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Chinese scientific research team found a new way to improve the performance of all-perovskite laminated solar cells

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, November 12 (Reporter Hou Wenkun) After long-term research, Professor Ke Weijun and Professor Fang Guo from the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University have made new progress in exploring the performance improvement of all-perovskite laminated solar cells, and creatively put forward the integrated doping strategy of aspartic acid hydrochloride, which effectively improved the efficiency and stability of narrow-band gap perovskite subcells and found new ways to further improve the battery performance. Related research results were recently published in the journal Nature.

  According to reports, the new metal halide perovskite has the advantages of simple preparation process, high defect tolerance, high absorption coefficient and long carrier diffusion length, which has attracted much attention in the field of optoelectronic devices and is considered as one of the next generation photovoltaic materials with great prospects in the industry.

  Ke Weijun, one of the authors of the paper and a professor at the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University, said that in practical application, the all-perovskite laminated solar cell is composed of a broad-band gap perovskite subcell at the top and a narrow-band gap perovskite subcell at the bottom, and the narrow-band gap perovskite subcell that is not excellent enough is one of the stumbling blocks for its commercial application in the future.

  To this end, the research team introduced aspartic acid hydrochloride into the hole transport layer, perovskite light absorption layer and upper interface layer at the bottom of all perovskite laminated solar cells, and developed an integrated doping strategy with the same molecular treatment, which greatly improved the quality of perovskite thin films. In addition to coordinating with perovskite precursors, aspartic acid hydrochloride molecules also have strong intermolecular hydrogen bonds, so aspartic acid hydrochloride enriched at the upper and lower interfaces of perovskite acts as a molecular lock between the interface of perovskite layer and transport layer, further improving the performance and stability of perovskite materials.

  In addition, how to inhibit the spontaneous oxidation of unstable divalent tin metal ions in narrow-gap perovskite subcells is also one of the pain points in the industry. The results show that aspartic acid hydrochloride can effectively inhibit the oxidation of divalent tin ions and reduce harmful tetravalent tin impurities. Moreover, the introduction of aspartic acid hydrochloride can also passivate the defects of perovskite materials, adjust Fermi level and inhibit harmful ion migration, thus enhancing the performance and stability of devices.

  Ke Weijun said that the research shows that this simple integrated doping strategy can achieve multiple functions at one stroke and improve the steady-state efficiency of narrow-band perovskite subcells to 27.62%, which provides a new way to improve the performance of all-perovskite stacked solar cells.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence opens up new employment space

CCTV News:At the Nishan Dialogue Conference on Digital Civilization, the participating experts also discussed the new employment space brought by the development of artificial intelligence. Experts said that with the growing industrial ecology with artificial intelligence as the core, it has injected new impetus into China’s economic development, and at the same time, a large number of new career needs have emerged, opening up new employment space for more young people.

AI pinch face algorithm engineer Wu Jiayang:This is our intelligent face kneading interface, and we can support face kneading through image input and text input.

His name is Wu Jiayang, and his occupation is AI face-kneading algorithm engineer. With the rise of new formats such as Metauniverse and online games in recent years, a professional "face-kneading teacher" has been born, which is to help users create online virtual images with personal characteristics.

AI pinch face algorithm engineer Wu Jiayang:Many players actually want to have a virtual image that is highly similar to themselves in the game or meta-universe, so we can generate a character that is very similar to ourselves by uploading our own photos here. It can make every user feel very immersed in the game, as if he is also there.

In the latest list of new occupations published by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, virtual architects are also impressively listed. At present, this latest occupation is no longer limited to the field of meta-universe and online games, and its service field has been expanded and extended.

Virtual Architect Zou Yi:Virtual space is still widely used now.ofFor example, enterprises, they will need to build their own 3D enterprise space, and then there will be some exhibition conferences. In the case of cultural tourism, such as museums, these scenic spots offline will also have a virtual space online, so the scope of application is very wide.

It is understood that with the development of artificial intelligence technology, some new occupations with relatively low professional threshold are constantly being born, such as data annotators and artificial intelligence trainers, which have now become popular occupations.

In the new theatrical version of Nautical King, is 20-year feelings a plus or a kidnapping?

Special feature of 1905 film network"I am a man who wants to be the king of navigation!"

After the TV version of Nautical King was launched in 1999, this classic line of straw hat boy Lu Fei has been screaming wildly for 20 years, and this bloody animation has also accompanied fans Haimi for 20 years.

The newly released theatrical version is the 20th anniversary of this series of animations.

On the first day of release in Japan, the film jumped to the top of the number of people watching movies on the first day of release in Japan this year. On October 18th, it landed in mainland China, and the box office of the next day surpassed that of Ang Lee, and it broke 100 million in two days, and on the third day, it also broke the box office score of 107 million.

For a fan-oriented animation, it can be said that it is "explosive".

At present, this film ranks seventh in the box office of Japanese animated films imported from the mainland. Looking at the works on the list, it has been removed and three original animations.Nautical King became a famous detective after Doraemon and Dream of DoraemonConanThe third largest daily IP at the mainland box office.

Now, it has also been biting Gemini Man, and the proportion of films has been higher than the latter for four consecutive days, followed by the comprehensive box office, with a difference of less than 20 million. It is estimated that the final box office will be around 200 million, which is comparable to Gemini Man.

Cat’s Eye 9.4, Taobao Film 9.1, Douban 7.9, the audience’s reputation is also better than the previous works.

From the beginning to the end of the high-burning action drama, more than 200 series of animated characters gathered on the stage, and Luffy’s brother Ace, who died, surprised and flashed at the end, playing sentimental cards. As a fan, you can always find your favorite eggs, and you can also see the familiar spirit of "One Piece" and be moved by it..

After 20 years of fire, there is a trick to winning.

"Voyager" series IP is undoubtedly the most successful work in the history of Japanese animation. The comic began to be serialized in 1997, when it was called the "three great romances" in Japan together with Naruto and Hunter. Later, the publication of Hunter stopped and the name of "three great romances" was replaced.

