The North Sea Fleet leads mass training activities with competition.

The North Sea Fleet leads mass training activities with competition.

China’s navy is holding a military parade at sea. (information photo)

  On February 25th, the largest professional and technical competition in the history of the North Sea Fleet came to an end after three days of fierce competition. The officers and men of the fleet stationed on the long coastline of the northern part of the motherland shared the grand occasion of the awards and commendation meeting through various video calls. The "top trainers" and "technical experts" who won 210 individual medals and 52 team medals in 16 majors and 85 events went to their respective positions with great pride.

  The Jingwu arena is fiercely competitive, and the drums are inspiring. There are many "highlights" and frequent "highlights" on the competition field.

  "Ending" becomes "Opening"

  In previous years, military competitions were generally arranged in the second half of the year. As the "ending" project of annual training, it is more to play the functions of "acceptance" and "evaluation".

  However, as soon as the training of the North Sea Fleet started this year, it began to compete with unprecedented professional skills. What is the intention of "ending" to "opening"? During the interview, the reporter learned that the preparation for this competition has actually been fully rolled out in the fleet forces since March last year.

  It is the original intention of the fleet leaders to set this grand contest at the beginning of the year to lead the fine martial arts and create an atmosphere of on-the-job training. Liu Shusen, deputy captain of a landing ship who won the title of captain’s professional competition, told the reporter that from the professional and technical competitions held at different levels of ships, brigades and detachments, he was "killed" by the fleet all the way.

  "Soldiers are the most glorious warrior. The contest shows strength and heroic spirit, and no one in each unit will admit defeat. " A destroyer detachment organized troops to hold full-staff, full-post, full-specialty and full-system professional and technical competitions, and conducted intensive training for the contestants by means of centralized teaching, classified guidance and on-site observation, and eliminated them in turn and selected them at different levels.

  With the competition as the traction, this fleet has set off a vigorous training upsurge from the grass-roots ship company to the divisions and regiments, from ordinary soldiers to leading cadres, from front-line personnel to security forces. Tong Haiqing, political commissar of a speedboat detachment, said: The competition has promoted the enthusiasm of officers and men for training. The officers and men on the small landing craft know that it is difficult to jump into the ring of the fleet, and they are also gearing up for their posts; Some "unique" majors are too few to compete, and they also strongly demand to set up competition projects for them.

  It’s better than not knowing, and it’s better than knowing. Chen Guiqiu, deputy director of the Military Training Department of the Fleet, vividly compared: This is a "general survey" of the combat effectiveness of the troops. Although it is impossible for all officers and men to become top trainers, they can find out which fields and majors have talents by conducting competitions at different levels. Which ship, which battle position lacks backbone, and which projects are still weak. This is undoubtedly conducive to enhancing the pertinence of training guidance, reinforcing the strong and reinforcing the weak, and promoting the whole.

  This competition adapts to the development of equipment and technical progress, tests the latest level of professional technology, sets a new benchmark for military training, and lifts the professional technical training of the fleet to a higher starting point.

  "Watching the war" becomes "participating in the war"

  "Veterans fight and recruits watch." This seems to have become a fixed trend in the previous military competitions, and the "technical skills" that dominate the ring are mostly "old faces". However, this time, senior non-commissioned officers only accounted for a small number of contestants, and more new forces such as conscripts and junior non-commissioned officers bravely appeared.

  Chen Lixing, a new generation pilot of Hainan Airlines who just graduated last year, competed on the same stage with Zuo Wenmeng, a pilot of the deputy division for 30 years. Each of them performed their unique skills and competed fiercely for two hours, making it difficult to win or lose.

  On the one hand, the old horse is full of courage, and on the other hand, the newborn calf dares to fight. The reporter saw in the competition field that in the professional competition of guns, Du Haitao, a superior soldier who had just joined the army for one year, fought fiercely with He Maobin, a four-level sergeant with rich experience; Wang Mian, a first-class petty officer, competed with Zhang Guochao, a third-class petty officer, and Zhang Chunying, a major female officer, which became the most eye-catching attraction on the field.

