Foolish operation Tik Tok rose 160,000 yuan in a single month and realized 200,000 yuan.

Foolish operation Tik Tok rose 160,000 yuan in a single month and realized 200,000 yuan.

Hello, I’m Guo Yaotian, also known as Guo Shao.

After sending the children to class in the morning, I went out to visit a few bosses. One is WeChat official account Entertainment Account, which is currently 100,000+.He said that there are actually only 800,000 fans, and this account can be realized about 10 million a year. I always thought that entertainment fans didn’t make much money, which opened my eyes. We talked a lot, gave me a lot of ideas, and it was really ok to play. Later, I will share some with you publicly.

In addition, I also visited two local bosses in Tik Tok, both of whom are awesome in exploring shops in the same city. Millions of local fans have good income. If you are interested in studying exploring shops in the same city, I can introduce it to you. It’s really ok to play. Let’s start today’s theme, which is how to operate Tik Tok like a fool and how to realize it quickly.

Speaking of short video live broadcast, I started doing it in 18 years. At that time, Tik Tok was not very popular, so I started to make short videos, invested hundreds of thousands, bought equipment, and found someone to do it. I didn’t expect that nothing was done after a few months. After I got it, I was a little disgusted with short video live broadcast. I knew it was the current trend, but I was afraid. However, I was told a few cases by WeChat official account’s eldest brother today, which really stimulated me, and I can make money so quickly. It can be said that as long as I can speak normally, I can make money by stupid operation.

His gameplay is to use the live broadcast to pay for knowledge, sell courses and sell books. I said, can’t fans do it? He said that there is no need for fans at all, and 0 fans can start broadcasting. He said that the current recommendation mechanism in Tik Tok, as long as you insist on live broadcast and pay some fees, will soon be able to set up an account. He showed me an operation case, that is, they prepared a set of live broadcasts and repeated this content every day. At present, the result is a monthly increase of 160,000.

He said that the video of this account is also relatively simple. The video does not need to be shown by real people. Just print out the phonetic symbols and 26 letters, read them out and record them. He said that the current account has just started selling courses for about a week, and the effect is still relatively good. At present, the order has come down to more than 100,000, and it will soon be 200,000.

He said that there wasn’t a set of words that could be copied before, but now it can be copied to others in batches. As long as it takes about two hours to broadcast live every day, you can quickly attract fans. All you need to do is repeat the same words every day, just do it like a fool. He said that I remembered a case that I studied in Guizhou at that time and said Tik Tok dry goods. I went in for a week in a row and repeated the same content.

What he sells is some live documents, live books, and live stands. There are tens of thousands of income every day. I didn’t expect this game to play many places in batches, mainly because there are many people in the live broadcast room every day. If someone wants to drain, he will be rewarded, so the reward money every day is a lot of money in Tik Tok.

It’s a case of a live broadcast of the same speech. I didn’t expect that some people would copy and operate this mode in batches now, so some industries can do this. This big brother suggested that I set up business-related accounts in batches, prepare good words, broadcast live in batches, and drain the traffic to WeChat official account. There is also my current content to be distributed all over the network, and convert the text into video and audio.

Later, it really takes time to do this thing, and there are many dry goods to share later.

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