To this day, the best-selling and highest-rated of the three is Nautical King.

Since 2009, it has successively broken the sales records of Dragon Ball and Harry Potter in Japan. In 2015, a total of 320.86 million copies were issued in Japan, which was officially certified by Guinness World Records as "a series of comics created by a single author with the highest circulation in the world."

The 92nd volume was released in early March this year, and the global sales of Voyager also exceeded 450 million copies, which is equal to the sales of fire and ice series novels in the United States.

The new record is still on the way..

The TV version of animation is now at the national level, which has been serialized to more than 900 episodes in the past 20 years. At present, the average audience rating has remained at around 5.0, with little fluctuation and very stable.

Since Naughty King: The Adventures of golden island in 2000, 14 theatrical animations have been produced, among which Naughty King Theatre Z is the most successful, with a domestic box office of 6.87 billion, and it also won the box office record for eight years two days before its release.

Although the box office of the theatrical version is high or low, the series is constantly adjusting the production progress and rhythm. For the sake of quality, the last two works were released only after three or four years.

Comics, TV version and theatrical version of animation, the joint attack of the three parties, the heat continues unabated, and the popularity in China is also very high. In July this year,In the 894 episode, the TV version of animation appeared as a surprise, and this topic once rushed to the hot search list of Weibo in China, evoking countless memories of fans.

It is not groundless that "Nautical King" has stood for 20 years.

The main line of the plot is not too complicated, that is, it focuses on the adventure of a group of people sailing for treasure, but the world outlook and story background are more grand and broad than Naruto and Realm.

Spread out the navigation map, each island is a world, a journey, in which there are different power camps such as pirates, seven seas and four emperors.

Showing the persistent desire and perseverance for dreams is too stereotyped for comics. "Nautical King" emphasizes the strength of partners, the value of friendship and the value of trust, which is also the main factor that keeps fans from leaving.

Luffy has 10 "Straw Hat Pirates" companions who have been fighting side by side since he was alone. They have their own duties and are indispensable members of "Wan Li Sunshine".

One of the great advantages of Nautical King is its three-dimensional role image.

People who eat the devil’s fruit have super powers, and their bodies can be exaggerated and deformed almost arbitrarily, and the visual effect is very outstanding.

No matter they are decent or villains, their personalities are very rich and distinctive: they fly wildly, but they are as wise as fools; Sauron is loyal, but loves to drink and sleep; Nami is kind at heart, but he is greedy … … In-depth introduction and development of each important person.

Another great advantage of Nautical King is its strong entertainment. On the pirate ship, they laughed and cursed, and humorous bridges appeared from time to time between various hot battle scenes to embellish them.

Every big battle is a real hand-to-hand combat at the end, and the atmosphere is also very tense and serious. Luffy always strikes back at the last moment when he is on the verge of death, which is not only a visual "cool" feeling, but also an emotional appeal caused by the attitude of never giving up.

Weak plot, heavy scene

The new theatrical version once again strengthens these style features.

Compared with "Huang Jincheng", this time it has greatly weakened the plot level, and, like those previously shown in the mainland, it adopts the creative mode of "weakening the plot and strengthening the action".

Festa hosted the Maritime World Expo, and navigators flocked to compete for the mysterious treasure left by Roger, the maritime king. Soon after the story started, it entered the fighting mode: the fighting scenes became more and more fierce, and there were also well-defined layout designs behind them.

The big duel is not a one-on-one fight between Luffy and Barrett, but a joint attack between Luffy and Saab, Smoker, Tranan, the female emperor Hancook, and the sand crocodile. They have both friends and old enemies, but they can unite under Luffy’s leadership.

"One can’t live in the sea!" Luffy’s words finally defeated Barrett’s lonely heart and showed the real strength from "partners".

As a 20th anniversary work, feelings are not absent.

The popular characters in the series of animations, such as Hawkeye and Kprusoian, appeared one by one.Ace also appeared in the form of a phantom, which is the biggest tear in this film.

The action drama and friendship line were played together with the blessing of 20 years of feelings. The box office and word-of-mouth of "Nautical King: Fanatical Action" really gained the "fanaticism" from fans.

However, the carnival and blood brought by 20 years of feelings are only a flash in the pan. Looking back carefully, endless fighting, applause and waves aroused by feelings actually indicate that the series of "Navigation King" is moving towards a model.

It has almost the same problem as its predecessor, Huang Jincheng, that is, giving up the in-depth portrayal of the new role.

Barrett, as Roger’s former sailor, is as interesting as the "Golden Emperor" in Huang Jincheng, but the film’s introduction to their past is only a scratch, and only a few scenes flash back.

Strengthening action scenes and big scenes and sacrificing the space for shaping the characters often leads to the fate of "one-episode tour", which also makes the theatrical version fall into the trap of stagnant story development and insufficient ideological content again.

In the face of Barrett’s ultimate giant gun, Luffy finally used the "Great Ape King Gun", which was actually used before. Even though the fighting drama has been escalating like fighting chicken blood, there has also been such a dilemma of routine and no new ideas in action design.

Feelings become kidnapping?

Comics have been serialized for 22 years, the animated TV version has been broadcast for 20 years, and the theatrical version has taken the 14th film. The Nautical King has already become a special feeling of a generation.

Of the "three romances", only Nautical King continues its journey, but the primary school students who were addicted to Nautical King have grown up. How long can this passion last?

The problem exposed in "Nautical King’s Crazy Action" is also the prisoner’s dilemma of many classic hot-blooded comic films, just like a series of theatrical versions, from "Dragon Ball" to,On the one hand, it attracts non-fan audiences with full-screen fighting scenes and easy-to-understand storylines; On the other hand, the lantern-like sprinkling of feelings makes the film look like a special offer for fans, providing a closed stage for fans to get high.

Therefore, judging from the box office in mainland China, these bloody IP theatrical animations are always maintained at a certain box office volume, and there can be no greater breakthrough.

