Chun Wu, Chen Bailin, Practice, Tang Yixin, Lin Chi-ling, Watch the Holiday Mode of Entertainment Circle.

Chun Wu, Chen Bailin, Practice, Tang Yixin, Lin Chi-ling, Watch the Holiday Mode of Entertainment Circle.

Many stars will choose to travel in their spare time, go to various places, travel around the world, feel different customs and customs, and increase their experience, so that they can add more true feelings when filming at work, which is probably a big reason why stars like to travel. The following people pay special attention to traveling, and are willing to share it with fans and friends to see where they have been.

 Chun Wu Caribbean Celestial Beach

 Chun Wu, an actor and singer who has participated in "Daddy’s Back" and "Where’s Daddy Going", spends most of his time with his children except filming and singing, and often takes them out to travel. Last year, he took NeiNei and Max to the celestial beach in the Caribbean. In order to broaden children’s horizons, Wu Zun often took the children to experience all kinds of customs around the world.

 Iceland, Chen Bailin

  In the first issue of Flowers and Teenagers Season 3, Chen Bailin, a warm man, was exiled and traveled alone. Through the previous exile trips, we can see that he is a frequent traveler, and he has been to Iceland, which is known as the "cold wonderland".

 Practice the Arctic Circle

Besides filming, traveling is her greatest hobby. She had previously updated a set of aurora photos taken by herself in the Arctic Circle on Weibo, which was absolutely beautiful. She reached the North Pole at 66.33 north latitude along the most beautiful and dangerous Dalton Highway, which few tourists would take, and challenged the limit of danger all the way, which was very adventurous. She also shared a lot of feelings and knowledge, and the practice of loving travel has always been a fine and dedicated actress.

 Zhao Wei and Summer Xu travel together in Egypt.

  The photos of Zhao Wei and Summer Xu visiting Egypt together in their early years were exposed. In the photos, they were very close and took photos in front of the pyramids, the Sphinx and other landmark buildings. Both of them are dressed simply and casually with bright smiles, which shows that this trip is very comfortable and leisurely.

 Jiang Yiyan African Prairie

  Speaking of Jiang Yiyan, many people know that besides filming, she is a young literary woman who is enthusiastic about public welfare and loves photography in her daily life. In 2013, she traveled to the Ethiopian plateau with friends, where she used helicopter aerial photography to capture the vibrant life unique to Africa.

 Lake Baikal, Ruoyun Zhang, Tang Yixin

  Ruoyun Zhang Tang Yixin, a model couple in the entertainment circle, can see fancy sprinkles of sugar everywhere. Ruoyun Zhang in Flowers and Teenagers Season 3 was rated as "the best traveling companion", and she did not forget fancy dog abuse in a foreign country. They went to see Lake Baikal full of love together.

 Lin Chi-ling Antarctic

  Lin Chi-ling, known as "the first beauty in Taiwan Province", also participated in the travel variety show "Sister Flower 2". In the last stop, the "Flower Troupe" chose the South Pole as a farewell stop. Although this is a program arrangement, it can be seen that she loves traveling in the program.

 Whether it’s spring or winter, ordinary people or stars are willing to enrich their lives, expand their horizons and go out to see the scenery outside.


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