"Japanese Tony Leung Chiu Wai" learns Chinese word for word and wants to play golf with Wang Baoqiang.

"Japanese Tony Leung Chiu Wai" learns Chinese word for word and wants to play golf with Wang Baoqiang.

Since its release on the first day of New Year’s Day, the box office of the film Detective Chinatown 3 has exceeded 4.4 billion yuan, ranking fifth in the history of film in China.

A few days ago, "Tang Tan 3" announced the extension of the key, which will be extended to April 10th.

Watching "Tang Tan" in the Spring Festival seems to have become the habit of many people. Although the release of "Tang Tan 3" was delayed for one year due to the epidemic, it did not affect the enthusiasm of movie fans at all. It is just a little surprising that the biggest winner of "Tang Tan 3" is not Chen Sicheng or Wang Baoqiang, but Tsumabuki Satoshi, the actor who plays Japanese detective Noda Hao. Many female audiences fell in love with Tsumabuki Satoshi because of "Tang Detective 3" and called him "Japanese Tony Leung Chiu Wai".

Before the epidemic, when interviewed about "Tang Tan 3", Tsumabuki Satoshi said that he hoped that "Tang Tan 3" must be released in Japan, so that Japanese audiences could also know the story of "detective chinatown".

"This is a very pleasant thing. Tang Ren and Qin Feng’s partner will never get tired of watching it. I hope this series can continue."

Many female audiences praised him for being handsome, but he didn’t think he was handsome.

"Noda Hao is a very good detective in Japan, very rich and very gentlemanly. In fact, I don’t think I am handsome. The director’s setting made me very scared, but this time I tried my best to be handsome. "

Tsumabuki Satoshi said that if he can choose by himself, he wants to be a good boy like Qin Feng, and he is considerate.

Different from the previous two films, the story of "Tang Tan 3" took place in Tokyo, which made Tsumabuki Satoshi very happy.

"This time, the whole of Asia became an organic whole, and an event was solved with Tokyo as the stage. In Japan, there are few opportunities to work with people from other countries. It’s really fun to work with people from many different countries through’ Tang Tan 3′. Through this film, I hope that people from China, Japan and other Asian countries can deepen their communication with each other. "

When filming "Tang Tan 2", Tsumabuki Satoshi didn’t know Chinese very well. For this reason, when filming "Tang Tan 3", he learned Chinese word for word on the set whenever he had time. He said that although Chinese pronunciation is difficult, he will study hard.

What makes Tsumabuki Satoshi feel particularly interesting is that there are various languages on the set when filming "Tang Tan 3".

"If the other person’s lines are in Chinese, you don’t have to answer in Chinese, but you can answer in Japanese instead. In this way, different languages answer each other. The dialogue part is difficult, but it is also very interesting. Everyone looked at each other’s faces and wondered if they were finished, so the performance was particularly funny. "

Although he doesn’t know much Chinese, Tsumabuki Satoshi still insists on chatting with Wang Baoqiang and Haoran Liu in Chinese on the set.

"I remember a little Chinese, although only a little, but I can chat with them in Chinese, which was impossible in the last cooperation, so this time we exchanged more with each other. We drink and eat together, and I want to play golf with Baoqiang. He said he plays golf well and likes it, so when he was in Japan, I thought it would be nice to play with him once. "

The filming of "Tang Tan 3" made Tsumabuki Satoshi feel the superb technical ability of China staff, especially the theme of transcending language and culture and integrating Asia, which made him feel very happy.

"I always wanted to participate in such works before, and this time I just had such an opportunity, so I was very happy. In the actual shooting, the director’s views on culture and various countries are skillfully expressed. I feel that the world of "Tang Tan" is getting bigger and bigger. I hope everyone can go to the cinema to see this wonderful film. "

Source: Harbin News Network

Reporter: Feng Jiao

Original title: "Japanese Tony Leung Chiu Wai" learns Chinese word for word and wants to play golf with Wang Baoqiang "


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