Looking at the west, Marvel Comics movies have been bombarded by martin scorsese, Coppola and ken loach, director of Cannes Palme d ‘Or. "Marvel Comics movies are not movies, but theme parks", "Marvel Comics is disgusting" and "those movies are like daily necessities and hamburgers". …

Making with the thinking of commodity, ignoring artistic creation and pursuing profit maximization is always the core purpose of adapting live-action movies from Marvel Comics and many cartoons. Looking back at comic books and movies, this critical logic can obviously be established in the theatrical version of Voyager.

There is only one reason why you don’t like Voyager, that is, you haven’t seen Voyager.

Although this Amway sentence from fans has been circulated for many years, this series of cartoons has always had objections:The painting style is not true enough, too rough and exaggerated, the painting methods of female characters are basically the same, and the plot is becoming more and more protracted. …

In terms of comic book sales, even though the total sales volume reached 450 million copies at the beginning of this year and 70 million copies were sold overseas, compared with Naruto in the same period, although the total sales volume was only 250 million copies, its overseas sales volume was fully ahead of Voyager’s 30 million copies.

The international market can’t be further developed. The reason is that western countries still prefer cartoons with oriental culture.

"The latecomers come from the top" is also the current experience of Nautical King. In 2014, the sales volume in the explosive period almost surpassed that of Nautical King. This year’s new show, Blade of the Ghost Extinction, is also in full swing, and the sales volume of comics has soared, which is likely to win the top spot in the comic sales volume of Nautical King for 11 years.

Author Eiichiro Oda admits that the story is drawing to a close and his physical condition is not good. According to him, comics will eventually be serialized in "more than 100 volumes". It is speculated that Nautical King may be finished in five years, and then the theatrical animation will also usher in the final chapter at that time.

The crisis that the theatrical version is bound by business and feelings has gradually emerged, and this adventure journey is coming to an end, which seems to be the best choice for this classic animation at this moment.

The real "frenetic action" will belong to the moment when the curtain falls.

The press conference of the second China SME Investment and Financing Development Forum was held in Beijing.

  The press conference of "The Second China SME Investment and Financing Development Forum" was held in Beijing on July 2nd. The forum was co-sponsored by the SME Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, and was undertaken by China Enterprise Guohe Culture Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Dunhuang Capital Management Co., Ltd. Shan Lipo, director of the SME Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Li Yong, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, financial expert consultants from the Forum Organizing Committee, representatives of industry associations, representatives of financial institutions, representatives of SMEs, and news media in Beijing attended the conference.


  Deputy Director Li Yong introduced the forum hosted by the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce. He said that small and medium-sized enterprises, as the backbone of private enterprises, play a vital role in investment and trade cooperation and are increasingly becoming the main force in China’s investment and economic and trade cooperation. However, in the process of enterprise investment development, financing difficulties, lack of information, weak market competitiveness and other aspects still plague the good and stable development of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the next step, the Investment Promotion Bureau is willing to work with the Center for the Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, with this forum as the carrier, to deeply visit and investigate small and medium-sized enterprises, to understand the pain points of enterprise development, to mine project information, and to better serve the development of small and medium-sized enterprises by relying on the cross-border industrial platform of the Investment Promotion Bureau.

  It is reported that the forum will be held on September 7, 2019 at the Beijing National Convention Center. The organization and preparation of this forum has received strong support and extensive participation from all relevant units. At present, the preparations for the forum are being carried out in an intense and orderly manner. At that time, a high-quality and effective forum will be presented to provide constructive suggestions for promoting the effective implementation of laws and policies, alleviating the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, and making due contributions to the sustained and healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China.

After playing the glory of the king for 3 hours, the young man stabbed himself 13 times. What happened? !

A small army lying in a hospital bed

A small army lying in a hospital bed

The wound on Xiaojun's wrist.

The wound on Xiaojun’s wrist.

  The 21-year-old Xiaojun hurried through the breakfast cooked by his mother and returned to the game world of "the glory of the king" — — He has been playing for three hours. Mother Wang Li went out to buy food. After more than 10 minutes, she suddenly received a phone call from her son and only heard a sentence "Help me"! When my mother came home, the scene in front of her still haunted her: there was a big pool of blood on the living room floor, and the blood spread to the bedroom. Lying in bed and covered in blood, my son pointed to a fruit knife and told his mother, "I pricked my own … …”

  Zi Niu journalist Ma Zhiya correspondent Zhou Yiwen/photo

  What happened?

  Stab yourself 13 times.

  The operation lasted for 5 hours.

  On the morning of the 6th, Xiaojun was lying on the hospital bed in the hand surgery ward of Xuzhou Renci Hospital, his eyes were wandering, but he would stay on the TV on the opposite wall from time to time, where an NBA basketball game was being broadcast. Xiaojun said that he used to like watching basketball very much. After he became addicted to online games, he seldom watched games.

  Xiaojun stabbed himself 13 times, and his arms, neck and abdomen were wrapped in gauze, but he seemed to recover well. Although the wound still hurts, every time his mother Wang Li hears his casual groan and asks, he always says "it doesn’t matter".

  After Xiaojun was injured and admitted to the hospital, Wang Li almost never left. Wang Li said that the child is introverted, but very obedient. She rarely scolds him at ordinary times. Now that the child has made a mistake, she can’t bear to be harsh.

  Talking about the child’s injury, 57-year-old Wang Li’s face is full of doubts. On the morning of December 1st, she cooked breakfast as usual. Xiaojun woke up early, holding his cell phone in bed. At 9 o’clock, Wang Li went out to buy food, and she casually greeted the child. More than 10 minutes later, while bargaining with vendors in the food market, Wang Li’s mobile phone rang. After being connected, she heard a painful voice: "Mom, help me!" "

  It only took Wang Li a few minutes to run home and open the door. The scene in front of her frightened her. There is a big pool of blood on the living room floor, and on the floor leading to the bedroom, it is like being drawn with a huge brush. Wang Li ran into the bedroom and found Xiaojun lying beside the bed, covered in blood. Xiaojun had just finished the phone call, and the hand holding the mobile phone was still covered with blood, and the other hand was tightly covering his abdomen. Xiaojun was still conscious at that time and said softly, "I stabbed myself with a knife."

