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Zhongqing Daily: Punching in online celebrity attractions, the impulse is that the devil should think twice about following suit.

  Speed and flow have brought a "internet plus" revolution to the tourism industry, which is a brand-new tourism model, which inevitably requires different responses from scenic spots to tourists.

  Since the beginning of this year, influenced by many short videos, domestic scenic spots such as Hongyadong in Chongqing, Yongxingfang in Xi ‘an and Chaka Salt Lake in Qinghai have quickly become popular and become the "punching places in online celebrity" for tourists. However, in the face of the swarming tourists, some "online celebrity scenic spots" are not ready to become popular, which leads to the problems of congestion, dirty environment and poor tourist experience.

  Traditional tourist attractions often rely on years of word-of-mouth accumulation and long-term painstaking operation of managers to attract tourists. The increase or decrease of passenger flow presents a curve of slow increase or decrease. After entering the era of mobile internet, especially with the rise of short video websites, some little-known scenic spots may quickly become popular because of the spread of a video. From the explosion of online traffic to the explosive growth of offline tourists, the word "online celebrity" has become a perfect combination point. It can be said that the speed and flow have brought a "internet plus" revolution to the tourism industry, which is a brand-new tourism model, which inevitably requires different responses from scenic spots to tourists.

  From the perspective of scenic spots, in the face of the sudden increase of tourists, it is obvious that there is something at a loss. This requires scenic spot managers and urban managers to have more awareness of the Internet, pay attention to the latest trends of the industry, and make emergency plans for potential passengers. Just as "double 11" is faced with an army of online shopping, e-commerce must do a good job of high voltage test in server, bandwidth, logistics and other aspects, and in tourist attractions, including upstream and downstream industries such as transportation and shopping, it must also withstand similar "stress" tests.

  In addition to passive coping, managers may wish to use Internet thinking to promote themselves, use Internet technology to operate scenic spots, and turn passivity into initiative. In this way, places that want to be red can really become red, and some places that are not suitable for developing into scenic spots can be prevented from becoming "online celebrity punch cards".

  For tourists, they should also have a pair of discerning eyes to see through the "scenic spots in online celebrity". It’s refreshing to travel just by taking a few photos and a short video, but the difference between "looking beautiful" and "really beautiful" is sometimes equivalent to the difference between "seller show" and "buyer show", which often makes people want to cry. Impulse is the devil, think twice before punching in.

  In the past, we often laughed at the travel mode of "getting on the bus to sleep and getting off the bus to take pictures"; However, isn’t the "punch-in" tour for young people now similar to the group tour? The difference is that it’s over when the aunts and grandfathers take photos. Young people "punch in" online celebrity and send photos to friends circle to show off. Can this kind of tour really relax people? Can people understand the local culture and characteristics? Is it really necessary to "punch in" with the wind?

  With the improvement of people’s income level and the implementation of paid vacation system, China people began to live a "rich" and "leisure" life, which promoted the rapid growth of the tourism market. Online celebrity-style tourism has brought a new round of scenic spots popularity and tourists soaring, which can be regarded as a "consumption upgrade" under the influence of the Internet. In the face of this "consumption upgrade", the tourism industry must respond quickly and prepare for it. Otherwise, I’m afraid we will meet the elimination of the market.

  Earth wool Source: China Youth Daily

The Birth of the Song "I Dedicate Oil to the Motherland"

Qin Yongcheng’s "First Oil Well" in Daqing Oilfield. Pictures are data pictures.

Qin Yongcheng (right) is with oil workers in Panjin Oilfield. Pictures are data pictures.

  [Great motherland, unforgettable songs].

  "Splendid rivers and mountains are picturesque, and the motherland is building a cross-horse. It’s a great honor for me to be an oil worker and travel around the world wearing an aluminum helmet … …” This heroic ode to oil workers is not only a clarion call to encourage oil workers from generation to generation to join in the construction of the motherland, but also an overall portrayal of the outstanding heroes of the working class in China. Although it was written more than half a century ago, it is still so exciting and exciting to sing today.

  The composer Qin Yongcheng (1933— 2015) is the first generation composer trained in New China. During more than half a century’s creative career, he has created a large number of musical works with high artistic achievements and wide social influence, such as the song "I offer oil for the motherland", "Chairman Mao travels all over the motherland", My People,My Country, vocal concerto "Haiyan", symphonic poem "Two Little Cowboys" and movie music "Entrepreneurship" and "Marshal and Soldiers". He made great contributions to the music, art and education in our country all his life.

  Three days with the "Iron Man"

  In 1964, a notice brought Qin Yongcheng into close contact with Li Jiefu, a famous composer and president of Shenyang Conservatory of Music. It was this notice that made him have an indissoluble bond with oil workers all his life. In March this year, China Musicians Association organized some composers to experience life in Daqing Oilfield and created a batch of works reflecting oil workers. Dean Hijacking also received a notice, asking him to report to Sarthou, Heilongjiang Province on March 20th. After receiving the notice, the dean of the robbery immediately made preparations for leaving. Due to physical reasons, the college is going to find a young man to accompany the dean of the robbery to "go north". At the suggestion of the dean of the robbery, Qin Yongcheng will accompany him. Unfortunately, Qin Yongcheng was suffering from a high fever and had been in bed for three days. Upon hearing this, Dean Hijacking personally visited Qin Yongcheng’s home and told him to rest at ease for illness. In the face of this rare opportunity, Qin Yongcheng looked forward to his early recovery. Although his fever had gone down the next day, he was still very weak, and insisted on accompanying Dean Jiefu.

  On the evening of 19th, Qin Yongcheng got his wish and boarded the train to the north. In the car, Qin Yongcheng finally put forward the question that was hidden in his heart: "Where are we going to Sarthou?" Dean Hijacking told him quietly: "Sarthou is a big oil field, called Daqing Oilfield, and it is still confidential." After moving to Daqing, Qin Yongcheng lived with many famous musicians such as Lv Ji, Qu Wei, Wang Xin, Zhang Lu and Jiefu in the guest house of Daqing Petroleum Command.

  Since the next day, the oil field has arranged courses for musicians to introduce oil-related knowledge, from exploration and drilling to oil production and refining for ten days, with one content per day. Ten days later, the oilfield arranged for them to experience life in the first line. Qin Yongcheng, Jiefu and Wang Xin (songwriters of "Singing the Motherland") were assigned to the "1205 Hero Drilling Team" with Wang Jinxi, the "Iron Man", and lived together with the "Iron Man" for three days. During this period, Wang Jinxi told Qin Yongcheng that when he held a People’s Congress in Beijing in 1959, he saw that the buses in Beijing were in a heavy mood because of lack of oil and carrying gas bags. He also listened to him tell the story of the Daqing Petroleum Congress. In the spring of 1960, Wang Jinxi’s drilling team was in Yumen Oilfield. When it was heard that a large oil field had been discovered in the north, the whole country was going to hold a general meeting there, and immediately asked the superior to fight. They said goodbye to their relatives and boarded the train going north in their light clothes. Faced with the harsh climate, hard living and working environment, and poor equipment, oil workers shouted the loud slogan of "if you have the conditions, you should go if you don’t have the conditions" in order to get rid of the label of "poor oil" as soon as possible and break the economic blockade of western hostile forces. "When the oil workers roar, the earth will shake three times."Qin Yongcheng’s soul was strongly shocked and greatly impacted by his earth-shattering fearless revolutionary heroism. Especially in the days spent with Wang Jinxi and his heroic drilling crew, Qin Yongcheng’s understanding of oil workers has been greatly sublimated, and he has a strong emotional resonance. He is determined to create works that can reflect the spirit of oil workers to express his high respect for them.

