoided in winter. Perhaps, the meaning of cold is to remind us of some warm things! ——

When I was a child, in winter, I could see roasted sweet potatoes everywhere in the streets. An iron barrel with charcoal burning inside, and hot sweet potatoes roasting on the top of the iron barrel, the street is full of sweet smell … At that time, I always liked to buy a sweet potato that was neither too big nor too small to hold in my hand. Hands, warm; When eaten in the mouth, it is fragrant and sweet; Heart, warm …

When I was a child, popcorn was not like popping a bunch of popcorn at once in front of kindergartens and cinemas. Instead, I needed to find the popcorn with corn kernels and saccharin myself-put the corn and saccharin in a magical container, and then turn around and turn around. When the pressure arrives, the popcorn man will shout, "Open the pot!" " Then, boom, a big pot of popcorn comes out. Although I get a fright every time, I also enjoy it …

Ice window grilles have carried my childhood longings and dreams-there is enlightenment, which often inspires the truth of life and the light of loving nature; There is inspiration, short-lived dreamlike reverie and short-lived dream realization, which edifies my sentiment of fearing nature; ….. The life of ice window grilles is only so short from dawn to sunrise, but it leaves a beautiful picture on earth. It dedicates a colorful and perfect painting world with monotonous colors; It’s a world painted with a crystal thin posture, which is worth my time-consuming standing stupidly …

Although there will be cold wind, freezing rain and snow in winter, as long as there is love in my heart, my heart will not be cold. Life is not easy, you should know how to please yourself and look for some fun with your heart; Heaven and earth are dead, as long as you calm down, there are many touches in ordinary winter-

Look at the tassels of reeds. The white catkins are glittering and translucent by the sunshine of one meter, and they are lingering. The heads of the reeds that have been completely yellow are covered with clusters of silver-gray reeds. Time has brought the life of every reed to the final limit, showing a soft shape ―― fluffy, fluffy, as light as cicada’s wings, fluttering with the wind … After this winter, the reed will be reborn! The recurring laws of nature make us feel the time and life in loneliness and bleakness.

In the bleak, clusters of honeysuckle fruits hanging on the branches are very eye-catching. Honeysuckle, what a strong and poetic name. In winter, it has lost its pink and tender flowers and changed into a more red and colder posture, telling the beauty of life. Winter is irresistible, but if you can "endure", you will have glory and hope.

The sky is quiet and distant, the ground is cold and empty, and there will be pieces of residual leaves falling with the wind on the bare trees. Among the branches of the tree, there are bird’s nests quietly facing the wind. They are held high by the tree, just like a overlooking eye. Their eyes are full of loneliness and coldness, as well as the hope for spring …

Winter is a black-and-white sketch. The lines are simple, but they contain profound meaning of life. Winter is like an elegant classical music, quietly telling; Winter is like a little sunshine on the lake, and it is like a note hanging on the branches. In the quiet flow, the silence and purity of the bottom of my heart are precipitated …

Yes, the feeling that winter gives people always has different connotations because of different moods and different things. When the cold and bleak winter is always beautiful, and our soft hearts are finely covered with warm colors, we will also open all our moods outside our dreams …

The power of winter is everywhere, especially winter, which fills the shortcomings of the three seasons of life and keeps the four seasons charming forever! Silent in winter, like a philosopher. In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Brief introduction of the author

Tian Xiangru, pen name,clear stream, member of Tianjin Writers Association.

In my spare time, I write some words and leave every bit of my daily life in the memory space. I don’t want to ask for anything, I just want to fly my mood in the free sky … I like dancing with my fingertips, recording the joys and sorrows in my life, feeling my life with my heart, talking with my soul, and letting the space convey my true feelings and thoughts …

primary work

Editor in charge:

"Japanese Tony Leung Chiu Wai" learns Chinese word for word and wants to play golf with Wang Baoqiang.

Since its release on the first day of New Year’s Day, the box office of the film Detective Chinatown 3 has exceeded 4.4 billion yuan, ranking fifth in the history of film in China.

A few days ago, "Tang Tan 3" announced the extension of the key, which will be extended to April 10th.

Watching "Tang Tan" in the Spring Festival seems to have become the habit of many people. Although the release of "Tang Tan 3" was delayed for one year due to the epidemic, it did not affect the enthusiasm of movie fans at all. It is just a little surprising that the biggest winner of "Tang Tan 3" is not Chen Sicheng or Wang Baoqiang, but Tsumabuki Satoshi, the actor who plays Japanese detective Noda Hao. Many female audiences fell in love with Tsumabuki Satoshi because of "Tang Detective 3" and called him "Japanese Tony Leung Chiu Wai".

Before the epidemic, when interviewed about "Tang Tan 3", Tsumabuki Satoshi said that he hoped that "Tang Tan 3" must be released in Japan, so that Japanese audiences could also know the story of "detective chinatown".

"This is a very pleasant thing. Tang Ren and Qin Feng’s partner will never get tired of watching it. I hope this series can continue."

Many female audiences praised him for being handsome, but he didn’t think he was handsome.

"Noda Hao is a very good detective in Japan, very rich and very gentlemanly. In fact, I don’t think I am handsome. The director’s setting made me very scared, but this time I tried my best to be handsome. "

Tsumabuki Satoshi said that if he can choose by himself, he wants to be a good boy like Qin Feng, and he is considerate.

Different from the previous two films, the story of "Tang Tan 3" took place in Tokyo, which made Tsumabuki Satoshi very happy.

"This time, the whole of Asia became an organic whole, and an event was solved with Tokyo as the stage. In Japan, there are few opportunities to work with people from other countries. It’s really fun to work with people from many different countries through’ Tang Tan 3′. Through this film, I hope that people from China, Japan and other Asian countries can deepen their communication with each other. "

When filming "Tang Tan 2", Tsumabuki Satoshi didn’t know Chinese very well. For this reason, when filming "Tang Tan 3", he learned Chinese word for word on the set whenever he had time. He said that although Chinese pronunciation is difficult, he will study hard.

What makes Tsumabuki Satoshi feel particularly interesting is that there are various languages on the set when filming "Tang Tan 3".

"If the other person’s lines are in Chinese, you don’t have to answer in Chinese, but you can answer in Japanese instead. In this way, different languages answer each other. The dialogue part is difficult, but it is also very interesting. Everyone looked at each other’s faces and wondered if they were finished, so the performance was particularly funny. "

Although he doesn’t know much Chinese, Tsumabuki Satoshi still insists on chatting with Wang Baoqiang and Haoran Liu in Chinese on the set.

"I remember a little Chinese, although only a little, but I can chat with them in Chinese, which was impossible in the last cooperation, so this time we exchanged more with each other. We drink and eat together, and I want to play golf with Baoqiang. He said he plays golf well and likes it, so when he was in Japan, I thought it would be nice to play with him once. "

The filming of "Tang Tan 3" made Tsumabuki Satoshi feel the superb technical ability of China staff, especially the theme of transcending language and culture and integrating Asia, which made him feel very happy.

"I always wanted to participate in such works before, and this time I just had such an opportunity, so I was very happy. In the actual shooting, the director’s views on culture and various countries are skillfully expressed. I feel that the world of "Tang Tan" is getting bigger and bigger. I hope everyone can go to the cinema to see this wonderful film. "

Source: Harbin News Network

Reporter: Feng Jiao

Original title: "Japanese Tony Leung Chiu Wai" learns Chinese word for word and wants to play golf with Wang Baoqiang "