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Princess fish fashion cycle season opens! Create ESG Sustainable Development Theme Exhibition with Xingye taikoo hui.

Pick up the old and welcome the new, turn waste into treasure, give the old infinite life, and idle also have infinite energy. From January 29th to March 31st, Shanghai Xingye taikoo hui Green Tour started. As one of the participants, Princess Fish worked with the organizers to create a flash event, aiming to spread the concept of sustainable development through vivid and diverse display methods, and advocate public attention and participation in the practice of green living and sustainable consumption.

Taikoo hui joined hands with many cross-border partners to "play around" sustainable fashion, and gathered wonderful contents such as exhibitions, pop-up shop, new product previews, community activities, etc., and invited Shanghai residents to come together to light up the latest fashion map and personally experience the diversified interpretation of the concept of sustainable development.

In the theme exhibition of ESG sustainable development, Princess Fish designed an interactive link of punching cards that is educational and entertaining, and set up a fashion resource circulation exhibition area. Through graphic display boards and multimedia interactive devices, all participants who completed the green cycle punching cards can get a free luxury maintenance coupon or a customized gift from Princess Fish, so that visitors can gain a deeper understanding of circular fashion and a real green cycle experience.

As the leading comprehensive retail brand of idle high-value consumer goods in China, Fayu has long advocated consumers to flow their idle high-value consumer goods. At present, more than one-third of princess fish consumers will make a second consignment, realizing a two-way cycle of buying and selling.

Since 2023, Princess Fish has organized and participated in a number of carbon reduction publicity activities, such as the "Recycling Symbiosis" desert post office activity jointly organized with China Post, the live broadcast of the national energy conservation publicity week "Sustainable Fashion" cultural special event jointly sponsored by more than 30 live broadcast rooms, and the moving of the circular classroom into the green carbon reduction market of Shanghai Citizens’ Greening Festival in the park, all of which are positive communication of Princess Fish brand on sustainable consumption and zero-waste life.

In the future, Princess Fish will cooperate with more brands and media to undertake the responsibility of environmental protection and carbon reduction, advocate green consumption and build a more responsible lifestyle.


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On the national feelings in Jin Yong’s novels

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13:13 on August 29th.

Editor: Quge Source:China Journal website
The mainland version of "Eight Dragons" started shooting yesterday. Jin Yong fans are controversial about the actors. (13:00 on August 28th) Jin Yong, the "Hero", returned to the Jianghu to revise 15 martial arts novels. (10:54 on July 21)

The North Sea Fleet leads mass training activities with competition.

China’s navy is holding a military parade at sea. (information photo)

  On February 25th, the largest professional and technical competition in the history of the North Sea Fleet came to an end after three days of fierce competition. The officers and men of the fleet stationed on the long coastline of the northern part of the motherland shared the grand occasion of the awards and commendation meeting through various video calls. The "top trainers" and "technical experts" who won 210 individual medals and 52 team medals in 16 majors and 85 events went to their respective positions with great pride.

  The Jingwu arena is fiercely competitive, and the drums are inspiring. There are many "highlights" and frequent "highlights" on the competition field.

  "Ending" becomes "Opening"

  In previous years, military competitions were generally arranged in the second half of the year. As the "ending" project of annual training, it is more to play the functions of "acceptance" and "evaluation".

  However, as soon as the training of the North Sea Fleet started this year, it began to compete with unprecedented professional skills. What is the intention of "ending" to "opening"? During the interview, the reporter learned that the preparation for this competition has actually been fully rolled out in the fleet forces since March last year.

  It is the original intention of the fleet leaders to set this grand contest at the beginning of the year to lead the fine martial arts and create an atmosphere of on-the-job training. Liu Shusen, deputy captain of a landing ship who won the title of captain’s professional competition, told the reporter that from the professional and technical competitions held at different levels of ships, brigades and detachments, he was "killed" by the fleet all the way.

  "Soldiers are the most glorious warrior. The contest shows strength and heroic spirit, and no one in each unit will admit defeat. " A destroyer detachment organized troops to hold full-staff, full-post, full-specialty and full-system professional and technical competitions, and conducted intensive training for the contestants by means of centralized teaching, classified guidance and on-site observation, and eliminated them in turn and selected them at different levels.

  With the competition as the traction, this fleet has set off a vigorous training upsurge from the grass-roots ship company to the divisions and regiments, from ordinary soldiers to leading cadres, from front-line personnel to security forces. Tong Haiqing, political commissar of a speedboat detachment, said: The competition has promoted the enthusiasm of officers and men for training. The officers and men on the small landing craft know that it is difficult to jump into the ring of the fleet, and they are also gearing up for their posts; Some "unique" majors are too few to compete, and they also strongly demand to set up competition projects for them.

  It’s better than not knowing, and it’s better than knowing. Chen Guiqiu, deputy director of the Military Training Department of the Fleet, vividly compared: This is a "general survey" of the combat effectiveness of the troops. Although it is impossible for all officers and men to become top trainers, they can find out which fields and majors have talents by conducting competitions at different levels. Which ship, which battle position lacks backbone, and which projects are still weak. This is undoubtedly conducive to enhancing the pertinence of training guidance, reinforcing the strong and reinforcing the weak, and promoting the whole.

  This competition adapts to the development of equipment and technical progress, tests the latest level of professional technology, sets a new benchmark for military training, and lifts the professional technical training of the fleet to a higher starting point.