  A masterpiece completed in the canteen of the hostel.

  After three days of experience, Qin Yongcheng returned to the guest house, and the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Oilfield prepared a batch of lyrics reflecting the work and life of Daqing Oilfield and oil workers for them, hoping that composers would compose music for them. After the old composers had chosen the lyrics, Qin Yongcheng also chose them. At this time, a lyric jumped into his eyes, which was written by oil worker Xue Zhuguo, "I offer oil for my motherland." This first-person lyric is vivid and vivid, which vividly depicts the heroic and optimistic mood of oil workers and the fearless revolutionary spirit of fighting against the world. The more Qin Yongcheng watched it, the more he liked it. The more he watched it, the more excited he became. At this moment, he was inspired and full of thoughts. In the canteen of the hostel, he finished writing this work in just 20 minutes.

  Inspired by the artistic conception of the lyrics, the prelude of the song adopts a fast speed, a lively and elastic rhythm, and a fluctuating melody line, like a train full of oil workers galloping in the splendid rivers and mountains of the motherland, from the northwest of the motherland to the northeast thousands of miles away. Then, the heroic song of the oil workers was introduced: "The beautiful rivers and mountains are picturesque, and the motherland is building a beautiful horse. I am honored to be an oil worker and wear an aluminum helmet to travel all over the world." The melody of the song is broad, fresh and smooth, which vividly depicts the bold spirit of oil workers and the revolutionary optimism full of pride and self-confidence. On the word "kua" of "kua steed", the melody absorbs the elements of rap music and adopts a sliding tone, which is not only in line with the rhyme of Chinese four tones but also forceful, and can better highlight the bold and hearty character of oil workers. These four sentences are lyrical paragraphs, which vividly depict the heroic fighting spirit and optimistic spirit of oil workers moving to the north and south and being at home all over the world.

  In order to show the dauntless heroism spirit and heroic spirit of oil workers, who are "fearless of heaven, fearless of earth, and fearless of storm, thunder and lightning", Qin Yongcheng treated these two lyrics into short and powerful eight-point dotted notes and syncopated rhythm, which made the music more powerful and dynamic. At the same time, it not only forms a sharp contrast with the previous lyric paragraphs, but also lays a good foundation for the climax of the whole song that appears later.

  The climax of the song is in the last two phrases, "I contribute oil to my motherland, where there is oil, my home is there". In order to make the climax of the song more prominent and infectious, Qin Yongcheng ingeniously treated the first beat at the beginning of this sentence as a rest, and started the word "I am" from the weak beat to highlight the word "ancestor" in the next section. Then, on the word "oil" for "offering oil", the melody adopts a circuitous upward movement, forming a large-span 10-degree interval in the range. In the last four bars of the song, Qin Yongcheng skillfully used the drawl of China’s traditional opera music for reference. It is worth mentioning that in the first draft of the work, the last four sections are not like this, but after Qin Yongcheng returned to school, he sang the work to friends and students, listened to and adopted everyone’s suggestions, and changed the original last simple melody into the current one-stop drawl. In this way, the music is more infectious and dynamic, which not only depicts the free and easy character of oil workers, but also makes the whole song end in an atmosphere full of optimism and pride. The revised work was published in the journal "Music Life" of Liaoning Branch of China Music Association, which soon became a hero’s ode to oil workers in the north and south of the motherland and inside and outside the Great Wall.

  The only "composer of oil workers"

  The first singer of this song, Liu Bingyi, a famous baritone singer of the former Central Orchestra, also played an important role in the promotion of this song. He and Qin Yongcheng also became attached to this song, and it was sung for 50 years. And Qin Yongcheng also started from this song, and successively created a number of excellent works reflecting oil workers. In 1973, as a key project of the Ministry of Culture, Changying filmed a feature film "Entrepreneurship" reflecting the Daqing Petroleum Congress, and specially invited Qin Yongcheng to create music for this film. Qin Yongcheng lived up to expectations, and created a number of well-known songs in his film music, such as Looking at Beijing with deep feelings, Entrepreneurial songs, and The Fragrance of Oil in Tianya Wan Li. Because of Qin Yongcheng’s outstanding contribution to the creation of oil-related music, the vast number of oil workers are familiar with the name Qin Yongcheng and affectionately call him "the composer of oil workers". In 1994, China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation (formerly the Ministry of Petroleum Industry) awarded Qin Yongcheng the honorary title of "composer of oil workers", and he was the only composer in China to win this honor. In 1996, China Records Corporation awarded Qin Yongcheng the "Golden Record Award" for this work, which was later included in the 20th century Chinese classics.

  Praising the motherland and people and eulogizing the times and life are the themes of Qin Yongcheng’s life creation. It is precisely because of Qin Yongcheng’s deep patriotism, deep thoughts and feelings for the broad masses of the people, including oil workers, rich musical language based on Chinese excellent musical culture, and continuous absorption of rich nutrition and creative sources in the long-term in-depth social life that he created such immortal masterpieces represented by "I Contribute Oil to the Motherland", which are full of positive energy and the main theme of the times, and have high artistic value and appeal to both refined and popular tastes. (Author: Wei Huang, former vice president and second-level professor of Shenyang Conservatory of Music)

Looking closely at "Made in China" through Shanghai Auto Show, US media: In the field of electric vehicles, China manufacturers play the leading role.

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] "The exhibition halls of dozens of China brand electric vehicles are surrounded by visitors, and the neighboring areas are full of foreign brands of gasoline-powered vehicles, but almost no one takes a look." The New York Times’s report on 20th described a strange phenomenon at the Shanghai Auto Show. As one of the largest auto shows in the world, this year’s Shanghai Auto Show is the first auto show of its kind in China since 2019, attracting more than 1,000 companies to participate. Throughout the world’s major auto shows, local enterprises are the absolute protagonists of the exhibition, and also represent the influence of a country’s auto industry on the world. With China’s car-making industry chain being pushed to the forefront of the world with the new energy revolution, the Shanghai Auto Show is becoming a showcase of "Made in China" in the automobile field. The New York Times reported that this year’s auto show showed a very clear signal: in the field of electric vehicles, manufacturers in China are playing the leading role.

China car companies became the focus at the Shanghai Auto Show. The picture shows the BYD booth displaying the dual-gun overcharge architecture platform. (vision china)

Independent brands are attractive.

The Global Times reporter saw at the auto show that compared with previous domestic auto shows, the self-owned brands participating in this year’s Shanghai Auto Show are more and more attractive, and the product prices are more and more "bold". Almost every company has launched models with prices as high as hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan, which has attracted much attention.

BYD brought its high-end brand "Looking Up" to the U8, the first production model, with a pre-sale price of 1.098 million yuan. This new energy vehicle, which focuses on hard-core off-road, is based on two core technological achievements-the power system driven independently by four motors and the intelligent hydraulic body control system. Another brand of BYD Tengshi exhibited the first edition of the medium and large five-seat hunting SUV N7 and Tengshi D9. Weilai ushered in the appearance of the new ES6 and 2023 ET7 at the auto show. The prices of the above models are almost above 300,000 yuan.

Traditional car companies are not weak. Hongqi appeared in two new energy products-Hongqi E202 and Hongqi E001. SAIC exhibited more than 130 new cars from six vehicle manufacturers, of which new energy vehicles accounted for nearly half. Geely brings its krypton series products. Great Wall Motor exhibited new energy vehicles such as Haval Xiaolong MAX, Wei brand Lanshan DHT-PHEV, and tank 500 PHEV, as well as the 6×6 super off-road platform of the Great Wall Gun which can carry a variety of power. Chery brought the first high-end intelligent pure electric car E03 from Starway, and Changan Automobile brought the deep blue S7 and the deep blue SL03.