  In recent years, the composition of soldiers has changed significantly, and many college students have joined the army. Some recruits have undergraduate and junior college degrees, and they are highly savvy, receptive and quick to master new technologies. Coupled with the changes in the military training environment in recent years, weapons are frequently used in practical activities such as long-distance training and major exercises, and the training intensity is high. Officers and men are also greatly trained in their posts, and the growth cycle of professional and technical experts is obviously shortened.

  It’s no better than not knowing, and it’s a "shock"! This new force in military training has activated the training ground. Song Wei, a 315 submarine rudder technician and a fifth-class noncommissioned officer who won the first prize of outstanding noncommissioned officers in the whole army, said frankly when participating in the professional competition of submarine signals: "The strength of new players can not be underestimated, forcing us old backbones not to slack off!"

  In the past, post training focused on training "soldiers", and this time the professional competition cadres no longer watched the excitement. The reporter opened the competition order book and saw that the contestants included ship captains, pilots, staff officers and technical cadres. The most interesting thing is the number of ship captains and flight group leaders. They have heavy burdens and busy work, but they also attach importance to laying a solid foundation like soldiers and players, and put pressure on themselves through competitions.

  Liu Shusen, the deputy captain of a landing ship, took the time to learn the knowledge of command and safety theory, exercised command skills in practical tasks, and achieved the combination of learning and application. In this competition, he won the first place in the professional competition of the captain of the ship, showing a solid commander’s foundation.

  "Supporting role" becomes "protagonist"

  At the scene of the equipment professional competition, the reporter saw that the "grinding technology" that had been "forgotten" for many years reappeared in the competition ring. Twenty-two contestants "copied" the same model of spare parts on the mechanical operating platform, and raced against time to process the grinding parts. Zhang Dingxi, a five-level sergeant of a destroyer detachment, told the reporter: "I have participated in professional competitions organized by higher authorities many times, and this project has not been compared for many years."

  The highlight of this North Sea Fleet competition is "professional technology", which covers all fields and covers all majors. From the combat use of missiles, torpedoes and artillery to the practical operation of electromechanical, communication and chemical defense; From the supply guarantee of diet, medical care and oil, to the troubleshooting and emergency repair of equipment, equipment and facilities, not only the "main" major has made a strong appearance, but also the "marginal" category has made a new appearance.

  The purpose of such a comprehensive and extensive competition project is to fully cover the usual basic training. Professional technology is the basis of combat effectiveness, and no link in the combat effectiveness chain can be missing. Some "marginalized" professional technologies also have the opportunity to exert their fists. Yu Yongfeng, a second-class noncommissioned officer in the equipment warehouse of a security base, and five comrades-in-arms are setting up a new class tent at the professional competition site of the infrastructure barracks. They cooperated with each other quickly and achieved the second place in the group.

  According to statistics, there are 26 new events in this competition, whether they are "resurrected" or "newborn", and the project settings will follow the needs of future wars. According to the requirements of the new syllabus, the content of dealing with various security threats and improving the ability to complete diversified military tasks has been added to the competition. The reporter saw at the scene of the competition between the captain of the ship and the pilots that the knowledge points such as "maintaining the safety of important strategic passages at sea" and "maritime international law" all entered the test paper of the theoretical competition.

  Tournament not only highlights the important position of basic training, but also makes officers and men fighting in different positions firmly believe that professional skills are only "high and low" and have no status "high and low". They broke the traditional concept of "leading role" and "supporting role" and re-defined their roles: all professional and technical posts related to combat effectiveness should be pursued by you, actively trained, laid a solid foundation and used well, so as to promote the overall combat capability of the fleet to jump! (Liberation Army Daily reporter Si Yanwen special correspondent Li De)

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