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Decoding sustainable development: computing resources should be "alive"

[Global Network Technology Reporter Lin Di] At present, computing power has become one of the important supports for China’s high-quality development. With the advancement of the "East-to-West Computing" project and the explosive development of the artificial intelligence industry, the computing infrastructure construction represented by data centers has entered a new stage of high-quality and high-speed development.

Recently, the 17th annual ceremony of IDC industry in China focused on computing power layout, carbon neutrality, artificial intelligence, digital economy and other fields, and discussed the hot topics of data center industry such as high-quality development, new targets of carbon neutrality, hub node construction, and future computing scenarios.

He Baohong, director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of China ICT Institute, analyzed the development trend of computing power. He pointed out that computing power is the core energy consumed in the digital world, and computing power is today’s "tertiary energy". In the past decade or so, the cloud, big data, blockchain and even the resources under the blockchain, as well as the big model of artificial intelligence, are pushing computing power towards concentration, and new ideas and solutions are needed to explore the sustainable development of computing power.

It is understood that with the accelerated integration of a new generation of information technology into thousands of industries, ubiquitous computing power is becoming a new engine to activate the potential of data elements and drive the digital transformation of the economy and society. Computing power has been widely used in digital government, industrial internet, smart medical care, distance education, financial technology, aerospace, cultural media and other fields. Among them, the computing power industry has continuously extended the industrial chain of Wulanchabu, such as server and cabinet manufacturing, data and network security, software research and development, data application services and other projects have been put into operation, boosting the construction of digital Wulanchabu.

Chai Yue, deputy mayor of Wulanchabu City, said in an interview that in 2022, the city’s computing-related industries completed an investment of 1.1 billion yuan, realized an output value of 2.6 billion yuan, and absorbed 2,700 jobs.

"The development of IDC industry can become a new kinetic energy for Wulanchabu to straighten corners and catch up later." Tong Xiaolin, the Big Data Administration of Wulanchabu City, pointed out that Wulanchabu has unique advantages in developing IDC industry. Wulanchabu is rich in energy, and the proportion of clean energy such as wind power and photovoltaic is high, and the natural cold source refrigeration time is nearly 10 months every year; Two point-to-point 144-core double-loop special optical cables with network delay less than 5 milliseconds have been built with Beijing. The geological structure is stable, the climate is cool, and the business environment is good.

Tong Xiaolin told reporters that the effective overall scheduling of computing resources, the matching of supply and demand, accurate configuration and the development of data center low-carbon life have become the primary issues facing IDC industry. "We have made several efforts-first, we have laid out energy-saving and energy-storage projects, and the" source, network and storage "integrated comprehensive application demonstration base project has been launched. The second is to encourage data center enterprises to adopt advanced green technologies such as high-efficiency refrigeration systems such as liquid cooling, distributed power supply, and modular computer rooms to reduce energy consumption. "

From the perspective of industrial demand, information technologies and applications such as 5G, industrial Internet, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are accelerating their development and layout, and the demand for data centers is increasing due to the explosion of data volume. It is expected that in the next few years, the data center industry in Inner Mongolia will continue to maintain its growth trend by providing high-quality computing services for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Chai Yue said, "On the one hand, we attract data centers not only from the consideration of computing services, but also from the enterprise’s own innovative technology and comprehensive strength; On the other hand, we plan to build an integrated "cloudy" computing power dispatching center, which will guide the construction and access of computing power resources according to unified standards, realize the matching of computing power supply and demand, and improve the comprehensive shelf rate. "

In Zixing City, Hunan Province, the big data industry has promoted the development of industry and agriculture, and carried out scene applications such as smart city, industrial Internet, smart mine and smart agriculture.

Zhang Yong, deputy mayor of Zixing City, Hunan Province, told reporters that the "Dongjiang Lake Big Data Industrial Park" located in the scenic Dongjiang Bay is one of the most important explorations to develop the computing industry. In his view, the biggest demand for the development of IDC industry is the urgent need to introduce leading enterprises in IDC industry to form an industrial agglomeration effect. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce and cultivate data development and application enterprises and improve the upstream and downstream industrial chains of big data.