"Visitors to the Shanghai Auto Show are amazed at the China brand." German "Der Spiegel" magazine said on the 20th that China car companies, which were often laughed at in the past, have already caught up and are moving towards the leading position. China automobile brands participating in the auto show have never been as wide-ranging and high-quality as this year-no matter big companies like BYD, Geely, Great Wall and SAIC, or start-ups like Weilai, beautiful shapes, charming atmosphere and breakthrough technologies can be seen everywhere.

Global Times reporter observed that executives and engineers of multinational car companies also appeared on the booths of China car companies. They are very concerned about the cutting-edge electrification technology exhibited by China car companies. As soon as the reporter entered the 6.1 Hall where China brands gathered, he saw a foreign engineer carefully studying the products of a Chinese lidar company. At the Great Wall Motor booth next to it, the reporter witnessed a number of foreign exhibitors exchanging business cards with booth staff.

China’s electric vehicle industry chain is leading the world.

"Local manufacturers are overtaking German brands in the electric vehicle market in China." Germany’s "Daily" reported on the 20th that at the Shanghai Auto Show, Volkswagen continued to appear as the leader of the world’s largest auto market. However, on the opening day of the auto show on Tuesday, news came that had a far-reaching impact on the industry: in the China market, BYD, a China manufacturer, surpassed the traditional leader Volkswagen in the first quarter. In the opinion of experts, German automotive engineers have become focused on studying the gap size of parts and body adjustment because of their success in the past decades, and are unwilling to take the initiative to meet the changes. But a quarter of all new cars sold in China are electric cars, and this trend is still rising.

At this auto show, Japanese car companies such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan have released new models to attract consumers in China. The Japanese news agency said on the 18th that the popularity of electric vehicles among China car companies is high, while the presence of Japanese car companies, which started late in the field of electric vehicles, is declining, and it is approaching a critical moment.

Japan’s "Daily News" said on the 20th that Japanese car companies are struggling in the field of electric vehicles. In 2022, Toyota sold 10.48 million new cars, ranking first in the world, but only 20,000 electric vehicles were sold. Toyota’s share of electric vehicles in the world is only 0.3%, far inferior to Tesla and BYD. The most worrying thing is that Japanese cars are gradually regarded as "outdated" by China consumers. A 29-year-old office worker in Beijing said, "The durability of Japanese cars is good, but the intelligent service in the car is insufficient." "Daily News" said that Japanese car companies started late in the field of electric vehicles, which also affected the intelligence in the car.

"It turns out that we have always said that China’s auto industry’ wakes up early and gets up late’, but on the new track of electrification, especially intelligent electrification, China enterprises are innovative in the whole industry chain, and their actions are more rapid than those of foreign enterprises." Fu Yuwu, honorary chairman of China Automotive Engineering Society, told the Global Times reporter that overall, the whole industrial chain of electric vehicles in China is in the leading position in the world.

Professor Ferdinand Dudenhoff, director of the German Automobile Research Center (CAR), who is known as the "godfather of automobiles" in Germany, said in an interview with the Global Times on the 20th that the achievements and technologies exhibited by China enterprises at the Shanghai Auto Show were impressive. On the one hand, intelligent cockpit and interconnection, on the other hand, products related to autonomous driving, and then battery technology, the automobile world is changing much faster than some people think. China is playing an increasingly important role in market scale and technology.

Baidu Apollo held an automobile intelligent conference on the eve of Shanghai Auto Show, released a brand-new upgraded product matrix of driving chart, and released "Baidu Intelligent Driving Open White Paper", which opened four key capabilities for automobile enterprises. Also on the eve of the auto show, Tencent demonstrated its technology and product system in the field of "Che Yun Integration" on the technology open day. In terms of battery technology, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited officially released condensed batteries during the auto show. It is understood that the energy density of the battery monomer can reach up to 500Wh/kg, which has the characteristics of high specific energy and high safety, and has mass production capacity within this year. Weilai launched a cooperative product with AR company Nreal to create an immersive cockpit entertainment experience space.

Zhang Xiang, an auto industry analyst in China, told the Global Times reporter that China is leading the global auto development trend, and there are few software in foreign cars, but there is a big market in China, and the software functions of new energy vehicles in China are generally more and richer than those in foreign countries. "In the past, the software of international car companies may be simple functions, but China’s car software can also integrate a variety of maps and entertainment software, which is also the contribution made by China car companies." Zhang Xiang analyzed this way.

Perspective of Industry Trend from Auto Show

The Global Times reporter observed at this auto show that under the blessing of "black technology" in software and hardware, new energy vehicles are showing stronger and stronger product strength and larger market space. Through this auto show, how do people from all walks of life view the future development trend of the new energy industry?

BYD said in its reply to the Global Times reporter that the first is that the market size of the industry will continue to expand. In the past three years, China New Energy Bus Station has achieved a spurt growth in the "double carbon" outlet, with an average penetration rate of 30% in the first quarter of this year, from 5% in 2020 to 15% in the previous year, and then to 26% last year, with a monthly penetration rate of 35% in March. The second is intelligent networking. In the future, new energy vehicles will be more intelligent and networked, and the combination of vehicles with emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence will bring more efficient, safer and smarter driving experience to human beings. The third is diversified development. In the future, the development of new energy vehicles will be more diversified, including new technologies such as pure electric power, hybrid power, hydrogen fuel power and extended range, which will promote the evolution of the automobile power market from different angles.

Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of Weilai, said: "I am full of confidence in the development of smart electric vehicle industry in China in 2023, and my confidence comes from the rapid recovery of China’s macro-economy and the improvement of user experience brought by the rapid progress of smart electric vehicle technology.".

Professor Heck Proff, director of the Department of Business Administration and International Automobile Management at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, said in an interview with the Global Times on the 20th that the Shanghai Auto Show clearly showed that electrification and software are the two central themes of the current global automobile industry transformation. Without the remarkable skills in these two fields, no automobile manufacturer can exist independently for a long time, and China manufacturers have demonstrated that they have these skills in Shanghai.

Rogge’s first press conference praised the Olympic Village and predicted the "awakening" of Asian sports.

  On August 2nd, IOC President Jacques Rogge answered questions about the IOC Executive Board meeting and the Beijing Olympic Games at the press conference held in the main press center of Beijing Olympic Games. China News Agency issued Wu Zhonglin photo

  On August 2nd, IOC President Jacques Rogge said at the press conference held in the main press center of Beijing Olympic Games that he was very satisfied with the work of BOCOG and he was looking forward to seeing a perfect opening ceremony. China News Agency issued Wu Zhonglin photo

  China news agency, Beijing, August 2nd (Reporter Huan Wang) Jacques, President of the International Olympic Committee? Rogge held his first press conference in the main press center of Beijing Olympic Games today. Apart from praising the Beijing Olympic Village, he also predicted that Asian sports would "wake up" in this Olympic Games.

  Rogge, who ended the one-day meeting of the IOC Executive Committee, came to the press conference and still looked radiant, waving to the media who had been waiting for a long time. The Executive Committee ended the discussion ahead of schedule today, which, in Rogge’s view, is a good start for this Olympic Games.

