Gua Shuai responded whether he would leave Manchester City: Let’s talk about winning the treble.

Gua Shuai responded whether he would leave Manchester City: Let’s talk about winning the treble.

Manchester City coach Guardiola was asked if he would leave Manchester City. He said that he would not return to this topic until Manchester City really won the treble.

Before the interview, Manchester City entered the sprint stage in the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Cup, and is expected to win the triple crown. The reporter asked whether Guardiola would retire after winning the treble in Manchester City. Gua Shuai responded: "The premise is that we win the treble. You can continue to ask me this question and I will tell you the answer."

On May 21st, Beijing time, due to Arsenal’s elimination from the title race, Manchester City won the Premier League title three rounds ahead of schedule. If they can win the FA Cup and the Champions League at the same time, they will become the second treble team in English history.

When talking about whether they have considered the treble, Gua Shuai said that it is natural. They need to take care of all fronts. Their opponents will not be easy, and Manchester United will cause them great trouble.

When talking about Inter Milan, the opponent in the Champions League final, Guardiola said that when this Serie A team feels that it is not a favorite to win the championship, the next thing is worth thinking about.

Guardiola said naughtily that all this would be told to reporters after they won the triple crown.

At 23:00 Beijing time on May 21st, in the 37th round of the Premier League, Manchester City will play Chelsea at home as the champion of the Premier League this season.

Manchester City still has five games to play this season, and the remaining three Premier League games are of little significance to them. The FA Cup final will be held at 22:00 on June 3rd, and the Champions League final will be held at 03:00 on June 11th.


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