  Xiaojun was immediately sent to Xuzhou Renci Hospital. The doctor in the hand surgery ward of the hospital said that the patient stabbed his neck, upper limbs, abdomen and buttocks with a fruit knife. The hospital immediately organized experts to perform surgery to repair blood vessels, nerves and tendons. After more than 5 hours of emergency rescue, the operation was successful.

  Experts told Zi Niu news reporter that the injured lost a lot of blood, but fortunately they were sent to the hospital in time, which did not cause serious consequences.

  Experience before the outbreak


  After graduating from technical school, he has changed nearly 10 jobs.

  Xiaojun’s family is very ordinary. He is the only child in the family, and his parents were both workers. His mother retired from the unit a few years ago to take care of the family full-time, and his father retired from the unit and looked for a job everywhere. In addition to retirement wages, father’s income from odd jobs has become the main source of income for the family. Although the family is not well-off, in Wang Li’s view, "at least I have never suffered from children."

  After graduating from a technical school in Xuzhou three years ago, Xiaojun tried nearly 10 jobs intermittently. Recently, he just quit his job as a tower crane on the construction site. Wang Li and her husband have never made financial demands on their children. They feel that their children are still young and it is not time to put pressure on them.

  "He doesn’t think about playing games every day instead of working hard," said Wang Li. Xiaojun worked in internal security for nearly a year and often worked overtime. When he came home, his children were too tired to turn on the computer. Wang Li thinks that when Xiaojun is resting at home, playing games to kill time is also a kind of rest.

  Wang Li said that Xiaojun is somewhat introverted, but very obedient. There is no obstacle to family communication at ordinary times, so she never understands how children can make "stupid things". The only reason she can think of is that "it’s all from playing games"!

  Wang Li doesn’t know that Xiaojun’s recent favorite game is called the glory of the king. She just thinks that Xiaojun has no idea to go out to work since he played this game.


  I lost a few games in the game and felt "particularly frustrated in my life"

  Like many peers, Xiaojun has been playing games for almost 10 years. Regarding the glory of the king, Xiaojun said that this game is not very good, but it is really "addictive".

  Xiaojun doesn’t think he did something stupid because he was addicted to playing games. "That impulse was actually an outbreak of long-term depression," Xiaojun told Zi Niu news reporter. He had just lost several games at the time of the incident, and suddenly felt that his life was meaningless: "I was particularly frustrated."

  The "frustration" in Xiaojun’s mouth probably began after graduating from a technical school three years ago. The school recommended him to a machinery factory. Xiaojun majored in mechatronics, but the job here is assembly. "What I have learned is completely useless." More than 20 students who joined this enterprise with Xiaojun soon left their jobs one after another. Xiaojun said that he could tolerate the low-paying and boring work, and it was the daily commuting time that prompted him to follow in the footsteps of his classmates. From home to the enterprise, Xiaojun has to take the bus for about 1 hour, and then transfer to the factory car. It takes 2 hours to get down. "I need to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and get off work at 6 o’clock in the evening. I usually get home after 8 o’clock."

  The second job, recommended by the school, is a waiter in a catering enterprise in Xuzhou. Wang Li feels that this job has stimulated the child. "The unit leader found fault everywhere because the child’s hair was a little long at that time." She and her husband both supported Xiaojun’s resignation.


  I once had a fierce family dispute because I wanted to go out and make a break.

  The two jobs were not smooth, and the parents never blamed themselves. On the contrary, Xiaojun felt a little discouraged. Xiaojun said that his father was retiring from the unit at that time, and his family had certain economic pressure. He was eager to share it with his family earlier.

  After quitting his job as a waiter, Xiaojun tried to work in a car decoration shop. The main job every day is to wash the car for the guests. "It’s very tired and worthless." A few months later, he tried the position of tower crane on the construction site. This time, his parents asked him to quit the job. The mother felt that the child often worked at night and the lighting on the construction site was not good. "What if the child fell?"

  The longest job Xiaojun has done is the internal security work of security enterprises. After working for nearly a year, Xiaojun is even more depressed, his salary is not high, and he often works overtime. The most uncomfortable thing is that most of his colleagues are uncles in their 40 s and 50 s. "There is no common language at all, and I feel that I am wasting my life."

  Xiaojun had a fierce argument with his parents. He once proposed to go to a city with better economic conditions. Unexpectedly, his parents immediately objected. Xiaojun’s father said, "You haven’t even washed your clothes. Can you take care of yourself?" Mother Wang Li always said that she doesn’t need Xiaojun to earn much money, just live a stable life, so far away from home, how can parents take care of him?


  Although his parents don’t blame him, he feels "very useless"

  In the communication with Zi Niu journalists, Wang Li mentioned many times that real life is too harsh on children, and she doesn’t understand why society can’t provide children with a stable job. She once thought of turning to some institutions to provide some employment guidance and pre-job training for her children.

  Every time Xiaojun leaves his job, his parents never blame him, which makes Xiaojun feel "very useless". His way of venting his emotions is still online games. Xiaojun said that he actually has no "internet addiction", but he just thinks that what else can he do besides playing games? Since junior high school, he seems to have adapted to this life, and many of his classmates are like himself, spending their spare time in front of the computer. Xiaojun doesn’t have many friends in reality. On the contrary, he has met many people in the online game world, but apart from chatting about games, he and netizens rarely have other topics.

  When Xiaojun was engaged in internal security work, he alienated the game. Because he often worked overtime, he was very tired after returning home and lost the impulse to play games.