  Rogge, who attended the launching ceremony of the "Peace and Friendship Wall" in the Olympic Village on August 1st, was full of praise for this "first village on earth". "I am very fortunate to enter the Olympic Village and talk with Olympic athletes. They all think that this is the best Olympic Village in previous Olympic Games." Rogge recalled, "I myself have been in the Olympic Village since 1968, and the Beijing Olympic Village is very outstanding. This has also been recognized by national and regional Olympic committees and international individual sports federations. "

  When talking about sports achievements, Rogge predicted that Asian sports would "wake up" in this Olympic Games. He cited the figures of the Athens Olympic Games: "China won 32 gold medals, which was close to 36 in the United States, and Russian won 29 gold medals. This competition will be very interesting, because the host usually wins more gold medals and medals. China, South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries will present good medal figures, which is very exciting and expected. "

  Rogge specifically mentioned that some Iraqi athletes were allowed to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games at today’s Executive Committee meeting. "This also means that all 205 members of the International Olympic Committee will participate in this Olympic Games." The Beijing Olympic Games truly realized the great reunion of the Olympic family.

  "A week before the opening of the Athens Olympic Games, we were still worried about whether the competition venues could be built on time, and the Beijing Olympic venues began to hold test competitions one year in advance." Rogge once again emphasized the IOC’s affirmation of Beijing’s Olympic preparations. "I am very happy to see that the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee has fulfilled its promise when bidding, and this Olympic Games will be very successful."

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Editor: Lu Wei

What is the significance of allowing foreign investors to set up entertainment venues in China according to law?

  Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the Notice on Adjusting the Examination and Approval of Entertainment Places and Internet Service Business Places.

  According to the Notice, according to the Decision of the State Council on Amending and Abolishing Some Administrative Regulations,Foreign investors are allowed to set up entertainment venues in China according to law, and restrictions on the proportion of foreign investment are abolished.Foreign investors applying to engage in business activities of entertainment places shall apply to the provincial administrative department of culture and tourism, and the application materials, establishment conditions and procedures are consistent with those of domestic capital.

  In addition, according to Article 58 of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the Protection of Minors,Schools and kindergartens shall not set up entertainment places or business places for Internet service. The distance and measurement method between kindergartens and entertainment places and Internet service business places shall be specified by the provincial administrative department of culture and tourism in combination with the actual situation.

  Before the implementation of the Law on the Protection of Minors in People’s Republic of China (PRC), entertainment places and Internet service places have been set up around kindergartens. When the examination and approval authorities handle the renewal or change of business licenses, they should strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations, and earnestly implement the legal requirements that entertainment places and Internet service places should not be set up around kindergartens.

  Expert interpretation

  Yong Yang, a researcher at the Institute of Intellectual Property Law and Policy, East China University of Political Science and Law:The country has also further reformed and opened up to the outside world, giving enterprises more independent rights.At the same time, it is also considered that creating a better business environment and giving foreign investors a national investment treatment will still play a role in promoting and promoting the entire entertainment market. Through the opening up of foreign capital, the market activity will be further improved, which will enrich the spiritual and cultural life of ordinary people and bring a good impetus and prosperity.

  In the adjustment that entertainment places and Internet service business places are not allowed around schools and kindergartens, the Notice points out that the distance and measurement method between schools, kindergartens and business places shall be made by the provincial cultural and tourism administrative departments in light of the actual situation. Researcher Yong Yang also gave a related explanation.

  Researcher, Institute of Intellectual Property Law and Policy, East China University of Political Science and Law, ShanghaiYong Yang:Every city has a different volume, including Xuhui District in Shanghai, where there are 99 schools in more than 50 square kilometers. I think the interpretation of "periphery" should be given to the local cultural and tourism bureau according to the actual situation, which should not only ensure the prosperity of the market, but also maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the original enterprises, and at the same time effectively protect the rights and interests related to minors. (CCTV reporter Zhao Jizhe Shi Yilong)

Kung Fu Panda 4 is a love letter to China’s Kung Fu movies.

"Kung Fu Panda 4" was released on March 22nd, and the panda A Bao returned to the big screen after 8 years’ violation.

The animated film Kung Fu Panda 4, co-directed by mike mitchell and Stephanie Ma stine, was released on March 22nd. This film is the fourth in a series of Kung Fu Panda movies, and the panda A Bao has returned to the big screen after eight years. In the English version, the comedian Jack Black once again returned to be the naive kung fu master Po. Bo Huang, Yang Mi and Rulu were the Chinese voices of Po, Xiaozhen and "The Phantom of the Demon" in Kung Fu Panda 4 respectively.

Kung Fu Panda 4 is a rare animated film that can capture the fourth episode. The Kung Fu Panda series, which has spanned nearly 16 years, has captured an amazing box office of about $2 billion in the world. The lovely panda Po is the protagonist of this legendary series. He shows the profound truth and universal concepts about self-discovery, overcoming fear and teamwork with stories full of oriental thoughts, which makes the series accumulate a very deep audience around the world. From the first movie, Kung Fu Panda series began to perfectly blend comedy, action and true feelings.

"I am a big fan of this series, and Kung Fu Panda is also one of the best series of movies ever. What excites me most is to explore its unique combination of comedy and action. Especially as a kung fu movie fan, there are extremely wonderful action fights in the story of this movie, and at the same time, comedy and animation are mixed together. It is a perfect opportunity for me. " Michelle, co-director of Kung Fu Panda 4, told the Beijing News that there will be more action scenes in Kung Fu Panda 4, because it is a love letter for China Kung Fu movies. "I like all kung fu movies, such as movies starring Bruce Lee, Kung Fu directed by Stephen Chow, Yuan Heping’s" Young Huang Feihong’s Iron Horse "and so on. We found inspiration in these movies, absorbed the essence and put them into this movie. For example, at the beginning of the film, Po raised his finger, which is a classic action of Bruce Lee. Of course, we must pay tribute to Bruce Lee. Another example is a landlady who is a powerful and skilled warrior. She has curly hair on her head, which seems to pay tribute to Stephen Chow’s movie Kung Fu (the chartered woman played by Yuan Qiu). "

Kung Fu Panda 4 has scenes to pay tribute to Bruce Lee’s classic movements and the rented woman in the film Kung Fu.

Simple Po wants to be a spiritual leader.

With Kung Fu Panda 4 leading the series into a new chapter, Po’s story has also taken a gripping turn, guiding him to embark on an inner journey about growth and change. With extraordinary courage and kung fu tricks of "punching the old master to death", the Dragon Warrior Po defeated some of the best kung fu villains in the world in the first three thrilling adventures. This time, fate summoned him to cultivate his body and mind. To put it bluntly, he was appointed as the spiritual leader of Heping Valley because of his simple nature, but this incident immediately triggered several obvious problems: First, Po knew nothing about how to be a spiritual leader, which was equivalent to letting him, who loved food, "eat birds and eat blood"; Secondly, Po should find a new Dragon Warrior as soon as possible, and train him to take up his post smoothly before he can retire and become a lofty leader, which is a process that needs thorough understanding and acceptance for him. To make matters worse, the powerful evil mage, the Phantom Queen (voiced by Viola Davis), has recently reappeared in the Jianghu. She is a petite lizard that can be transformed into the appearance of any animal, regardless of its size. After the Phantom of the Opera, those greedy little eyes are fixed on the staff of wisdom in Po’s hands. With it, she will be able to reconvene all the villains who have been hit by Po in the spirit world.

In "Kung Fu Panda 4", Po’s new partner is the cunning and witty thief Shahu Xiaozhen.

