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Meitan County, Zunyi, Guizhou Province: Small Tea Makes Great Achievements

In winter, when you look at the Chashan Mountain in Meitan County, tea gardens are laid out between Shan Ye, and the endless sea of tea is lush, and the tea fragrance is like a paradise.

In Longfeng Village, Xinglong Town, this county, a vast and continuous sea of tea spreads out, with warm mist, lush green and tea fragrance. Where the green waves meet the blue sky, the houses in northern Guizhou are dotted with them, just like a beautiful landscape painting.

Longfeng Village is located in the southeast of Xinglong Town, 12 kilometers away from the county seat. It is understood that before 2002, the per capita disposable income of Longfeng Village was less than that of 1000 yuan, and it was a third-class poverty-stricken village at the provincial level. Through industrial development, new rural construction, poverty alleviation and rural revitalization … In 2023, the per capita disposable income reached 21,900 yuan, and the family car ownership rate reached ninety-seven percent.

What makes the economy of this village develop so fast? The answer is: tea.

Not far away, the drone flew slowly in the air, spraying and protecting the tea trees in Manshan. "Not picking tea in winter is an important opportunity for tea garden management. Today, we arranged three drones to spray pesticides, which is expected to complete the spraying work of 1,000 mu of tea garden. " Du Yuanchao, a technician of Luohuatun Tea Professional Cooperative in Meitan County, said.

Longfeng Village, based on professional cooperatives, implemented unified prevention and control over tea gardens, which played a certain role in ensuring tea quality and further promoted the development of local economy.

"Since the development of the tea industry, the number of migrants in the village has increased. The village has opened a local product store, set up a homestay and set up a company … and swelled the villagers’ money bags." Wu Rongming, secretary of the General Party Branch of Longfeng Village, introduced.

"We are here for a few days. The scenery, farmhouse meals and hot springs here are all attractive to us." Tourist Mr. Zhou said.

By building hot springs, water parks and bonsai gardens, Longfeng Village has continuously improved tourism facilities, carried out research, training, tea experience and other activities, promoted the integration of tea and tourism, and created beautiful countryside with "seeing mountains, water and remembering homesickness".

Up to now, there are 826 residential buildings in northern Guizhou in Longfeng Village, with an area of 7,000 mu of tea gardens, 7.8 mu per household and 2.33 mu per capita, and 28 tea processing plants.

"Many foreign merchants come here to develop because they have taken a fancy to the quality of tea and the good ecological environment. Beautiful Tea Garden Company rented my house of about 800 square meters for the production of agricultural products such as tea and preserved eggs. In addition to the annual rental income of 20,000 yuan, I also have 10% of the company’s daily turnover. " Wu Rongming said that through the development of the tea industry, many merchants are attracted to come and effectively promote the local economic development.

Since 2015, Longfeng Village has introduced 11 enterprises including Qunfeng Tea House and Beautiful Tea Garden, with a total investment of more than 800 million yuan. In Xiong ‘an, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, there are operation centers built by enterprises attracting investment from Longfeng Village, which will better promote tea culture, tea brands and tea ecology.

Talking about the future development, Wu Rongming pointed to the tourist reception center under construction, saying that it will continue to promote the development of rural tourism based on the tea industry, form a sustainable and diversified industry, make the countryside more livable and the industry more prosperous, and further promote the income of villagers.(Mou Shaoli, Chen Xinghui)

Shandong Experimental Kindergarten: Celebrating New Year’s Day and Visiting the Garden.

On the occasion of New Year’s Day, Shandong Experimental Kindergarten held a garden activity in 2024, "Longteng brings forth new ideas, and’ Temple’ is unspeakable".
Amid the children’s laughter and songs, the lively and prosperous garden activities are on fire. Turn to "dumplings" to meet love, fish jump in the dragon gate, sprout dragons and break through the customs, as well as fantasy magic show, scented tea DIY… delicious and fun.
With expectation and joy, the children happily visited temple fairs and celebrated the New Year together, feeling the charm of traditional culture and the happiness of growing up in a warm festive atmosphere.
Public news client Zhao Guolu correspondent Sun Yu

