Chinese Express’s first domestic mass production L4 fully independent parking service successfully landed and put into trial production.

Chinese Express’s first domestic mass production L4 fully independent parking service successfully landed and put into trial production.

  Economic Daily-China Economic Net September 14th Recently, Chinese Express announced that the L4 fully autonomous parking service system (AVP) has been developed in Shanghai, and it has been tested and put into trial production on the high-tech HIX production vehicle. This is also the first domestic L4 fully autonomous parking service system based on vehicle-road coordination on mass-produced electric vehicles, which indicates that the research and development of intelligent electric vehicles in China is in a leading position in the world in the advanced technology field of autonomous driving. Ding Lei, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that Chinese Express always starts from the dimension of users’ travel, stands at the forefront of autonomous driving, takes users’ safety as the premise, comprehensively improves the overall efficiency of traffic travel, and truly promotes the mass production application of autonomous driving and vehicle-road coordination technology in a wider range.

  AVP(Automated Valet Parking) is an L4 high-order automatic driving system based on vehicle-road cooperative development. Roadside sensing devices such as laser radar and communication and calculation devices are pre-built in the parking area to realize the identification and tracking of vehicle position and surrounding obstacles, and the dispatching information, vehicle positioning, obstacles and other information are sent to the vehicle through the cooperation of 5G vehicles, and the vehicle automatically drives into the parking space. The owner got off at the parking area, and the vehicle drove into the parking lot and parked in the parking space. The vehicle can also be started through the APP, automatically driving out of the parking space and driving to the location specified by the user.

  AVP can overcome the difficulties that bicycle intelligence is difficult to solve, such as no GPS positioning signal in the parking lot, too many turning shades, and large sensor blind area, so that HIX has the most reliable fully autonomous parking function at present. It is reported that HiPhi X, the first intelligent electric vehicle owned by Chinese Express, which will be listed at Beijing Auto Show, will be equipped with this technology, and it will become the first intelligent electric vehicle in China to realize L4 autonomous parking in mass production, creating a new era for the development of intelligent electric vehicles in China.

  In addition to AVP, the HiPhi X autopilot system equipped with HiPhi Pilot is the only dual redundancy system equipped according to the principle of aircraft safety design. The vehicle can start, stop, turn and walk in the full speed range of 0-130km/h, so that the feet can be separated, the hands can be put down and the eyes can be moved; Through the joint action of 24 sensors (including intelligent forward-looking camera, panoramic camera, millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar, DMS camera for driver status detection, etc.) and high-precision maps, the L3-level automatic driving level of bicycles is realized, and it is also the first mass-produced vehicle in China to reach L3-level at present.

  In 2019, Chinese Express opened the world’s first intelligent road for coordinated autonomous driving in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, and opened the "Smart City" demonstration project for the integration of 5G roads and cities in Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island. The realization of autonomous parking service is another successful landing and application of roadside perception, cloud scheduling and vehicle control put forward by Chinese Express in the field of automatic driving based on the "three intelligences" strategy of smart cars, smart transportation and smart cities, and it will be extended to smart travel fields such as smart parking lots and smart highways in the future.


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