A good film has an appointment | Watch "Last Christmas" by Long Ma and Yang Ziqiong, and it will be cool in a summer.

A good film has an appointment | Watch "Last Christmas" by Long Ma and Yang Ziqiong, and it will be cool in a summer.

Last Christmas,

I gave you my heart.

But the next day,

You sent it away.

— — 《Last Christmas》

Special feature of 1905 film network This well-known English song "Last Christmas" was sung by Wei Meng Band and has been covered by many domestic and foreign singers since it came out in 1984. This week’s film "Last Christmas" was adapted from this song.

Last Christmas

Director:Paul Feig

playwrightEmma thompson/burini Cummings/greg wise

star; act the leading roleEmilia Clarke/Henry Golding/Yang Ziqiong/emma thompson/Rebecca Root


Producer country/regionBritain/America

First, from the cool and handsome "Dragon Mom" to the sweet Kate

In the film Last Christmas, Emilia Clarke, the heroine, dressed in an elf costume, changed her old image and sang "Jingle Bells" for the audience, making her sweet off the charts!

When he was three or four years old, Emilia Clarke came to the theater with his father by chance, and he was deeply fascinated by drama from then on. When she was ten years old, she had an interview with a film crew. Although she was unsuccessful, she failed to extinguish her enthusiasm for acting.

Emilia Clarke photos

When she auditioned for an American TV series, she amused the general manager with an impromptu dance and was lucky enough to get the qualification to participate in Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke played the role of "Dragon Mom" in the film, and the cool and handsome image left a deep impression on the audience.

Game of Thrones

The wonderful performance in Game of Thrones made Emilia Clarke an instant hit and made her a popular actress. During the filming of Game of Thrones, I participated in many films, such as, and so on.

Second, from classic songs to a movie

Emma thompson, the initiator of the movie Last Christmas, decided to attach a new meaning to the lyrics "Last Christmas, I gave you my sincere heart".

Emma thompson photos

Because the original lyrics are about the story of lovelorn love, the first problem that emma thompson encountered was how to change from a lovelorn single to a movie that resonates with the public and has temperature.

Last Christmas

Emma thompson discovered that the original composer had worked in a homeless shelter anonymously when he was doing the data inversion. Moreover, george michael’s wham band donated all the royalties of this song to Ethiopia for famine relief.

Photo of Wittmann Band (george michael on the left)

George michael, the original composer, inspired emma thompson by these acts of kindness full of great love. She decided to express a great love that everyone is equal in this story, and skillfully attached a new meaning to the lyrics of "Last Christmas, I gave you my sincere heart".

Stills of Last Christmas

Third, from martial arts professionals to comedians

In creation, in order to express that people with different cultural backgrounds can celebrate the same festival, emma thompson created a very contrasting role — — Asian boss who runs a Christmas decoration shop. In emma thompson’s mind, Yang Ziqiong is the best person to play this role.

Stills of Last Christmas

Yang Ziqiong has left many dashing images on the screen, such as Yu Xiulian, her opponent in the movie, and bond girl, the representative of Hollywood.

Yang Ziqiong in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 007: Empire of Tomorrow

In fact, when he first learned that he was going to star in a comedy, Yang Ziqiong refused. After all, he has always created a cool and handsome image in front of the audience for many years. But when she learned that the screenwriter of the film was her favorite actor emma thompson, she suddenly became interested in the film, because she believed that emma thompson could create a real and suitable role for her.

Stills of Last Christmas

This week’s "A Good Film with a Date" will take you into "Last Christmas" and start a wonderful love in a brisk song.

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