Zhang Yong pointed out that the next step will be to make computing resources come alive from four aspects. First, combine the action of "Giving Wisdom to All Enterprises" in Hunan Province, tap the value of industrial data, promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, promote intelligent manufacturing, and realize the digital transformation of industry; The second is to carry out the construction of smart agriculture, promote the application of Internet of Things technologies such as RFID, sensors and video surveillance in agriculture, and improve the level of agricultural digitalization; The third is to carry out construction actions such as smart transportation, smart medical care, smart education, and smart travel, promote the application of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain, and improve the digital level of social services; The fourth is to introduce and cultivate digital service enterprises, expand the ranks of enterprises, and improve the empowerment ability of local enterprises to apply the new generation of information technology.

Scientists hope to use artificial intelligence to find life on Mars.

It turns out that artificial intelligence may give us a better chance to find life on Mars.

A group of researchers led by the team of NASA Institute of Astrobiology (NAI) of SETI Institute recently released a study detailing how to use machine learning to more effectively determine where life may be hidden on the red planet, if it exists.

Scientists decided to use an area called Salar de Pajonales to run their project-this area is located at the intersection of Atacama desert and plateau, which is famous for being uninhabitable, but not uninhabitable-because it is considered as a good substitute for the surface of Mars. The team combined still images, samples and drone lenses to draw a map of life distribution in sparsely populated areas.

Then, the researchers brought the data back to the laboratory for training artificial intelligence. The goal is to teach computers to identify which areas are most likely to have life—such as small clusters of certain geological features or scarce water sources—and to be able to extrapolate this data to other locations. Theoretically, once AI knows the life-oriented details in Salar de Pajonales, it should be able to use these patterns to find the areas that are most likely to bear life in any terrain.

And the effect is surprisingly good. Once AI learns what it needs to recognize, researchers can combine machine learning with collected statistical ecological data to find signs of life 85% of the time. Without the help of artificial intelligence, the team was able to discover biometrics in less than 10% of the time.

You can imagine how helpful it is to find life on the surface of Mars. At present, we send rovers to the land of our next-door neighbors and look for life when they drive along their own paths. Although we try to choose a landing site that has a good chance of containing life (if it exists), it is different from the best and most promising area that the rover can microscopically observe around the planet it is driving.

The research team made it clear that although the speed at which artificial intelligence-assisted programs find life is incredible, it is equally exciting to find a process that can combine long-distance and short-distance data into useful maps to find microbial life. "Although the high biometric detection rate is the core result of this study, it is equally important that it successfully integrates data sets with different resolutions from orbit to ground, and finally links regional orbit data with microbial habitats," Nathalie A said. Cabrol, an astrobiologist and the lead researcher of NAI group of SETI Institute. "Our team showed a way to transition from the scale and resolution needed to characterize livability to the scale and resolution that can help us find life."

I hope we can integrate this technology into rovers, helicopters and drones going to Mars in the near future. Maybe this will be the ticket to finally find life on the red planet.

Tear it off! It broke the news that Chen Yuyuan’s son had an accident, and Li Tie’s wife was sued in court, which the Korean media said.

I was called out! The accident of Chen Xiaoyuan’s son was exposed, and Li Tie’s wife was sued. That’s what the Korean media said.

After the head of the Football Association was investigated, the anti-corruption was immediate, and the men’s and women’s soccer teams in China played a triumphant song. It can be said that it would be embarrassing to lose anyone, especially the U20 men’s soccer team reached the top 8 of the U20 Asian Cup after 9 years. The boys of the national football team U20 will face the South Korean team in the next round, and this game has also attracted the attention of fans. A South Korean media also drew attention to the performance of China football in the U20 Asian Cup. They think that corruption has brought down China football in recent years, but some young people in China football team have inspired them on the field. High morale and winning the U20 Asian Cup show that there is still hope for football in China, and the cancer of football corruption must be eradicated.

At present, the media reported the latest news that Li Tie will be suddenly sued in court, and this time it will affect his family. What’s going on here? It turned out that when Li Tie was arrested and investigated, it was the owner of Wuhan Club who lifted the table and reported Li Tie’s real name. He reported that Li Tie’s annual salary in Wu Hanyou was sky-high and so was the salary of the head coach of the national football team. In the national football team, many Wuhan team players have been promoted to the national football team in violation of regulations. The Wuhan team had to give these players a top salary. Demoted in the 2021 season.