  "Watching the war" becomes "participating in the war"

  "Veterans fight and recruits watch." This seems to have become a fixed trend in the previous military competitions, and the "technical skills" that dominate the ring are mostly "old faces". However, this time, senior non-commissioned officers only accounted for a small number of contestants, and more new forces such as conscripts and junior non-commissioned officers bravely appeared.

  Chen Lixing, a new generation pilot of Hainan Airlines who just graduated last year, competed on the same stage with Zuo Wenmeng, a pilot of the deputy division for 30 years. Each of them performed their unique skills and competed fiercely for two hours, making it difficult to win or lose.

  On the one hand, the old horse is full of courage, and on the other hand, the newborn calf dares to fight. The reporter saw in the competition field that in the professional competition of guns, Du Haitao, a superior soldier who had just joined the army for one year, fought fiercely with He Maobin, a four-level sergeant with rich experience; Wang Mian, a first-class petty officer, competed with Zhang Guochao, a third-class petty officer, and Zhang Chunying, a major female officer, which became the most eye-catching attraction on the field.

  In recent years, the composition of soldiers has changed significantly, and many college students have joined the army. Some recruits have undergraduate and junior college degrees, and they are highly savvy, receptive and quick to master new technologies. Coupled with the changes in the military training environment in recent years, weapons are frequently used in practical activities such as long-distance training and major exercises, and the training intensity is high. Officers and men are also greatly trained in their posts, and the growth cycle of professional and technical experts is obviously shortened.

  It’s no better than not knowing, and it’s a "shock"! This new force in military training has activated the training ground. Song Wei, a 315 submarine rudder technician and a fifth-class noncommissioned officer who won the first prize of outstanding noncommissioned officers in the whole army, said frankly when participating in the professional competition of submarine signals: "The strength of new players can not be underestimated, forcing us old backbones not to slack off!"

  In the past, post training focused on training "soldiers", and this time the professional competition cadres no longer watched the excitement. The reporter opened the competition order book and saw that the contestants included ship captains, pilots, staff officers and technical cadres. The most interesting thing is the number of ship captains and flight group leaders. They have heavy burdens and busy work, but they also attach importance to laying a solid foundation like soldiers and players, and put pressure on themselves through competitions.

  Liu Shusen, the deputy captain of a landing ship, took the time to learn the knowledge of command and safety theory, exercised command skills in practical tasks, and achieved the combination of learning and application. In this competition, he won the first place in the professional competition of the captain of the ship, showing a solid commander’s foundation.

  "Supporting role" becomes "protagonist"

  At the scene of the equipment professional competition, the reporter saw that the "grinding technology" that had been "forgotten" for many years reappeared in the competition ring. Twenty-two contestants "copied" the same model of spare parts on the mechanical operating platform, and raced against time to process the grinding parts. Zhang Dingxi, a five-level sergeant of a destroyer detachment, told the reporter: "I have participated in professional competitions organized by higher authorities many times, and this project has not been compared for many years."

  The highlight of this North Sea Fleet competition is "professional technology", which covers all fields and covers all majors. From the combat use of missiles, torpedoes and artillery to the practical operation of electromechanical, communication and chemical defense; From the supply guarantee of diet, medical care and oil, to the troubleshooting and emergency repair of equipment, equipment and facilities, not only the "main" major has made a strong appearance, but also the "marginal" category has made a new appearance.

  The purpose of such a comprehensive and extensive competition project is to fully cover the usual basic training. Professional technology is the basis of combat effectiveness, and no link in the combat effectiveness chain can be missing. Some "marginalized" professional technologies also have the opportunity to exert their fists. Yu Yongfeng, a second-class noncommissioned officer in the equipment warehouse of a security base, and five comrades-in-arms are setting up a new class tent at the professional competition site of the infrastructure barracks. They cooperated with each other quickly and achieved the second place in the group.

  According to statistics, there are 26 new events in this competition, whether they are "resurrected" or "newborn", and the project settings will follow the needs of future wars. According to the requirements of the new syllabus, the content of dealing with various security threats and improving the ability to complete diversified military tasks has been added to the competition. The reporter saw at the scene of the competition between the captain of the ship and the pilots that the knowledge points such as "maintaining the safety of important strategic passages at sea" and "maritime international law" all entered the test paper of the theoretical competition.

  Tournament not only highlights the important position of basic training, but also makes officers and men fighting in different positions firmly believe that professional skills are only "high and low" and have no status "high and low". They broke the traditional concept of "leading role" and "supporting role" and re-defined their roles: all professional and technical posts related to combat effectiveness should be pursued by you, actively trained, laid a solid foundation and used well, so as to promote the overall combat capability of the fleet to jump! (Liberation Army Daily reporter Si Yanwen special correspondent Li De)

Editor: Bo Du

2 am! The Beijing media made a controversial report: China football became a joke, and fans swore.

At 2am, China football once again became the focus of controversy, and this time it was even pushed to the forefront. It originated from a report in Beijing Youth Daily that Song Kai, president of the China Football Association, had a clear understanding of the problems faced by women’s football after watching the women’s football match between China and South Korea. However, this report not only did not calm the fans’ arguments, but also triggered more controversy and discussion.

What is the reason for it It turned out that some fans questioned that Song Kai had a comprehensive understanding of the team’s problems through one game. This doubt is not groundless, because there are many factors that affect the outcome of a football match, including the player’s state, tactical arrangement, game mentality and so on. It seems a little hasty to jump to conclusions just through one game.