Therefore, Po is in urgent need of help, and then he meets the cunning and witty thief Xiaozhen (voiced by Awkwafina). This sand fox annoys Po all over, but her ability will help a lot. In order to protect the Valley of Peace from being trampled by the clutches of the Phantom of the Opera, tell it to the judge, who had frequent jokes, had to fight side by side. In this process, Po will find that unexpected places also meet heroes. Michelle said that in addition to being black and white, Po’s thoughts are black and white, and there are only good people and bad people in his mind. But this time, the newly added character Xiao is really a good and evil character. As a thief, she is still kind-hearted, which makes Po in a dilemma for a while. I don’t know if I can trust her. In the initial discussion, the production team found that Po rarely left the Valley of Peace, so they decided to take him out of the comfort zone and come to the new environment of Juniper City to get to know Xiaozhen. "We want to design such a movie, in which Xiaozhen and Po represent the city and the countryside respectively. Po from the countryside came to the big city for the first time, so we basically created a new york Times Square in an imaginary ancient China world, where all kinds of animals are in groups, and the number is more than you have ever seen before, including rhinoceros, sheep, wild boar, domestic pigs, goats, crocodiles and bears." In Kung Fu Panda 4, the scenes visited by Po and Xiaozhen are broader than those in the previous work. Michelle said, "This magnificent world has caused Po to change, making him realize that he may be ignorant. As he explores this vast new world, he also comes into contact with all kinds of people.Accepted the concept that the world is not only black and white. This journey made Po wise and saw that there were more than just good and evil sides in the world. "

A team of more than 500 people creates a multicultural perspective

The production team took the time to polish the story and characters of this film carefully, and also paid attention to the standards set by previous films. "This movie has been separated from the last one for eight years, and we have to live up to our high expectations. The first three movies have been a great success, and the fans of Kung Fu Panda have been growing from the first one, constantly crossing the age group. Our goal is to create a movie that can resonate with men, women and children. It not only pays tribute to the memories and legends of the previous work, but also introduces new, interesting and exciting elements. We want to strive to achieve a balance between the two. " Michelle introduced that in the process of cooperation in finalizing the story, the team of Kung Fu Panda 4 created a vibrant and creative environment: "About 500 people contributed to this film, bringing diversified perspectives to the story, sharing the same opinions and goals with everyone, making the finalization process exciting, and allowing us to introduce new ideas on the basis of retaining the styles and feelings of the first three films."

There are about 500 people behind Kung Fu Panda 4, who come from all over the world.

Stephanie Ma stine, the co-director of this film, is a Chinese-American female directors. In the final stage of the production of Kung Fu Panda 4, the complex culture in which she grew up also brought a lot of fun and knowledge to the whole team. "My family comes from China, so I will teach the crew to play mahjong, a game that my father once joked would lead me astray," she said. "But now I’m here, taking my colleagues to enjoy the fun of this China game. From the peaceful valley with rural customs to the bustling city of juniper, we have been trying to capture this extensive culture in the movies. Our attention to small details, such as whether a food is authentic or not, has created a sense of richness for the world of Kung Fu Panda, which is constantly resonating with audiences around the world. " Michelle and the production team pay great attention to realism, and the final product is a love letter they wrote to China culture, martial arts and the whole series of Kung Fu Panda. He said, "Since the release of Kung Fu Panda 3, the world has improved a lot, and we have also noticed these changes, and tried to add more diversity to our actors, crews and later stages, and even Kung Fu has evolved. Many of our animators and artists still clearly remember how they watched Kung Fu Panda when they were young, and they were all very excited that they could contribute to the series of movies they liked since childhood in this new work. "

Behind the scenes

1. In order to capture the real kungfu movements, Sean sexton, director of animation roles with background in Taekwondo and Aikido, integrated the realistic mechanism into Po’s movements. sexton’s team cooperated with a stunt director and several performers to shoot many accurate reference shots for animation.

2. For the inspiration of camera following, animated characters and action scenes, the production team invited stunt coordinator and martial artist Don Ty Theerathada as the kung fu consultant for this film. Theerathada and his stunt team used to be responsible for the fight scene design and arrangement of many action movies. In addition, the stunt team also photographed the scene reference for the animators, who used props designed to imitate the characters’ costumes, costumes, horns, tails and other characteristics to study the natural movements of animals.

3. In the process of making Kung Fu Panda series, animation technology has also made great progress. These technological advances have achieved dynamic camera following, enhanced lighting and unlimited facial feature control for Kung Fu Panda 4. However, despite the technological progress, the animators still combine the old-school and new-school technologies to create traditional hand-drawn pencil drafts for action scenes.

The big villain in Kung Fu Panda 4, the Phantom of the Demon Queen.

4. The film adopts the opinions of Dr Stuart Sumaida, a biologist and vertebrate paleontologist, to help shape the Phantom of the Phantom and the Queen and her army of Komodo dragons. The physiology, movement and independent rotation of eyes of these characters have been carefully designed.

5. It is a complicated process to shape the transformation after the Phantom of the Opera, which is inspired by movies such as The Ring of the Rings at Midnight, X-Men, Nightcrawler and Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes. In order to pursue the details of the transformation, this character is bound with more than 8,000 control points. In order to solve the clothing problem during the transformation of the Phantom of the Opera, the design is adjusted to seamlessly inhale the clothing into the skin.

Welcome the audience to watch Kung Fu Panda 4 at Dolby Cinema in Belle Palace and enjoy the ultimate audio-visual experience.

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Editor Huang Jialing

Proofread Li Lijun

Beijing will accelerate a number of landmark projects such as integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and bio-manufacturing.

CCTV News:On March 19th, the State Council Office held a press conference on "Strive to create a new situation of high-quality development based on the strategic positioning of the capital city". At the meeting, Yin Yong, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said that efforts would be made to strengthen the construction of an international science and technology innovation center and give full play to Beijing’s advantages in developing new quality productivity. We will co-ordinate the resources of educational science and technology talents, cultivate and strengthen all kinds of scientific and technological forces, continue to implement the leading action of basic research and the plan of tackling key core technologies in depth, and lay out the new track of the future industry in a forward-looking way; Leading the construction of a modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation, accelerating a number of landmark projects such as integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and bio-manufacturing, consolidating and expanding the leading edge of industries such as artificial intelligence and high-level autonomous driving, and striving to build a benchmark city for the global digital economy; Accelerate the improvement of the innovation ecosystem, launch a new Zhongguancun pilot reform policy, solidly promote the construction of the world’s leading science and technology parks, and gather momentum for Beijing’s high-quality development.

The North Sea Fleet leads mass training activities with competition.

China’s navy is holding a military parade at sea. (information photo)

  On February 25th, the largest professional and technical competition in the history of the North Sea Fleet came to an end after three days of fierce competition. The officers and men of the fleet stationed on the long coastline of the northern part of the motherland shared the grand occasion of the awards and commendation meeting through various video calls. The "top trainers" and "technical experts" who won 210 individual medals and 52 team medals in 16 majors and 85 events went to their respective positions with great pride.

  The Jingwu arena is fiercely competitive, and the drums are inspiring. There are many "highlights" and frequent "highlights" on the competition field.

  "Ending" becomes "Opening"

  In previous years, military competitions were generally arranged in the second half of the year. As the "ending" project of annual training, it is more to play the functions of "acceptance" and "evaluation".

  However, as soon as the training of the North Sea Fleet started this year, it began to compete with unprecedented professional skills. What is the intention of "ending" to "opening"? During the interview, the reporter learned that the preparation for this competition has actually been fully rolled out in the fleet forces since March last year.

  It is the original intention of the fleet leaders to set this grand contest at the beginning of the year to lead the fine martial arts and create an atmosphere of on-the-job training. Liu Shusen, deputy captain of a landing ship who won the title of captain’s professional competition, told the reporter that from the professional and technical competitions held at different levels of ships, brigades and detachments, he was "killed" by the fleet all the way.

