Script killing: Top stream content creators earn tens of thousands of dollars a month, which will become normal entertainment in the future.

Script killing: Top stream content creators earn tens of thousands of dollars a month, which will become normal entertainment in the future.

  According to the interviewee, the "4D" screen script against the horizon kills the picture.

  The "script killing" that arose in China at the end of 2016 has gone through three or four years. This emerging thing, which is called by the industry as "containing tens of billions of market scale and nearly 10 million consumers", has also attracted wide attention.

  At the 3rd Chengdu (International) Digital Entertainment Expo (IGS Expo), which opened in Chengdu on October 1st, a number of domestic script-killing related practitioners gathered. Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star journalists talked with many people in the industry on the spot to get a glimpse of the new trends in the industry.

  Some people say that script killing has ushered in the "3.0" era, and the content has not only been iteratively updated, but also the gameplay and scenes are more diverse.

  Another phenomenon is that more and more C-end players have penetrated into the middle and upper reaches of the industry, and some players have become content creators. Someone revealed: "It is normal for top-stream content creators to earn tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands a month." There are also players who team up to change careers collectively, starting from the middle reaches of the industry and testing new ways of playing and new scenes.

  Script killing entered the "3.0" era.

  Content, gameplay, and scenes have been iterated.

  "Script killing has entered the 3.0 era, and there have been iterations in the fields of script content and gameplay." At the event site, Lin Bo, the public relations director of the headquarters of Sanqian World Culture Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sanqian World") told reporters. Sanqian World is a local enterprise in Chengdu, which was established in 2017. Its business system covers the entire industrial chain of offline story interactive games, involving content creation, script distribution, store management and other businesses.

  Taking the 1.0 era three years ago as an example, Forestry Bo said that in terms of scripts, the basic conditions for composing a high-quality script in the 1.0 era are: a complete story composed of a reasonable case combined with complex character relationships. However, with more and more audiences and more mature markets, players are not simply satisfied with the needs of the script game form (that is, a pure reasoning game), and have higher requirements for the story content.

  Diversification, upgrading and iteration are also the views of Liu Cong, co-founder of Inverse Vision. Inverse Vision is an industry service provider with independent research and development of the curtain system, mainly focusing on high-quality script content, upgrading the immersive space entertainment experience driven by technology, and serving the script killer.

  The reporter experienced the "4D" curtain script killing against the horizon at the scene. It’s a closed space, with four walls forming a ring curtain. In the center of the space, there is an interactive desktop screen. When playing games, players sit around the table. As the story progresses, the table will show a functional picture to promote the story, and players can interact with it. The sound and LED light at the top will also change with the needs of the story link, reflecting the synchronization effect of sound, light and electricity.

  "The player experience affects the direction of the industry, and upgrading the player’s game experience is our original intention to build this project." Liu Cong said that Inverse Vision is a new branch of the industry, which mainly cooperates with the content exporters in the script killing industry. Through the secondary curtain content creation of the high-quality script promoted by the issuer, it will be promoted to offline stores.

  "The script has both content and form. It can combine all walks of life, such as cultural tourism, to revitalize young people’s cognition of traditional industries. It can also be combined with education and other industries to entertain and educate. " Forestry Bo believes that script killing is the starting point of offline immersive entertainment, and it can carry more scenes and play more functions in the future.

  Immersive entertainment is also the starting point of the three thousand worlds. Three Thousand Worlds had previously cooperated with the relevant departments of Luodai ancient town, and created a 100-person-scale script killing project "The World in the Late Han Dynasty" in Luodai ancient town. Indoor, they also created a super immersive theater "Qing Ming", which is an experience mode that combines the form of desktop script killing with the characteristics of secret room games.

  "This game can have multiple endings, and the player’s decision may affect the plot direction and even the ending. This model has also made ‘ Have a fever ’ Player ‘ Brush more ’ The possibility is more commercial than the traditional script. "

  It is normal for top stream content creators to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.

  But excellent authors are hard to copy.

  Forestry Bo believes that at present, script killing has formed a relatively perfect ecological system, that is, script creators, script publishers and offline stores have built up the upper, middle and lower reaches respectively. Script creators create scripts, script publishers distribute and promote scripts and sell them to offline stores, which then push scripts to players.

  From the perspective of industrial chain, content creators are the bottom of the supply chain. At present, there are two business models of creators: one is "buyout", that is, paying the creators a fixed price; The other is "sharing", which gives the creator a certain proportion of the sales according to the transaction.

  According to the average level in the industry, the current buyout purchase price is generally concentrated in the range of 0.7-15 thousand yuan, while the sharing ratio between the sharing method and the creator is 3: 7 to 5: 5. At present, the price of boxed scripts is in the range of 300-700 yuan, while the city-limited and exclusive price will reach 2,000-5,000 yuan.

  Then, does the "script killing content creators with a monthly income of 100,000" circulating in the industry really exist?

  "For the top flow, it is normal to enter tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands a month." Another industry insider, who did not want to be named, said that most top authors are the signboards of the corresponding issuers. "They may be able to produce a work that can make a profit of one or two million in a month." And some content creators who are good at business may also integrate creation and distribution, which is likely to develop into an industry leader.

  On the other hand, from the perspective of cooperation mode, there are three ways of cooperation between 3000 World and content creators: collecting manuscripts from the society, signing up teams and cultivating fixed teams by themselves. As far as forestry blog is concerned, because of the low industry threshold, content creators are also emerging in large numbers.

  So, will there be a surplus of scripts?

  He denied the reporter’s statement. "At present, the market consumes scripts much faster than the output of scripts, and the market is still in short supply." The reason is that for the store, the script killing is basically a "one-time consumable", and the store needs to constantly "update". And this new speed in the world is basically 5-7 new scripts a month.

  "But a top-stream content creator is hard to copy." He said that a good script must be both story-telling and game-playing, and a script should be popular, and the comprehensive factors are complex, and it cannot be discussed only by the content quality. Some people in the industry are trying to sort out the literacy and writing skills of a good script, and they are also considering whether they can form a template for mass production. But at present, these attempts have not been effective, because "no matter the quality or speed of creation, the creators are unstable." We all know that even if it is hot now ‘ Popular fried chicken ’ The next work may not guarantee the quality of this output. "

  Players are infiltrating the middle and upper reaches of the industry.

  In the future, script killing will become normal entertainment.

  Another phenomenon observed by the reporter is that more and more C-end players and outsiders have also made their debut in groups and even penetrated into the middle and upper reaches of the industry.

  In forestry blog’s view, players are the most important link in the whole industrial ecological chain and an "energy reserve pool". "A player may become an author, or a publisher may work closely with the author, or he may become a shopkeeper." Some of the content creators who cooperate with them are such players.

  This phenomenon has also been confirmed in the team of Inverse Vision. Liu Cong’s team comes from all walks of life, such as directing, film and television, software and hardware technology development and so on. The founding team got to know each other because they loved to play scripts, and finally formed a group to "debut".

  Regarding the future of the industry, both of them expressed optimism: "Relevant reports show that script killing is an offline consumption scene second only to sports and fitness and movies. It is foreseeable that script killing will become a standardized and normalized entertainment in the future." (Reporter Peng Xiangping)


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