Xuzhou Lynk & Co 07 has greatly reduced the price, and the lowest price is 163,800! The discount waits for no one

Xuzhou Lynk & Co 07 has greatly reduced the price, and the lowest price is 163,800! The discount waits for no one

[Autohome Xuzhou Discount Promotion Channel] brings you an important news. The luxury SUV that has attracted much attention is going through an unprecedented promotion in Xuzhou. At present, car buyers of Lynk & Co 07 have the opportunity to enjoy a cash concession of up to 6,000 yuan, which reduces the minimum starting price to 163,800 yuan. This is a great opportunity not to be missed. For friends who are interested in starting Lynk & Co 07, this is undoubtedly a good time to save on car purchase costs. If you want to know more preferential policies and the latest car price of specific models, please click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to let professional consultants provide you with a personalized preferential plan and seize this rare car purchase discount!


As a dynamic and stylish SUV model, the Lynk & Co 07 has a unique exterior design. The front face adopts a family-style urban aesthetic design concept, and the iconic split headlights are perfectly integrated with the front intake grille to create a sharp and technological visual impact. The large-area black grid design shows the elements of power and movement. The overall style is modern and refined, and the streamlined body lines further strengthen the dynamic body contour. The exquisite treatment of details and the unique design make the Lynk & Co 07 stand out and lead the trend in the car series.


The side lines of the Lynk & Co 07 are simple and powerful, with a body size of 4827mm x 1900mm x 1480mm and a wheelbase of 2843mm, providing ample protection for the interior space. The front and rear track are both 1622mm, ensuring driving stability. The tire specification adopts 235/45 R18, and it is matched with a delicate wheel design, which not only enhances the visual impact of the vehicle, but also ensures good grip and handling performance. Overall, the side shape and dimensional details of the Lynk & Co 07 are perfectly integrated, showing the perfect balance of luxury and dynamics.


The interior design of Lynk & Co 07 presents a refined and technological style, and the spacious interior space focuses on comfort and practicality. In front of the driver’s seat is equipped with a high-quality leather steering wheel, which supports manual up and down and front and rear adjustment to ensure the driver has the best operation convenience. A large 15.4-inch touch screen stands on the center console, which integrates multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and window control functions. It is easy to operate and supports automatic speech recognition, which is easy for the driver to operate during driving.

In terms of seats, Lynk & Co 07 is made of high-grade leather material, the seat cushion is wide and comfortable, and the main and passenger seats are equipped with multi-directional adjustment functions, including front and rear, backrest, high and low and waist support, to ensure the comfort of long-distance driving. The driver’s seat is also equipped with additional heating, ventilation and massage functions, as well as headrest speakers, providing all-round care for the driver. The passenger seat also has electric adjustment and supports electric memory function, which is convenient for the individual needs of different passengers. In addition, the rear seats support proportional reclining, providing flexible space layout to meet the load needs in different scenarios.


The Lynk & Co 07 is powered by a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 120 kilowatts and 255 Nm of peak torque. The engine produces 163 horsepower, providing plenty of power to the vehicle. A 3-speed DHT transmission is paired to ensure smooth transitions and high-efficiency performance during driving.

After the comprehensive analysis and introduction of the Lynk & Co 07, it is not difficult to find that as an SUV that combines luxury and technology, it has shown unique advantages in the market. However, the competition in the automotive market is fierce. In order to meet the needs and expectations of more consumers, the Lynk & Co brand will often launch preferential policies, including price adjustments and promotions. For consumers who are interested, we recommend paying close attention to the official information and seizing the opportunity of price reduction promotions to get the most cost-effective car buying experience. Lynk & Co 07, with its excellent quality and excellent performance, looks forward to starting a dynamic and comfortable driving journey with you.


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