  "Soldiers are the most glorious warrior. The contest shows strength and heroic spirit, and no one in each unit will admit defeat. " A destroyer detachment organized troops to hold full-staff, full-post, full-specialty and full-system professional and technical competitions, and conducted intensive training for the contestants by means of centralized teaching, classified guidance and on-site observation, and eliminated them in turn and selected them at different levels.

  With the competition as the traction, this fleet has set off a vigorous training upsurge from the grass-roots ship company to the divisions and regiments, from ordinary soldiers to leading cadres, from front-line personnel to security forces. Tong Haiqing, political commissar of a speedboat detachment, said: The competition has promoted the enthusiasm of officers and men for training. The officers and men on the small landing craft know that it is difficult to jump into the ring of the fleet, and they are also gearing up for their posts; Some "unique" majors are too few to compete, and they also strongly demand to set up competition projects for them.

  It’s better than not knowing, and it’s better than knowing. Chen Guiqiu, deputy director of the Military Training Department of the Fleet, vividly compared: This is a "general survey" of the combat effectiveness of the troops. Although it is impossible for all officers and men to become top trainers, they can find out which fields and majors have talents by conducting competitions at different levels. Which ship, which battle position lacks backbone, and which projects are still weak. This is undoubtedly conducive to enhancing the pertinence of training guidance, reinforcing the strong and reinforcing the weak, and promoting the whole.

  This competition adapts to the development of equipment and technical progress, tests the latest level of professional technology, sets a new benchmark for military training, and lifts the professional technical training of the fleet to a higher starting point.

  "Watching the war" becomes "participating in the war"

  "Veterans fight and recruits watch." This seems to have become a fixed trend in the previous military competitions, and the "technical skills" that dominate the ring are mostly "old faces". However, this time, senior non-commissioned officers only accounted for a small number of contestants, and more new forces such as conscripts and junior non-commissioned officers bravely appeared.

  Chen Lixing, a new generation pilot of Hainan Airlines who just graduated last year, competed on the same stage with Zuo Wenmeng, a pilot of the deputy division for 30 years. Each of them performed their unique skills and competed fiercely for two hours, making it difficult to win or lose.

  On the one hand, the old horse is full of courage, and on the other hand, the newborn calf dares to fight. The reporter saw in the competition field that in the professional competition of guns, Du Haitao, a superior soldier who had just joined the army for one year, fought fiercely with He Maobin, a four-level sergeant with rich experience; Wang Mian, a first-class petty officer, competed with Zhang Guochao, a third-class petty officer, and Zhang Chunying, a major female officer, which became the most eye-catching attraction on the field.

  In recent years, the composition of soldiers has changed significantly, and many college students have joined the army. Some recruits have undergraduate and junior college degrees, and they are highly savvy, receptive and quick to master new technologies. Coupled with the changes in the military training environment in recent years, weapons are frequently used in practical activities such as long-distance training and major exercises, and the training intensity is high. Officers and men are also greatly trained in their posts, and the growth cycle of professional and technical experts is obviously shortened.

  It’s no better than not knowing, and it’s a "shock"! This new force in military training has activated the training ground. Song Wei, a 315 submarine rudder technician and a fifth-class noncommissioned officer who won the first prize of outstanding noncommissioned officers in the whole army, said frankly when participating in the professional competition of submarine signals: "The strength of new players can not be underestimated, forcing us old backbones not to slack off!"

  In the past, post training focused on training "soldiers", and this time the professional competition cadres no longer watched the excitement. The reporter opened the competition order book and saw that the contestants included ship captains, pilots, staff officers and technical cadres. The most interesting thing is the number of ship captains and flight group leaders. They have heavy burdens and busy work, but they also attach importance to laying a solid foundation like soldiers and players, and put pressure on themselves through competitions.

  Liu Shusen, the deputy captain of a landing ship, took the time to learn the knowledge of command and safety theory, exercised command skills in practical tasks, and achieved the combination of learning and application. In this competition, he won the first place in the professional competition of the captain of the ship, showing a solid commander’s foundation.

  "Supporting role" becomes "protagonist"

  At the scene of the equipment professional competition, the reporter saw that the "grinding technology" that had been "forgotten" for many years reappeared in the competition ring. Twenty-two contestants "copied" the same model of spare parts on the mechanical operating platform, and raced against time to process the grinding parts. Zhang Dingxi, a five-level sergeant of a destroyer detachment, told the reporter: "I have participated in professional competitions organized by higher authorities many times, and this project has not been compared for many years."

  The highlight of this North Sea Fleet competition is "professional technology", which covers all fields and covers all majors. From the combat use of missiles, torpedoes and artillery to the practical operation of electromechanical, communication and chemical defense; From the supply guarantee of diet, medical care and oil, to the troubleshooting and emergency repair of equipment, equipment and facilities, not only the "main" major has made a strong appearance, but also the "marginal" category has made a new appearance.

  The purpose of such a comprehensive and extensive competition project is to fully cover the usual basic training. Professional technology is the basis of combat effectiveness, and no link in the combat effectiveness chain can be missing. Some "marginalized" professional technologies also have the opportunity to exert their fists. Yu Yongfeng, a second-class noncommissioned officer in the equipment warehouse of a security base, and five comrades-in-arms are setting up a new class tent at the professional competition site of the infrastructure barracks. They cooperated with each other quickly and achieved the second place in the group.

  According to statistics, there are 26 new events in this competition, whether they are "resurrected" or "newborn", and the project settings will follow the needs of future wars. According to the requirements of the new syllabus, the content of dealing with various security threats and improving the ability to complete diversified military tasks has been added to the competition. The reporter saw at the scene of the competition between the captain of the ship and the pilots that the knowledge points such as "maintaining the safety of important strategic passages at sea" and "maritime international law" all entered the test paper of the theoretical competition.

  Tournament not only highlights the important position of basic training, but also makes officers and men fighting in different positions firmly believe that professional skills are only "high and low" and have no status "high and low". They broke the traditional concept of "leading role" and "supporting role" and re-defined their roles: all professional and technical posts related to combat effectiveness should be pursued by you, actively trained, laid a solid foundation and used well, so as to promote the overall combat capability of the fleet to jump! (Liberation Army Daily reporter Si Yanwen special correspondent Li De)

Editor: Bo Du

FIFA: Saudi Arabia is the only bid for the 2034 Football World Cup.

Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, October 31 (Reporter Shan Lei) On October 31, FIFA announced that Saudi Arabian Football Association was the only football association to submit an application for hosting the 2034 Football World Cup before the deadline.

FIFA confirmed that it has received an application from Saudi Arabia to host the 2034 World Cup, and Saudi Arabia is the only country that has expressed its interest in hosting the 2034 World Cup.

Previously, FIFA had announced that the only application for hosting the 2030 World Cup was jointly submitted by the Football Associations of Morocco, Portugal and Spain. At present, these three countries have confirmed their willingness to bid. As the centenary celebration of the World Cup will be held in 2030, FIFA plans to hold a World Cup in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, and these three countries have also confirmed their willingness to host the World Cup.

Like Morocco, Portugal and Spain, Saudi Arabia still needs to pass the FIFA audit. If these bidding countries can meet the requirements of FIFA and go through the whole bidding process, then FIFA will determine its right to host at the FIFA General Assembly at the end of 2024.

Photo: Li Ming

The domestic large aircraft C919 made its first flight today, and the overall localization rate reached over 50%.

  Guangming. com May 5 th (Reporter Zhan Wei)This afternoon, the domestic large passenger plane C919 will make its first flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. From 1970, when the project was initiated to develop "Yun 10", to 2007, it was decided to carry out the reform of aviation industry system, and the project was initiated to develop C919. The civil aviation industry in China experienced a difficult and bumpy development course. The moment of the first flight of C919 bears the struggles and dreams of several generations of China civil aircraft people. Let us have a more comprehensive understanding of C919.