After studying more than 10 thousand data, we found these secrets of Beijing nightlife

In summer, there is no shortage of excitement, and there are endless business opportunities behind the excitement. Crayfish, barbecue, drinking beer … There is no shortage of sports events in this midsummer. Before the European Cup, the Olympic Games are in full swing. Sports fans all over the world have ushered in a summer carnival, and watching the games at night has further stimulated the night consumption of the city.
According to the data of a head take-out platform, since the beginning of the European Cup, the national night take-out orders have soared. Taking Beijing as an example, from June 12 to June 30, the order volume of supper increased by nearly 10% compared with the same period in May. Moreover, more than 5,000 businesses have extended their business hours for fans.
From June 12 to 30, barbecue, fried chicken and crayfish became the top three take-away categories in Beijing. Among them, the sales of crayfish increased by nearly 70% compared with the same period in May. At the same time, during the game, the sales of cold beer at night increased sharply, selling about 500 thousand bottles every day.
In addition to take-away consumption, many music restaurants and bars have also made great efforts to launch different types of special drinks for the European Cup and Olympic packages for fans and friends. While eating delicious food, watching the game, brothers drinking together and chatting about the ball game have become the standard posture for many fans to watch the ball.
Japanese steak, beer barbecue, Midnight Food Store … How to eat, how to see is the most interesting? What kind of midnight snack is the most popular in Beijing? Where are the snack bars most distributed? Where are the restaurants and bars with the strongest atmosphere and the highest cost performance?
Today, we will follow the data to explore.
Chaoyang bar number NO ·1
Haidian has the most snacks in the city.
During the European Cup, it is estimated that the owners of all kinds of midnight snacks and bars are more concerned about the events than the fans and friends. After all, a game is a business, the players play well, the fans are in a good mood and their appetite is wide open, and the sales of barbecue beer may be even more popular.
Midnight snack is a product derived from the continuous development of urban population. Nowadays, more and more people follow the "will" of their stomachs in the process of "brushing the night", looking for midnight snack, supplementing energy and relaxing during eating.
Although the data can’t cover all the number of midnight snacks and bars in Beijing, it can still reflect the general trend.
On the whole, both midnight snack and bar are characterized by dense in the east and sparse in the west. There are many business districts in Chaoyang and Dongcheng, and the density of snack and bars is high. However, from the distribution of shops, Haidian has a large number of midnight snack shops, mainly concentrated near Wudaokou.
(▲ Figure/Wudaokou subway station intersection. Intern Qi Jiyuan for the picture)
Haidian, with a large number of colleges and universities and many internet enterprises, has a unique cultural atmosphere and a large and diverse consumer group. Wudaokou is one of the most representative business districts in Haidian. The midnight snack here satisfies the stomachs of countless college students and late-night farmers.
Guijie in Dongcheng, Sanlitun in Chaoyang, and Wudaokou in Haidian are all business districts where midnight snack is concentrated, but when it comes to the specific number of shops, the midnight snack shops near Huilongguan really rank first.
Huilongguan not only has Tiantongyuan, which is known as the largest community in Asia, but also is a gathering place for employees of numerous large factories. In countless nights, a midnight snack may be the greatest comfort for thousands of young North drifters who pursue their dreams when they work overtime late at night.
Speaking of bars, Dongcheng, which owns Houhai Street, can only admit defeat in front of Chaoyang. Sanlitun, Gongti, Wangjing, and the number of bars in any business circle are very good.
A city is like a machine that works day and night. It is busy and prosperous during the day, and it will become full of vitality when night falls. Sanlitun and Gongti are the most vital representatives.
Judging from the number of bars, there are 113 bars near Sanlitun, which can be described as unique. There are many embassies from all over the world. On the one hand, there are large-scale businesses, on the other hand, there are exotic shops, and different types of bars attract countless young men and women to gather here. Whether watching football matches or drinking and chatting, you can always find the one that suits you, such as Qing Bar, livehouse and izakaya.
chafing dish
The largest number of snack types
The consumption environment is also quite different with different consumption prices. Whether it is a snack or a bar, the per capita consumption in Chaoyang is high.
It can be seen that the median per capita consumption of snack bars and bars in Chaoyang District is higher than that in other districts, and the density of scattered spots near 300 yuan is higher than that in other districts, which fully shows that there are many types of snack bars and bars in Chaoyang District, and the overall consumption price is relatively high. The span of consumption interval is high, which means more selectivity and high bar consumption elasticity.