  Father likes to keep fit. During that time, Xiaojun followed his father to keep fit. Father and son often go to the gym together. After his father is busy with his work, Xiaojun insists on it, and his father often praises him for his "fruitful" practice. This hobby other than playing games failed to enrich Xiaojun’s life after all. All kinds of difficulties in work are still going on, and Xiaojun feels that he is getting more and more depressed until he has a heart-wrenching outbreak.

  Expert pulse-taking

  Find your own position

  Make up "career planning"

  Zhou Xianyang, deputy director of the Student Affairs Department of Jiangsu Normal University and director of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Service Center, believes that from Xiaojun’s employment experience, he has always been in a passive state of choosing a job and failed to find his own position. His various reasons for resignation seem more like avoiding.

  Zhou Xianyang suggested that Xiaojun might as well make a career plan first, find a correct position according to his own situation and stick to it. In fact, ordinary posts also need to learn and pay, but also need to try and practice. The initial stage is more about experience, and through our own efforts, we can develop step by step.

  Zhou Xianyang also suggested that Xiaojun’s parents should have confidence in their children and encourage them instead of "protecting" them blindly. In modern society, how many people don’t face pressure and challenges?

  Zhu Haimei, the first batch of professional psychological counselors in China and a senior psychological teacher in Xuzhou No.1 Middle School, believes that from Xiaojun’s experience and various actions, he has the characteristics of "hollow man" in psychology, and he is confused about his future and doesn’t know what he can do or want to do. She suggested that Xiaojun should first find the goal of life and make up the course of "career planning"; Secondly, Xiaojun has a certain lack of self-awareness ability. With the help of professionals in psychological counseling institutions, he can "self-analyze" and understand what he wants in his heart and whether it is in line with his ability.

  Zhu Haimei also hopes that the parents of the children will boldly let go and let the children "take a trip."


  "I want to live a good life and work hard."

  After a few days in hospital, Xiaojun finally put down the game. He told Zi Niu news reporter that he fell down this time and he would get up again. "I won’t play games again." Xiaojun still hopes to find a job with a professional counterpart, but he also said that he had a problem with his mentality in the past and had too high expectations for himself. In the future, he will put down too many ideas and work as long as he is almost the same. He will not give up because of a little setback: "I want to live and work well."

  When Xiaojun said these words, Zi Niu news reporter noticed that Wang Li, whose mood had been calm, secretly wiped her tears behind her back.

  (The characters in the text are pseudonyms)

Rogge’s first press conference praised the Olympic Village and predicted the "awakening" of Asian sports.

  On August 2nd, IOC President Jacques Rogge answered questions about the IOC Executive Board meeting and the Beijing Olympic Games at the press conference held in the main press center of Beijing Olympic Games. China News Agency issued Wu Zhonglin photo

  On August 2nd, IOC President Jacques Rogge said at the press conference held in the main press center of Beijing Olympic Games that he was very satisfied with the work of BOCOG and he was looking forward to seeing a perfect opening ceremony. China News Agency issued Wu Zhonglin photo

  China news agency, Beijing, August 2nd (Reporter Huan Wang) Jacques, President of the International Olympic Committee? Rogge held his first press conference in the main press center of Beijing Olympic Games today. Apart from praising the Beijing Olympic Village, he also predicted that Asian sports would "wake up" in this Olympic Games.

  Rogge, who ended the one-day meeting of the IOC Executive Committee, came to the press conference and still looked radiant, waving to the media who had been waiting for a long time. The Executive Committee ended the discussion ahead of schedule today, which, in Rogge’s view, is a good start for this Olympic Games.

  Rogge, who attended the launching ceremony of the "Peace and Friendship Wall" in the Olympic Village on August 1st, was full of praise for this "first village on earth". "I am very fortunate to enter the Olympic Village and talk with Olympic athletes. They all think that this is the best Olympic Village in previous Olympic Games." Rogge recalled, "I myself have been in the Olympic Village since 1968, and the Beijing Olympic Village is very outstanding. This has also been recognized by national and regional Olympic committees and international individual sports federations. "

  When talking about sports achievements, Rogge predicted that Asian sports would "wake up" in this Olympic Games. He cited the figures of the Athens Olympic Games: "China won 32 gold medals, which was close to 36 in the United States, and Russian won 29 gold medals. This competition will be very interesting, because the host usually wins more gold medals and medals. China, South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries will present good medal figures, which is very exciting and expected. "

  Rogge specifically mentioned that some Iraqi athletes were allowed to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games at today’s Executive Committee meeting. "This also means that all 205 members of the International Olympic Committee will participate in this Olympic Games." The Beijing Olympic Games truly realized the great reunion of the Olympic family.

  "A week before the opening of the Athens Olympic Games, we were still worried about whether the competition venues could be built on time, and the Beijing Olympic venues began to hold test competitions one year in advance." Rogge once again emphasized the IOC’s affirmation of Beijing’s Olympic preparations. "I am very happy to see that the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee has fulfilled its promise when bidding, and this Olympic Games will be very successful."

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  • IOC President Jacques Rogge wishes peace "as long as the Great Wall of China" August 1, 2008.

  • Foreign media: Beijing Olympic Village officially opened "Welcome guests with open arms" on July 28th, 2008.

  • [Video] The Olympic Peace and Friendship Wall was launched. The Rogge Wall was signed in Chinese on August 2, 2008.

  • Rogge called on the "villagers" in the Olympic Village to donate 50,000 pieces of clothes to the refugees on August 1, 2008.

  • Rogge still lived in the Olympic Village during the Olympic Games, praising Beijing’s preparations again on August 2, 2008.

  • All the safeguards for the Olympic Games are in place: Beijing is ready for July 29, 2008.

