"The Wandering Earth 2" vs "Nameless"! Watch Andy Lau fight in the ring

"The Wandering Earth 2" vs "Nameless"! Watch Andy Lau fight in the ring

1905 movie network feature With the May 1st file that was rumored to have airborne the Spring Festival file, the 2023 Spring Festival file pattern was finally finalized, respectively, and the animated movie "Bear Haunt · Accompanying Me" Bear Core ".

Every year is the "strongest Spring Festival file", and this year is "stronger than the mandatory update". From the director to the main creator, the three generations of old, middle-aged and young people are not absent. The charm of film inheritance once again exudes a unique charm in this schedule. Perhaps, the Spring Festival file has the opportunity to gather this "out-of-print cast lineup".

Compared with the PK of "regular" actors, and the "ring" in the same period, it can be said that it has been a long time since I saw it.

Both of them were filmmakers who entered the entertainment industry in the early 1980s. After 40 years, they have long been the benchmark. Even their names have long become an unavoidable ink in the modern history of Hong Kong cinema in China.

The similar development paths of the two, especially on the road of film and television, are almost the same trajectory. When the two meet, there is a sense of destiny between Liu Jianming and Chen Yongren.

Coming from the "Wireless Five Tigers" of the past, the "fight" between the two actors can be described as "grandmaster" level. If they meet again this Spring Festival, what will be the spark?

Schedule "Ring"

As we all know, the terms "New Year films" and "Spring Festival" originated from Hong Kong movies in the golden age. For a long time, the most popular Hong Kong films were released either during the summer or at the end of the year. After all, for people who were busy visiting during the Spring Festival to pay New Year’s greetings, how could they have time to watch movies?

For a long time, he was the main box office of the New Year’s film, and their films could almost become box office miracles. Tony Leung and Andy Lau, who entered the film industry in the 1980s, were actors in the early days and became rising stars at that time. Later, the two gradually found their own style.

Andy Lau developed a multi-disciplinary development and moved in various crews; Tony Leung was almost tied up, and the number of works was relatively stable, but there were also some classic Hong Kong-style urban comedies.

In 1999, it was of great significance to the Hong Kong film market. Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow took on the responsibility of bailing out the market that year, and even held an "anti-piracy" press conference before the release. At that time, Chow Xingchi played a later work, and Jackie Chan was a "literary film" different from the previous action blockbusters.

Tony Leung, as the second male lead, starred in "Glass Bottle". In this group comedy, Jackie Chan was still the key, and eventually won 27.54 million Hong Kong dollars, becoming the second runner-up in the Hong Kong box office market that year. The champion was Chow’s "King of Comedy".

At that time, Andy Lau had become the focus of the hearts of thousands of girls, and the glory of the "Four Heavenly Kings" brought more fame and attention. Also on February 13, he jointly produced the New Year’s film Gold Medal and brought the movie.

However, the film’s success did not make the public pay, and the final box office was less than 10 million Hong Kong dollars.

It was years before Andy Lau rarely spoke of the film’s creation as a work of "regret," when he took on the high-paying film without even reading the script in order to repay the company’s debt.

In the 2000 New Year’s Eve, the two actors once again brought their own New Year’s films. Although they were not released in one day, there were also many hidden battles during the back-to-back period.

On January 28th, Tony Leung starred in the movie, which was also the best work for the director to transform from a photographer to a director. The whole story was written by the operator, and in terms of the overall fluency, it could be said to be the best in this series, which also opened the first of its kind. The film combined comedy, action, love and other hit elements.

There were many actors,,, and other hottest stars in the Hong Kong circle at that time, and went to Japan to shoot live scenes, for which the investment was as high as 100 million Hong Kong dollars. "Tokyo Raiders" won 28 million Hong Kong dollars.

The following week, Andy Lau produced a similarly large-scale costume action movie. The same drama featured some of the most box office stars of the time, and it cost 40 million Hong Kong dollars. The movie was promoted by claiming that the finale of the movie was filmed in Tiananmen Square, but also to capture the mildest moment of the morning sun.

In the end, "The Top of Forbidden" earned 21.33 million Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong, ranking fifth in the Chinese film of the year. It was released in the mainland three months later and earned 15 million yuan.

The "fire of war" between the two in 2002 was moved from the New Year to the summer vacation.Both of them were urban comedies, and the most interesting thing was that they collaborated with actorsCheng Xiuwen

At the beginning of the month, Tony Leung won 18.23 million Hong Kong dollars; at the end of the month, Andy Lau won 40.43 million Hong Kong dollars, only the box office of "Shaolin Football" ranked second in the box office of Hong Kong that year.