In order to maintain the observability of the data map, we only keep the sample points with per capita consumption within 0-300 yuan. In fact, the per capita prices of bars and snack bars are far more than this range.
Taking midnight snack as an example, Haidian has the largest number, but Chaoyang has the highest average price, especially the midnight snack near Liangmaqiao, where the per capita consumption exceeds that of 300 yuan, making it the highest in the region. In this area, large business companies are dense, financial companies are developed, per capita consumption level is high, and high-income consumers pay more attention to the dining environment, so the per capita snack cost in this area will be high.
Why are there so many differences in the average midnight snack prices in different regions? It depends on what all regions like to eat at night.
Hot pot is really YYDS! Whether it is Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Changping and Dongxicheng, or Fangshan, Huairou, Pinggu and other distant areas, the number of hot pot shops is the largest. Compared with exquisite western food and elegant Japanese food, hot pot can be said to be an approachable catalyst in social interaction, which is extremely inclusive. In the snack shops in Haidian District, 99 hot pots have become the most in all districts.
Eat hot pot every festive season, if it cools down, friends will want to eat hot pot, if they are lovelorn, they will want to eat hot pot, and if they are in love, they will also want to eat hot pot … Just as the netizen quipped: Nothing can’t be solved by one hot pot meal, if there is, then two meals.
According to the Insight Report on Hot Pot Consumption Behavior of College Students in the North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen released by a consulting organization, 71.4% of college students eat hot pot at least once a week, which is highly loyal to the hot pot category. They love the delicacy of hot pot, and they also think that eating hot pot is an important way to pursue leisure and relax and cultivate the feelings of their peers, which can easily break the cognitive barriers caused by time and region.
(▲ source IC photo)
Although the number of hot pots is the largest in all regions, it is slightly different in detail. In Chaoyang, besides hot pot, the most popular thing is probably barbecue. In Dongcheng, where many old Beijingers gather, people prefer to rinse meat. In Shunyi and Pinggu, which are far away from the main city, besides hot pot, there are more likely to be midnight snacks with local characteristics such as farmer’s pot-stewed and reservoir fish.
According to the data of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, in 2019, the income from the above-designated accommodation and catering industry in Chaoyang District was 25.1 billion yuan, the highest among all districts. According to the snack grabbed and the per capita consumption distribution of bars, among the TOP50 stores, 23 snack bars in Chaoyang District and 38 bars were shortlisted.
From the perspective of Beijing’s urban planning, business districts are scattered, with Zhongguancun and Wudaokou in Haidian, Huilongguan in the north and Nanluoguxiang and Shichahai in the middle … But as far as bars and midnight snacks are concerned, the per capita consumption of Wangjing, International Trade CBD, Sanlitun and Gongti is higher than that of other places.
By the way, friends in Haidian are really low-key. A cup of mojito may need 100 yuan in Sanlitun, but it may only need 35 yuan to win it in Wudaokou.
The consumption evaluation of workers’ sports bars is the most.
Whether you like it or not, a large number of bars and various types of work sports will be a must on the wish list of young people.
For Beijing, a city with its own literary flavor, Nanluoguxiang and Qianmen Dashilan are naturally the best windows to show its style. The bars in Nanluoguxiang/Gulou East Street are not dominant in number, but there are still many young artists who are willing to sit here and feel the Beijing culture, and feel the fireworks atmosphere of petty bourgeoisie and temperament with their friends.
After the renovation, Qianmen Dashilan, Guijie and Sanlitun together form a night economic gathering circle with Beijing characteristics, and the distinctive Hutong Bar has gradually become the punching place of online celebrity on many social platforms.
At present, urban development emphasizes night economy, whether it is a bar or a midnight snack, it is an important indicator to measure the level of urban nightlife. Behind food, lights, alcohol and music, there is a pile of vitality at night and the release of urban personality.
In summer nights, a group of people put down their fatigue after changing their suits and ties, or gathered in hot pot restaurants and barbecue stalls full of Jianghu atmosphere to berate Fang Qiu for chatting, or gathered in bars with strong atmosphere to pour out their hearts and drink heartily, which reflected the character of the city and made it more youthful.
Data capture intern Zhang Ziheng
Data analysis Chen Hualuo, intern Qi Jiyuan
New Media Design Xu Xiao
Dynamic effect design Li Yazhen
Proofread Zhai Yongjun

A good film has an appointment | Watch "Last Christmas" by Long Ma and Yang Ziqiong, and it will be cool in a summer.