  • Let Beijing "stand on the shoulders of giants" July 25, 2008

  • IOC President Jacques Rogge meets Chinese and foreign journalists [photos] August 2, 2008


 More eye-catching news

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 "Water Cube" Awards Exercise (Figure)  [Video] The second rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games tonight.   Colorful Terracotta Warriors and Horses Debut (Photos)
 The Olympic torch relay in downtown Tianjin  [Video] CCTV aerial photography of Olympic venues.   12,000 people in the Bird’s Nest can call at the same time.
 Observing the first "total solar eclipse" in the 21st century (Photos)           "Chang ‘e" has obtained the full moon image data.
 The oldest coffee forest in China has a history of 100 years.         Can the Olympic flame ignite the passion of the stock market?
 [Video] Iran criticizes the United States for double standards in the use of nuclear energy.     The United States once again threatened Iran with international sanctions.
 Japan’s cabinet changed 17 people, and only 4 people stayed.    [Video] The White House announces the list of presidential delegations attending the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.
 The seriously ill mother risked her life to give birth to a baby boy.       [Video] Chongqing’s new urban place names have eliminated the "earthy" flavor and refused to use the word "village"
 Men take "AIDS blood" from researchers to murder their lovers (Figure)   The peak of Liu Xiang’s trilogy of preparing for the Olympic Games is set at 8.21.
 Kim Hee Seon 14 whole body pregnancy exposure (Photos)               Jimmy Lin was exposed to be secretly engaged to "Little Lin Chi-ling"

Editor: Lu Wei

Chengdu auto show

(Observer News) The 2019 Chengdu Auto Show kicked off on September 5. Mercedes-Benz brought its first and listed models to the auto show, and introduced new products covering almost all segments of luxury cars, especially the growing SUV family.

"This year is the year of SUV for Mercedes-Benz, and the SUV family is also the well-deserved backbone of the Mercedes-Benz sales system. Whether it is a new EQC pure electric SUV that embraces the era of electric travel or a new generation of long-wheelbase GLC SUV that once again sets a new benchmark for market segments. " Zhang Yan, senior executive vice president of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales & Service Co., Ltd., said at the Chengdu Auto Show, "As an inventor of automobiles, Mercedes-Benz has always been impressed with the initial intention of building cars and keeping pace with the times, and is committed to bringing consumers quality products that meet higher travel needs."

The new GLS SUV welcomes China’s first show

At this auto show, the new Mercedes-Benz GLS was officially unveiled and completed its first show in China. The new car is built on the modular platform of Mercedes-Benz MHA, with a 3,135-mm wheelbase, large-area leather interior, 5-zone automatic air conditioning and exclusive rear configuration with a 7-inch tablet computer. The three-bar headlight group owned by the flagship model is extremely conspicuous, and the taillights on both sides are similar to the new GLE; The body size has also been fully upgraded, and the wheelbase has been fully increased by 60mm;; After the second/third discharge, the storage space can reach an amazing 2400L L.

In the power part, the new GLS580 4Matic will be equipped with EQ Boost composed of 4.0T V8 engine and +48V light mixing, in which the maximum power of a single engine is 489PS and the peak torque is 700N m.. GLS450 uses 3.0T inline six-cylinder engine +48V light mixing, which can generate 367 PS maximum power and 500 N·m peak torque.

EQC pure electric SUV Chuangdai 1886 limited edition and long wheelbase GLC SUV have appeared one after another.

As the first mass-produced model under EQ brand, the new EQC pure electric SUV is the first domestic pure electric luxury model in the medium-sized SUV market segment. The brand-new EQC 400 4MATIC pure electric SUV unveiled at this auto show created a limited edition of 1886, which is of great significance to Mercedes-Benz: "1886" not only represents the invention of the first car by Mercedes-Benz in 1886, but also turns the dream of changing the way of human travel into reality, which also marks that Mercedes-Benz respects the new era of human electric travel with the pioneering spirit of continuous breakthrough and innovation.

EQC pure electric SUV has a cruising range of 415 kilometers under the rigorous test of NEDC comprehensive working condition standard. At the same time, more than 200 prototypes have been comprehensively tested with a total mileage of more than 4.5 million kilometers around the world, including more than 250,000 kilometers of harsh road tests in China.

In addition, a new generation of long-wheelbase GLC SUV, which just went on the market not long ago, also appeared at the auto show. The new car was specially made for China customers, and it was "made in China" of "exclusive China".

Brand-new B-class sports wagon goes on sale.

At this auto show, the brand-new B-class sports station wagon comes on the market with the brand-new B 200 dynamic model and B 200 fashion model. The suggested retail prices of the manufacturers are RMB 259,800 yuan and 276, respectively, in 800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz B-Class adopts the latest family design language, and the air intake grille is composed of upper and lower parts, with a significantly larger area. The side and tail lines of the car are softer.

In addition, the tail of the new car adopts a brand-new LED taillight and a double-sided chrome-plated exhaust layout. The interior uses two 10.25-inch high-definition displays and is equipped with the latest MBUX human-computer interaction system.

In terms of power, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz B-Class adopts the same 1.3T engine as the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, with cylinder-closing technology. The low-power version has a maximum power of 136 HP and a peak torque of 200 Nm. The high-power version has a maximum power of 163 HP and a peak torque of 250 Nm. In the transmission part, the new car will match the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

This article is an exclusive manuscript of Observer. It cannot be reproduced without authorization.

What is the significance of allowing foreign investors to set up entertainment venues in China according to law?

  Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the Notice on Adjusting the Examination and Approval of Entertainment Places and Internet Service Business Places.

  According to the Notice, according to the Decision of the State Council on Amending and Abolishing Some Administrative Regulations,Foreign investors are allowed to set up entertainment venues in China according to law, and restrictions on the proportion of foreign investment are abolished.Foreign investors applying to engage in business activities of entertainment places shall apply to the provincial administrative department of culture and tourism, and the application materials, establishment conditions and procedures are consistent with those of domestic capital.

  In addition, according to Article 58 of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the Protection of Minors,Schools and kindergartens shall not set up entertainment places or business places for Internet service. The distance and measurement method between kindergartens and entertainment places and Internet service business places shall be specified by the provincial administrative department of culture and tourism in combination with the actual situation.