Of course, the reaction of the fans is even more enthusiastic. Some fans are skeptical about what Song Kai has done, thinking that he may not have a deep understanding of the real situation of women’s football. Other fans want to see more professional solutions, not just superficial observation. Some fans hit the nail on the head and pointed out that understanding the problem does not mean that we can solve the problem. What we need is real change and progress.

In fact, the development of football in China has always attracted much attention. However, as the fans say, the key to the problem is how to solve these problems. What we need is to dig deep into the root of the problem, find the crux, and then prescribe the right medicine. This requires professional ability, dedicated attitude and long-term patience.

In this regard, fans and friends: What do you think of Song Kai’s statement after watching the game? Do you think he can lead China football out of the predicament? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to share your views!

At the same time, we expect you to continue to pay attention to our reports, and let us witness the rise of football in China!

The Los Angeles Film Critics Award "Please Call Me by Your Name" won.

The popular film "Please Call Me by Your Name" won the best picture.

1905 movie network news On December 3, North American time, the famous Los Angeles Film Critics Association announced the winners list for 2017, which once again contributed to the awards season. In the end, the gay movies that have been popular since the beginning of the year won the best film award. Timothée Chalamet, the star of the film, also won the best actor award for his performance in the film. The best director was Luca Guadagnino, the director of the film, and guillermo del toro, the director of the Venice Golden Lion Award.

The Golden Lion film Water Story won three awards, including best director.

After winning the Golden Lion Award, Water Story also went all out to this year’s award season. In this year’s Los Angeles Film Critics Award, the heroine sally hawkins was recognized again and won the best actress. At the same time, the film’s photography Dan Laustsen won the best photography, beating the popular roger deakins.

In this year’s Cannes film, it was widely acclaimed and won the best foreign language film.

The film 120 beats per minute won the best foreign language film.

Because Los Angeles is the home base of the Academy of Oscar, it has a great influence on Oscar under the influence of geographical advantages. It is also called "Three Film Critics Association Awards" with new york, which has a long history on the east coast, and the radio film critics who have flourished in recent years.

It is worth noting that historically, its best film hit rate was only 24%, best director hit rate was 32%, best actor hit rate was 40%, and best actress hit rate was 32%. In the past five years, only in 2015 and 2016, it hit the last best film of the Oscar.

Winner list:

Best film:Call Me by Your Name

Second place:

Best director (tied):Guillermo del toro (Water Story), Luca Guadagnino (Please call me by your name).

Best actor:Timothée Chalamet ("Please call me by your name")

Second place: james franco ()

Best actress:Sally hawkins (Water Story)

Second place: Frances McDormand ()

Best supporting actor:Willem dafoe (Florida Paradise)

Second place: sam rockwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)

Best supporting actress:Laurie Metcalf ()

Second place: Mary J. Blige ()

Best screenplay:Jordan peele (Escape from Breaking Town)

Second place: martin mcdonagh (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)

Best editing:

Second place: I, Tania

Best music/score:

Second place: Water Story

Best photography:Water-shaped story

Second place:

Best art director:Blade runner 2049

Second place: Water Story

Best documentary:

Second place:

Best animated feature film:

Second place:

Best foreign language film (tied):120 beats per minute, No Love to Sue.

The domestic large aircraft C919 made its first flight today, and the overall localization rate reached over 50%.

  Guangming. com May 5 th (Reporter Zhan Wei)This afternoon, the domestic large passenger plane C919 will make its first flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. From 1970, when the project was initiated to develop "Yun 10", to 2007, it was decided to carry out the reform of aviation industry system, and the project was initiated to develop C919. The civil aviation industry in China experienced a difficult and bumpy development course. The moment of the first flight of C919 bears the struggles and dreams of several generations of China civil aircraft people. Let us have a more comprehensive understanding of C919.

The domestic large aircraft C919 made its first flight today, and the overall localization rate reached over 50%.

  On May 4th, in the hangar of Zhuqiao Base of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation Flight Test Center, the staff inspected and maintained the domestic large passenger plane C919. Xinhua news agency  

  Why is it named C919?

  According to Comac China, the full name of "C919" is "COMAC919".

  Among them, "COMAC" is the abbreviation of the English name of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of CHINA Ltd, which developed C919. The "C" in the abbreviation is the first letter of "COMAC" and the first letter of China’s English name "China".

  The first 9 means "everlasting", and the last two 19 means that the maximum capacity of C919 passenger plane is 190 passengers.

  Previously, the internationally renowned aircraft manufacturers were Air Bus and Boeing, and from A to B to C, they just lined up.

  What kind of research and development process has C919 experienced?

  According to official website of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, C919 is a large jet civil aircraft developed by China in accordance with international civil aviation regulations and with independent intellectual property rights, with 158-174 seats and a range of 4,075-5,555 kilometers.

  It took 10 years from 2007, when the major scientific and technological special project of large aircraft development was formally approved, to 2015, when the first aircraft of C919 was assembled and rolled off the assembly line in China Commercial Aircraft Assembly and Manufacturing Center, and today, the domestic large aircraft will soon fly from blueprint to flying in the blue sky for the first time.

  During this period, researchers have planned 102 key technical problems for advanced pneumatic layout, structural materials and airborne systems. In preparation for the first flight, the C919 has completed 118 test projects and experienced 21 taxiing tests including low, medium and high taxiing, and passed the expert technical review in March 2017 and the release review in April.

  Why is the first flight important?

