[China Today] Marathon is not easy. What are the hidden worries behind the "war of words"

[China Today] Marathon is not easy. What are the hidden worries behind the "war of words"

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On November 18th, He Yinli of China missed the championship in the Suzhou Marathon.

Because netizens questioned the setting of competition links, it triggered a network "war of words".

Why use it"You"?

Because in recent years, the marathon "war of words" has happened every year!

What are the "war of words" triggered by these marathons that you still remember?

Marathon was originally a place name in Greece. Because of a war, it has become a very popular long-distance running event in the modern world. Let’s take a look at the marathon that was played "bad" in those years.

Event: A marathon paralyzed a city.

Time: 2015 Location: Haikou City

The 2015 Haikou R&F Marathon attracted more than 7,000 participants (photo by Huang Yibing)

The 2015 R&F Haikou Marathon was held in Wanlv Park, Haikou City from 8: 00 to 14: 00 on Sunday, January 11th.

The race was not over yet. At about 12 o’clock that day, a report on Hainan Daily’s official WeChat "Haikou Today, A Marathon Paralyzes a City" pushed the marathon to the forefront.

The article quoted various "fancy spits" of Haikou citizens, which were reprinted by People’s Daily and China Youth Daily.

Can an enterprise buy a city’s transportation if it has money?

The question thrown by the article aroused great enthusiasm of netizens, and there was a wide-ranging debate on whether the city needed to hold a marathon and whether the citizens needed a marathon.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Haikou Municipal Government finally admitted that there was a shortage of work, and the incident gradually subsided.

The reporter found that 2015 is not simple, and it can be called the "first year" of China Marathon.

Because in this year, the marathon officially began to be commercialized: since 2015, the Chinese Athletics Association has completely cancelled the approval of marathon events in accordance with the requirements of decentralization.

According to the statistics of China Athletics Association, in 2010, there were 13 marathon events registered nationwide, and in 2015, it reached 134.

On October 18, 2015, on this day alone, 27 marathon road races were held simultaneously in the country.

This year, the marathon has covered four municipalities directly under the central government and 79 cities in 23 provinces and autonomous regions. For the first time, the total number of people participating in the event exceeded one million, reaching 1.5 million.

Event: Sudden death of "substitute runner"

Time: 2016 Location: Xiamen

18,000 contestants from 28 countries and regions participated in the competition. (Image from Xiamen Net)

At 8: 00 am on December 10, 2016, the 2016 Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon started.

A scene that shocked the audience appeared near the finish line: two players fell to the ground nearby and died after being rescued.

Four days later, netizens were shocked again: one of the victims was "resurrected"!

Because the organizing Committee issued a notice saying that one of the contestants who died suddenly was a "runner". On the same day, Wu Ming, the head of the office of the Organizing Committee of Xiamen International Marathon, announced in an interview with the media that there were still 30 contestants cheating, 28 of whom were "runners".

The sudden death has just triggered netizens’ doubts about the enthusiasm of the whole people for horse racing in that year, but there is a more outrageous scene in the "runner": in the 2016 Shenzhen Marathon, two of the top ten women’s team winners actually had Adam’s apple and were verified as men.

According to statistics, between 2015 and 2017, 14 people died unexpectedly while participating in domestic marathon events, and sudden death near the finish line accounted for 80%.

The physical quality, moral quality, fairness and openness of the participants have aroused the enduring concern of netizens about the marathon: the marathon is not what you want to run, you can run if you want to run!

Event: The organizer owes the bonus.

Time: 2017 Location: Jilin

In October 2017, Jilin Marathon participants Kong Jie and Mou Zhenhua voiced through the media that their bonuses were unpaid for four months.

According to the official website of Jilin Marathon, Kong Jie, a full-time female athlete, was ranked fifth in China at that time, ranking eighth in total; Mou Zhenhua, who was selected by the men in the whole process, was ranked third among domestic players and eighth in total. The results of the competition are true and effective.

In fact, the arrears of marathon runners’ bonuses have long existed.

The 2015 Linyi Marathon caused social concern due to the arrears of bonuses for African athletes. It was not until April 30, 2016 that all of them were distributed, and the half-year-old Linyi Marathon "unpaid wages" storm came to an end.

(Network screenshot)

At the 2017 China Marathon Annual Meeting, documents such as "2017 China Marathon Annual Work Report" and "2017 China Marathon Big Data Analysis Report" issued by China Athletics Association showed that:

China hosted 1102 events in 2017.

The number of marathons increased to 4.98 million, and the number of marathons per 10,000 people was 4.27.

The marathon covers 234 cities in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, including Tibet, with an industrial scale of 70 billion.

With the intervention of relevant departments in Jiangsu Province, the controversy caused by the Suzhou Marathon in 2018 gradually cooled down.

Overseas network published a commentator’s article saying that the marathon with tens of thousands of people participating at every turn is not just a long-distance running, it is the "touchstone" of the city’s comprehensive governance capacity. For the China Marathon, which has just started, it is especially necessary for practitioners and event organizers to take care of its growth with professional management and operation.

So, what kind of image will the marathon appear in the public eye next time?

(Wen He Chuan)


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