New car | High-energy attack, four brands of Chery engine Chengdu Auto Show.

New car | High-energy attack, four brands of Chery engine Chengdu Auto Show.

On August 25th, at Chengdu International Auto Show, four brands under Chery Group, Chery, Xingtu, Jietu and iCAR, participated in the exhibition with the theme of "Technical Chery, Global Love", bringing more than 30 heavy-duty models to the stage.

Zhang Guozhong, executive deputy general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. said that as of August 20th, Chery’s annual cumulative sales had exceeded 1 million vehicles, and it took only eight months to run out of the "acceleration".

Tiggo 7 champion family double car listed

This auto show launched a new generation of Tiggo 7 PLUS Champion Edition and Tiggo 7 New Energy Champion Edition. The fuel+hybrid two-line force has become the focus of attention at this year’s Chengdu Auto Show.

Tiggo 7 New Energy Champion Edition is a unique 120,000-class electric hybrid SUV at the same level. The official guide price is 129,900 yuan to 149,900 yuan, and three models are promoted.

The new generation of Tiggo 7 PLUS Champion Edition, the official guide price is 99,900 yuan ~ 119,900 yuan. It is equipped with Chery’s fourth-generation Kunpeng Power 1.5TGDI engine for the first time, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 6.58L L.

Xingtu brand opens a journey of "super comfort and new experience"

At the same time, six popular models of Star Era ET and Star Era ES, Eta Ursae Majoris Flying Fish Edition and a new generation of moon-catching, a new generation of Lingyun and a new generation of wind-chasing PHEV, as well as E0X global ultra-comfortable high-performance electric platform, shined in Rongcheng. Eta Ursae Majoris Feiyu Edition has launched four configuration versions, and the official guide price is 167,800 yuan ~ 206,800 yuan. This time, the Eta Ursae Majoris Feiyu version was upgraded comfortably-the two-wheel drive was equipped with Feiyu Super Chassis, and the four-wheel drive was newly equipped with Aisin 8AT gearbox. The product was advanced and sincere.

Jetway travelers officially open pre-sale

Jetway Voyager Fuel Edition officially opened for pre-sale at Chengdu Auto Show, with a pre-sale price of 140,900 yuan to 180,900 yuan. Jietu Traveler adopts a hard-core body, equipped with ceiling-level Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip and L2.5 intelligent assisted driving system, equipped with the world’s first XWD fully automatic intelligent four-wheel drive, and adopts Borgwarner’s sixth-generation intelligent torque manager+intelligent limited slip differential lock, which can intelligently switch multiple driving modes under the special X mode.

ICAR 03 interior real car first exposure

As the bright sword of Chery’s exploration of new energy vehicles in the second half, iCAR has always adhered to the initial intention of taking users as the center and playing with young people since its birth. ICAR 03′ s hard-core and cool face value is "Ba Shi De Ban", and the exquisite and simple technology interior is ushered in the first exposure. iCAR 03′ s modified car has set off a new trend of tide reform culture with a creative style with a sense of technology and futurity.

At this Chengdu Auto Show, in order to fully respond to the eager demand of users for pre-emptive ordering of new cars, iCAR, together with car home, Chery Racing Team, Fashion Group and Chief Experience Officer of iCAR 03, officially announced that iCAR 03 was the first car crowdfunding in China!

In addition, eQ7, as the first home pure electric SUV built by China’s first aluminum-based lightweight platform, attracted many spectators. The new car is the first choice for home pure electric SUV with its ultra-simple face shape, ultra-safe safety protection, ultra-comfortable driving experience and ultra-intelligent technology configuration. It has been popular before it is listed.

At this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, the four brands of Chery Group joined forces to refresh the new driving experience with the ultimate quality, and create a new ecology for future travel with intelligent technology, fully demonstrating the determination of "technical Chery", the ambition of "international Chery" and the initial intention of "user Chery". Chery will also unswervingly adhere to the technical route, continue to explore and innovate, give back to consumers with the best quality and sincere products and services, and make its own brand cars bigger and stronger, and contribute a strong force to Chery.

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