From "punching in" to "inquiring", tourism has been played with new tricks.

From "punching in" to "inquiring", tourism has been played with new tricks.

You don’t need a strategy, you don’t need a plan, you just need to come here alone, and then follow the instructions of local residents to find one place after another to "eat, drink and be merry". This kind of tourism is called "inquiry tourism", which sounds a bit unreliable, but in reality, young people have begun to practice it.

Inquiry tourism, the main one is casualness and freedom.


Inquiry tourism, also known as "inquiry tourism", depends on your mouth for what you want to eat, what you want to play and what you want to visit. Then ask a local passer-by randomly and follow their guidance to reach the destination of "eat, drink and be merry".

Not doing raiders, not planning, and relying on inquiries all the way have also made many people feel incredible, but don’t believe it, this has begun to become a new way of traveling for some young people.

The taxi said, "Master, can you recommend some restaurants you often go to?" It is possible to open the taxi master’s chatterbox, and after several conversations, you can get some local restaurants with good "cost performance", delicious and cheap.

Chat with the boss at dinner, "boss, do you know any interesting places around here?" Later, between you and me, you may become friends with the boss. After you finish the bill, you will take the drinks sent by the boss and head for the place he recommended.

Even if you walk on the road, you can randomly find an uncle or uncle sitting on the side of the road to ask about the local characteristics, and they will certainly be happy to tell which places are worth going and which places need lightning protection.

Netizen @ Nut has been to several cities by asking all the way.

At first, because he came on a trip, he had already set foot on the journey before planning, but with the nature of being a natural social cow, he soon found the destination from the conversation with friends, taxi drivers, homestay owners and others he met on the train.

Of course, all this may not go well, and not everyone will stop to give you careful guidance, but so what? He thinks that when he eats a restaurant that is more delicious than the "must-eat list", he may feel that everything is worth it.


Nuts are actually very keen on making strategies and planning at the beginning, which basically belongs to the state that they are not at ease when they go out without strategies.

Whether traveling with friends or by himself, whether traveling for a week and a half, or traveling with special forces who pay attention to punching cards quickly, he can plan all the arrangements, and basically makes few mistakes, but it also makes him very anxious every time.

It was not until he was on that vacation that he suddenly came on a "go and go" trip, which was considered to let him bid farewell to the troubles of the travel strategy temporarily.

Friends who have seen "Flowers and Teenagers Silk Road Season" recently will be shocked by the contrast before and after they became tour guides. When they were tour guides, they were preoccupied and aged ten years. After the tour guides, they became heartless and became "flowers and teenagers" again.

At the same time, all kinds of play strategies and online celebrity punch cards that are widely circulated on the Internet also exist the phenomenon of genuine fish and shoddy goods, and many people must have suffered the loss of "must play places and must eat lists".

Nuts have been trampled on many times because of raiders, the scenery of punching cards in online celebrity is not in line with the real thing, and the food store in online celebrity is not as good as any local roadside stall … All these have become the norm, so he often falls into mental internal friction during his travels.

Different from Raiders Tourism and Special Forces Tourism, "Inquiry Tourism" focuses on a happy life and a quiet life. After a period of intense work, he just wanted to find a place to relax completely.

You don’t have to worry about whether there is enough time to arrange your daily schedule, and you don’t have to rush to punch in one place after another. You don’t have to be anxious about making raiders and being trampled by thunder, but you can enjoy the freedom and relaxation during your trip.

Nut said, "In fact, the recommendation of passers-by may not necessarily meet your own taste, but without the hurry when you were on the road before, you can re-see the scenery of each city."


Inquiry travel is just like opening a blind box, and the result may not be satisfactory, but I don’t know that the process of opening a blind box is enough to make people happy, even if there is no hidden money.

The biggest feature of inquiry travel is that it can slow us down, feel what is happening now in uncertainty, and regain and enjoy the meaning of travel.

Living in a busy city and walking in a hurried street, it seems that everything has been pressed the acceleration button.

A two-hour movie worth savoring can be reduced to more than ten minutes; When we are crowded with buses and subways, we will also browse social media crazily for fear of missing any hot spots; When you want to take the exam, you will also be picked up by various crash courses on the market …

We think that we can get to our destination faster by speeding up, but we don’t know that the faster we travel, the easier it is to lose a lot. In many cases, the process is often more important than the result, so is travel and life.

When playing with a raiders, you may spend too much time waiting; When traveling with the wind special forces, I am really more tired after a short and exciting journey …

Inquiry travel is like this. It doesn’t take too much time and energy, and it doesn’t need to be tense at all times like doing a task. Let’s go back to the offline from the online, which not only brings people closer to each other, but also gives us a personalized travel experience that may only happen once in life.

Of course, it will certainly step on the thunder based on subjective impressions. If you inquire about the place yourself, you also need multiple minds and careful identification.

However, travel is full of unknowns and uncertainties. Even if we are fully prepared, we will still face all kinds of unexpected situations, and there will always be regrets and uncertainties. When we can face and enjoy all this calmly, this may be the meaning of travel and life.


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