  Before the implementation of the Law on the Protection of Minors in People’s Republic of China (PRC), entertainment places and Internet service places have been set up around kindergartens. When the examination and approval authorities handle the renewal or change of business licenses, they should strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations, and earnestly implement the legal requirements that entertainment places and Internet service places should not be set up around kindergartens.

  Expert interpretation

  Yong Yang, a researcher at the Institute of Intellectual Property Law and Policy, East China University of Political Science and Law:The country has also further reformed and opened up to the outside world, giving enterprises more independent rights.At the same time, it is also considered that creating a better business environment and giving foreign investors a national investment treatment will still play a role in promoting and promoting the entire entertainment market. Through the opening up of foreign capital, the market activity will be further improved, which will enrich the spiritual and cultural life of ordinary people and bring a good impetus and prosperity.

  In the adjustment that entertainment places and Internet service business places are not allowed around schools and kindergartens, the Notice points out that the distance and measurement method between schools, kindergartens and business places shall be made by the provincial cultural and tourism administrative departments in light of the actual situation. Researcher Yong Yang also gave a related explanation.

  Researcher, Institute of Intellectual Property Law and Policy, East China University of Political Science and Law, ShanghaiYong Yang:Every city has a different volume, including Xuhui District in Shanghai, where there are 99 schools in more than 50 square kilometers. I think the interpretation of "periphery" should be given to the local cultural and tourism bureau according to the actual situation, which should not only ensure the prosperity of the market, but also maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the original enterprises, and at the same time effectively protect the rights and interests related to minors. (CCTV reporter Zhao Jizhe Shi Yilong)

Kung Fu Panda 4 is a love letter to China’s Kung Fu movies.

"Kung Fu Panda 4" was released on March 22nd, and the panda A Bao returned to the big screen after 8 years’ violation.

The animated film Kung Fu Panda 4, co-directed by mike mitchell and Stephanie Ma stine, was released on March 22nd. This film is the fourth in a series of Kung Fu Panda movies, and the panda A Bao has returned to the big screen after eight years. In the English version, the comedian Jack Black once again returned to be the naive kung fu master Po. Bo Huang, Yang Mi and Rulu were the Chinese voices of Po, Xiaozhen and "The Phantom of the Demon" in Kung Fu Panda 4 respectively.

Kung Fu Panda 4 is a rare animated film that can capture the fourth episode. The Kung Fu Panda series, which has spanned nearly 16 years, has captured an amazing box office of about $2 billion in the world. The lovely panda Po is the protagonist of this legendary series. He shows the profound truth and universal concepts about self-discovery, overcoming fear and teamwork with stories full of oriental thoughts, which makes the series accumulate a very deep audience around the world. From the first movie, Kung Fu Panda series began to perfectly blend comedy, action and true feelings.

"I am a big fan of this series, and Kung Fu Panda is also one of the best series of movies ever. What excites me most is to explore its unique combination of comedy and action. Especially as a kung fu movie fan, there are extremely wonderful action fights in the story of this movie, and at the same time, comedy and animation are mixed together. It is a perfect opportunity for me. " Michelle, co-director of Kung Fu Panda 4, told the Beijing News that there will be more action scenes in Kung Fu Panda 4, because it is a love letter for China Kung Fu movies. "I like all kung fu movies, such as movies starring Bruce Lee, Kung Fu directed by Stephen Chow, Yuan Heping’s" Young Huang Feihong’s Iron Horse "and so on. We found inspiration in these movies, absorbed the essence and put them into this movie. For example, at the beginning of the film, Po raised his finger, which is a classic action of Bruce Lee. Of course, we must pay tribute to Bruce Lee. Another example is a landlady who is a powerful and skilled warrior. She has curly hair on her head, which seems to pay tribute to Stephen Chow’s movie Kung Fu (the chartered woman played by Yuan Qiu). "

Kung Fu Panda 4 has scenes to pay tribute to Bruce Lee’s classic movements and the rented woman in the film Kung Fu.

Simple Po wants to be a spiritual leader.

With Kung Fu Panda 4 leading the series into a new chapter, Po’s story has also taken a gripping turn, guiding him to embark on an inner journey about growth and change. With extraordinary courage and kung fu tricks of "punching the old master to death", the Dragon Warrior Po defeated some of the best kung fu villains in the world in the first three thrilling adventures. This time, fate summoned him to cultivate his body and mind. To put it bluntly, he was appointed as the spiritual leader of Heping Valley because of his simple nature, but this incident immediately triggered several obvious problems: First, Po knew nothing about how to be a spiritual leader, which was equivalent to letting him, who loved food, "eat birds and eat blood"; Secondly, Po should find a new Dragon Warrior as soon as possible, and train him to take up his post smoothly before he can retire and become a lofty leader, which is a process that needs thorough understanding and acceptance for him. To make matters worse, the powerful evil mage, the Phantom Queen (voiced by Viola Davis), has recently reappeared in the Jianghu. She is a petite lizard that can be transformed into the appearance of any animal, regardless of its size. After the Phantom of the Opera, those greedy little eyes are fixed on the staff of wisdom in Po’s hands. With it, she will be able to reconvene all the villains who have been hit by Po in the spirit world.

In "Kung Fu Panda 4", Po’s new partner is the cunning and witty thief Shahu Xiaozhen.