  The first flight of an airplane refers to the first flight of a newly manufactured airplane from the ground. Every plane has its first flight, but the first flight of a new model has its special significance. It is not only an important link in a series of work chains, such as changing ideas into drawings, drawings into objects, and objects can fly, but also an important milestone in the turning point of new models from static to moving and the birth of new models.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Comac, as long as the plane begins to taxi and leave the ground during the first flight, the most basic system functions will be preliminarily assessed. The test pilot will comment on the aircraft’s handling stability, take-off and landing performance, power plant and driving equipment for the first time. Generally, the first flight time of light aircraft does not exceed 30 to 40 minutes, and that of large aircraft is 1 to 2 hours. Generally, the first flight chooses a good weather, with visibility not less than 5 to 7km, and no low clouds and crosswinds. The flight weight of the first flight plane should be reduced as much as possible, so as to minimize the take-off speed from the ground and shorten the take-off taxi distance, thus improving driving conditions.

  How to fly on the first flight?

  The maximum altitude of the first flight of C919 is 10,000 feet, the maximum speed is 170 knots, and there are 15 test points. The whole process is divided into five stages, namely, ground inspection stage, climbing stage, level flight stage, simulated approach, landing and go-around stage and landing stage. Traditionally, the C919 did not retract the landing gear during the first flight, and kept the flaps down.

  In addition, when the C919 makes its first flight, a second plane will accompany it. The task of companion flight is to observe the first flight plane in real time in the air, record flight data, take photos and videos, and make every effort to ensure the safety of the plane during its first flight. In case of any problems, the crew of the accompanying plane will immediately warn the crew of the first flight, report to the ground control personnel and guide the first flight to land safely. In addition, the accompanying aircraft will also monitor the air environment of the first flight to ensure that no other aircraft will break into the flight route of the first flight and put an end to any hidden dangers of stealing secrets.

  How about the localization of C919?

  Zhou Guirong, deputy chief designer of C919 large passenger aircraft, said that at present, the overall localization rate of C919 aircraft can reach more than 50%, including domestic enterprises and joint ventures at home and abroad. The safety requirements of aviation products are very high. The development of the whole localization, whether at home or abroad, is in accordance with the same set of international standards and methods, and the trial is also in strict accordance with international standards and norms.

  China Commercial Aircraft Corporation insists on "main manufacturer — Supplier "development mode, maximize the gathering and utilization of domestic and foreign resources, and build a" life community "of the civil aircraft industry. There are 22 provinces and cities, more than 200 enterprises and 36 colleges and universities involved in the development of C919 large passenger aircraft. Sixteen material manufacturers and 54 standard parts manufacturers including Baosteel have become suppliers or potential suppliers of large passenger aircraft projects. China Comac also signed strategic cooperation agreements with six central enterprises, including aviation industry corporation of china, and established strategic cooperation relations with seven major domestic banks.

  In the development of C919 large passenger plane, researchers have planned 102 key technical problems, including integrated design of aircraft engine, control law design of fly-by-wire flight control system, active control technology, etc., aiming at advanced aerodynamic layout, structural materials and airborne system.

  Take most of the front fuselage of C919 as an example, which includes the front passenger cabin, the front cargo cabin and the recirculation fan cabin, and contains more than 1,600 parts, involving nearly 2,000 tooling. This section adopts the third generation aluminum alloy — — Al-Li alloy material, which is the first time in domestic civil aircraft application. Al-Li alloy material is considered as the most ideal material for aerospace at present. China Commercial Aircraft Corporation and AVIC Hongdu Aviation, a joint supplier, have completed 20 batches of material performance data tests under stable process conditions through the tests of 2,500 test pieces in recent three years. Around the establishment of material fatigue rating (DFR) data system, DFR fatigue tests of typical structural details in different processing and manufacturing States were carried out, with more than 3,000 test pieces. The processing technology of Al-Li alloy structure, such as chemical milling, machining, hole-making, hot-pressing subsidence, mirror milling and heat table treatment, has been fully verified. Through tackling key problems, the model material specification system and performance data system for design are gradually established.

  How did the C919 market react?

  Focusing on the most mainstream air transport market, C919 is a trunk aircraft developed in full compliance with international mainstream airworthiness standards and international mainstream market operation standards. At present, C919 large passenger aircraft has 23 domestic and foreign customers, including China International Airlines, with a total order of 570 aircraft, including international customers such as GECAS.

  What is the significance of C919 to China?

  Large aircraft is a high integration of modern high technology and is called "the jewel in the industrial crown". C919 means that China’s civil aviation will no longer rely on foreign imports, and China’s aircraft manufacturing has truly embarked on a road of independent development.

  Driven by the C919 large passenger aircraft project, a technological innovation system of civil aircraft has been formed, which is based on China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, market-oriented and combined with Industry-University-Research. China Commercial Aircraft Corporation (Comac) has built a technical responsibility system around the realization process of civil aircraft products and the technical requirements of full-life cycle service, and planned to promote the technical system construction with standards and specifications as the main carrier. Through scientific research and innovation research, model technology research and other ways, it has continuously formed new civil aircraft technical achievements and supplemented and improved the civil aircraft technical system.

  Millions of fine parts, covering high-end manufacturing of almost all industrial categories — — Domestic large aircraft soaring in the blue sky will undoubtedly drive China’s manufacturing industry to the "smile curve".