The domestic large aircraft C919 made its first flight today, and the overall localization rate reached over 50%.

  On May 4th, in the hangar of Zhuqiao Base of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation Flight Test Center, the staff inspected and maintained the domestic large passenger plane C919. Xinhua news agency  

  Why is it named C919?

  According to Comac China, the full name of "C919" is "COMAC919".

  Among them, "COMAC" is the abbreviation of the English name of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of CHINA Ltd, which developed C919. The "C" in the abbreviation is the first letter of "COMAC" and the first letter of China’s English name "China".

  The first 9 means "everlasting", and the last two 19 means that the maximum capacity of C919 passenger plane is 190 passengers.

  Previously, the internationally renowned aircraft manufacturers were Air Bus and Boeing, and from A to B to C, they just lined up.

  What kind of research and development process has C919 experienced?

  According to official website of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, C919 is a large jet civil aircraft developed by China in accordance with international civil aviation regulations and with independent intellectual property rights, with 158-174 seats and a range of 4,075-5,555 kilometers.

  It took 10 years from 2007, when the major scientific and technological special project of large aircraft development was formally approved, to 2015, when the first aircraft of C919 was assembled and rolled off the assembly line in China Commercial Aircraft Assembly and Manufacturing Center, and today, the domestic large aircraft will soon fly from blueprint to flying in the blue sky for the first time.

  During this period, researchers have planned 102 key technical problems for advanced pneumatic layout, structural materials and airborne systems. In preparation for the first flight, the C919 has completed 118 test projects and experienced 21 taxiing tests including low, medium and high taxiing, and passed the expert technical review in March 2017 and the release review in April.

  Why is the first flight important?

  The first flight of an airplane refers to the first flight of a newly manufactured airplane from the ground. Every plane has its first flight, but the first flight of a new model has its special significance. It is not only an important link in a series of work chains, such as changing ideas into drawings, drawings into objects, and objects can fly, but also an important milestone in the turning point of new models from static to moving and the birth of new models.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Comac, as long as the plane begins to taxi and leave the ground during the first flight, the most basic system functions will be preliminarily assessed. The test pilot will comment on the aircraft’s handling stability, take-off and landing performance, power plant and driving equipment for the first time. Generally, the first flight time of light aircraft does not exceed 30 to 40 minutes, and that of large aircraft is 1 to 2 hours. Generally, the first flight chooses a good weather, with visibility not less than 5 to 7km, and no low clouds and crosswinds. The flight weight of the first flight plane should be reduced as much as possible, so as to minimize the take-off speed from the ground and shorten the take-off taxi distance, thus improving driving conditions.

  How to fly on the first flight?

  The maximum altitude of the first flight of C919 is 10,000 feet, the maximum speed is 170 knots, and there are 15 test points. The whole process is divided into five stages, namely, ground inspection stage, climbing stage, level flight stage, simulated approach, landing and go-around stage and landing stage. Traditionally, the C919 did not retract the landing gear during the first flight, and kept the flaps down.

  In addition, when the C919 makes its first flight, a second plane will accompany it. The task of companion flight is to observe the first flight plane in real time in the air, record flight data, take photos and videos, and make every effort to ensure the safety of the plane during its first flight. In case of any problems, the crew of the accompanying plane will immediately warn the crew of the first flight, report to the ground control personnel and guide the first flight to land safely. In addition, the accompanying aircraft will also monitor the air environment of the first flight to ensure that no other aircraft will break into the flight route of the first flight and put an end to any hidden dangers of stealing secrets.

  How about the localization of C919?

  Zhou Guirong, deputy chief designer of C919 large passenger aircraft, said that at present, the overall localization rate of C919 aircraft can reach more than 50%, including domestic enterprises and joint ventures at home and abroad. The safety requirements of aviation products are very high. The development of the whole localization, whether at home or abroad, is in accordance with the same set of international standards and methods, and the trial is also in strict accordance with international standards and norms.

  China Commercial Aircraft Corporation insists on "main manufacturer — Supplier "development mode, maximize the gathering and utilization of domestic and foreign resources, and build a" life community "of the civil aircraft industry. There are 22 provinces and cities, more than 200 enterprises and 36 colleges and universities involved in the development of C919 large passenger aircraft. Sixteen material manufacturers and 54 standard parts manufacturers including Baosteel have become suppliers or potential suppliers of large passenger aircraft projects. China Comac also signed strategic cooperation agreements with six central enterprises, including aviation industry corporation of china, and established strategic cooperation relations with seven major domestic banks.

  In the development of C919 large passenger plane, researchers have planned 102 key technical problems, including integrated design of aircraft engine, control law design of fly-by-wire flight control system, active control technology, etc., aiming at advanced aerodynamic layout, structural materials and airborne system.

  Take most of the front fuselage of C919 as an example, which includes the front passenger cabin, the front cargo cabin and the recirculation fan cabin, and contains more than 1,600 parts, involving nearly 2,000 tooling. This section adopts the third generation aluminum alloy — — Al-Li alloy material, which is the first time in domestic civil aircraft application. Al-Li alloy material is considered as the most ideal material for aerospace at present. China Commercial Aircraft Corporation and AVIC Hongdu Aviation, a joint supplier, have completed 20 batches of material performance data tests under stable process conditions through the tests of 2,500 test pieces in recent three years. Around the establishment of material fatigue rating (DFR) data system, DFR fatigue tests of typical structural details in different processing and manufacturing States were carried out, with more than 3,000 test pieces. The processing technology of Al-Li alloy structure, such as chemical milling, machining, hole-making, hot-pressing subsidence, mirror milling and heat table treatment, has been fully verified. Through tackling key problems, the model material specification system and performance data system for design are gradually established.

  How did the C919 market react?

  Focusing on the most mainstream air transport market, C919 is a trunk aircraft developed in full compliance with international mainstream airworthiness standards and international mainstream market operation standards. At present, C919 large passenger aircraft has 23 domestic and foreign customers, including China International Airlines, with a total order of 570 aircraft, including international customers such as GECAS.

  What is the significance of C919 to China?

  Large aircraft is a high integration of modern high technology and is called "the jewel in the industrial crown". C919 means that China’s civil aviation will no longer rely on foreign imports, and China’s aircraft manufacturing has truly embarked on a road of independent development.

  Driven by the C919 large passenger aircraft project, a technological innovation system of civil aircraft has been formed, which is based on China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, market-oriented and combined with Industry-University-Research. China Commercial Aircraft Corporation (Comac) has built a technical responsibility system around the realization process of civil aircraft products and the technical requirements of full-life cycle service, and planned to promote the technical system construction with standards and specifications as the main carrier. Through scientific research and innovation research, model technology research and other ways, it has continuously formed new civil aircraft technical achievements and supplemented and improved the civil aircraft technical system.

  Millions of fine parts, covering high-end manufacturing of almost all industrial categories — — Domestic large aircraft soaring in the blue sky will undoubtedly drive China’s manufacturing industry to the "smile curve".

  From the upstream, the development of large passenger aircraft can drive the group breakthrough of key technologies in new materials, modern manufacturing, advanced power, electronic information, automatic control, computers and other fields, and can promote the development of many high-tech industries, with a technology diffusion rate as high as 60%. The technological upgrading of its industry will inevitably require great progress in many basic disciplines, including fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, computational mathematics, thermophysics, chemistry, information science, environmental science and so on. From the downstream, the commercial operation of large civil aircraft has a great impact on civil aviation transportation, aviation maintenance, aviation finance, tourism, logistics and other industries.