Now the Wuhan team has announced its dissolution this season, and Li Tie is the biggest showstopper behind it. Over the past few months, the anti-corruption campaign in football has arrested many people, and Li Tie is still in the review stage. However, because Li Tie’s company had another labor dispute and was sued to the court, fans talked about it one after another, saying that the legal representative of the company was Li Tie’s wife, Longfei was also the head of the company, and Li Tie was also the executive director of the company. You know, a lot of media have been exposed, and dragonfly has already escaped, for fear of an accident. Li Tie has transferred all his illegally acquired property to foreigners. Li Tie was exposed to having wives in the United States and Britain and buying a mansion.

According to the data, Li Tie’s company was founded seven years ago as Shenyang Li Tie Football Club Co., Ltd. Dragonfly holds 90% of the shares and Li Tie holds 10%. After Li Tie was arrested, he was also "pushed down the wall and pushed by everyone". Many players and media people in the football circle have also come forward to reveal all kinds of "black materials" in football. Profiting for his own brokerage company on the Internet proves that he is already a greedy person, and he also regards football as a commercial field. Even Li Tie’s wife can be influenced by it, and the company they founded is illegal and full of guilt, which makes football players embarrassed.

You know, this is just the tip of the iceberg of Li Tie’s nine companies. Li Tie can deposit more than 100 million RMB in a bank in Shenyang, which proves that he has made a lot of money in recent years. Whether it is legal or not, I believe the relevant departments will find out. At the beginning of its establishment, Shenyang Li Tie Football Club hoped to find the fun of football for local children and give them a platform to play football. The original intention is good, but Li Tie has long been blinded by self-interest. He can suppress the playing time of naturalized players in the national team and even be exposed to selling the national team. How can such a football player cultivate excellent players? Therefore, the football club company set up in Li Tie must also be the target of attracting funds.

Of course, we will never forget Li Tie’s contribution to the national team as a player. The fans’ trust in the Football Association made him the national football coach, but I didn’t expect the result to be so disgusting. Football circles must be pure. The media also revealed that Chen Xiaoyuan had family-style corruption, and his son was doomed and faced with investigation. Football moths like Li Tie have reduced the popularity and reputation of football in China. What awaits him is severe punishment by law. If he can’t honestly explain what he knows about football shadow scenes, or even cover for others, then he will have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The anti-corruption in football has achieved results. The young players of our national teams have achieved good results in the international arena. We also saw the eager and proud eyes of China players from the field. China’s women’s soccer team is also preparing for the World Cup, and China’s men’s soccer team is about to leave for New Zealand for a warm-up match. I hope China Football Team will continue to work hard.

Peninsula Sports Premier League: Optimistic about Moudrek’s future, we just need to help him settle down.

"A lot of things are mental, not physical … If you play in this league, you are a good player, you know what I mean? You were not chosen to join this league because you are not a good player. Many of them are psychological: how do you deal with the loss, how do you deal with it when you don’t play as often as you did in the championship game, or how do you deal with it when you are out of shape ….. how do you deal with it? Anything I can do to help players, I will talk to them and give them some advice. If they accept it, everything will be fine.

"In the final analysis, I think this may sound stupid to many people, but I think the purpose of playing football is not just to play football for myself and do well. This is for others. I think I was put into this sport maybe to help others, because I mean, I have experienced a lot of s—, to put it mildly. I think maybe I have experience in this field and can help others … "

Roma fans will wave white handkerchiefs in this round of Serie A to protest Mourinho’s ban.

Live broadcast on March 12, Rome coach Jose Mourinho failed to appeal, was suspended for 2 games and fined 10 thousand euros. The Rome fan organization announced that it would support Mourinho in this round of Serie A home games.

At 1 am Beijing time on March 13th, in the 26th round of Serie A, Rome will play Sassuolo at home. AIRC, a Roman fan organization, announced: "After the Italian football management agency unfairly punished our team and our coach again, AIRC appealed to all Roman fans to express their anger in a civilized way in tomorrow’s game. Besides our love for Rome, we should bring a white handkerchief when we enter the stadium and wave it in the stands before the game. We are with Mourinho and with Rome. "

Marco Conidi, a famous Roman fan and singer, also said on social media: "It is important that everyone bring a white handkerchief into the stadium tomorrow and wave it at the beginning of the game to protest the absurd penalty of our beloved coach being suspended."

Pig: Degea once asked me if he was better than Neuer, and my answer made him sad.