  From the upstream, the development of large passenger aircraft can drive the group breakthrough of key technologies in new materials, modern manufacturing, advanced power, electronic information, automatic control, computers and other fields, and can promote the development of many high-tech industries, with a technology diffusion rate as high as 60%. The technological upgrading of its industry will inevitably require great progress in many basic disciplines, including fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, computational mathematics, thermophysics, chemistry, information science, environmental science and so on. From the downstream, the commercial operation of large civil aircraft has a great impact on civil aviation transportation, aviation maintenance, aviation finance, tourism, logistics and other industries.

  For China, the breakthrough of large-scale aircraft technology will not only promote the development of a number of new industries, but also force the upgrading of China’s industrial standards by continuously expanding the industrial chain and introducing airworthiness certification in China, thus promoting the overall improvement of China’s industrial manufacturing capacity and level. Some experts said that in the 21st century, only a breakthrough in high-end large-scale equipment manufacturing such as large aircraft can support the foundation of China as an industrial power. At the same time, it also contributes to the transformation of China from a "manufacturing power" to a "manufacturing power".

  C919 memorabilia:

  In 2007

  On February 26th, the 170th executive meeting was held in the State Council, and the Report on Demonstration of Large Aircraft Scheme was adopted in principle, and the major scientific and technological projects for large aircraft development were formally approved in principle.

  On August 30th, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee held the 192nd Standing Committee, listened to and agreed to the Report of the Leading Group for Major Special Projects of Large Aircraft in the State Council, and decided to set up a preparatory group for large passenger aircraft projects.

  the year of 2008

  On May 11th, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation was established on the Huangpu River.

  On July 3rd, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation held a demonstration mobilization meeting for large passenger aircraft project in Shanghai.

  In 2009

  On January 6th, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation released the first single-channel conventional layout 150-seat large passenger aircraft model code "COMAC919", referred to as "C919".

  On September 8th, the Asia International Aviation Exhibition and Forum opened in Hong Kong, and the C919 large passenger aircraft model was exhibited for the first time.

  On December 16th, the basic overall technical scheme of C919 large passenger plane passed the expert review organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  On December 21st, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation and CFM Company formally signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation on the power plant of C919 large passenger aircraft, and selected the LEAP-1C engine developed by CFM Company as the only foreign startup power plant for C919 large passenger aircraft.

  On December 25th, the main structure of C919 large passenger aircraft nose engineering prototype was officially delivered in Shanghai.

  2010 years

  On November 15th, a 1:1 demonstration prototype of C919 large passenger plane was exhibited for the first time at Zhuhai Air Show, and 100 start-up orders were obtained.

  On December 24th, the Civil Aviation Administration of China officially accepted the application of C919 large passenger plane in type certificate.

  In 2011

  On April 18th, the first meeting of the Model Qualification Approval Committee of C919 large passenger aircraft was held in Shanghai, and the development of C919 aircraft entered the formal airworthiness review stage.

  On December 9th, the C919 large passenger aircraft project passed the national preliminary design review and moved to the detailed design stage.

  On December 19th, the first part of the C919 large passenger aircraft project — — The beam of the front boarding gate was started in Chengdu, and the manufacturing of the fuselage was fully rolled out.

  In 2012

  On July 31st, the Special Certification Plan for C919 Aircraft (PSCP) was signed in Shanghai.

  On December 4th, the static fatigue test project of strength research of composite rear fuselage section, one of the seven components of C919 aircraft, was completed.

  On December 13th, the Design & Research Department of Sexuality and Product Support of China COMAC received the model data review form fed back by the reviewer, and the reviewer officially approved the CP status of the C919 Aircraft System Safety Review Plan in the first stage.

  On December 29th, China Commercial Aircraft Flight Test Center organized a review meeting on the test modification scheme of 101 aircraft riveting area of C919 aircraft and a seminar on the construction scheme of C919 aircraft test system.

  In 2013

  From January 17th to 18th, the composite structural design evaluation meeting of C919 large passenger plane and the key design evaluation meeting of central wing structure were held in Shanghai. At the meeting, it was finally evaluated that the composite structural design of C919 large passenger aircraft can continue the next stage of work, and the key design of the central wing structure of C919 large passenger aircraft passed the review.

  On January 19th, the static test of the IPS suspension section of C919 aircraft was successfully completed 4.2g

  On November 28th, the FTB (Flight Test Platform) hanging test piece of C919 aircraft rolled off the assembly line in Shen Fei.

  On December 30th, the C919 aircraft iron bird test-bed was officially put into use in China Commercial Aircraft Shangfei Hospital, and the system verification of the C919 project was officially started.

  On December 31st, the first aircraft nose of C919 large passenger aircraft project was rolled off the assembly line of AVIC Chengfei civil aircraft.

  In 2014

  On May 15th, the front fuselage section of the first aircraft of C919 rolled off the assembly line in Hongdu, AVIC.

  In July, the central wing of the first aircraft of C919 completed the final assembly in AVIC Xifei.

  On July 23rd, the assembly of the flat tail parts of the first aircraft of C919 was officially started in Pudong base of the final assembly manufacturing center of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation.

  On August 21st, the middle and rear fuselage section of the first aircraft of C919 rolled off the assembly line in Hongdu large parts factory of AVIC.

  On August 29th, the mid-fuselage/center wing and aileron section of C919 aircraft passed the airworthiness inspection in AVIC Xifei and reached the delivery status.

  In September, C919 aircraft tire explosion hazard test was successfully completed.

  At 9: 19 on September 19th, the first aircraft of C919 began to dock at the newly-built assembly manufacturing center of Comac in China. This marks an important milestone in the development of the C919 large passenger aircraft project.