  For China, the breakthrough of large-scale aircraft technology will not only promote the development of a number of new industries, but also force the upgrading of China’s industrial standards by continuously expanding the industrial chain and introducing airworthiness certification in China, thus promoting the overall improvement of China’s industrial manufacturing capacity and level. Some experts said that in the 21st century, only a breakthrough in high-end large-scale equipment manufacturing such as large aircraft can support the foundation of China as an industrial power. At the same time, it also contributes to the transformation of China from a "manufacturing power" to a "manufacturing power".

  C919 memorabilia:

  In 2007

  On February 26th, the 170th executive meeting was held in the State Council, and the Report on Demonstration of Large Aircraft Scheme was adopted in principle, and the major scientific and technological projects for large aircraft development were formally approved in principle.

  On August 30th, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee held the 192nd Standing Committee, listened to and agreed to the Report of the Leading Group for Major Special Projects of Large Aircraft in the State Council, and decided to set up a preparatory group for large passenger aircraft projects.

  the year of 2008

  On May 11th, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation was established on the Huangpu River.

  On July 3rd, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation held a demonstration mobilization meeting for large passenger aircraft project in Shanghai.

  In 2009

  On January 6th, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation released the first single-channel conventional layout 150-seat large passenger aircraft model code "COMAC919", referred to as "C919".

  On September 8th, the Asia International Aviation Exhibition and Forum opened in Hong Kong, and the C919 large passenger aircraft model was exhibited for the first time.

  On December 16th, the basic overall technical scheme of C919 large passenger plane passed the expert review organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  On December 21st, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation and CFM Company formally signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation on the power plant of C919 large passenger aircraft, and selected the LEAP-1C engine developed by CFM Company as the only foreign startup power plant for C919 large passenger aircraft.

  On December 25th, the main structure of C919 large passenger aircraft nose engineering prototype was officially delivered in Shanghai.

  2010 years

  On November 15th, a 1:1 demonstration prototype of C919 large passenger plane was exhibited for the first time at Zhuhai Air Show, and 100 start-up orders were obtained.

  On December 24th, the Civil Aviation Administration of China officially accepted the application of C919 large passenger plane in type certificate.

  In 2011

  On April 18th, the first meeting of the Model Qualification Approval Committee of C919 large passenger aircraft was held in Shanghai, and the development of C919 aircraft entered the formal airworthiness review stage.

  On December 9th, the C919 large passenger aircraft project passed the national preliminary design review and moved to the detailed design stage.

  On December 19th, the first part of the C919 large passenger aircraft project — — The beam of the front boarding gate was started in Chengdu, and the manufacturing of the fuselage was fully rolled out.

  In 2012

  On July 31st, the Special Certification Plan for C919 Aircraft (PSCP) was signed in Shanghai.

  On December 4th, the static fatigue test project of strength research of composite rear fuselage section, one of the seven components of C919 aircraft, was completed.

  On December 13th, the Design & Research Department of Sexuality and Product Support of China COMAC received the model data review form fed back by the reviewer, and the reviewer officially approved the CP status of the C919 Aircraft System Safety Review Plan in the first stage.

  On December 29th, China Commercial Aircraft Flight Test Center organized a review meeting on the test modification scheme of 101 aircraft riveting area of C919 aircraft and a seminar on the construction scheme of C919 aircraft test system.

  In 2013

  From January 17th to 18th, the composite structural design evaluation meeting of C919 large passenger plane and the key design evaluation meeting of central wing structure were held in Shanghai. At the meeting, it was finally evaluated that the composite structural design of C919 large passenger aircraft can continue the next stage of work, and the key design of the central wing structure of C919 large passenger aircraft passed the review.

  On January 19th, the static test of the IPS suspension section of C919 aircraft was successfully completed 4.2g

  On November 28th, the FTB (Flight Test Platform) hanging test piece of C919 aircraft rolled off the assembly line in Shen Fei.

  On December 30th, the C919 aircraft iron bird test-bed was officially put into use in China Commercial Aircraft Shangfei Hospital, and the system verification of the C919 project was officially started.

  On December 31st, the first aircraft nose of C919 large passenger aircraft project was rolled off the assembly line of AVIC Chengfei civil aircraft.

  In 2014

  On May 15th, the front fuselage section of the first aircraft of C919 rolled off the assembly line in Hongdu, AVIC.

  In July, the central wing of the first aircraft of C919 completed the final assembly in AVIC Xifei.

  On July 23rd, the assembly of the flat tail parts of the first aircraft of C919 was officially started in Pudong base of the final assembly manufacturing center of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation.

  On August 21st, the middle and rear fuselage section of the first aircraft of C919 rolled off the assembly line in Hongdu large parts factory of AVIC.

  On August 29th, the mid-fuselage/center wing and aileron section of C919 aircraft passed the airworthiness inspection in AVIC Xifei and reached the delivery status.

  In September, C919 aircraft tire explosion hazard test was successfully completed.

  At 9: 19 on September 19th, the first aircraft of C919 began to dock at the newly-built assembly manufacturing center of Comac in China. This marks an important milestone in the development of the C919 large passenger aircraft project.

  On September 23rd, the prototype and test platform of C919 aircraft communication navigation monitoring system (CNS system) were delivered in Shanghai.

  On November 24th, the first wing of C919 aircraft arrived at Pudong base of China Commercial Aircraft Assembly Manufacturing Center.

  On October 30th, the front section of the rear fuselage of the first aircraft of C919 was delivered at AVIC Shenfei Civil Aircraft.

  In 2015

  On February 6 -8, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a detailed design review meeting of the C919 large passenger aircraft project in Shanghai, and the expert review committee unanimously agreed that the C919 project passed the national detailed design review.

  On February 11th, the rear fuselage of the first aircraft of C919 was manufactured by China Aerospace Science and Technology Third Academy Aerospace Haiying (Zhenjiang) Special Materials Co., Ltd., passed the airworthiness review and was officially delivered to China Commercial Aircraft Corporation.

  In February, the C919 aircraft avionics comprehensive test-bed was delivered to China Commercial Aircraft by Ang Avionics and officially put into trial.

  On March 6th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a review meeting on the transition of the C919 aircraft to the full-scale trial production stage in Beijing, and the C919 large passenger aircraft project was transferred from the detailed design stage to the full-scale trial production stage.

  On April 18th, the first cabin door of C919 aircraft arrived at Pudong base of China Commercial Aircraft Assembly Manufacturing Center.

  On July 22nd, Comac China and CFM International held a ceremony to celebrate the delivery of the first CFM LEAP-1C engine.

  On September 4th, 102 front fuselage and mid-rear fuselage of C919 project manufactured by AVIC Hongdu successfully passed the airworthiness manufacturing compliance inspection of China Civil Aviation Jiangxi Supervision Bureau, and successfully completed the signing.

  On November 2nd, the first aircraft of C919 rolled off the assembly line in China Commercial Aircraft Assembly and Manufacturing Center.

  the year of 2016

  On April 11th, the static test of C919 large passenger plane was officially launched.

  In June, the construction of C919 intelligent assembly line with horizontal tail was listed in the smart manufacturing project to be selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  In November, China Eastern Airlines became the first user of C919 aircraft in the world.

  On December 25th, the first aircraft of C919 was delivered to the flight test center.

  the year 2017

  On April 18th, C919 large passenger plane passed the first flight release evaluation.

  On April 23rd, C919 large passenger plane completed the high-speed taxiing and front wheel lifting test.

  Plan, May 5, the first flight.

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