In the eyes of many audiences, Tony Leung seemed unable to perform a good comedy, but in 2003, Leung Chaowei brought Zedong’s alternative comedy "Unparalleled in the World". This film was also the most invested co-production by Shanghai Film Group at that time. It cost 20 million yuan to build the "Daming Palace" in the film.

As a typical New Year comedy, the film was released almost simultaneously in the mainland and Hong Kong, and finally won 23 million RMB and 13.05 million Hong Kong dollars respectively.

Andy Lau’s two-film New Year’s Eve, a group comedy, and a romantic comedy. The former won 19.21 million Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong, while the latter was released in two places, winning 23 million yuan and 12.80 million Hong Kong dollars respectively.

At this time, Hong Kong filmmakers were heading north one after another, and co-productions ushered in the most prosperous era. As the backbone, Tony Leung and Andy Lau naturally did not miss it. But it is obvious that the number of movies is gradually decreasing.

In 2009, the epic blockbuster "Red Cliff 2" was released, and both the cast and the topic were frequent headlines at the time.

In the early stages of the movie, there were endless topics about the actors. John Woo originally planned to cast Andy Lau or Tony Leung as Zhuge Liang, who quit because of too many lines. After quitting the role of Zhou Yu, he went around and decided on the role of Leung Chaowei as Zhou Yu.

The sequel was released in January and received 251 million yuan and 23.71 million Hong Kong dollars.

Compared with the big production, Andy Lau brought the small and medium-cost romantic comedy "Dragon and Phoenix", although the reputation of this romantic comedy controversy, but behind the prototype of the topic of attention, so that the work won over 100 million box office in the mainland, became one of the works with relatively high return on investment that year. In Hong Kong, the harvest is 12.61 million Hong Kong dollars.

Subsequent to this, the creative trajectories of the two gradually changed. Tony Leung threw himself into the shooting of Wong Kar-wai, and the number of works was not too expensive; Andy Lau went further and further in the road of supporting new directors.

The two met again in 2016.Andy Lau participatedZhang Yimouco-productionThe Great Wall.Tony Leung, as the first brother of Zedong Film, starred in the production of Wong Kar WaiThe Ferryman.

Regardless of whether the outside world expresses sincere "I like" to these two films, the former made the first 1 billion film in Zhang Yimou’s film history, while the latter took nearly 500 million box office.

Perhaps this is just the beginning of an important encounter between the two actors in the mainland.This year, the two of them each brought "Wandering Earth 2" and "Nameless", both of which have released important materials one after another. From the temperament point of view, the audience is no longerChangqingClear and unambiguous.

In "The Wandering Earth 2", we can still see Andy Lau’s performance style in recent years. In the grand story, he shows meticulous emotional details. I believe this character has allowed us to experience the taste of tears in shock.

As for the latter, although Tony Leung has acted in other themes such as the Republic of China, his return to this theme a few years later can also be said to have aroused the expectations of many fans.


If the PK of "Nameless" and "Wandering Earth 2" is just a schedule battle, then it is planned to meet the audience this year, and the movie co-starring the two stars is a more direct "ring match".

This is a collaboration between the two since 2002’s Infernal Affairs, more than 20 years later.

As the "Wireless Five Tigers", the two have cooperated in various ways from dramas to movies, and the number of times is far more than 10.

These collaborations also seem to allude to their identity as both good and evil in Infernal Affairs, like shadows and old enemies.

In 1984, Wireless filmed the costume drama "Lu Ding Ji". At that time, Andy Lau was already a hit, and he was widely recognized for his films. But at the same time, his contract dispute with his owner was delayed. In a fit of anger, Wireless executives downgraded the original plan for him to play the male lead role to Kangxi and let Liang Chaowei play Wei Xiaobao.

Later, the two collaborated on the drama "Yang Jiajiang". At this time, the "Wireless Five Tigers" faced the problem of contract renewal with the wireless station. Andy Lau, Tony Leung,,, and five people had agreed to advance and retreat together, but they did not expect the wireless station to crack at Tony Leung, and then defeated them one by one, and finally decided to hide Andy Lau.

During this period, "Wireless Five Tigers" co-starred in the directed film. The title also seems to be an annotation to their story in the TV industry.

Although the two are often described as "old enemies" by the Hong Kong media, the two have collaborated on several films since 1991, up to the "Infernal Affairs" series.

The two were not like the rumors that "the king does not see the king". In the future "Goldfinger", the two "play" with each other, and I don’t know if they will leave a classic like the rooftop of "Infernal Affairs".

As an audience, watching their works become more and more refined, who wouldn’t look forward to the enjoyment of this kind of performance interaction?


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