  On September 23rd, the prototype and test platform of C919 aircraft communication navigation monitoring system (CNS system) were delivered in Shanghai.

  On November 24th, the first wing of C919 aircraft arrived at Pudong base of China Commercial Aircraft Assembly Manufacturing Center.

  On October 30th, the front section of the rear fuselage of the first aircraft of C919 was delivered at AVIC Shenfei Civil Aircraft.

  In 2015

  On February 6 -8, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a detailed design review meeting of the C919 large passenger aircraft project in Shanghai, and the expert review committee unanimously agreed that the C919 project passed the national detailed design review.

  On February 11th, the rear fuselage of the first aircraft of C919 was manufactured by China Aerospace Science and Technology Third Academy Aerospace Haiying (Zhenjiang) Special Materials Co., Ltd., passed the airworthiness review and was officially delivered to China Commercial Aircraft Corporation.

  In February, the C919 aircraft avionics comprehensive test-bed was delivered to China Commercial Aircraft by Ang Avionics and officially put into trial.

  On March 6th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a review meeting on the transition of the C919 aircraft to the full-scale trial production stage in Beijing, and the C919 large passenger aircraft project was transferred from the detailed design stage to the full-scale trial production stage.

  On April 18th, the first cabin door of C919 aircraft arrived at Pudong base of China Commercial Aircraft Assembly Manufacturing Center.

  On July 22nd, Comac China and CFM International held a ceremony to celebrate the delivery of the first CFM LEAP-1C engine.

  On September 4th, 102 front fuselage and mid-rear fuselage of C919 project manufactured by AVIC Hongdu successfully passed the airworthiness manufacturing compliance inspection of China Civil Aviation Jiangxi Supervision Bureau, and successfully completed the signing.

  On November 2nd, the first aircraft of C919 rolled off the assembly line in China Commercial Aircraft Assembly and Manufacturing Center.

  the year of 2016

  On April 11th, the static test of C919 large passenger plane was officially launched.

  In June, the construction of C919 intelligent assembly line with horizontal tail was listed in the smart manufacturing project to be selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  In November, China Eastern Airlines became the first user of C919 aircraft in the world.

  On December 25th, the first aircraft of C919 was delivered to the flight test center.

  the year 2017

  On April 18th, C919 large passenger plane passed the first flight release evaluation.

  On April 23rd, C919 large passenger plane completed the high-speed taxiing and front wheel lifting test.

  Plan, May 5, the first flight.

  (Comprehensive Guangming Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, Beijing Youth Daily)

Will the CET-4 and CET-6 certificates still be useful after the English exam in 2020?

  Xinhuanet Beijing, December 19 (Han Jiahui) On December 15, Anhui Education Admissions Examination Institute issued a notice to clarify that the national English proficiency test in Anhui Province will stop in 2017. The basis of this notice is that in the implementation opinions on deepening the reform of the examination enrollment system issued by the State Council in 2014, the goal of foreign language examination reform is clearly put forward, that is, a modern foreign language assessment system with unified standards and multiple functions will be basically built by 2020. So, how is the construction of this evaluation system progressing now? After the completion of the new evaluation system, do you still have the CET-4 and CET-6 certificates? Do you need to retake them?

  — — What is the National English Test?

  The Public English Test System (PETS) is a non-academic English certificate test for all citizens. It is sponsored by the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education, and the social examination offices of local education examination institutes are responsible for its implementation. PETS is not limited by occupation, household registration and education level, and its certificate level is divided into PETS-1 to PETS-5, which is an important proof of the English level of social people and part-time students, and also the main basis for recruiting personnel and measuring the English level of on-the-job personnel in enterprises and institutions at all levels.

  Compared with CET-4 and CET-6, PETS has an oral test, which pays more attention to the candidates’ English communicative competence and practicality. PETS-3 is roughly equivalent to CET-4, and PETS-4 is roughly equivalent to CET-6.

  — —In addition to PETS, these are the main English exams in universities and society at present.

  TEM-8 (for English majors only) sponsored by the Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee of colleges and universities (not sponsored by the Ministry of Education)

  College English Test Band 4 and Band 6 (CET-4/CET-6)

  National Foreign Language Translation Certificate (NAETI) organized by the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education and Beijing Foreign Studies University.

  Translation Professional Qualification Examination (CATTI) organized by the Ministry of Personnel

  Unified examination of foreign language grades for professional and technical personnel in China organized by the Ministry of Personnel.

  Cambridge Business English Test (BEC), which is jointly conducted by the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education and the Examination Committee of the University of Cambridge, UK.

  Advanced Interpretation of Shanghai English organized by Shanghai University Pudong Continuing Education Center (PCEC)

  Those who want to study in Commonwealth countries need to take IELTS, and those who want to study in the United States need to take TOEFL and GRE.

  If you take the postgraduate entrance examination, you must also take the English test of the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination … … … …

  English majors must obtain CET-4 certificate if they want to graduate smoothly. If they want to engage in translation work in the future, it is not enough to have TEM-8 certificate only. Depending on their region, they need to obtain different qualification certificates, such as CATTI and NAETI, while BEC and Shanghai intermediate and advanced interpretation certificates are more recognized in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and the style and ability of focusing on examination are different in different regions. Non-English majors must have a CET-4 certificate before they can get a diploma. If they want to evaluate their professional titles in the company after work, they need to obtain a professional title English test certificate … … According to different groups of people, regions, and the nature of work, there is no uniform standard for English exams, which can be described as varied. Because many exams have no oral test, they are often criticized as dumb English. However, this phenomenon will end before 2020.