Last Christmas,

I gave you my heart.

But the next day,

You sent it away.

— — 《Last Christmas》

Special feature of 1905 film network This well-known English song "Last Christmas" was sung by Wei Meng Band and has been covered by many domestic and foreign singers since it came out in 1984. This week’s film "Last Christmas" was adapted from this song.

Last Christmas

Director:Paul Feig

playwrightEmma thompson/burini Cummings/greg wise

star; act the leading roleEmilia Clarke/Henry Golding/Yang Ziqiong/emma thompson/Rebecca Root


Producer country/regionBritain/America

First, from the cool and handsome "Dragon Mom" to the sweet Kate

In the film Last Christmas, Emilia Clarke, the heroine, dressed in an elf costume, changed her old image and sang "Jingle Bells" for the audience, making her sweet off the charts!

When he was three or four years old, Emilia Clarke came to the theater with his father by chance, and he was deeply fascinated by drama from then on. When she was ten years old, she had an interview with a film crew. Although she was unsuccessful, she failed to extinguish her enthusiasm for acting.

Emilia Clarke photos

When she auditioned for an American TV series, she amused the general manager with an impromptu dance and was lucky enough to get the qualification to participate in Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke played the role of "Dragon Mom" in the film, and the cool and handsome image left a deep impression on the audience.

Game of Thrones

The wonderful performance in Game of Thrones made Emilia Clarke an instant hit and made her a popular actress. During the filming of Game of Thrones, I participated in many films, such as, and so on.

Second, from classic songs to a movie

Emma thompson, the initiator of the movie Last Christmas, decided to attach a new meaning to the lyrics "Last Christmas, I gave you my sincere heart".

Emma thompson photos

Because the original lyrics are about the story of lovelorn love, the first problem that emma thompson encountered was how to change from a lovelorn single to a movie that resonates with the public and has temperature.

Last Christmas

Emma thompson discovered that the original composer had worked in a homeless shelter anonymously when he was doing the data inversion. Moreover, george michael’s wham band donated all the royalties of this song to Ethiopia for famine relief.

Photo of Wittmann Band (george michael on the left)

George michael, the original composer, inspired emma thompson by these acts of kindness full of great love. She decided to express a great love that everyone is equal in this story, and skillfully attached a new meaning to the lyrics of "Last Christmas, I gave you my sincere heart".

Stills of Last Christmas

Third, from martial arts professionals to comedians

In creation, in order to express that people with different cultural backgrounds can celebrate the same festival, emma thompson created a very contrasting role — — Asian boss who runs a Christmas decoration shop. In emma thompson’s mind, Yang Ziqiong is the best person to play this role.

Stills of Last Christmas

Yang Ziqiong has left many dashing images on the screen, such as Yu Xiulian, her opponent in the movie, and bond girl, the representative of Hollywood.

Yang Ziqiong in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 007: Empire of Tomorrow

In fact, when he first learned that he was going to star in a comedy, Yang Ziqiong refused. After all, he has always created a cool and handsome image in front of the audience for many years. But when she learned that the screenwriter of the film was her favorite actor emma thompson, she suddenly became interested in the film, because she believed that emma thompson could create a real and suitable role for her.

Stills of Last Christmas

This week’s "A Good Film with a Date" will take you into "Last Christmas" and start a wonderful love in a brisk song.

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In this Saturday’s edition of CCTV-6 movie channel "A Good Movie with a Date", the presenter will take you into the movie "Last Christmas". In the Sunday Film Review, director Yang Chao and actors will continue to explain the success of this original film for you.

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