According to the Daily Mirror, former Manchester United midfielder Schweinsteiger said in an interview: "When I first arrived at Manchester United, Degea asked me,’ Am I better than Neuer?’ I replied,’ No, you didn’t’. Degea was very sad at that time. "

"So every time I play a good game, he will ask me again, and I will still say that he has not reached that level."

ChatGPT is simpler than core-making? Zhou Hongyi: China can catch up with the United States in two or three years.

Because China’s science and technology started late, it is at a backward level in many scientific and technological fields, such as chips. However, western countries have already set up many technical barriers in the field of chips, so it is quite difficult to build a "Chinese core".

Of course, in addition to the chip field, the United States has also taken the lead in cutting-edge scientific and technological fields such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and quantum computing, such as ChatGPT. With the global explosion of ChatGPT, technology companies all over the world are restless, and Google and Apple are scrambling to do it, and Chinese companies are no exception. So, in terms of ChatGPT, does China have a chance to catch up with the United States?

In response to this question, 360 Zhou Hongyi gave an unexpected answer. He believed that ChatGPT was easier than core-building. With the support of the state’s encouraging policies, China could catch up with the level of the United States in two or three years.

The reason why Zhou Hongyi can be so sure is because he knows enough about ChatGPT. As early as 202, when the first generation of ChatGPT came out, Zhou Hongyi had paid attention to it and conducted in-depth research. In his view, the success of ChatGPT has mainly done five things right, namely, open source, win-win cooperation, long-term persistence, ecology and user traffic.

First of all, when developing ChatGPT, OpenAI used a large number of open source algorithms and papers, and chose to cooperate with a large industrialized company like Microsoft, which saved itself a lot of trouble and solved the problems of computing power, data, business model, engineering and so on.

Secondly, from the very beginning, OpenAI was ready to fight a "protracted war", and like Apple, it worked hard to build an ecology and cultivated vertical applications based on ChatGPT. Thus attracting more users to use, and using user traffic can strengthen the learning and training of ChatGPT.

This is where China can learn. At present, if China wants to build its own ChatGPT, it can do it in terms of technology, strategy and language materials. Coupled with the advantages of open source technology and strong engineering and technology landing ability of China enterprises, it can already make ChatGPT-like products, so to some extent, making ChatGPT is easier than making cores.

However, after making a sample of ChatGPT, we need to spend more time on technological innovation, ecological construction and cooperation with Industry-University-Research, plus the support of the state’s encouraging policies. As Zhou Hongyi said, it will take two or three years for Chinese enterprises to catch up.

On the whole, ChatGPT is of great significance to the development of artificial intelligence in the future. Bill Gates describes ChatGPT as "as important as the Internet", Musk describes ChatGPT as "good and terrible", and Zhou Hongyi thinks that ChatGPT will bring a new round of information industry revolution. Technology bosses have high hopes for ChatGPT, and China version of ChatGPT can’t be left behind! Zhou Hongyi’s suggestion is worth pondering. What do you think? Welcome to comment!

Di livio: Support Mancini to go abroad to find a striker and solve the Italian national team’s front line problem

Live on March 12 th, Italian national team coach Mancini is going to look for a striker abroad to solve the problem of the national team’s front line. The Italian famous Sudilivio expressed support for this.

Mancini had previously publicly stated that there was a big problem in the Italian national team’s front line, but the media revealed that he might call up Compagno, who plays in Romanian league, and Retegie, who plays in Argentine league. Di livio said: "At present, he is in a delicate period. Obviously, the national team lacks strikers and needs to find a solution. I agree with Mancini that he went abroad to find players to solve this problem. We must find players in this position in the next few years and find excellent and young strikers, and they need to adapt quickly in a short time. "

Di livio went on to say: "When I played football, there were many excellent strikers who could not be selected for the Italian national team, because there were many candidates for this position, and the coach was even criticized for not selecting a striker. The problem now is that young players sometimes can’t take the final key step. They may get lost, but this is a big problem for Mancini. "

Asked by the media how the Serie A league and clubs should help the Italian national team, Di livio replied: "I think they are already trying to help Mancini. The club is signing many young players, something is happening, but maybe there is a lack of quality in the process of finding players. "

Let AI write its own importance.