Therefore, Po is in urgent need of help, and then he meets the cunning and witty thief Xiaozhen (voiced by Awkwafina). This sand fox annoys Po all over, but her ability will help a lot. In order to protect the Valley of Peace from being trampled by the clutches of the Phantom of the Opera, tell it to the judge, who had frequent jokes, had to fight side by side. In this process, Po will find that unexpected places also meet heroes. Michelle said that in addition to being black and white, Po’s thoughts are black and white, and there are only good people and bad people in his mind. But this time, the newly added character Xiao is really a good and evil character. As a thief, she is still kind-hearted, which makes Po in a dilemma for a while. I don’t know if I can trust her. In the initial discussion, the production team found that Po rarely left the Valley of Peace, so they decided to take him out of the comfort zone and come to the new environment of Juniper City to get to know Xiaozhen. "We want to design such a movie, in which Xiaozhen and Po represent the city and the countryside respectively. Po from the countryside came to the big city for the first time, so we basically created a new york Times Square in an imaginary ancient China world, where all kinds of animals are in groups, and the number is more than you have ever seen before, including rhinoceros, sheep, wild boar, domestic pigs, goats, crocodiles and bears." In Kung Fu Panda 4, the scenes visited by Po and Xiaozhen are broader than those in the previous work. Michelle said, "This magnificent world has caused Po to change, making him realize that he may be ignorant. As he explores this vast new world, he also comes into contact with all kinds of people.Accepted the concept that the world is not only black and white. This journey made Po wise and saw that there were more than just good and evil sides in the world. "

A team of more than 500 people creates a multicultural perspective

The production team took the time to polish the story and characters of this film carefully, and also paid attention to the standards set by previous films. "This movie has been separated from the last one for eight years, and we have to live up to our high expectations. The first three movies have been a great success, and the fans of Kung Fu Panda have been growing from the first one, constantly crossing the age group. Our goal is to create a movie that can resonate with men, women and children. It not only pays tribute to the memories and legends of the previous work, but also introduces new, interesting and exciting elements. We want to strive to achieve a balance between the two. " Michelle introduced that in the process of cooperation in finalizing the story, the team of Kung Fu Panda 4 created a vibrant and creative environment: "About 500 people contributed to this film, bringing diversified perspectives to the story, sharing the same opinions and goals with everyone, making the finalization process exciting, and allowing us to introduce new ideas on the basis of retaining the styles and feelings of the first three films."

There are about 500 people behind Kung Fu Panda 4, who come from all over the world.

Stephanie Ma stine, the co-director of this film, is a Chinese-American female directors. In the final stage of the production of Kung Fu Panda 4, the complex culture in which she grew up also brought a lot of fun and knowledge to the whole team. "My family comes from China, so I will teach the crew to play mahjong, a game that my father once joked would lead me astray," she said. "But now I’m here, taking my colleagues to enjoy the fun of this China game. From the peaceful valley with rural customs to the bustling city of juniper, we have been trying to capture this extensive culture in the movies. Our attention to small details, such as whether a food is authentic or not, has created a sense of richness for the world of Kung Fu Panda, which is constantly resonating with audiences around the world. " Michelle and the production team pay great attention to realism, and the final product is a love letter they wrote to China culture, martial arts and the whole series of Kung Fu Panda. He said, "Since the release of Kung Fu Panda 3, the world has improved a lot, and we have also noticed these changes, and tried to add more diversity to our actors, crews and later stages, and even Kung Fu has evolved. Many of our animators and artists still clearly remember how they watched Kung Fu Panda when they were young, and they were all very excited that they could contribute to the series of movies they liked since childhood in this new work. "

Behind the scenes

1. In order to capture the real kungfu movements, Sean sexton, director of animation roles with background in Taekwondo and Aikido, integrated the realistic mechanism into Po’s movements. sexton’s team cooperated with a stunt director and several performers to shoot many accurate reference shots for animation.

2. For the inspiration of camera following, animated characters and action scenes, the production team invited stunt coordinator and martial artist Don Ty Theerathada as the kung fu consultant for this film. Theerathada and his stunt team used to be responsible for the fight scene design and arrangement of many action movies. In addition, the stunt team also photographed the scene reference for the animators, who used props designed to imitate the characters’ costumes, costumes, horns, tails and other characteristics to study the natural movements of animals.

3. In the process of making Kung Fu Panda series, animation technology has also made great progress. These technological advances have achieved dynamic camera following, enhanced lighting and unlimited facial feature control for Kung Fu Panda 4. However, despite the technological progress, the animators still combine the old-school and new-school technologies to create traditional hand-drawn pencil drafts for action scenes.

The big villain in Kung Fu Panda 4, the Phantom of the Demon Queen.

4. The film adopts the opinions of Dr Stuart Sumaida, a biologist and vertebrate paleontologist, to help shape the Phantom of the Phantom and the Queen and her army of Komodo dragons. The physiology, movement and independent rotation of eyes of these characters have been carefully designed.

5. It is a complicated process to shape the transformation after the Phantom of the Opera, which is inspired by movies such as The Ring of the Rings at Midnight, X-Men, Nightcrawler and Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes. In order to pursue the details of the transformation, this character is bound with more than 8,000 control points. In order to solve the clothing problem during the transformation of the Phantom of the Opera, the design is adjusted to seamlessly inhale the clothing into the skin.

Welcome the audience to watch Kung Fu Panda 4 at Dolby Cinema in Belle Palace and enjoy the ultimate audio-visual experience.

Beijing News reporter Zhou Huixiao

Editor Huang Jialing

Proofread Li Lijun

Beijing will accelerate a number of landmark projects such as integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and bio-manufacturing.

CCTV News:On March 19th, the State Council Office held a press conference on "Strive to create a new situation of high-quality development based on the strategic positioning of the capital city". At the meeting, Yin Yong, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said that efforts would be made to strengthen the construction of an international science and technology innovation center and give full play to Beijing’s advantages in developing new quality productivity. We will co-ordinate the resources of educational science and technology talents, cultivate and strengthen all kinds of scientific and technological forces, continue to implement the leading action of basic research and the plan of tackling key core technologies in depth, and lay out the new track of the future industry in a forward-looking way; Leading the construction of a modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation, accelerating a number of landmark projects such as integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and bio-manufacturing, consolidating and expanding the leading edge of industries such as artificial intelligence and high-level autonomous driving, and striving to build a benchmark city for the global digital economy; Accelerate the improvement of the innovation ecosystem, launch a new Zhongguancun pilot reform policy, solidly promote the construction of the world’s leading science and technology parks, and gather momentum for Beijing’s high-quality development.