  — — English will be tested like this in 2020.

  The State Council has set a hard target, believing that with Anhui stopping the national English proficiency test, more regions will join the "stop test" list in the future. Previously, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security issued a notice to clarify that since January 1, 2017, foreign language and computer examinations are not necessary conditions for applying for job title evaluation, and these two examinations are completely loosened from job title evaluation. This policy adjustment will involve more than 3 million professional and technical personnel in the city. In addition to Beijing, according to the reporter’s incomplete statistics, Guangdong, Henan, Shandong, Wenzhou, Zhejiang and other places have issued policies to clarify that "foreign languages for professional titles are not unified" or "foreign languages for professional titles are not a necessary condition for job evaluation". Shanxi, Jiangxi, Changchun, Jilin, Changzhou, Jiangsu and other places put forward that applying for intermediate and below professional and technical qualifications is not required as a foreign language title. Therefore, it is an irreversible trend in the future to gradually cancel various English tests, simplify administration and decentralize power, loosen talents and establish a modern foreign language evaluation system with unified standards and multiple functions.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education, the construction of China’s foreign language proficiency assessment system is progressing smoothly. The main body of the China English Proficiency Scale has been developed, which is expected to be officially announced in 2017, and the National English Proficiency Test is planned to be gradually launched before 2020.

  The newly-developed China English Proficiency Scale will be divided into nine grades. Among them, Grade One or Grade Two roughly corresponds to the primary school level, Grade Three corresponds to junior high school, Grade Four corresponds to senior high school, Grade Five or Six corresponds to universities, Grade Seven corresponds to English majors, and Grade Eight or Nine corresponds to high-end foreign language talents. Each level has different requirements in listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and knowledge strategy. At present, there are many mature English evaluation systems abroad, and China’s English proficiency rating scale will also be connected with them. At the same time, experts are still working on designing a national English proficiency test. At present, the development team has completed the development of two key breakthrough levels (Level 5 and Level 6), which will be launched and used in due course in 2017.

  Some people are happy and others are worried about the upcoming changes. Some netizens who have just finished CET-4 and CET-6 are worried that after the implementation of the new examination outline and evaluation system, their certificates will still count. In addition, some netizens expressed their hope that the new evaluation system can be in line with international standards and get international recognition, so that a large amount of IELTS TOEFL registration fee can be saved.

"You are my spring" exposed the theme song Bo Huang Zhou Dongyu Huang Xiaoming sang.

1905 movie network news A few days ago, the film released the theme song "I want to see you smile" MV. The theme song was composed and produced by famous musicians. The film producer joined hands to lead the starring,,,, and the incarnation of the "Spring Day Limited Mission" for a while. Bo Huang, special vocalist MV Nianbai, leading starring, Chao Huang, yangsi, and starring,, Fu Yushu also showed spring in the MV.

The film’s main creative relay relay conveys a smile, cheering for people who are in a "chilly spring" at the moment. The sound of warmth and healing and the lyrics full of hope are intertwined with the sincere and moving movie pictures in the MV and the real and warm smiles of ordinary people, which explains the "you" and "I" who are still smiling and sticking to the predicament.


The stars join hands to sing a smile and relay to arouse "laughter’s optimistic belief in life"

The theme song MV is accompanied by Angel’s beautiful monologue "I heard that this spring,’ I want to see the way you laugh’ is the most beautiful confession". The characters in the film appear in the MV one by one: "Shang Xiaoyu" played by Zhou Dongyu takes good care of the spring flowers, and the romance overflows the screen, showing the beautiful moments that people want to guard in life; YIN FANG’s "Li Nanfeng" lights the light for the light rain in the dark, and takes off his mask to smile, just like the lyrics "Maybe I only have the light of fireflies, so let you know there will be light". He tells his lover by lighting the light: "I hope my company can bring you hope and smile".

On the way to Wuhan, the "migrant workers’ brother" played by Pan Binlong was driving a truck. Even if it was almost a picnic, the optimistic two people laughed at each other.Lao Wang (Wang Jingchun), the secretary of the community, hangs a string of star lights for Wheat (Angel)’ s room, so that the isolated Wheat can feel the temperature at home. Looking at the starlight in the darkness, a smile hung on the corner of wheat’s eye.

And as the song affectionately sings, "I will accompany you in the coldest winter" — — The medical couple "Gong Chen" (Chao Huang) and "Yang Shan" (yangsi) fought hard in the anti-epidemic front line during the day and snuggled up in the car at night to share each other’s pressure; Huang Xiaoming’s father "Li Jing" takes care of his son alone at home, and he and "Lele" (played by Zhang Hangcheng) play games and ride bicycles together. Both father and son feel their love for each other and grow up during the running-in. Wang Yaer (played by Song Jia), a nurse assisting Hubei, looks at her husband and son in the video and smiles on her face.

It is worth mentioning that the climax and ending of the MV "Want to See You Laugh" incorporate many optimistic and positive scenes of ordinary people in difficulties: the medical staff in protective clothing and the recovered patients dance hand in hand, the children are laughing and running in the park with kites, under the blooming cherry trees, an endless stream of tourists take photos, and the father who comes home from the front line picks up the children who are greeted with flowers & HELIP; … Every real picture shows the warmth of spring. The film’s main creation is relay forwarding, which encourages everyone. This spring, "I want to see the way you laugh" has become a common language to convey optimism and belief in "Cold Spring".


Looking forward to meeting in "spring" and looking forward to every smiling face in the spring breeze.