With the continuous development of science and technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely used in various fields, and its application in enterprises has been paid more and more attention. AI technology can use big data, machine learning and natural language processing technology for intelligent analysis and decision-making, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, shorten processing cycle and optimize management, and help enterprises better cope with market changes and competitive pressures. This article will discuss the importance of AI in the work from the following aspects.

In the traditional manufacturing industry, a large number of production tasks require the input of manpower and material resources. However, with the application of AI technology, intelligent equipment such as robots can replace manpower and complete a lot of repetitive, dangerous and tedious manual labor in the production process, which improves the production efficiency.

At the same time, AI technology can also optimize and manage the production process of enterprises, and improve the management level of production planning, logistics distribution and quality control of enterprises through big data analysis and intelligent decision-making.

For example, a chemical company under the German industrial manufacturer Siemens has created an intelligent factory by using AI technology, which can independently control and optimize its own production process, thus improving production efficiency and quality.

With the help of AI technology, enterprises can more accurately grasp the quantity and time of materials and accessories needed for production, thus realizing the optimization of supply chain and cost control. In addition, AI can also predict the time required for equipment failure and maintenance by analyzing data, so as to better schedule machine maintenance and replacement, thereby reducing operating costs and production downtime.

Tesla, an American automobile manufacturer, widely uses AI technology in the production process. Through fine scheduling and optimization of automation equipment, the processing cycle of its production workshop is greatly shortened, thus improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

AI technology can create new business models and opportunities, thus helping enterprises to stay ahead and innovate in the market competition. For example, intelligent customer service based on AI technology, through speech recognition technology and natural language processing technology, can deal with a large number of user feedback and problems, improve customer satisfaction and user stickiness, and also create new service benefits and business opportunities for enterprises.

In addition, in the medical field, AI technology can also assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment, thus improving medical level and reducing medical costs. Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall has developed a big data platform based on traditional Chinese medicine by using AI technology, which comprehensively absorbs the information of national traditional Chinese medicine medical records, prescriptions, experiences, modern science and technology, and helps doctors to diagnose and treat diseases through AI intelligent analysis.

AI technology can realize intelligent recommendation and search according to customers’ needs and feedback, and improve customer experience and service quality. Large-scale e-commerce enterprises using AI technology can provide personalized recommendations and offers to customers through information such as customer purchase history and behavior data, and improve customer shopping experience and loyalty.

In addition, AI technology can also help enterprises to identify and analyze customers’ voices, emotions and attitudes, so as to better understand customers’ needs and emotions and optimize customer service.

Through the integration of AI technology, enterprises can better cope with risks and security issues. For example, in the financial industry, AI technology can help enterprises reduce risks and losses through customer identification and fraud identification. In the field of production, enterprises can avoid production accidents and safety problems through intelligent sensing technology and autonomous control technology.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, AI technology is more and more widely used in enterprises, which can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, optimize management, create new business models and improve customer service quality. However, there are also many problems and risks to be considered in the application, such as data security, privacy protection, failure of artificial intelligence technology and so on. We need to fully realize the advantages and limitations of AI technology, so as to make better use of this technology and promote the development and innovation of enterprises.

Six core technologies, the small I robot has great commercial value potential.

The advantages of artificial intelligence small I robot are not only in corpus data, but also in its own hard technology.

Compared with other big manufacturers, cognitive intelligence is still in the stage of research and development. Small I robots have been put into practice for a long time, and on this basis, they have quietly established their own business empire.

Xiaoyi commercialized all his six core technologies, and formed nine product series including dialogue AI, knowledge fusion, intelligent voice, super automation, data intelligence, intelligent construction support, visual analysis, intelligent hardware support, and meta-universe. The market share of products in several vertical industries is in the forefront.

With outstanding technology, the small I robot has blossomed rapidly in intelligent services. At present, there are more than 800 million end users of the small I robot worldwide. Nearly a thousand large and medium-sized enterprises and governments, hundreds of thousands of small enterprises and developers are using the services and intelligent robot products provided by the small I robot, covering communications, finance, government affairs, legal affairs, medical care, manufacturing and other industries.

In the banking industry alone, more than 40 of the top 50 banks in China have adopted the small I intelligent customer service system. According to the official data of China Construction Bank, the workload of intelligent customer service is almost equivalent to 9000 employees, which can save a lot of astronomical figures only in labor costs.