AITO asked the M7 declaration map to be exposed, with its own Huawei system, and the arrow is on the line!

AITO asked the M7 declaration map to be exposed, with its own Huawei system, and the arrow is on the line!

At the end of last year, Celeste and Huawei officially released the AITO Jiejie brand, and then launched the brand’s first model, the Jiejie M5. This year, Huawei officially launched the new model, the Jiejie M7 again. Recently, the M7 declaration map was exposed, and it was also positioned as a medium and large SUV, which had a slight collision with Li ONE in the same model. Let’s take a look at the works of the big brother in science and technology in the automobile industry.

In terms of appearance, most of the design elements of M7, including inverted trapezoidal grille and penetrating taillights, remain the design of M5. The front and rear door handles of the new car are designed in a hidden way, which is also a popular design technique for new energy vehicles at present, creating an intelligent and scientific effect. The overall body shape is smooth and elegant, but it lacks some sense of science and technology compared with some new models on the market, and it has also been vomited by some netizens that the design is "too old-fashioned". Compared with Li ONE, it is more scientific and technological. It seems that the M7 is more suitable for business people who pursue large space or car owners who prefer calm models.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the M7 are 5020/1945/1775 mm and the wheelbase is 2820 mm, which is close to the body size of Li ONE. The new car will also adopt the 6-seat layout of 2+2+2. After all, in the new energy market, large-size 6-seat SUVs are still very popular. However, Li ONE, as the biggest competitor of the M7, is also a 6-seat large-size SUV of the new energy model, and its size is extremely close. I wonder if it will be affected. In addition, the rear row of the new car is also designed with a rear privacy glass configuration to make the car more private.

In terms of power, the M7 is a hybrid electric vehicle equipped with h15rt 1.5T four-cylinder extended range engine. The maximum power is 92kW, and the fuel consumption of engine wltc is 1.05l/100km. Li ONE is also equipped with an extended-range hybrid system, which consists of a 1.2T engine and a brand-new drive motor, and is equipped with an ideal self-developed Li OS system and a millimeter-wave radar with driving assistance. Although there is no official data on battery capacity and battery life, the battery life of M7 will not be weaker than that of Li ONE, and the power system is really hard to tell.

At present, the interior of Wenjie M7 has not been made public, but it is understood that the new car will adopt the simple scientific and technological style similar to Wenjie M5, full LCD instrument and an oversized central control panel, and it has a built-in HarmonyOS OS intelligent cockpit. Presumably, its powerful ecological function will also bring different surprise experiences to Huawei’s new and old users.

From the price point of view, it is estimated that the selling price of M7 will be above 300,000, while the guiding price of Li ONE is around 349,800. If M7 can be lower than this selling price, the competitiveness will be more imaginative.

Although the official has only released the appearance and some dynamic information at present, judging from these data and the performance of M5, the launch of M7 is still worth our expectation. After all, it is a brand launched under the leadership of Huawei with strong scientific and technological strength. Let’s wait and see.

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