At the same time, the film released a set of latest stills — — Shang Xiaoyu wore a floral suit and turned on her mobile phone and smiled at the camera. Li Nanfeng held fireworks, illuminating Na Pianhai, which witnessed the romantic love between Nanfeng and Xiaoyu; Wang Dapeng and Liu Erhong laughed at the camera, and the ordinary migrant workers they played released a little goodwill all the way in a truck; Wheat bowed his head and stood by the window staring, and cured the residents of the whole community with warm music.

Lao Wang, the secretary, sat in the office and grinned, which was a satisfied smile of serving the residents wholeheartedly; Gong Chen and Yang Shan are still snuggling in the car, spending the dark night when they don’t know when it will pass; Li Jing and Lele, the "happy father and son", are playing painting games, and their faces reveal the most common smile and love between father and son; Wang Ya ‘er returned safely from aiding Hubei, and sat by his son’s bed with a loving face … … Under the rendering of the background of special times, ordinary people’s most ordinary emotions can also become sparkling, and every smile together is enough to support a whole vibrant spring!


The film You Are My Spring was directed by the China Film Association, with Huang Bo as the producer, Zhang Hong as the producer, directed by Zhou Nan, Zhang Chi, Dong Yue, and starring Zhou Dongyu, YIN FANG, Song Xiaobao, Pan Binlong, Wang Jingchun, Angel, Chao Huang, Yang Si, Huang Xiaoming, Song Jia and Zhang Hangcheng (in order of appearance), Zheng Luoqian.

It can not only improve the running level, but also speed up the weight loss effect. Learn about the training plan of 4 runs a week.

For running, most people only pay attention to running posture, but lack the overall weekly running plan.

As some people say:

"Just put on your running shoes and run directly on the road. What’s the plan? It is better to bury your head in a plan! "

But one thing to know here is that it is "hard work" to stick to it, and the running plan I am going to talk about next is "clever work".

Running without a purpose is enough for you to work hard, and if you want to improve your running speed, running endurance and weight loss, you need a certain skill, that is, a training plan.

The running training plan I’m going to talk about today is a 4-run plan for most people.

Although on Monday, everyone’s energy was relatively concentrated, and the interest in running was also very high.

But high interest does not mean good ability. After rest, our sports adaptability will drop a little, so we need to control our enthusiasm and avoid sports injuries at this time.

So on Monday, it is suitable for slow endurance running.

Endurance running is our usual way of running. We adopt the way of running at a constant speed, and then the more time and mileage we insist on, the better.

The purpose of endurance running is to wake up our heart and lungs and improve the tolerance of heart, lungs and muscles.

Therefore, endurance running on Monday pursues a longer distance and a longer time.

On Tuesday, we were not only in high spirits, but also had a wake-up call, so we might as well try sprinting on Tuesday.

There are many names for sprint running, sometimes called hiit running, and some called variable speed running.

Either way, the purpose is to improve our running speed and improve the fat burning effect with the maximum heart rate.

Then sprint running is to combine the three running forms of fast walking, jogging and sprint, and then cross each other.

You can do it with running software, or you can do it in the way I provide. My way is more suitable for improving the speed.

Walking for 1 minute, jogging for 3 minutes, sprinting for 20 seconds and jogging for 1 minute are enough.

Sprint running does not pursue distance and time. Generally, it lasts about 30 minutes, and the distance is about 3-5 kilometers, which has already had a good training effect.

The purpose of cross-country running is to improve the adaptability of running, and then improve the coordination of the body for running.

The better your coordination ability, the stronger your running speed, endurance and cardiopulmonary adaptability, and it will also improve your running posture.

At the same time, the cross-country running process is also an unfamiliar and uncomfortable process, so this process will significantly increase your heart rate and thus improve the fat burning effect.

Cross-country running where to run?

Some people will want to run in the mountains and potholes. You can try it if you have the conditions.

But most people may not have such good conditions, so you just need to run in unfamiliar places.

For example, in the park, you choose that kind of path to run, which is actually a good off-road condition.

If the running level is very high, in fact, you can add some difficulties in the running process, such as crossing steps and chairs.

On Friday, I still use the posture of endurance running. Relatively speaking, endurance running is safer and less oppressive to myself.

So in the back, your running difficulty should be reduced accordingly.

Carrying out the running plan, endurance running is the basic project, if you feel very tired even the most basic three kilometers.

That shows that your running foundation is not strong enough. At this time, you should do more endurance running events.

There are many benefits of this plan, such as a combination of work and rest, even if there is a little mistake, it will not cause knee and ankle injuries.

Another example is the change of environment and running speed, which will increase the heart rate and thus improve the fat burning effect.

At the same time, because of coordination and sprint practice, your running speed and level will also be significantly improved, which is the benefit of running in a planned way.

Water turns into ice, reflecting sunlight.

Recently, affected by the continuous cold air, many places in China have ushered in a wide range of snowfall. On the morning of February 25th, in the Evergreen Flower Community of Dongxihu Lake, the original accumulated water gradually froze in the cold, with different shapes, reflecting the rising sun.
With the continuous drop of temperature, the accumulated water in the community gradually freezes. Especially in some low-lying areas, the accumulated water forms a thin ice layer, which forms a beautiful picture with the surrounding buildings and trees under the sunlight.
While the continuous snowfall has brought beautiful scenery to the residents of the community, everyone should also pay attention to the weather changes and their own safety.(Changjiang Daily reporter Liu Bin photo report)
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